The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles

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The Tim Tebow CFL Chronicles

Postby jalapeno_dude » Fri Aug 22, 2014 9:31 pm

Here is a story in six parts that you might enjoy! It is essentially fanfic from a part of the internet that is probably totally unaware of the existence of fanfic: sports fans. ostensibly this thing requires knowledge of (1) American football and (2) a specific (and controversial) player of the above, Tim Tebow, which I suspect very few people on this forum will have. But I think you will get enjoyment out of this if you go into it treating it as fanfic-of-something-you-haven't-actually-read, like how some (most?) of us read Luminosity without having read Twilight. I found it more-or-less randomly (several links removed from something retweeted by the author of a webcomic I read), and it totally hooked me to the point that I read the whole thing in one long sitting, and I am interested to see other people's reactions to it.
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