What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

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Re: What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

Postby Transreal Clouden » Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:50 am

Aggressively experiment with Deavification. They now have the ability to resurrect the dead through other means so just try killing people willing to be deava and see if it works. With their consent of course. I'd also look into what criminal justice systems exist in the Deava realms with an eye towards figuring out how to manage a society where Deava are not constrained to only appear in other worlds when summoned.
Try to work with Boots + Loki + Elspeth + Gem to make the sorcerous alphabet comprehensible to people other than Loki. I keep thinking back to the tesseract saying that with enough work Sorcery can do everything it can do and having that sort of power available but not limited to Edda would be excellent.
Use Sibyl to experiment more liberally with Gem's wish granter. It has the potential to offer some pretty fantastic powers and some of those would be exceptionally useful.
Use Wished powers to make a safe world to experiment with Eclipses in Patalon.
This is already happening but focus on recreating the rings of power from Millennium.
Test whether a wish can raise a Spellbinder's cap.
Experiment more with the Silmarils, especially Ithil's set to see if that gives a more reliable way to combat Valar. This is especially important now that we have proof of concept from Beka's Arda.
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Re: What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

Postby Transreal Clouden » Thu Mar 30, 2017 6:23 am

Timepoof and I were discussing this earlier in chat. At their request I've posted the transcript of our conversation in a spoilerbox below.

[7:50 AM] dilnu: I just replied on that thread poof
[7:50 AM] dilnu: I'd be interested to hear what you think of my ideas
[7:52 AM] timepoof: It's Sibyl I think, first off
[7:52 AM] timepoof: and OMG YES
[7:52 AM] timepoof: :DDDDD
[7:52 AM] dilnu: heh, I thought that was wrong but it was a minor enough typo I didn't feel like looking her up
[7:53 AM] dilnu: which one is OMG YES or is it just all of them
[7:54 AM] timepoof: telepathically projects glee at dilnu over all of them but esp. the last one and the ones with Eclipsed inn the middle
[7:54 AM] timepoof: what do you think of mine?
[7:55 AM] timepoof: also let's brainstrorm more
[7:56 AM] timepoof: a list of capabilities that would be useful to the peal, checked and crosschecked whenever they get new resources
[7:56 AM] dilnu: I'd be a little worried about the internets thing in revelation's neighborhood, outside that it might be a good idea
[7:56 AM] timepoof: a list of limitations and "Why can't we just"s
[7:56 AM] timepoof: oh, yes true
[7:57 AM] timepoof: (would you be willing to copy all this to the thread when we're done here?)
[7:57 AM] dilnu: I think the Spellcharting thing is a cool idea, but I'm not sure that's their bottleneck there
[7:57 AM] dilnu: if they find a way to expand capacity I think that's a fantastic idea though
[7:58 AM] timepoof: thank you
[8:00 AM] timepoof: also the thing Stella did to find Anna and Sandy might be cool, the general idea behind it if not the specifics
[8:01 AM] dilnu: a lot of your list is about recruitment which is important not sure about which strategies are best
[8:01 AM] timepoof: nods
[8:01 AM] timepoof: it's just important to first have truckloads of various ideas and then cherry pick and combine!
[8:02 AM] timepoof: I also thought of, say, having Addy-type arrangements or something with like a wizardry teleport and maiar or something?
[8:02 AM] dilnu: that is also wise, but you need a good filtering mechanism
[8:03 AM] timepoof: Filtering is good. If people self-filter somehow that's even better
[8:04 AM] dilnu: a higher variance idea would be to try to make better use of Addy
[8:04 AM] dilnu: like Bells are always paranoid about giving Addy more power but I'm not sure I agree with that stance
[8:04 AM] timepoof: maybe Maitimos could vet recruiters and recruiters could do first pass screenings
[8:04 AM] dilnu: hard to know
[8:05 AM] timepoof: I maybe agree, Addy's kind of...
[8:05 AM] timepoof: (agree with bells)
[8:05 AM] timepoof: or well
[8:05 AM] dilnu: I prefer stories not to break the fourth wall just Aesthetically so I disagree with that suggestion
[8:06 AM] timepoof: with which?
[8:06 AM] timepoof: oh in the post
[8:06 AM] dilnu: yeah
[8:07 AM] dilnu: but yes, more recruitment, a more diverse leadership, and more input from people who otherwise don't know that much in the way of details
[8:09 AM] timepoof: bribe people in Hex same way they did in Stork (people don't have to learn to program golems only awaken them)(people don't have to chart or whatever they get the working memory boost for their own stuff in exchange for agreeing to cast the big ones)
[8:10 AM] dilnu: yeah... I think they're already sorta doing that
[8:10 AM] dilnu: but 216 people is kinda a lot
[8:10 AM] timepoof: also have some people be free to handle random stuff, not clear on how much they're doing that
[8:10 AM] timepoof: and yes it is
[8:11 AM] timepoof: maybe they could use Felix to get trustworthy recruits in Hazel
[8:11 AM] dilnu: in space at least one maitimo is always free to accept visitors
[8:11 AM] timepoof: and other places even
[8:11 AM] timepoof: oh cool
[8:12 AM] dilnu: like not constantly since visitors take time
[8:12 AM] dilnu: but yeah
[8:13 AM] timepoof: abuse of time dilation in situations like this lots-of-new-neighbours where you have a lot of people working more than usual and they can keep each other company
[8:15 AM] dilnu: the thing is that their 'time dialation' is really just useful for R&D maybe a bit for initial cataloging of a universe
[8:16 AM] dilnu: I think their R&D departments are already often under time dialation
[8:17 AM] timepoof: oh yes. what d'you think of [thinking about both low-hanging fruit and optimal long term strategies] and [thinking up what resources would be good to have and figuring out from there if they can somehow get them] and [- getting already trusted people to hang out in Eclipse during eclipses and iirc have babies a step away from the daeva worlds or something]
[8:18 AM] timepoof: also then they should maybe think about getting better time dilation!
[8:18 AM] timepoof: like
[8:18 AM] timepoof: what if Wish or Eclipse or whatever could do something
[8:21 AM] dilnu: so they already seen to be trying for low hanging fruit in their order of works to help. and they're also not doing that in a way that will lead to burnout
[8:26 AM] dilnu: I think they stayed trying to do the second thing after they realized they missed the wish plus basement dweller interaction
[8:27 AM] dilnu: and I agree with the idea of making friendly eclipsed but I think making a place they control to do it in Patalon might be better
[8:28 AM] dilnu: or using the vala control of ithil to the same end
[8:30 AM] dilnu: generally though they're all good ideas
[8:31 AM] timepoof: :D
[8:32 AM] timepoof: could you also copy those or post something to that effect or put a link to logs in that thread?
[8:33 AM] timepoof: also I was thinking maybe introduce more humans places because even though Elves are very trustworthy they're also slow
[8:42 AM] dilnu: which part do you want copied?
[9:18 AM] timepoof: all or most of it that is non-redundant, dilnu
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Re: What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

