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Amenta Worldbuilding Info

PostPosted: Sun May 10, 2015 10:02 am
by Alicorn
Amenta! Peka's planet! The terrible planet! The stupid rainbow people!

Star Trek Aliens:

Amenta (Peka's planet) is higher tech than modern Earth in most ways; it's capable of routine travel to its moons and has better computers and really good public transit. They don't have nukes (they're really into geothermal for power gen) and have not yet come to any Trek-specific tech like transporters or replicators, and they are pre-warp (so, the entire planet can be plunked in other universes without loss of set dressing). The planet has years about four times the length of Earth's.

The inhabitants are a humanoid species, not even ridgy foreheads, with colorful hair that comes in an extremely wide variety of shades and hues but not brown or black (maybe burnt sienna or dark grey or navy blue, but not really brown brown or black black or even that dishwatery blonde). They grow at about the same speed as humans but live longer than humans (about 160 Earth years or 40 of their own) and have seasonal cycles in behavior and reproductive capacity (on the equator, poles, locations with very different year lengths, or whatever, they mush into a sort of "permanent spring" that most of them dislike). They tan and un-tan much faster than humans; they don't have ethnic variation in skin tone (well, in skin darkness, anyway; they have different details of complexion hue) and a week or less in or out of the sun can make any individual ultra-dark or ultra-pale. (It comes in evenly all over the body, no tan lines.)

They are fertile between the ages of four and twenty (local years) and their demographic transition ran into a natural voluntary limit at about "five kids to a couple" - you normally start when you're five or six (they conceive babies in the spring) and have one every other year till you have almost half a dozen, if you like kids an average amount. (The seasonal cycle means that unless you're at the equator, you can't have them spaced more closely than one local year apart). This means they are crowded and they can't fix it by sending their kids to college or giving out condoms. All countries are instituting some form of coercive population control.

Caste System:

They have one! You can't do out-of-caste jobs, and many things (universities, social gatherings, neighborhoods) are limited to one or a couple castes. You can have out of caste hobbies, and the rule is not very strictly enforced so if you're a yellow with a Youtube-equivalent on which you sing or something and you have a tip jar you will not be arrested, but it's pretty dramatic otherwise. Any caste can do the house spouse thing or couchsurf with their friends if they can't get a job, that's fine. Caste is not particularly well correlated with money, but the ways you make it and the ways you deal with not having it differ by caste. The people have names for the castes which are about function in addition to the names that refer to the most common hair color, but I use the color names as a sort of translation convention for convenience. Caste is mostly matrilineal but some places do it more flexibly; in any case you can't be a caste neither parent belonged to.

In loose status order, high to low:

Blue: aristocracy. They have, like most civilized planets, transitioned away from monarchy to various democratic forms, but you still have to vote for a [s]lizard[/s] blue. Blues do legislation, executive power, judgeship, landholding and rent collecting (at scale; you won't catch one, like, renting out half their duplex), being on the boards of directors of stuff and chairing the national associations of things, and idly owning massive amounts of hereditary capital and investing it in whatever. They might fall into genteel poverty and there's plenty of intracaste status games meaning that not all blues can get into all the best places, but these guys are on top, as a group. There are not very many of them; less than one percent, most places.

Green: intellectuals and artists. Pure math, the sciences, literary criticism, painting, singing, linguistics, filmmaking, sculpture, philosophy, acting, that sort of thing. There's a much weaker in-caste division between the artists and the nerds (which people cross, and families straddle, all the time). There's 10%ish of these, more in urban areas. They sometimes intermarry with blues or yellows and are more likely than most castes to do that. If they're rich it's usually for being popular, one way or another, and green money obeys a similar power law as popularity. If they're poor they're college student poor, with nice computers and comped tickets to shows but scanty spending money.

Yellow: miscellaneous white-collar. Office jobs of the "get that report on my desk by next week" form. They cornered computer programming when that became a thing. Bureaucrats, marketers, pharmacists, accountants, editors. They have some artier stuff that is too workmanlike to suit greens - a painter is green, a wedding photographer is yellow; a sculptor is green, an architect is yellow; a writer is green, a technical writer is yellow. Rich yellows are the ones who save substantial percentages of their income and keep showing up every day to collect it. Poor yellows are paycheck to paycheck thinking about cutting their kid's music lessons.

