The Glowfic Classifieds

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The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Aestrix » Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:30 pm

Do you want to write, but don't know who to write with or what to write about?

Well, this is the thread for you! Here you can look through various posts from people that are looking for someone to start a thread with. Or, if you like, fill out a template of your own to help others know your availability, interests, and how they can contact you.

All fields that aren't marked with an asterisk can be safely deleted if you so desire:

Author Name*: [Name]

Constellation*: [Name] - [Account Link]

Discord: [Name#0000] - [Channel Name]

Alicornutopia: [Name] - [Author Thread Link]

[Other Social Media]: [Name] - [Link if applicable]

Openness to Contact*: How open you are to being contacted out of the blue. Would you rather chat with someone in an open Discord server for a while before being directly messaged? Are you open to any and all forms of contact, even from complete strangers?

Openness to New Threads: How available you are for new threads. Do you desperately want to write new threads with literally anyone? Are you only comfortable writing with friends? Can you only write sometimes when real life and your brain aren’t bullying you too badly?

Preferred Contact Method: If someone were to contact you, how they should do it. Through Discord? Constellation messages? Google Chat? Elaborate Victorian flower language?

Expected Availability Time (GMT): When do you expect to be available for contact. Are you only free on afternoons and weekends? Do you have a wildly varying schedule? Does your pocket dimension only align with the mortal coil during full moons after ritual goat sacrifice?

Templates: What templates you have available to write with, either in general or in specificity.

Settings: What settings you’re comfortable writing, or that you have a decent familiarity with and want to write in.

Potential Thread Ideas: What ideas are bouncing around, desperate to escape and run rampant on the internet.

Thread Limits: What sorts of things you expect to not want to write about. Are you uncomfortable writing anything explicit? Do you only feel comfortable writing as a single character, or a select handful of characters?

Miscellaneous: Is there information you feel potential co-authors should know of, that this poor template doesn’t provide a tidy section for?

Then, for your convenience, an empty version that you can fill out yourself:
(and a GMT time converter)

Code: Select all
[b]Author Name*:[/b] [Name]

[b]Constellation*:[/b] [Name] - [Account Link]

[b]Discord:[/b] [Name#0000] - [Channel Name]

[b]Alicornutopia:[/b] [Name] - [Author Thread Link]

[b][Other Social Media]:[/b] [Name] - [Link if applicable]

[b]Openness to Contact*:[/b]

[b]Openness to New Threads:[/b]

[b]Preferred Contact Method:[/b]

[b]Expected Availability Time (GMT):[/b]



[b]Potential Thread Ideas:[/b]

[b]Thread Limits:[/b]


An index of all entries is maintained by Neva here.

I hope this helps you find someone to happily write with!
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Aestrix » Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:33 pm

Because I suspect it would help people to see a real life example, running free in the wild:

Author Name: Aestrix

Constellation: Aestrix -

Discord: Aestrix#5724 - #AestrixBlues

Alicornutopia: Aestrix - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=119


Openness to Contact: Really open! You can definitely just say hi to me and chat about whatever.

Openness to New Threads: Unfortunately not very; I have low writing energy lately, and it’s hard to get new thread ideas off the ground. You can feel free to ask, though.

Preferred Contact Method: Discord, preferably in my Discord channel.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Moriwen » Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:51 pm

Author Name: Moriwen

Constellation: Moriwen

Discord: Moriwen - #lotus

Alicornutopia: Moriwen


Openness to Contact: Definitely! I sometimes fail at responding to messages but never mind receiving them.

Openness to New Threads: Slightly to moderately; I usually have more threads on my plate than I can keep up with at any given time, but this does not always stop me from starting new ones.

Preferred Contact Method: Discord (pm or in my channel); or message me on the Constellation, or on tumblr.

Templates: Most prominently Jean (revolutionary/actor/maker of terrible plans) and Faith (teenage antichrist).

Settings: Federation (dystopian star trek au); the Path to Perfection (in which you are kidnapped by an endless path and pursued by terrifying tortureangels until you have perfected some particular virtue); my take on the Buffyverse; miscellaneous others. (More details on all available in my authorthread.)

Potential Thread Ideas: Standard-issue off-the-rack thread hooks include:
  • Jean's planet is 2.6 seconds from destruction. He's in Milliways, looking for someone to save it.
  • The Path to Perfection picks up your character.
  • Your character summons demon!Jean, whose hobby is convincing people to sell him their souls.
  • The year is 1944; Jean is in England, in the process of drinking himself to death. Your character arrives. They fight some Nazis.

Miscellaneous: I like being awful to characters! If that sounds like your thing, hit me up.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Kappa » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:00 pm

Author Name*: Kappa

Constellation*: Kappa -

Discord: Kappa#7917 - #kappaparty

Alicornutopia: Kappa - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=473


Openness to Contact*: You can definitely just come say hi!

