The Glowfic Classifieds

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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby WolffyLuna » Sun May 27, 2018 12:53 am

Author Name*: WolffyLuna

Constellation*: WolffyLuna

Discord: WolffyLuna#8042 - I don't have a channel yet.

Alicornutopia: WolffyLuna - Wolffy's Creations
[Other Social Media]: Tumblr:

Openness to Contact*: I'm open to contact, even from people I don't know! But if I might know you under a different name, I'd like it if you mentioned who you are.

Openness to New Threads: Very! I am new at the moment, so I've got an empty plate to pile up with threads.

Preferred Contact Method: Tumblr message > Discord > Constellation message. I may not see Discord messages for several days.

Expected Availability Time (GMT): Most likely between 7am-10am GMT, or 9pm-11pm GMT

Templates: I have many, and probably growing. My author thread has the list.

Settings: See also the list. I'm pretty happy to play in any setting.

Potential Thread Ideas: I'm generally a fan of 'one or more characters get thrown into a different universe, chaos ensues.'

Thread Limits: I'm not comfortable with rping explicit sex.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby BlueSkySprite » Sun May 27, 2018 3:27 pm

Author Name*: Kelardry (Kel)
Constellation*: Kel
Discord: Kel#7227 - #kelibrary
Alicornutopia: BlueSkySprite
Tumblr: []normal tumblr[/url], mostly-inactive.
Amenta-Tumblr: []Highlighter Flowcharts[/url], []Sparkler Trail[/url]

Openness to Contact*: I'd rather people talk to me in my Discord channel, or through some other channel, before PMing me, so it's less of a surprise. I'm okay with pretty much anyone talking to me.

Openness to New Threads: I'm usually down to write new threads, although I tag slowly and sometimes am too busy IRL or have too many threads going to pick up new ones.

Preferred Contact Method: My Discord channel first. After that, either PMs on Discord, messages in my channel, or Hangouts.

Expected Availability Time (GMT): 1100-1200, 2300-0200, M-F during the summer, more available on weekends, schedule varies wildly over the school year.

"Locus" (Anica Yanzen, Anika Jansen, Monika Yancy). OC from the Repo! The Genetic Opera setting, but also alts into Exploration, Cordyceps, and His Dark Materials. Cold. They are really interested in some field of applied science exists in their universe (brain-uploading, organ design, etc.), are generally convinced that they are the best / most important /most capable person in the room they are in, and generally don't care emotionally about other people (except for enjoying and seeking their admiration), but follow a rigid moral system, and usually consider not helping other people to be beneath them.
Botanical Engineer (Kyeskei Mekto, highlighter-flowcharts). OC from Garden, also alts into Amenta. Usually an engineer or architect, specializing in a really finicky and boring form or aspect of the local magic system if one exists. They usually have a scrupulosity problem, and like people but don't default to trying to make friends with or have personal interactions with more than one person.

Non-Template Characters:
Aftran, a yeerk pool assigned to Earth, using the Animorphs: The Reckoning form of yeerk biology and sociology.
Annabelle McAlistair, from the first act of The Dolls Of New Albion, who is an extremely lonely scientist(?), who finds a way to raise up the dead.
the arborist, my version of the Beast from Over the Garden Wall. His goal is to turn people into despair-trees, both for his sake and theirs.
Frisk and Chara from Undertale, as a cooperative pair of children sharing a body, trying their best to do the right thing but usually being wrong about what that is.
Mirror (/Aspen Liamyd, an anagram of "Display Name" on the original Many Worlds Forum), a ghost who is anchored to a mirror, and has fairly absolute control of a copy of everything it reflects. They also have magic from their world, allowing them to manipulate teleological spirits that infuse objects in metaphorical patterns that affect the real world.
Shay Volta, from Broken Age, usually as a 6-9 year old. He's a kid growing up on a spaceship whose computer is his upload-mom, who smothers him to try to keep him safe, and continues to behave as though he is much younger than he is.
Zoe and/or Timothy from A Slenderman Musical, Zoe is a gay ghost, trying to atone for her previous mistakes and also enjoy her existence. Timothy is a paranoid ex-gamer constantly on the run, whose friends were all taken by the Slenderman as a result of the secretly-ritual-magic VR phone game they played together. They can also appear together, with Zoe possessing Timothy, or the two of them sharing a body.

The Subway. A modification of the subway from Night Vale. It appears in a subway station, at a time when no other trains are scheduled or present. It travels through long stretches of black emptiness, with occasional transit through other weird regions of space, and stops in different worlds for around five minutes at a time. It is not dangerous, although some of the worlds may be, and none of its passengers will come to harm while in the car. Mostly an excuse to throw characters at brief glimpses of aliens.
Exploration. The universe of Bobiverse, a world with some amount of Artificial Machine Intelligence, weird but recognizeably-people aliens, near-lightspeed travel via gravitational SURGE drives, and human-brain uploads ("replicants"), one of which is used as the controlling and forking intelligence of a von Neumann probe. The main difference from canon is that when an upload copies themself, the copy is an actual fork, without inexplicable preexisting differences in personality.
His Dark Materials: The universe of the His Dark Materials books, in Lyra's original world, extrapolated forward to close to the present. Includes daemons, witches, panserbjørne, misc. monsters and ghosts, Dust, alternate geography (map), alternate terminology (electric -> anbaric, computer -> ordinator, scientist -> experimental theologian, etc), and more background religious control, although less than in canon.
The Unknown, a fairytale/folktale like endless-forest setting from Over the Garden Wall.
Garden: Planets are slowly and discretely expanding cylinders of soil suspended and slowly moving horizontally without collision or apparent change in angle, in an infinite expanse of air. On the planet with significant worldbuilding, literally everything alive is a plant, including people. Everything that has something that functions as a brain and can move around has some ability to edit the "instructions" (tiny branching strings of five-symbol instructions for plant growth) of plants, although specifics vary between species. The local humanoids come from the pod-fruits of the vine plants that actually handle reproduction, sense instructions with skin contact, can edit the instructions of seeds, and have a major religious ban on editing human seeds.
I'm interested in running Erogamer threads, especially in the HDM universe, but am squicked out by onscreen descriptions of the physical aspects of sex.

Potential Thread Ideas:
A character on the Subway spends time meeting or observing a wide variety of weird alien worlds.
A character gets lost in the Unknown and attracts the attention of the arborist.
An approximately-modern earthfic character signs up for cryopreservation and wakes up in the dystopian weird-religious future of Exploration Earth as an upload, and do mysterious training until they are made a von Neumann probe and sent off to explore and colonize the galaxy.
Frisk and Chara somehow wind up in a situation to try to brute-force save-scum, murder, and/or friendship away a complicated situation in another world.
The Mirror teleports into a situation in which they would be helpful. They are not inclined to be anything, but seek out interesting situations.
Zoe and/or Timothy encounter a character in Milliways, or in another bar.
Your character becomes the Erogamer. Sex probably happens, but not explicitly onscreen, except what is implied or stated by Erogame-notifications.

Thread Limits: At least for now, no explicit sex. Some threads with undertale characters get scrupulously-unpleasant enough I have to stop.

Miscellaneous: I am not great at modeling characters, and giving them different voices, but I'm working on it. Even at my fastest, I tag slowly.
Also if anyone wants something proofread for grammar and spelling, I'm usually pretty good at that.
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