Mafia: Effulgent Edition

Not the kind with cardstock and pawns. Mostly play by post Mafia so far.

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Postby Alphabeta » Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:17 am

Shoal wrote:
pistachi0n wrote:@shoal: When there was no kill, I figured the killers were gone. Because why would they choose a no kill when a win is so close? Targeting BSS was my first anti-town action. Actually, at first I thought there were more than three killers and getting the killers was the biggest priority. But when I ruled more people out as killers,I knew the double vote would prevent a cult win. I sort of had that in the back of my head earlier but after the no kill night I thought it was urgent.

My first antitown action was trying to get people I didn't think were killers lynched while hopefully holding some killers in reserve to see us to the end. However, I didn't know how many killers there were and I guessed wrong. I knew that we would be unlikely to win if we didn't keep a killer around until the end because the town really did have to go after the killers first. If you'd had access to the communication channel, we could have tried to co-ordinate this together, or at least have had two heads to put together on the "okay who should we push for a lynch today that we know isn't a killer" front.

My biggest mistake though was not targetting BSS sooner -- once the double voting was figured out, she should have been the first nonkiller to go. If we'd done BSS yesterday instead of demo then it would have come down to THE COIN today.

I thought there was a chance that the no killing was a gambit on behalf of the killers to get them to turn on the cult and then pick off the town, but it was only a small chance, and I knew the only possible killer left was anthusiasm, and then I knew that anthusiasm was clear too.

I was hoping that my ineptness at reading people would come to our advantage because if even I'm not sure whether I'm barking up the wrong tree, it won't be obvious that I'm being wrong on purpose -- but I did figure things out close to the end and that made it harder to pretend.

Daniel, alpha, do you both agree for the cult channel to be shared?

Jalapeno, paradox, tau, did you guys really not have a mafia channel? if you did, can we see it?

Sure, I don't mind.
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