Anya's Author-thread

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Anya's Author-thread

Postby Anya » Mon Jun 12, 2017 8:27 pm

...I accidentally submitted this before I was ready. Oh well. Just let it be known that I'm still kinda working on this.

So. This is a thing I should have done a while ago!

I should also put it out there the fact that I am bipolar, so I can be super unreliable. I'm trying to improve, but yeah, I'd understand if people don't want to glowfic with me and my silly unreliable brain. :)

Glowfic Settings

Settings Id Be Comfortable Running
Dragon Age (I have an Alistair)
Buffy (I'm cool with playing the non-Slayer character, I probably prefer it)
Harry Potter
The Vampire Diaries (I have a Kol, Klaus and a Sarah)
Aladdin (I have an Aladdin, Jafar, Genie and Mozenrath characters)
Mass Effect
The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August (this seems like a good setting to fuse with another rather than just by itself

Settings I Want To Glowfic
Peter Pan (I have a Wendy)
Teen Wolf
Wonder Woman (idk the basic concept of Wonder Woman- demigod created out of clay is a weapon that can destroy gods seems like fun. I probably would like someone else to player the Wonder Woman character though.)
Game of Thrones (I would be willing to be the world, but would probably need a while to reread a lot of it- it would take time)
Doctor Who
The Dresden Files
Dc Comics (I have a John Constantine)
Star Wars
The Elder Scrolls
Anita Blake


Argentum Short Background
This is a world that has been in development for... a really long time with Faceless. It's an AU of Twilight/Aurum where instead of the Volturi running things the Masquerade is run by "The Council". They are a very old group, mostly run by powerful vampires and the occasional hybrid.

Hybrids have been a known factor for around a long time, but reproduction is strictly controlled by The Council. They kind of hand hybrid's out as a reward for a Job Well Done, or loyalty. You also have to have permission to turn new vampires, and any new vampire that was made illegally is either put on "parole" and made to serve The Council or killed. The creator is usually also killed, depending on the circumstances and whether or not they have friends in The Council.

Shape-shifters are also a well known quantity and are also policed by The Council. And lastly the Werewolves, or Children of the Moon are a actual non extinct race. They are still pretty rare though.

The non-human world is split up among Sheriffs who manage their own land. They are the authority in whatever place they are given. Any vampire/hybrid/shape-shifter/werewolf have to report to the local Sheriff if passing through, and they are pretty much at their whims. They have a lot of power in their little worlds. Though they do still have to justify their action with The Council and follow the law, but they do get a bit of leeway.

My Characters in Argentum - in the Faceless thread
Callie Theirin (template: Cal & pb: Hilarie Burton)

Basic concept of Cal's are soulless doppelgangers of Cass. So her personality reflects that of a person with no morals. So pretty much a psychopath with an obsession with Cass. In this instance she's an identical twin, rather than a magical accident that was created, so she has a lot more practice seeming normal than the basic instance. She's a witch with the opposite power of Cass, her touch and aura pretty much nulls magic. As a human the loss of magic lasts as long as she is touching you.

Cass Theirin (template: Cass & pb: Hilarie Burton)

The total opposite of Callie, is suuuper emotional, which translates to her witch power, which is to sort of amplify other witches magic. She has an older half-brother, Alistair and a younger one named Blake. Plus two sisters, Lainey and Quinn. Plus Callie, obviously. She has a very strong loyalty to family and friends, it probably even defines her. Maybe even a bit too loyal.

June Deluca (template: June & pb: Margaret Qualley)

A vampire/human hybrid, her mother being a hybrid and her father human. She is a witch with the power of hypnosis and mind control. She can make you do things and with the help of her brother, make you forget things too. She and her brother are the "new" Sheriffs for the area in and around Fells Hollow. Her mother and father and big supporters of The Council and June... is not. She pretty much ran away from them and settled in Fells Hollow but her mother managed to finagle it to give her the land- taken from someone else- to make it seem like she's still a part of The Council. They do give her a lot of leeway because of her hybrid status and the fact that she is a powerful witch, but she is stepping on uneven ground. She is the defacto leader of the Fells Hollow coven. Is super into being morally righteous, makes all the vampire coven members "vegetarians". She herself, because she is more human than vampire, is an actual vegetarian. She has a partner named Kane who is a Child of the Moon/Wolf Shapeshifter hybrid, she is his imprint. He was pretty much the reason she was able to get away from The Council.

Alistair Theirin (template: Alistair & pb: Armie Hammer)

Pretty much just Alistair from Dragon Age. Works as a Park Ranger and lives and supports his many half siblings because their parents are trash.

