Sometimes I write things. If you have not read any things I have written, I recommend starting with some short stuff like Frost or Chaser 6, to see if you like my style. If you do, you can read the rest of my short fiction, or move on to other things:

● complete
◖ in progress
○ indefinite
⁖ episodic
⊗ defunct

Nyssa in the Realm of Possibility ● is a children's novel I wrote for 2018 NaNoWriMo as a pastiche of the Phantom Tollbooth.

Glowfic ○ is a genre/community of roleplaying-based collaborative writing that I co-developed. It is crossovery, high-context, niche, and weird, but lots of fun once you get into it.

Goldmage ● is a short standalone fantasy novel.

Alternate Universe Social Justice ⊗ was a participatory, pseudo-epistolary collection of works in various settings that emulated social justice blogging from the perspectives of characters in fantasy or science-fiction universes. It can be found on my Tumblr, which otherwise mostly displays pretty pictures. A setting original to glowfic, Amenta, inspired its own many-participant AUSJ-like alternate universe tumblr, "Amentablr"/"Amentumblr" ●, which followed the plot of one Amenta-set glowfic thread. I also participated in Amentumblr's spiritual successor Cascadiablr.

Elcenia ⊗ is a series of fantasy stories, with several complete novels and side stories and more plotted. Originally co-created; then in reboot with just me at the helm. While I have not formally decided to end Elcenia, it is not looking likely that I will circle back to it in its current form. Fans who want plot spoilers from future Elcenia events are welcome to write me.

Luminosity ●, its sequel Radiance ●, and their associated stories Flashes ●, are fanfiction of the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer, in the "rationalist fiction" genre inspired by HPMOR. Fans of the Luminosity series are likely to also enjoy glowfic based on some of the characters.

I occasionally dabble in nonfiction. I participate now and then on LessWrong ○. I used to put writeups of my variously controversial opinions on Carcinisation ⁖. I used to have a food blog called Improvisational Soup ⊗ which is now very deprecated indeed.

I used to do webcomics. HTHT ● is a magical girl story. Ensorcel ⊗ was an urban fantasy collaboration between me and my sister (my writing, her art) and shares a setting with my 2006 short story "Charm". My first webcomic was Syzygy ⊗, also fantasy.

Rather seldom these days, I do art which is unrelated to any of the above.

I used to have a micronation called Mevwan ⊗. Its surrounding project died.

I have a tiny adorable fandom! Sometimes they talk about my stuff on tumblr. I have my own Discord server, the Alicorner; it's restricted access, so talk to me if you want in. If you want to get in touch with me, I encourage you to email me (Tumblr asks are also fine). If you're interested in supporting my work check out my Patreon, or for one-off support there's always Amazon; and of course the best thing is to get your friends hooked on my writing so that my tiny adorable fandom can grow into a larger adorable fandom. Keep up with what I'm doing by following my updates on RSS, Twitter, Tumblr, or Patreon.