Postby DanielH » Thu Mar 30, 2017 2:09 pm

Many of the issues discussed here are true in Effulgence too, they’re just called out in Silmaril because the peal acknowledges and tries to address them.
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Re: What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

Postby anthusiasm » Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:04 am

I've seen a couple people say they would harness the power of narrativium, and I'm curious what that would look like in practice, especially since glowfic narratives are so nonstandard.

Personally I would try to find a romantic partner who would provide enough interpersonal drama that the authors don't feel like they need to drop a Yeerk invasion on us to make things interesting. Glowfic Girlfriend would have some combination of the following traits:

--she inspires ~passion~ but is incompatible enough with me that it doesn't take much to start drama (the authors could get an entire thread out of me forgetting to take the garbage out again)
--she has a multi-part tragic backstory that surfaces at narratively interesting moments, and is sufficiently stubborn/reticent/anti-magic that I can't just solve it with my considerable resources
--she has some kind of built-in interesting narrative arc, like "arch-nemesis who I have to lure to the side of good with my sexy"
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Re: What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

Postby pedromvilar » Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:10 am

I'm pretty sure at least the two things are narratively uninsteresting to many glowfic authors and specifically Alicorn and lintamande so I'm not sure you'd have much success there. And in general, any troubles that result from misaligned expectations or miscommunication or holding the idiot ball are mostly absent so relying on that is more a guarantee that you won't show up in glowfic than that you'll avoid Yeerk problems.
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Re: What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

Postby Unbitwise » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:03 am

Miscommunication, no. Lack of communication (and keeping secrets), yes.
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Re: What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

Postby lintamande » Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:36 am

Fëanorians all pretty much decline to have a high-friction relationship because they value personal loyalty really highly and handle conflict terribly. The ones who are willing to sleep around will have high-friction /hookups/ but not invest in them emotionally; Maitimos will put up with it to get something they really want and Caranthirs if his other desiderata are very very present (but, like, that gets you 'has tantrums and pays boyfriend for the inconvenience'). I don't think they have enough information to make inferences about when we throw Yeerks at them, either. The evidence of narrativium they have is mostly the existence of attractors (for Bells to drop on Ardas, for bad things to happen to certain templates, for worlds to be found at a certain point in their arcs), which seem really hard to weaponize. They should probably compare rates of extinction events and major recent disasters in Warp/Edda worlds with no selection effect against the rates in found worlds, figure out whether their finding process runs on narrativium, but even once they have graphs to prove it does, that's hard to use.
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Re: What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

Postby DanielH » Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:55 pm

No relationship stress? Tell that to Timothy and Midnight.
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Re: What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

Postby quark » Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:29 pm

well, even they don't have relationship stress as like, a continuous feature of their relationship with their Fingons? Midnight rather, um, mind-controlled his way out of that one, and I've only skimmed the latest thread so far but it's definitely debatable how well Timothy is handling this current crisis.
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Re: What would you do with the Silmaril peal's resources?

Postby DanielH » Mon Apr 03, 2017 8:18 pm

Midnight has no romantic relationship at all right now, but he works on Elf timescales so he might see things differently.
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