What's your favorite glowfic?

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Re: What's your favorite glowfic?

Postby MTC » Wed Mar 23, 2016 1:14 am

In no particular order, picked partially by which ones I like to reread:
  • Demon Cam.
  • Effulgence Animorphs.
  • Threads with Sherlock & Tony, especially the ones in Sunnydale.
  • Anything in the Vorkosiganverse, especially the Effulgence continuity.
  • Sunnydale Effulgence, maybe Sunnydale Glowfic in general.
  • Whateley.
  • Effulgence Potterverse (Feral Orphan is one of my favorite Jokers).
  • Hogwarts.
  • Incandescence in general (I did start listing ’verses in Incandescence I especially liked, but the list got a bit too long).
  • Early Effulgence, especially the first few threads with Bella & Alice (Alice is another of my favorite Jokers).
  • Skin Deep AUs, especially Myth.
  • Elcenia sandboxes.
  • Promise.
  • Bella & Sadde.
There are many more I could list, but I had to stop adding to the list at some point.
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Re: What's your favorite glowfic?

Postby Anya » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:14 am

Finders Keepers with Alicorn and Aestrix is probably my all time favourite. Coz Blair. His interactions with Edward and Addy are great.
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Re: What's your favorite glowfic?

Postby pedromvilar » Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:18 am

Aestrix wrote:And Pedro: do you sleep, dude? Like, seriously. How do you have time to write so many threads, I cannot possibly read all of them and pick favorites, clearly I must just love them all, this is your fault.

Alicorn wrote:Pedro DOES sleep and it's VERY ANNOYING

<3 <3 <3 <3 Very annoying, sleeping is the worst I hate having to do it I want it to stop.

Also I am terrible at picking favourite things. Or having preferences. Also I kinda started writing glowfic when I wasn't even halfway through Effulgence and haven't actually finished reading Effulgence (all of pealed and most of threaded though) and haven't even started reading Incandescence because writing glowfic has eaten a lot of my reading glowfic time so. I don't have a very varied sample to have preferences over! But:

- I really like Demon Cam, he's great, everything he does is great.
- I am very envious of Nemo's abilities to be-a-world and can only aspire to be-the-Wormverse as well as he is and I shamelessly copy his stuff.
- Miles is great. So great. I love Miles. And then there was a Demon Cam thrown at a Miles and they are not making out and I feel like this is terrible they should be making out! I mean I understand saving the world but Miles and Demon Cam augh!
- It's hard to pick favourites in Effulgence but I like Materia a lot (because it's evil) and also Syntropy (because it's subtly evil), and Amariah lives forever in my heart, and Aianon is such a cutie and such a nerd and <3
- The Second Coming thread <3 <3 <3
- Revette! Those two, omgawd they're so great.

As a parting note, I need to figure out a way to throw a Demon Cam at a Sadde. It'd go something like:

Demon Cam: *exists*
Sadde: ...
Sadde: *flirts shamelessly*
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Re: What's your favorite glowfic?

Postby Throne3d » Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:23 am

Alicorn wrote:Pedro DOES sleep and it's VERY ANNOYING

Ugh, and they work, too! Timezones are annoying.

In no particular order:
  • I really like things that include Miles and/or Yvette
  • Demon Cam is nice for some "I'm going to fix everything and it's going to be epic"
  • It's interesting to see Promise dumped into different universes
  • Sadde's great, but I'm sure Pedro already knows my opinions on that. :P
  • Libbies and Chrises are definitely good, especially in Sunnyverse.
  • I really, really like settings involving Addy. Pushing people to use their powers in novel ways is definitely a major pro, and I really liked reading Addy & Sadde and Addy & Revan.
  • Luminosity as a setting is pretty great, in general. The vampires, the people, the powers. All of it.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. :P
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Re: What's your favorite glowfic?