Openness to New Threads: generally in favour if you bring an idea that catches my interest, but my brain is a gently smoldering pile of trash so I may not necessarily be able to follow through on any given thing

Preferred Contact Method: my Discord channel

Expected Availability Time (GMT): 12pm-2am (8am-10pm EST); hours may change seasonally on account of visiting California and being in a different time zone

Templates: lots

Settings: see my author thread for a start
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Lielac » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:04 pm

Author Name*: Lielac

Constellation*: Lielac -

Discord: Lielac#4498 - #lilactree

Alicornutopia: Lielac - N/A

Openness to Contact*: Please don't private message me if we've never talked before, but pinging me in the glowfic Discord is cool.

Openness to New Threads: Semi-open? My writing energy is capricious but generally low, but it's not zero and I'm open to making attempts.

Preferred Contact Method: Discord, ping me in my author channel.

Expected Availability Time (GMT): I'm available 11:00 to 00:00 GMT (7 AM to 8 PM EDT/EST, give or take an hour both ways) most days, with spotty patches of "getting donuts" or "oops had a nap" or ":o I left the house" that are by nature spontaneous.

Templates: - Gabby, usually-has-plant-magic, autistic nonverbal (but signing) painter who needs a prod to do heroics but would do her best if called to action.
- Isa, usually-has-water-magic, fond of swords, eager to do heroics and would probably go all Knight Templar if her sense of mercy was surgically removed somehow.
- Zac, Isa's twin brother and human golden retriever, currently lacking most of a personality.

Settings: None yet fleshed out enough to really talk about or thread in.

Potential Thread Ideas: - "Two glowfic characters walk into a Milliways..."
- I'm fond of portalsnakes and other "suddenly character is in another world and can't get back easily, agh" situations.

Thread Limits: I don't do sex, am not comfortable enough to do romance, and really gory violence isn't something I'm interested in.

Miscellaneous: I have spotty patches of "can't brain" and am Bad at getting back into the swing of things after one. Prod me if it's been more than a few days of me owing a tag.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Bluelantern » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:07 pm

Author Name*: Curious Discoverer / Faceless

Constellation*: Curious Discoverer -
Discord: FacelessDude - #silver
Alicornutopia: Blue Lantern - [Author Thread Link]

Openness to Contact*: Pretty open! I'm always glad when people contact me!
Openness to New Threads: Moderate to high depending on the day, but I'm always prefer to be contacted about it than not.
Preferred Contact Method: Discord. I'm alright with pms from here, the constellation and through tumblr, but Discord is much more likely to get my attention.
Expected Availability Time (GMT): GMT -3 timezone, I check my messages all day, but might not reliable respond during work hours.

Templates: Gosh, I'm going to link this page, but the TLDR version: I glowfic with the "Triplets" (Fenris, Felix and Thunder) and occasionally with the members of the Grayson Family.
Settings: I generally glowfic original settings, but I'm glad to drop my characters elsewhere.
Dreamshard- Earth-typical universe with magic add-ons in the form of pocket dimensions and various magic things that originate from them. Threads set or with characters from this universe can be found here.
Elsewhere - It's a continent-sized pocket universe with lifeforce fueled magic. It every so often annexes other universes into it's cluster. Threads set or with characters from this universe can be found here.
Shift- World where people are born (or can acquire) alternate shapes with different attributes and powers. There is a partial google doc here.
Conduit:- World with mages that can manipulate the various elemnets by "tapping" magical energy from various sources (self, sun, moon, ground and sky). Recently went through a massive war. My Characters are stuck inside a magical dome and trying to find a way out.
Potential Thread Ideas:
* The most portable would be Dreamshaper!Felix is transported to another universe and lands on Your Character through the power of the dreamshard Your Character gains dreamshaping, the ability to create a personality-based pocket dimension.
* Currently feeling like using Conduit. I can drop my character's entire town into another setting, create a portal from there to your setting, or just land my characters on your setting by themselves.
Thread Limits: Varies depending how tired I'm, but I'm generally willing to give everyone a chance at least once, so don't be shy.
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Sorry for my bad english

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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Kaylin » Tue Oct 31, 2017 5:16 pm

Author Name*: Kaylin

Constellation*: Kaylin

Discord: Kaylin#8710 - #royal

Alicornutopia: Kaylin - Kaylin's Creations

[Other Social Media]: kaylin881 on tumblr, Kaylin881 on Archive Of Our Own.

Openness to Contact: Talk to me! I thrive on interaction.

Openness to New Threads: In general I'm happy to at least hear thread ideas from anyone. I prefer to keep my threads to one-per-coauthor whenever possible.

Preferred Contact Method: Discord, where I can be found in my channel or pinged anywhere you please

Expected Availability Time (GMT): I am usually awake from 9am to 1am GMT but don't start new conversations after midnight please, my sleep cycle will thank you

Templates: The ones you'll see everywhere are Cats and Ravens, who are explained in my author thread. Cat is me but an extrovert and more confidently trans, Raven is me but more introverted and with more motivation to study.

