Dicehoarder's Authorthread

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Dicehoarder's Authorthread

Postby Dicehoarder » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:51 pm

Characters (WIP)

  • San- syllable in first name, esp. Sandra
  • Eccentric, friendly, doesn't like being controlled
  • Often heroic, loves adventure
  • Highly energized, doesn't tire easily
  • Head in the clouds
  • Hivemind with alts
  • Supernatural senses of some nature in appropriate settings, usually come attached with visual effects esp. synthesia
  • If there's something weird going on they are probably connected to it somehow
  • Mother is La Capitan (see other template) who usually ends up using Sandra for her own means, usually on bad terms with her.
  • In settings with magic, often connected to Chaos magic

La Capitan
  • Very self-interested
  • Piracy and/or treasure hunting
  • Commands something, when possible it's a unique Spanish Galleon with upgrades (magic, supertech when possible)
  • Often cruel and callous
  • Great captain
  • Usually has bad maternal relationship with Harmonizers, ranging from outright abusive to controlling
  • Hires the best people
Helena de Falcon not original, from Rockeye_'s Cloudbank setting, introduced here

  • Grows up in a bad environment, often in dangerous groups like gangs or magic cults
  • Anger issues in youth
  • Guilt-ridden over evil done in past
  • In settings with evil magic, often believed to be a dark messiah.
  • His actions as part of the above usually leads to him getting his first love killed
  • Is often host to supernatural being(s) either good or evil (Demon most likely, followed by an angel named Vys)
  • Becomes a hero to atone for evil deeds

Willy Wonka
  • Based on the titular character from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory(1971)
  • Uses candy to solve the world's problems
  • Extremely eccentric and unpredictable
  • Is both menacing and charming at the same time
  • Usually has a good heart at his core.
  • Mad genius with a love for whimsy, but has a darker streak to him as well
  • Strong sense of justice, isn't afraid of scaring people straight
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Re: Dicehoarder's Authorthread

Postby Dicehoarder » Tue Nov 14, 2017 11:56 pm

Settings (WIP)

Badlands (more detailed write-up incoming): Setting from an old tabletop roleplaying campaign ran by my best friend. Was given permission to set stuff in it.
Post-Apocalyptic fantasy setting. Set after a mysterious figure ends up causing a magical cataclysm, causing magic to run wild. Mostly contemporary tech combined with dangerous and often hard to control magic. Tone is rather dark, very violent. Orc biker gangs, evil cults running off of necromancy combined with nanobots, society is still rebuilding.
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