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Podcast Recs

PostPosted: Sun Mar 08, 2015 5:36 am
by Bluelantern
Looking for more podcasts to listen.

currently listening to:

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HPMoR Podcast - HPMOR now in Podcast format!

Re: Podcast Recs

PostPosted: Wed Feb 24, 2016 6:02 pm
by ErinFlight
I found this.

Okay, my favorites.

Overdue- Two funny guys talking about books you should've read a long time ago. Includes classics and the current popular literature.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind- They pick an interesting topic, research it, and then talk about it. Basically, it's those crazy science articles you see online, but they're actually backed up by research and not wild speculation.

Risk! - A story podcast featuring the kind of stories you can't get away with sharing on most shows. Sex, tragedy, guilt, shame, love, drugs, abuse, being trans, being gay, racism, mental disorders. It's sometimes very funny and sometimes very painful. It's not a good show if you hearing about certain topics can hurt you, but I really enjoy it.

Eos 10- Funny, well done sci fi podcast. I really like the characters. Basically, it's about a doctor on a space station.

The Black Tapes- I'm including this because it pisses me off. It didn't at first, but now... It's starting to feel like a critique of rational thinking. At first, I thought it would be about a rational man and a reporter having to deal with the fact magic was actually real. Now it's... "Even if you've disproved 100 other identical instances, you weren't there for this one, so it must be true." Then, "I believed this thing I saw, you figured out what caused it, but that somehow makes you closed minded and unwilling to consider possibilities."
The Black Tapes are the ones the skeptic couldn't disprove, but that's because he wasn't there. Somehow, their existence is somehow greater than all of the cases he has disproved, even if they seem almost identical.
*Deep breath*

The Message- Sci fi, short, clever, has a good ending.