Setting: Conversion

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Setting: Conversion

Postby diagrapher » Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:49 am

A space opera/fantasy setting with widespread mind control.

Conversion devices are machines which can attach to people and gradually but permanently induce more or less any effect on their desires in a matter of days so long as their victims are kept attached throughout that period. Most of the world is composed of empires which make extensive use of conversion devices to enforce obedience to their ruling ideologies; theocratic Agamend and Ikiaini, liberal-apart-from-all-the-mind-control-and-conquest Kbont, Vitzaia where the aristocracy are guaranteed freedom from mind control but can and sometimes do use it on their vassals on a whim, and others. The Nation of Gulon is a group of space stations whose inhabitants have all been converted to copies of a single egomaniacal personality.

As of recently, there are also conversion darts which only need to attach to someone for a moment. These are much more expensive and only deployed when the military command judges their use necessary to achieve high-priority goals.

A small portion of the population- around 1/1,000- is resistant to conversion devices. Such people can be effected by conversion devices, but only to a point.
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