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Wolffy's Creations

Postby WolffyLuna » Sun May 27, 2018 12:28 am

Hello! This is still a little under construction. It may be indefinitely under construction.


-A fisherwoman from a mixed species world, with her species notable for each having unique magic powers.
-Her magic is ‘knowing the exact location of things,’ limited by the fact she has to know what she is looking for to relatively high degree of specificity, and she cannot keep track of the locations of too many things at once.
-Has a strong ideals of morality and justice, and willing to do what it takes to make them real. With a spear.

-Has many, many alts. Her character was designed with alting between settings in mind. Current flavours include Guild Wars 2 sylvari, Warhammer 40k sister of battle, Amentan grey, Age of Sigmar sorceror, and Age of Sigmar stormcast eternal.
-Her main motivation is to protect people.
-She pretty much always has a group or entity that she hates. Depending on the setting she is in, this ranges from 'reasonable' to 'oh no Luehmani stop!'
-Generally religious.
-Generally pro status quo/her society, but when she is against her society, oh boy is she against it.
-Can be a fun antagonist

-A weirdo desert mystic.
-Will probably start a cult. At some point. Just not right now.
-The desert ate her brain when she was about 14, but at least it gave her magic powers?
-(Originally from a D&D-like setting, but can come from any setting where ‘abstract concept takes over your brain’ is plausible.)

Ratia Darkwatch
Ratia Darkwatch:
-Curious, observant, literal spy.
-’Tell me all about yourself :)’
-Insecure about using magic (as opposed to something more honourable), insecure about being from the Flame Legion originally (read: misogynistic fundamentalist cult thing), insecure about being insecure.
-Conceal Don’t Feel :)
-Lesbian, often unaware of this.
-Originally from a Guild Wars 2 setting, is Charr. Charr are a hypermilitaristic race of lion people whose country is full of the ghosts of colonialism (literally.)

The Merry Band
The Merry Band:
-Is a space pirate crew. Originally from Warhammer 40k, could be ported to other settings. Mainly reformed Drukhari (think evil space elves who torture people to avoid having their souls sucked out, except the torture might be why their souls are being sucked out.) These guys have given up torture and slavery, but are still quite distrusted.
-Won’t take you, will take your stuff.
-I’m willing to rp with these characters individually, or as a set. (The crew is bigger than four, it’s just these are the main/most interesting characters).

Zerri Merrydirk:
-The captain, and starter of this operation.
-Didn’t quite derive a non-horrifying morality from first principles, but she was pretty close
-Prone to inspirational speeches.
-Bouncy, reckless, somehow still somewhat successful
-She wants to change the drukhari paradigm, show people there’s a better way than torture... it’s /questionable/ whether starting a pirate crew will help achieve that.

-Former wych (read:gladiator) who was humiliated in the arena, and joined the Merry Band because she could no longer show her face around town.
-Is occasionally the crew’s brain.
-Is definitely the crew’s muscle.
-A flashy fighter
-She’s an arrogant, sadistic arsehole who really isn’t in this for the ‘boo torture! yay morality!’
-...but she’s too useful to kick out

-The crew’s pilot
-Not drukhari! He is from the other, less torture-y space elf culture
-A slave rescued by the Merry Band, who’s sticking around because he does not want to go home and be pitied. Pity is the worst.
-90% trauma. Somehow, one of the best adjusted of the crew.
-Possibly in relationship with Kaemoque

-Kaemoque has some generalised psychic powers, which are a serious no-no in Drukhari culture. Joined the crew to get out of town and avoid being tortured to death.
-’If people like me, will they try not to kill me’
-’Showing vulnerability is death’
-This whole ‘morality’ thing is growing on him. To his annoyance.

If you think there’s setting it would be cool to throw my characters at, please let me know! I’m pretty happy to play in any setting, provided I don’t need to know too much about it.

Settings that I know well enough to run include:
-Warhammer 40k (esp the Aeldari, Drukhari, Imperium and Chaos parts)
-Changeling: the Lost
-Vampire: the Masquerade
-Tolkien (not the 3rd age)
-Revolutionary Girl Utena/Ohtori Academy
-Steven Universe
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Re: Wolffy's Creations

Postby WolffyLuna » Sun May 27, 2018 12:41 am

If anyone knows how to get the spoiler boxes working, that would be much appreciated.
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Re: Wolffy's Creations

Postby Throne3d » Wed Jun 06, 2018 7:23 pm

(To get the spoiler boxes working: after the = in spoiler-box=, you should put some word for the title of the spoiler box. e.g.
Code: Select all
[spoiler-box=test]text here[/spoiler-box]
text here

The forum hasn't been very active lately! This is probably a good place to detail it all in a reference format, but if you're trying to find people to thread with, you might find it easier to find people on the Discord. (There's a link from https://glowfic.com/'s homepage, if you haven't been there already.)

Pedro and Aestrix have been doing various Guild Wars 2 things lately, in the setting Tyria – you might want to talk to them about Ratia Darkwatch, if you want to write a version of them who's actually from the setting!
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Re: Wolffy's Creations

Postby pedromvilar » Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:13 am

I don't own the setting and my reification might not be the same as Wolffy's, I don't mind much here.
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Re: Wolffy's Creations

Postby WolffyLuna » Tue Jun 12, 2018 9:52 pm

Thank you for the help with the spoiler boxes, Throne3d! I've been lurking on the discord a bit.

My knowledge of Tyria a little out of date now, but I could probably catch up.
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