Grey: physical occupations. Soldiers, cops, athletes, dancers, security guards, sex work (some locales have this as an orange job instead), heavy lifting (thin line on this between grey and purple). Any unlucky grey who isn't up to physical snuff can try to do army desk jobs or enforce parking tickets or something. There are fewer than there used to be as the world has gotten more peaceful. The rich ones are by and large the pro athletes and famous dancers and important generals. The poor ones are likely having trouble breaking into the career area they want and leaning on family in the meantime. Least likely to marry outcaste (purples do it even less, but there are more of them so this represents a less stringent bias against it).

Orange: caring professions. Nurses, teachers (below the university level only, but oranges teach all clean castes), doctors (sometimes green instead), social workers, daycare workers, therapists, veterinarians. Their financial situation is similar to yellows with a little less liquidity on hand.

Purple: miscellaneous blue-collar. Farmers, factory workers, retail employees, food service, truck drivers, electricians, hairdressers, random unskilled labor. About half the population. There are some really poor purples but there are also some staggeringly rich entrepreneurial type ones.

Red: untouchables. Any jobs that involve handling corpses, garbage, wastewater, or other reds. Not very many of these either. If they're poor they're "no safety net, shit happened" poor where the money just does. not. exist. and they need it anyway and they suffer. They can save up okay if they have steady work and nothing happens to them. Widely reviled; confined to their own neighborhoods if they lack a legitimate work purpose to be out of them; subject to random police violence with ranged or long-enough weapons if they are suspected of having touched people or things they shouldn't.


The countries I have done so far in any detail are Tapa (where Peka is from) and Voa (where Governor Avalor is from). At the time I normally have people encounter the planet, the two are at war because one of Voa's blues orchestrated a campaign to have reds come into contact with the food exports and Tapa reacted to this as an attack on its food security and decided to take some of Voa's farmland. "Amenta" is the planet's name in Tapap.

ETA: There is a slightly scattered list of countries.

Re: Amenta Worldbuilding Info

PostPosted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:25 pm
by DanielH
Do you see ever doing a thread set entirely there, instead of having an interstellar organization contact them? If I remember the castes right, a native Bell would be gray, orange, or raised without any contact with her birth parents.

Re: Alicornucopia [Alicorn Author Thread]

PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:01 pm
by Alicorn
I do mean to do that and keep not getting a good chance.

I think the society is more interesting in contact with others but I'm not *opposed* to doing a thread that is all there.

This is correct only if I obey her parents' career attractors (and would make the Bell herself orange in any society where caste is matrilineal, as is customary). Bells are not clamoring to have an instance.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:07 pm
by DanielH
Well, I’m glad the extra-hypothetical Bell wouldn’t be gray. I doubt that would work out well for anybody.

Re: Alicornucopia [Alicorn Author Thread]

PostPosted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:10 pm
by Alicorn
It would be a problem.

Re: Alicornucopia [Alicorn Author Thread]

PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:27 am
by Kappa
Hahahaha, what would gray Bell be like?

Re: Alicornucopia [Alicorn Author Thread]

PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 1:08 pm
by Alicorn
She might have to be a detective or something. Less optimistically, meter maid. She could maybe try a non-balance sport like swimming or hang gliding but even with the caste system limiting how many people can try to be pro athletes you still probably can't be one on her marginal physical talents just because she wouldn't instafail.

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:23 pm
by Moriwen
What normally happens to grays with physical disabilities, then? If a gymnast falls and lands wrong and breaks their spine at age sixteen do they just end up starving in the streets/on food stamps for the rest of their life? (Or for that matter grays who are just a bit past the age for their particular sport?)

(Naively I would expect some careers like "coach" or "sports commentator" or "referee" to be options, since in our world those are heavily populated by ex-athletes, and they benefit a lot from extensive experience with the sport; but I don't know if the caste system is flexible enough for that.)

Re: Alicornucopia [Alicorn Author Thread]

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 9:42 am
by Alicorn
Oh, I didn't think of those. Those sound grey enough to me.

Not everyone has to have a job; people are sometimes house spouses on this planet.

Amenta Worldbuilding Info

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:30 pm
by Alicorn
Snipped to put up top above stuff.