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Re: Particularly Good Threads

Postby Alicorn » Fri Nov 17, 2017 11:41 am

testament, authors Alicorn and Moriwen, in progress. Better with prior exposure to Eclipse, Mori's Jean template, and the short story Will, but it's so good.
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Re: Particularly Good Threads

Postby Moriwen » Wed Mar 21, 2018 2:57 pm

Shameless self-promotion! Threads of mine that I think are Particularly Good in one respect or another.

Good threads for introductions to...

...the Path to Perfection:
this is the road to ruin
Stalas (a Miles) on the Path. Benefits from, but does not require, familiarity with Stalas

Over the Empty Land
Scott McCall (from Teen Wolf) on the Path

...dystopian Star Trek:
that they were afraid
Hall (a Kappa template) encounters the exploding-planet scenario

no time for the future
Serik (a Serg, also a Kappa template) ditto

climbing walls chasing stars
A Chainsaw (yet another Kappa template) in a less explodey part of Star Trek

...Faith & co:
In Buffyverse, with Throne's Theo

Giggle at a funeral
Buffyverse again, this time with Jarn's Scott McCall

Just plain good:
the prettiest song I heard
Summary: Jean ends up as a birthday present for the Saddest Gregor.
Prereqs: n/a
Read for: pining, horrifying torture, jeanplans, smallest coziest friend

one for sorrow (two for joy)
Summary: Jean kidnaps a Felix.
Prereqs: familiarity with Goldmage setting, Jean template
Read for: the most jeanplan jeanplan ever to jeanplan, flirting by apophasis, hazardous levels of silliness

don't let's ask for the moon
Summary: Jean adopts a Dusk.
Prereqs: familiarity with Eclipse setting, Jean template
Read for: slow-paced hurt-comfort slice-of-life, Jean accidentally being a good parent, all the cute, poetry

neither fish nor fowl
Summary: Ex-Jedi-Jean and Sith Dusk and feelings.
Prereqs: familiarity with Jean template
Read for: maximally fucked-up Jean, attempting to fistfight a sith, feelings, poetry, Dusk being awesome

a fortress steep and mighty
Summary: A dragon-Serg kidnaps a Jean.
Prereqs: n/a
Read for: extreme cuteness, Jean's terrible parent's horrifying house, did I mention the cuteness

devil may care
Summary: Sissy summons a demon-Jean.
Prereqs: familiarity with Daevinity setting
Read for: cute demonic flirting

not been such a fool
Summary: Jean sends a letter to the Lord of the Howling Mountain (a Serg) requesting to be kidnapped.
Prereqs: n/a
Read for: cuddles when least expected, jeanplans, extremely confusing cuteness

something reckless and crazy
Summary: Teenage Jean and Sissy are cute and occasionally horrifying.
Prereqs: familiarity with Skygarden setting
Read for: a very confused Emperor, adorable teenagers, making out while covered in blood

Summary: Jean falls for Tarinda.
Prereqs: familiarity with Eclipse and Singleton settings, Jean template
Read for: extreme cultural confusion, flirting via insults, flirting via jousting, Jean being very suspicious of utopia

some stubborn leaves
Summary: Jean versus shren alyemi.
Prereqs: familiarity with Elcenia and Swansong settings, thread we accidentally a whole chainsaw, Jean template
Read for: jeanplans, pocket stoat, Jean in ongoing existential crisis, even Miles can't figure out what to make of Jean

to the stars
Summary: Spaceship Dusk hires a Jean.
Prereqs: n/a
Read for: literal spaceship Dusk, Jean displaying unprecedented levels of glee, extreme cuteness

highest foe you'll ever grace
Summary: A Jean and a Z are soulmates.
Prereqs: n/a
Read for: gratuitous nudity, coffee theft, mutually compatible disasters
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Re: Particularly Good Threads

Postby Moriwen » Sat Mar 31, 2018 3:09 pm

And for some non-self-promotion... Today's theme: permutations of Kappa, Alicorn, and Lintamande.

Amounts of Dragon
Summary: Vorkosigans and Elcenia and wishcoins and exactly the amount of world-changing you'd expect from that combination.
Authors: Kappa, Alicorn
Prereqs: familiarity with the Elcenia setting
Read for: shren alyemi, the most miles miles ever to miles, hazardous concentrations of awesome, miles fixes everything

don't touch me
Summary: Promise (a Bell) in Arda. Horrifying and horrifying and awesome and horrifying.
Authors: Alicorn, Lintamande
Prereqs: familiarity with Alicorn's names-fairy-verse and with Arda
Read for: feanorians meet fairy orders, sauron meets fairy orders, eru making a personal appearance, all those things going as well as you might expect

there will be light
Summary: Taliar (a Miles) in evil!arda. This goes .... well? Maybe? It rather depends on your definition.
Authors: Kappa, Lintamande
Prereqs: familiarity with the Miles template, Arda in general, and evil!arda in particular
Read for: miles/evil!maitimo, miles vs. the forces of evil, adorable horror? horrifying adorableness? who knows, the warning tag "obstinately consensual torture"

exterior decoration
Summary: Orf!Beka on the Howling Mountain. With way less horror and way more fluff than that would suggest.
Authors: Alicorn, Kappa, Lintamande
Prereqs: familiarity with both Orf!Beka and the Howling Mountain
Read for: enough fluff to fill angband with bunnies, a gregor smiling, a serg appreciating beka's tattoos, a serg being Unimpressed with sauron

have ten kids and teach them how to dream
Summary: Space Elves land on Amenta ... specifically, on Calado. Things go from there.
Authors: Alicorn, Lintamande
Prereqs: familiarity with Amenta and Space Arda
Read for: calado and elves and feanorians all being themselves at each other

as if you were blind
Summary: Cor. Midnight. The maximally horrifying AU.
Authors: Alicorn, Lintamande
Prereqs: not some lighter color, up to Thuringwethil's appearance
Read for: if you're not already sold by the summary this is not the thread for you
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Re: Particularly Good Threads

Postby Alicorn » Wed Aug 01, 2018 12:00 am

I've got a list of names, authors Alicorn and lintamande, picked up after a stall. Long. Amenta, post-in-color, meets Earth, with wizards, in the early nineteenth century, as introduced in the Unbreakable Vow section of Silmaril. I am told that despite these dependencies it can be read, perhaps not cold, but lukewarm. Particularly Good for fictive politics and contentious alt interactions.

mmm whatcha say, authors Alicorn and lintamande. Silmaril (in the form of pealed Loki) meets Infinity War (in the form presented in this lintafic). I think it requires that context but you could try without; the characters do make some attempt to explain things to one another onscreen. Particularly Good for linta's takes on Tony Stark and Shuri, a problem that can actually be more than a speed bump to the peal, and time travel tactics.
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