What Might Have Been (1/?): Annelid

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What Might Have Been (1/?): Annelid

Postby Alicorn » Sun May 11, 2014 2:41 pm

So for every RP that sees the light of the Internet, there's one that never hatched. Here's a summary of one I was going to do with xi (Rubices here, credited in alicornutopia as Liz) that hasn't got off the ground, even though we made accounts for it. It was gonna be a Frozen/Worm fusion (spoilers for both follow) with me as Anna and xi as Elsa. I have unilaterally codenamed it "Annelid" for pun reasons.

The events of the film Frozen and the worldbuilding of Worm are both largely taken as read. We placed Arendelle on an Icelandlike island, presumed that the movie happened, and that there then followed a natural disaster that wrecked the entire landmass, of which Elsa and Anna (preserved with emergency iceberging a la Aang) were the only survivors. We fit the magical elements of Frozen in as follows: pre-Scion, there were still superpowers sometimes, but these were much rarer and buggier because they weren't part of an organized deliberate seeding like post-Scion powers. The trolls are intelligent rock constructs that outlived the not-a-character Master cape who made them (but the trolls are not immortal and do not survive the disaster). Elsa is a very early onset cape, with the white hair being a physical manifestation of her power loosely like those sometimes produced by Cauldron capes. She rates a Shaker/Master/Blaster rating.

Oh, and Anna's a lateral-transfer cape, with their parents' death her trigger event, and she's a Shaker/Master/Trump.

Here's how she works.

At near-touch range, any person, place, or thing that Anna feels affection/liking/love for falls under her sphere of influence. These "annaed" things are then subject to her power for the next day or two, or till she stops liking them, whichever comes first (and then it wears off unless the touch-plus-liking is renewed). However, she doesn't know she has it, and it has some severe limitations. Based on a complicated handwaved interaction between how much Anna likes the thing, and what her power is trying to influence about it relative to how it would be without being annaed, and what Anna expects the annaed thing to do, and how much Anna knows about other factors influencing the thing, it can work strangely, or not at all. For instance, Hans was annaed, which contributed to him noticing, having a meetcute with, and proposing to her - but she didn't have information about his ulterior motives so her power didn't take them into account, and when he revealed his duplicity, she abruptly stopped liking him and lost all hope of affecting him that way. Elsa was annaed at the party when Anna got close enough to take her glove, but Anna didn't know about the ice powers at the time due to troll interference, and didn't form new expectations quickly enough to affect Elsa through much of the movie (it didn't help that Elsa had a lot of opposed momentum). Kristoff and Olaf may likely have been annaed but there is no strong evidence to suggest that this caused their behavior to change much from what it would have been anyway. In fact, Anna's power is almost worse than useless to her throughout the entire plot until her expectation that Elsa will be able to control her powers (plus love, plus dramatic moment) combine to allow Elsa to do exactly that and defrost Anna and Arendelle. The influence isn't just about behavior - once she knows it's there it will be harnessable to buff and heal as well as subtly manipulate.

(I had this idea well before reading The Power Of Love. In fact, I had it before the story was published.)

So, ten or fifteen or so years after Scion's appearance, a cape who can detect lifesigns a la Star Trek and her hydrokinetic friend are on a boat, and they find and crack the iceberg and the princesses are capes (one still unaware of her maintenance role in keeping her sister's power under control, let alone any of the other things she could do) in the world of Worm. No specific plot was developed to follow.

If somebody wants to do this with me in xi's place she has stated that she will donate the Elsa account.
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