Postby Timepoof » Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:49 am

Demon Cam, elcenia (esp. Matilda and ialdae and ), Gem (especially with Maggie's magical girl twins), Skin Deep AUs, Potterverse, especially with Sadde, Bells and Saddes in general (especially Eclipse), Addy (especially with Sadde and Yvette and Blair), Libbies and Chrises (esp. in Sunnyverse), ialdae, Maggie's magical girls, Gruesome Magical Girls, Madokaverse magical girls, Promise (esp. Sunnyverse), Mileses and Bells (especially League and Delta v over Delta t when there is no t), just Saddes (Glam) and Mileses and Bells and Marks, oh god yes Marks, and Willows and Yvette and Blair and Edie and Emily and Incandescence (Momentum, daeva world, Ice and Cypress, Medallion) and Effulgence and Pen getting lost and me losing pens and thinking about Lost Pen and Matildas and Tilly and Jellybean and valid Matilda/Joker interactions and "but it's a Cheap Test" when Stella found minting and Golden thought about summoning Alice, oh and the pony world where Alice gets the Element of Kindness and Blueberry and May with Kanimir and Alli in Potterverse and Lexi and Shell Bell and her mindscape being Milliways and Shell with Voice and Amariah beating up the angel dude and smol Ari with Matilda --- too many things. I can organise this into a list if someone wants but this format represents how I feel about it.
Edit: and Pearl and Screwdriver and how Shell + Pearl +"Somebody loved me once" becomes really cool and how Pearl rescued Shell Bell and Juliet and Minus and how the nickname came about and "caterbella+bellafly" and the menace aura and how Shell Bell met Matilda and Feral and Trouble and Rose saving Beast and Aegis and Sue and Jane and oh that one sandbox where Rain meets Shell Bell and Kas-alone and War forking and Carinna and Kiawen and Tanalin in the Gentle Cave and Elspeth raising Harley and that one Demon Cam thread with Alethian-witch-Adarin and Demon Can and Ripper, and Narnian Bell and Libby and Lokibell and her Joker and Ice convincing the alien robots that the English for "Senior Equipment Maintenance Specialist" is Empress and Adarins looking at clouds and
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Re: What's your favorite glowfic?

Postby pedromvilar » Wed Mar 23, 2016 10:16 am

(I forgot to mention my love for Matilda, let me throw my love for Matilda in here.)
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Re: What's your favorite glowfic?

Postby MaggieoftheOwls » Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:13 am

Effulgence is my favorite. My second-favorite is the Kithabel and Milan thread.
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Re: What's your favorite glowfic?

Postby jalapeno_dude » Wed Mar 23, 2016 4:30 pm

Off the top of my head/scrolling through the alicornutopia master post:

-Elcenia (in general, but also the __ is summoned to Elcenia sandboxes; I particularly liked the Matilda and Arcane iterations, as well as the Avet stuff (and I like pretty much everything with Yvette in it...) and anything with Kaylo and especially anything with Finnah)
-Effulgence (of the Bells in the Peal Amariah is probably my favorite; my favorite plots are probably those following the Materia-caused Jane desync, especially chapters 34 (the introduction of Soph), 39 (Pattern and Ripper), and especially 41 (Kas raising Helen); my favorite unpealed Bells are Loki and Chi and my favorite plots are Narnia and Animorphs (plus the very canon-feeling Trouble and Zeus sandbox where Butterfly peals))
-Any sandbox with Addy.
-The Holly/Crystal and Max sandbox.
-The super-cool Kappa and Lynette RP which predates Effulgence and it looks like I'm not supposed to link...
-Marri pups: Sunday, Griffinmarsh, the Kushiel threads with Kappa, Darcy from the AO3 fic
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Re: What's your favorite glowfic?

Postby Diaeresis » Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:50 pm

shell bell makes me cry every time. demon cam is awesome. kappa's version of mark is neat. i thought the promise in worm sandbox was really cool.
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Re: What's your favorite glowfic?

Postby DeAnno » Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:58 am

I am a fan of things that are challenging while still being exploitable so Golden and her Luminosity!verse are a persistent favorite with me. It's a solid universe with a lot of variety in powers while not having anything really game-breaking natively in it. It has a wide emotional range too, from super-cute to super-terrifying with a lot of super things in between, like Addy!

I tend to like Promise in the right situation but in the wrong crossover or even the wrong circumstances she and her native magic can get out of control in various unfair and "fun"-ruining ways. I think that's the glowfic I find most variable in likability, with the long completed Ruin-verse crossover being one of the high points.

I actually really like Stella a lot, even though she is a mostly broken cheater who likes to cheat. While her native magic gets out of control pretty easily it tends to do so in fun and hilarious ways, and I have a lot of attachment to the early days she had of optimizing limited resources and feeling around in the dark at shadowy secrets. Wishcoins in general tend to be pretty restrictable in practice even if in theory it's easy for them to get out of hand.

The Administrator and Downside actually ring a sort of chord in me as I feel like I can sympathize with how her whole situation kind of went wrong. She's a lazy perfectionist, which is a very depressing and difficult thing to be at times; I love how she spent immense amounts of creative effort on keeping dust from settling while leaving her plane's "justice system" in a ridiculous shambles because one thing could be made *just right* and another thing was hopelessly subjective.

Dealing with non-perfect things that are probably impossible to ever get perfect seems like a giant hassle and waste of time for her and I totally get it, it's depressing since no matter how much time you sink into them they will never be DONE. She can sit and pleasantly reflect on her perfect dust-destruction algorithm for eternity in exchange for the work she put into it, she will never be able to do that with things that involve people making decisions because they will never be perfect. They will just constantly sap more and more effort for eternity and she will never be able to get a true bask on without feeling guilty about that little niggling problem or this imperfect detail.

I think I didn't quite realize how strongly I felt about the whole Admin/Downside thing until I made this post, it definitely sort of snuck up on me.
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