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Re: Life on Mars

PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:04 pm
by Bluelantern
Alicorn wrote:
Same sex/multiple marriages still need a church willing to perform the ceremony to be marriages.
Are we talking about civil unions? Spousal inheritance, child custody law etc.? Is justice system still based around 'jury of peers' idea?
Just because we live on mars does not mean we live in different culture.

It doesn't have to be a church per se. I'm going to get married by a friend who got ordained on the Internet. A civil union is a strictly governmental thing, and I meant to exclude it when I said that Bell governments don't touch it. They try really hard to avoid anybody needing spousal inheritance laws. Child custody can come up even when everybody's alive, but the kid gets say.

People travel to Earth and get killed?

Anyway, you know what it is awesome? Magically Improved Holidays!

Stella shouldn't do it too early I guess (so she wouldn't want to look too frivalous), but once there is a stable population...

Well, the sky is not quite literally the limit. Stella might even prefer to assign someone to come up with the ideas, but Stella has enough magic to make Hogwarts Christmas decoration to look like something from a discount store that was hit by a flood.

I mean, imagine Easter, she could make the clouds look like bunnies footprints. The hidden eggs could have magical prizes inside (really small stuff, I wouldn't be surprised some didn't count as a pentagon). Bunnies in mars could be dressed in tiny cute outfits during the day and offer clues.