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Not the kind with cardstock and pawns. Mostly play by post Mafia so far.

Re: Zendo Over Text

Postby pedromvilar » Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:46 am

To be fair I have miscalibrated both of my rules and they're much easier than I'd expected.
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Re: Zendo Over Text

Postby Moriwen » Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:48 am

And everyone is saying they have no clue what's going on with mine, so I wouldn't describe it as very progressed.
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Re: Zendo Over Text

Postby DanielH » Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:15 pm

We have some clue! It could be a wrong clue maybe but we have it.
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Re: Zendo Over Text

Postby BlueSkySprite » Tue Aug 16, 2016 12:18 pm

Played a game of zendo in IRC:
IRC Zendo Log 1
<Throne> are you going first master, Kel?
<Kel> all right I think I've got the setup
<Kel> if that's okay?
<pedro|work> And using the same rules as the one on the forum, or different ones?
<Throne> nod
<pedro|work> Like, are there gonna be turns or
<Throne> free for all! :P
<Kel> only letters
<Kel> example: aaa works, zzz doesn't
<Throne> lowercase, uppercase, Roman?
<Kel> roman?
<Throne> i.e. are lowercase & uppercase allowed, and do they have to be Latin alphabet
<Kel> letters that I can theoretically type on my unmodified keyboard?
<Throne> idk why I said Roman
<Throne> does that include ~ then
<Throne> :P
<Kel> that isn't a letter
<Throne> okay so regular qwerty letters, uppercase & lowercase?
<Kel> yeah
<Throne> presumably no accents
<Kel> no
<Throne> I can get é without modifying my keyboard
<Throne> :P
<Kel> XD
<Kel> yes I know throne
<Kel> pureee
<Kel> :P
<Throne> no, I mean, if I go use another British keyboard I can get é
<Kel> oh huh
<Throne> altgr + e
<Kel> um
<pedro|work> Throne, roman accentless letters
<Throne> altgr being right alt and it says "altgr"
<Throne> anyway
<Throne> yeah pedro
<Kel> here are the letters I have: qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm and QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM
<Throne> xD
<Throne> "bbb"?
<Kel> yes
<Moriwen> ok, so the example was aaa yes, zzz doesn't?
<MTC> ß could be considered a Roman accentless letter.
<Kel> yes
<Throne> "xxx"?
<Kel> no
<Moriwen> "a"?
<Kel> yes
<Throne> ""?
<Moriwen> "z"?
<Kel> "" no, "AMZ" yes, "z" no
<Moriwen> "aaaa"?
<Throne> "qwerty"?
<Kel> "aaaa" yes, "qwerty" yes
<Moriwen> "aaaz"?
<Kel> yes
<Throne> "test"?
<Kel> yes
<Throne> "yes"?
<Kel> yes
<Moriwen> "aaazzz"?
<Kel> yes
<Throne> "hannah"?
<Kel> yes
<MTC> “xxy"
<Kel> no
<Moriwen> "azzz"?
<Kel> yes
<Moriwen> "zzza"?
<Kel> yes
<Throne> "xyx"?
<Kel> no
<Throne> "yxx"?
<Kel> no
<Moriwen> is the rule "contains a vowel"?
<Kel> no
<Throne> "zzz"?
<Throne> wait
<Kel> no
<Throne> you already said that <.<
<Kel> that was the example!
<pedro|work> (free-for-all is significantly easier on a forum than here :P)
<Throne> exactly xD
<MTC> Is the rule “contains a letter from the first half of the alphabet”?
<Kel> no
<Throne> "zzm"
<Kel> no
<Throne> "zzn"
<Kel> no
<Throne> "nnz"
<Kel> no
<Throne> "ozo"?
<Kel> yes
<Throne> "ooz"?
<Kel> yes
<Throne> I'm just getting lost here
<Moriwen> "a"? "e"? "i"? "o"? "u"?
<Kel> "a" yes, "e" yes, "i" no, "o" yes, "u" no
<Throne> "A", "E", "I", "O", "U"?
<Kel> "A" yes, "E" no, "I" no, "O" yes, "U" no
<Throne> …
<Throne> hmm
<Moriwen> OH I think I might have it
<Moriwen> "Q"?
<Kel> yes
<Moriwen> "B"?
<Kel> yes
<Moriwen> Is the rule "must contain a letter with at least one hole"?
<Throne> pf
<Kel> yes
<Kel> hahaha
<Throne> omg xD
<Kel> well
<Moriwen> <3 <3 <3 Kel
<Kel> one complete enclosed thing
<Moriwen> that is a GOOD rule
<Kel> thanks!
<Throne> xD
<Kel> I was worried I'd given it away earlier with my questions about "i, j, !. ?"
<Throne> xD
<Throne> apparently not
<Throne> pf
<pedro|work> it's a good rule yes XD
<Kel> thanks!
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