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Rory's Authorthread

Postby Rory » Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:35 pm

Characters I'm interested in running:
(I will likely expand on some of these later)
Characters originally by other authors that I have my own take on:
Power Rangers:
[*]Trini: Trini tends to be the power ranger who finds causes to work towards. She puts significant amounts of effort into researching environmental, political and social issues and developing strategies for dealing with them. Her preoccupations are unusually mainstream by the standards of Glowfic protagonists (she is, for example, more likely to set her sights on ending a particular cause of death than death in general).
[*]Tommy: Tommy tends to be the power ranger who is most concerned with gaining new power. He recruits people with superpowers, reverse-engineers lost technologies and generally tries to get access to powerful but hard to access things in his setting. He is relatively unambitious in terms of how he uses what he gets however - In post apocalyptic settings he will try to undo the apocalypse, and he will try to prevent new apocalypses, but for the most part he is more interested in what can be done than what should be done, and leaves the latter to his friends to figure out. Other notable skills include social networking; other notable preferences include a dislike of things being permanently lost.
[*]Billy: The most book-smart power ranger. Good at applying his knowledge to things.

Homestuck characters:
[*]Rose: Rose is an inquisitive malcontent, with a strong drive to deal with problems that others ignore and question things others take for granted.
[*]John: John tends to act as a counterbalance to Rose, reminding her of obvious things she is forgetting out of contrarianism.
[*]Jade: Jade tends to be the least beligerent of the beta kids
[*]Dave: More or less lacks any far-mode conscience, but very willing to sacrifice himself for his friends

Sailor Senshi:
[*]Usagi: Extremely good at compartmentalising. Lighthearted.

[*]Lana: An unambitious person who just wants to help her friends and obey her parents. Unfortunately her parents tend to be bigoted against her friends to the point that these goals are incompatible.
[*]Herman: Dislikes conflicts. Attempts to end them in mutually satisfactory ways.
[*]Arnold: An exceptionally evil person, but good at positioning himself to be publicly acceptable and recruiting less evil people to work for him.
[*]Kensington: A well-meaning but dangerously ruthless person. Often a bureaucrat.

Stories I might be interested in running settings or characters based on:
[*]Circle of Magic
[*]Keys to the Kingdom
[*]Power Rangers
[*]My Little Pony
[*]Steven Universe

Original settings:
[*]Concentric: An urban fantasy setting which originated as a magicless earth that got contact with a multiversal nexus that is now dangerous to use. The masquerade is maintained by a group that is trying to stop people discovering other worlds by ensuring noone but themselves knows about both science and things originating from other worlds. This group constitutes a number of increasingly secret "circles" and has ultimagely good aims beneath all the sinisterness and secrecy.
[*]Championship: An empire ruled by an Arnold and his team of "superhero" minions. Has recently lost exclusive control of superpowers though a loophole in an agreement with a goddess.
[*]Decomission: A former transhumanist utopia that has been transformed into a cyberpunk dystopia by an economic collapse.
[*]Counterweight: Less a setting per se as a vague framing setting for sci-fi settings to exist within - humans have colonised the Milky Way with technology that lets them travel between stars relatively feasibly but doesn't let them cross more than a small portion of the Milky Way in a human lifetime, leading to a pre-age-of-exploration style situation where distant places are connected by trade networks and rumors but not routine direct contact.
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