Are locally relevant things being discussed elsewhere? Liveblogs, fic recs, trope edits? Alternately, direct your fellow fans to things that are not Alicorn-related at all.


Postby no.head.chicken » Sun Mar 15, 2015 7:37 am

Nnnnot entirely sure anyone here would actually like it, or maybe it's already old news on teh interwebs, but: 1. I only just saw this thing 2. as far as I'm concerned it's the greatest thing ever 3. since I've already de-lurked...
For just a taste of it, here's the very first Effulgence page when run through

When I saw this used first I couldn't stop sniggering for a while. The gizoogled Effulgence post doesn't seem quite as funny as that, but there you are..
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