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Postby Kappa » Wed May 03, 2017 10:03 am

This is an incomplete setting thread, but I wanted to get the descriptions of the elements organized and available even though I don't have the rest of the setting totally ironed out yet.

The Landkeeper setting has five elements: Air, Fire, Stone, Water, Wood.

The quick-and-dirty version is that Fire is sweela/Gryffindor, Air is elay/Ravenclaw, Wood is torz/Hufflepuff, Water is coru/Slytherin, and Stone is hunti/Vorbarra.

The longer version goes like this:

Outlook (how you approach the world)
  • things that fit the Air outlook: big-picture thinking, castles-in-the-air/head-in-the-clouds types, tending to see things through the lens of an abstract model, Grand Unified Theories of Everything, Big Ideas that touch on your entire experience/that you think about a lot and relate everything to
  • things that fit the Fire outlook: evaluating things as 'interesting' primarily in an experiential rather than intellectual sense; evaluating things as 'important' primarily in an emotional rather than abstract sense; seeing things in terms of what you feel strongly about, in general
  • things that fit the Stone outlook: being slow to come to conclusions but then sticking to them hard once you're sure of them; tending to reserve judgment except where you're very sure, and then being very sure about those things; a tendency to have to explicitly revisit your assumptions when things change because if you don't think about it you'll keep out-of-date ideas; a preference for static stable reliable things
  • things that fit the Water outlook: finding it easy to change your mind, and maybe doing that a little too much; finding it easy/natural to shift perspectives and see things from another point of view; tending to consider things from multiple angles; having several positions on an issue and not committing firmly to any of them; finding it easy to play devil's advocate
  • things that fit the Wood outlook: taking things on their own terms; tending to look at what's really there instead of making assumptions; being very willing to let things be as they are instead of trying to fit them into your preconceptions

Problem-solving (how you engage with obstacles)
  • things that fit Air problem-solving: tending to come at things from an academic perspective; first resorts being 'research it', 'do math to it', 'analyze it'; spherical-cow thinking; the perfect as the enemy of the good
  • things that fit Fire problem-solving: brainstorming; narrativium, genre-savviness; 'it's crazy but it just might work'; 'nobody does things this way but why not, let's find out'
  • things that fit Stone problem-solving: 'try the obvious solution first'; 'wait and see if it goes away on its own'; 'get help from a qualified professional'; 'read the manual'
  • things that fit Water problem-solving: trying out different perspectives until you find the one where the solution becomes obvious; things describable as 'lateral thinking'; tending to come at things from unusual angles relative to the 'normal' way of thinking; 'that didn't work, let's try something else'
  • things that fit Wood problem-solving: considering each problem in its own context; heuristics and domain-specific experience-based knowledge; asking a friend for help; 'slow and steady wins the race'; 'leave well enough alone'

Impression (how you tend to appear to others)
  • things that fit the Air impression: Sherlock Holmes, Luna Lovegood; people who come off as nerdy in a math/science way, people who come off as chronic daydreamers, people who you expect to have memorized all the trivia about their favourite media, people who you expect to be able to tell you what day of the week it was on june 5th 1891
  • things that fit the Fire impression: Miles Vorkosigan, Aral Vorkosigan, Tony Stark; people with a lot of personality; people with a flamboyant presentation; people who are very intense to interact with; people whose personal space bubble you can feel from across the room, people who could be described as having a tangible gaze; high charisma; high energy; dramatic
  • things that fit the Stone impression: Ezar Vorbarra, Gregor Vorbarra although a little less so, maybe Sam Vimes?, Granny Weatherwax; people you could describe as "brutally honest"; people who by default do not invest any effort in presenting a certain way and just are; people who have... a certain kind of intensity that's different from the Fire kind; like, if Fire is 'there is a lot of this person and they're getting it everywhere', Stone is 'there is a lot of this person and it is all right there'; Fire performs, Stone does?
  • things that fit the Water impression: Libbies, chessmaster types, maybe Maitimos; people who have a reputation for being very on top of things and knowing more than they let on; people who work indirectly and don't put all their cards on the table; the sort of person you would expect to be running a secret spy ring, but also sometimes the sort of person you don't expect to be running a secret spy ring and then are very surprised when they are
  • things that fit the Wood impression: Carrot Ironfoundersson, to some extent Miles; people who come off as very trustworthy/sincere; people you would describe as 'motherly' or 'nurturing'; the sort of people who end up on emergency contact lists and "I would show up on this person's doorstep if I lost all my worldly possessions in some kind of horrible disaster" lists; the sort of people you would talk to about your problems