Settings: Quintessence (setting thread), Corth (google doc), Wonderland (google doc), Young Justice (google doc, canon wiki). Settings currently in development: Albion, Space Albion, Kelovea.

Potential Thread Ideas: Here are some quick-start sandboxes that don't require alting characters into each other's settings.
- A portal opens between 6th Age Corth and your setting; cue tiny adorable nerd goddess coming to visit. Example (with Alicorn's Amenta).
- A bored faery is wandering the mists between the worlds and walks out into your setting. They expect to be entertained and will create their own amusement if not.
- Your character follows a talking rabbit down a hole, or climbs through a mirror, and ends up in Wonderland (see above). Examples.

Thread Limits: I cannot write explicit sex scenes; my ability to can is even further impaired in collaborative writing. Happy endings are not negotiable.

Miscellaneous: Sometimes I will go a while without tagging you. Sometimes this is because I am busy, sometimes it is because my brain got eaten by other threads, sometimes it is because I am stuck and don't know what to say next. If you remind me our thread exists, this will probably result in one (1) tag, and then I may well go back to ignoring it. This does not mean I hate you or the thread! It just means it's not top of my priority list.

I consistently have more thread ideas than time or energy.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Anya » Tue Oct 31, 2017 10:35 pm

Author Name*: Anya

Constellation*: Anya

Discord: Anya#5003 - #tempest

Alicornutopia: Anya - Anya's Author-thread, does need to be updated.

[Other Social Media]: tumblr: apocalyptichero- gchat: lyingcreator - twitter: samanyana

Openness to Contact*: poke me in #tempest. I am usually online all day, but if not, I'll get back to you asap.

Openness to New Threads: super open! though obviously sometimes I just won't be super interested. Especially if it's a setting or canon I'm unfamiliar with. But if it's easily consumable, or have like.. vampires in it. I'm probably in.

Preferred Contact Method: #tempest on discord.

Expected Availability Time (GMT): GMT +10. Idk man. I keep weird and unpredictable hours.

Templates: I'd prefer for a Juliet to be upfront and center rn. But uh. Cal, Klaus, Klara are semi good alternatives.

Settings: The Vampire Diaries... there's a list on my Author-thread.

Potential Thread Ideas: Juliet like to be dropped into High Schools. *shrugs* ~werewolves~

Thread Limits: I only want to do one thread per-person rn. But I think I could take on a few more. EDIT: not taking any more threads rn. But am still up for potential future threads!

Miscellaneous: I have bipolar and can kinda just.. drop off the earth sometimes. So ~beware~
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby ChaosMagic » Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:15 am

Author Name*: ChaosMagic

Constellation*: ChaosMagic -

Discord: ChaosMagic#8593 - chaosgrimoire

Alicornutopia: ChaosMagic - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=587

[Other Social Media]: Archive of Our Own - AngstyChaosMagicUser -

Openness to Contact*: Completely open! I am impossible to annoy

Openness to New Threads: Mostly open, depends on if we can come up with a plot. I love doing threads with new people

Preferred Contact Method: Discord PM, followed by forum PM, then constellation PM

Expected Availability Time (GMT): On and off 1pm to 2am most days

Templates: My three main are Lian (, Tess (, and Mal (, though I'm mostly interested at the moment in writing Lian and their sister, Em (

Settings: Mostly Naruto, the Elder Scrolls, or Eldritch (superheroes+daemons+eldritch abominations) plus see my author thread on the forum

Potential Thread Ideas:
-One or more of my characters-as-Naruto-ninjas get accidentally dropped on another world
-Your character arrives on a post-apocalyptic world being plagued by a self-proclaimed goddess attempting to destroy it. Lian and Em are leading two quarreling factions of the Resistance
-Said goddess portals to another world, causes Havoc, is followed by Lian, Em, and company
-Mal (or Lian) gets dropped on your world with nothing but the Wabbajack (a staff capable of turning objects into random other objects) to help her fix things
-Your character meets a bored eldritch abomination with the power to find the path to success, probably in Milliways. She's helpful. Really.

Thread Limits: I prefer to know people before doing NSFW stuff

Miscellaneous: I'm usually a fast tagger but sometimes the muse starts being selectively uncooperative, or I get a depression bought, so tagging may occasionally take a while
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Diaeresis » Wed Nov 01, 2017 10:21 am

Author Name*: Dia

Constellation*: Diaeresis

Discord: diaeresis#5936

Openness to Contact*: very

Openness to New Threads: medium-high

Preferred Contact Method: discord

Expected Availability Time (GMT): ~5pm-5am

Templates: ellie, nine, anna, 2b

Settings: the old republic (star wars)
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