Wendy Gray-Darling (template: Darling & pb: Orla Brady)

....Wendy from Peter Pan. Except older. The aunt to Faceless' Thomas and Aaron

Juliette Salvatore (template: Rowan & pb: Brittany O'Grady)

Circumstance alt of Sarah Nelson from the Vampire Diaries. Is a Child of the Moon-type werewolf. A part of the Fells Hollow coven.
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Postby Anya » Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:07 pm

Andromeda (w/ Faceless)

Cimmeria - Buffyverse
Stormcast: proto-Theia, Genie, Constantine
Silvercast: Arya, Ezra

Welcome to the Hellmouth - John Constantine finds a new Slayer in Sunnydale - finished
School Hard - Silvers and Storms in the Buffyverse - on hiatus

Aurora - His Dark Materials
Stormcast: Aladdin
Silvercast: Franklyn, Meghan, Adam

What is the Alethiometer doing here? - Silvers and Lavenders in the His Dark Materials verse - finished

Argentum - Twilight AU
Stormcast: Cal, Cass, Theia and June. (eventually Q, Alistair, Mozenrath, Darling Petrova, Titus)
Silvercast: Ezra, Julian (eventually Arya, Sasha, Kane, Stephen, Emilio)

the welcoming committee is a lie - Silvers and Storms in Argentum - active

Juventus - Elsewhere
Stormcast: June, Titus, Petrova
Silvercast: Julian, Emilio, Adam, Felix, Fenris, Thunder, Kane

(Dis)Respecting Your Elders & Other Helpful Tips - Silvers & Storms in Elsewhere - active

Luna (w/ Tabs & Linky)

Tevene - Dragon Age AU
Stormcast: June, Alistair (eventually Skye, Cal, Cass, Theia), Q, Nia
Wisteriacast: Anders, Azry, Isi, Citali (eventually Connor), Ashwin, Morwenna
Violetcast: Niamh, Zevran, Dorian, Gylfraen

i'll show you why mages are feared - Anya and Tabs' characters in AU Thedas - active
...and the sleeper must awaken - Anya, Linky & Tabs' characters in AU Thedas - active

Luna (w/ Tabs)

Petrichor - Argentum AU
Stormcast: Klara, Skye, Nia, Theia, Kol, Klaus, Bex, Elijah, Freya, Marcel, Wulfric, Isa, Nicodemus, Rosalina
Wisteriacast: Wildling, Lorie, Ashwin, Sten, Anders, Lora

the day the world ended - Storms and Wisterias in Argentum - finished
no dawn, no day - Storms and Wisterias in Argentum - active

Nightbook - Original Urban Fantasy
Stormcast: Skye, Klara
Wisteriacast: Wildling, Lief, Anders

Erudito - Assassins Creed
Stormcast: Theia, Hale, June, Klaus
Wisteriacast: Wildling, Shepard, Desmond Miles, Lucy Stillman, Exile

nothing is true.. - Storms and Wisterias in Assassin's Creed - active

Inferno - Original
Stormcast: Theia, Klara, Klara, Constantine
Wisteracast: Wildling
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Postby Anya » Tue Jun 13, 2017 8:07 pm

Sandbox (w/ ChaosMagic)

Naruto AU
Stormcast: Skye, Genie, Seo
Fuchsiacast: Mal, Lirhan

Enter: Team 7! - Anya and ChaosMagic's characters in Naruto - active
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Re: Anya's Author-thread

Postby Anya » Mon Jun 26, 2017 1:37 pm

So I was hoping to edit some icons to sparklepire them, I think Alicorn and Pedro did it. Tips?
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Re: Anya's Author-thread

Postby Alicorn » Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:34 pm

I desaturate skin with the sponge tool and then select highlighted areas and add noise. Well, I did before my copy of Photoshop Elements stopped working.
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Re: Anya's Author-thread

Postby pedromvilar » Mon Jun 26, 2017 2:44 pm

I got the same tips from Alicorn.
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Re: Anya's Author-thread

Postby Anya » Mon Jun 26, 2017 3:45 pm

Thanks! :)
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Re: Anya's Author-thread

Postby Anya » Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:11 pm


So this is the result of a hour or so of tweaking. Opinions? Too sparkley, not sparkley enough? Suggested changes?

Also I have no idea how to change eye colour.
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Re: Anya's Author-thread

Postby pedromvilar » Tue Jun 27, 2017 3:56 am

Eye colour I selected the eye part and made a layer with it and changed the hue balance yellow-wards until I was satisfied.

I like them! I think the second, second-to-last and third-to-last could use some less sparkle.
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Re: Anya's Author-thread

Postby DanielH » Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:15 am

These all look like indoor pictures, so there should be minimal if any sparkling.
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