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Re: Rotifer's Author Thread

Postby Rotifer » Mon Jul 31, 2017 12:26 pm

wow I haven't posted here in a while huh. anyway here's what the deal is with pink elephant

The Pink Elephant

It's a magical evil casino.

Officially the venue doesn't have a name; invitations are inscribed with an icon of a pink elephant, and the bars serve a magic cocktail also called the pink elephant, which synesthesically tastes like hot pink. Everyone calls the place the Pink Elephant though.

The actual site is a floating island in the middle of a black void, lit up by white and hot pink spotlights. (Lotsa stuff's gonna be hot pink, they lean on the color scheme really hard.) The grass is hot pink; the building looks like a taller skinnier more hot pink Luxor. The grounds around the building are filled with rickety stalls set up by gamblers hoping to sell goods and kitsch from their home world in order to keep gambling. The inside is full of rich dark wood and hot pink felt, buffets with high-class food from a thousand worlds, bars that serve magic cocktails, and of course card games.

Getting There

If the venue decides you're interesting, you'll get an invitation in the mail. It's a fancy little card with a shiny pink elephant logo, and uses language like "cordially invited" and "exclusive venue" to tell you that in a few days, you'll find a door in your house or wherever that wasn't there before (with a little pink elephant on it, natch) that'll take you to the grounds or the inside of the casino. Invitations are sometimes for you alone or sometimes for plus n guests - in practice it'll be as the plot dictates.

If you prove yourself as interesting as the venue hoped, you'll get invited back.

If you gamble a lot, or you're from an interesting world and bring in interesting goods, or if you do favors for the Pink Elephant, you can sometimes be given a key that will let you come and go as you please. The key will transform an ordinary door with a keyhole into a Pink Elephant door, or unlock a Pink Elephant exit and take it back to your world. Keys are linked to particular worlds - the key you're given will only work in, or to, your world, and if you steal, win, or otherwise acquire someone else's, it'll only work for their world of origin.

Guests are free to stay as long as they want - buffets are free, and there are rooms for rent - and if you have a key, you can come and go as you please. One of the draws of the Pink Elephant is that, like Milliways, you can use it to go between worlds if you make friends there. But if you spend a lot of time there without gambling, the staff will kick you out.

(There may also be pink limos you can hire to go to and from the Pink Elephant and various other worlds, if the staff really likes you, but I haven't worked out all the rules for them yet.)


You can play poker or blackjack or roulette, or games of cards, dice, and chance from other worlds as well. They'll even let you cheat if you have the magic or mundane skill for it, although they won't stop your opponents from exacting revenge on you either.

Some more exotic games also exist, catering specifically to people with psychic powers, where the entire point is to try to predict future hands or read your opponent's mind. There's also a few proprietary house games, including one called Gimmie, where two people ante up and then try, in conversation, to convince the other player to forfeit. Gimmie tables always have really high minimum bets because otherwise people would just ante up one dollar and spend a few hours chatting to get around the "always be gambling" rule.


Gamblers can gamble goods and services as well as money - fancy technology from the future, or magical objects or substances, or what have you - because what's the point of an interdimensional casino if all you can win is money? The Pink Elephant itself doesn't need money or goods to support itself, so lots of these games are surprisingly fair for a casino.

The Pink Elephant doesn't exist for free, though. You can gamble away your heart or other parts of your body, or your lifespan, or happy memories or whatever, in games that are rigged in the house's favor, or spend them in the slot machines, where they get converted into the magic that keeps the casino running.

If you lose your heart, or your skin, or what have you, you don't drop dead on the spot, but you can't survive outside the casino or its grounds unless you win yours or someone else's back. Giving up your lifespan makes you age. Some people on the slot machine give up everything about themselves to keep playing, their body and their entire lifespans and all their memories, until they become barely-visible specters, feeding bits of their personality and mind into their machines, eventually pulling the lever just on instinct.

Guests are also permitted to run their own games with their own rules. Lots of these games are rather less fair. Some of them only accept bids of actual money, or have harsher punishments for things like mindreading. Playing non-house games is a great way to go into debt to extremely scary people. It's usually these games that have people out selling whatever they can get their hands on, on the grounds.


There's two things the Pink Elephant does which are unambiguously actively evil rather than just dangerously laissez-faire.

First, while most games you can play are surprisingly fair, the Pink Elephant is as exploitative as actual casinos when it comes to the magic they need to keep themselves going: anything where you can gamble away your youth or your heart or your memories is rigged in the house's favor, and they're glamorized as the games with the biggest potential payouts. The slot machines are the same - you can feed that kind of thing into them to keep playing, and they're magically addictive.

Second, the Pink Elephant will let you sell yourself into slavery to keep playing - against other patrons, usually, the Pink Elephant has its own staff. They'll also allow patrons to wager slaves. They don't tell you this at the door, and not many patrons personally own slaves, so it's possible to come and go a few times without finding out.

Ask questions, poke holes, &c.
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Re: Rotifer's Author Thread

Postby Alicorn » Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:14 pm

If you should happen to win memories do you just have insurance against future loss or do you get other people's? Whose? Do they exchange the various things against each other?
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Re: Rotifer's Author Thread

Postby Rotifer » Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:31 pm

So, when you wager with memories you first have to get them converted into poker chips, for which purpose you have to speak to a member of the staff; when you win new memory chips you can exchange them for the memories they were originally made out of, or gamble them away without any harm to your own memories. (Right now I'm still going back and forth on whether you retain your own memories as long as you possess the chips you made out of them, or whether you lose them as soon as you cash them in.)

Anything can be bet against anything, including money, magical goodies, and the various metaphysical things that the casino is trying to swindle you out of; rates of exchange are nebulous and subject to the vagaries of plot.
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