Drive (what kind of thing motivates you)
  • things that fit the Air drive: mad-scientist I'll-show-them-all types; people who want to Change The World; startup founders; revolutionaries; inventors, scientists; when the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning is the Cause or the Big Idea or the Abstract Principles That Govern Your Life or the Great Idea You Just Had or the Theory That Needs Testing
  • things that fit the Fire drive: artists, actors; "the satisfaction is in the act of creation" types but also "the satisfaction is in the validation of my peers" types; Doing It For Love types; Doing It For The Vine types; YOLO; when the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning is the anticipation of how satisfying it will be to work on your latest piece or how wonderful it will be to surprise your girlfriend with breakfast in bed or how thrilling it will be to climb that skyscraper or how flattering it will be when everyone applauds at the end of your show or how good it will feel to save the world
  • things that fit the Stone drive: anything where the word 'duty' figures heavily; the sort of person who will look at you like you've got two heads if you suggest they blow off a commitment; when the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning is a sense of responsibility, the "I said I would so now I will" feeling, the "this is my job" feeling, the "if I don't do it who will" feeling
  • things that fit the Water drive: curiosity, exploration, wanting to understand things, when the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning is the prospect of reading another book or visiting another city or discovering another species of rare butterfly
  • things that fit the Wood drive: wanting to do right by your people, wanting to help your friends, patriotism, 'tending your walled garden' in the people rather than plants sense; when the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning is how much you look forward to seeing your friends and family or how much you want to get started on that thing so-and-so is going to like or how much you want to go out and meet new people or how much you want to fix the things that are broken in your world

Home (the kind of space you feel most comfortable in)
  • Air: 221B Baker Street, Auri's tunnels, Tony Stark's basement; the kind of place that might be described with phrases like "there's a method to their madness" or "organised chaos" or "an eccentric filing system"; non-eccentric filing systems, too, the sort of person who alphabetizes their bookshelves and sorts their cutlery drawer by size and stores their pens by colour; "everything has a place" types
  • Fire: the castles Sane Sergs build for themselves; creature comforts, silk sheets, good food, inspiring art on the walls, things being made of gold that maybe do not strictly need to be made of gold, a space you walk into and are immediately struck by how nice it is, not necessarily in a welcoming way but in a luxurious way
  • Stone: words like 'routine' and 'stable' and 'dependable' and 'samey' and 'standardized'; Evenly Spaced Rectangular Grids; words like 'spare' and 'spartan' and 'austere' and 'imposing'; a space you walk into and find that it looks the same as it did when you first saw it twenty years ago
  • Water: souvenir collections, spring cleaning, 'out with the old and in with the new'; not just arranging your space to be this way but also feeling at home in genuinely alien spaces; "it's nice to visit but I wouldn't want to live there", both by other people toward the Water person's home space and by the Water person toward places they have been
  • Wood: 'come on in and make yourself at home'; a well-kept guest room; having your friend's favourite brand of tea in your cupboard; plump pillows and squashy much-sat-upon couches; the kind of space where people comment on how welcoming an environment it is

Or, at a glance:
Code: Select all
                 Air           Fire        Stone            Water      Wood
outlook          visionary     passionate  stubborn         flexible   patient
problem-solving  intellectual  creative    straightforward  lateral    organic
impression       abstract      intense     blunt            subtle     sincere
drive            inspiration   emotion     dedication       curiosity  community
home             purposeful    decadent    structured       novel      cozy

An important thing to note about this system is that there are multiple distinct ways to fit any given element, and everyone has some amount of every element, though that amount may be big or small or in between. Rather than say someone is "a Fire person" you would say they are "strongly Fire", and being strongly Fire doesn't say anything about whether or not you're also strongly Air or Water or Wood or Stone. You don't have a complete picture of someone's elemental balance until you know their relationship with each of the elements.

Also, finding your place in this system is much more about the ways you are like each element than the ways you are unlike them. Someone who, say, is very strongly novelty-seeking and curious but is definitely not subtle or indirect or in the habit of looking at things from multiple angles still has a substantial connection to Water, even though they might be less strongly Water than someone who also fits Water well in the other domains. Someone who is a complete loner/misanthrope but with a very practical down-to-earth organic way of seeing and engaging with the world has a substantial connection to Wood even though they are actively opposed to the one characteristic that is most obviously centrally Wood.

I am not totally satsfied with this set of descriptions for the various aspects of the elements, and I might end up revising them, particularly in the direction of 'adding more things to the lists of What Fits X'.
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Re: Landkeeper

Postby Kaylin » Wed May 03, 2017 10:28 am

Decided to exhaustively sort both my characters and myself.

Outlook: flexible
Problem-solving: creative, straightforward, intellectual
Impression: abstract?
Drive: emotion & curiosity?
Home: "purposeful"
Numbers: Air 2 Fire 2 Stone 1 Water 3 Wood 1

Outlook: passionate, flexible, patient(?)
Problem-solving: creative, lateral
Impression: varies so probably the water one
Drive: emotion, dedication, little bit community
Home: purposeful/novel
Numbers: Air 1 Fire 4 Stone 1 Water 4 Wood 3

Outlook: stubborn, visionary?, patient?
Problem-solving: intellectual, straightforward
Impression: abstract, blunt?
Drive: inspiration, curiosity
Home: purposeful, structured
Numbers: Air 4 Fire 1 Stone 4 Water 2 Wood 1
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Re: Landkeeper

Postby Moriwen » Wed May 03, 2017 11:59 am

Ooh! These are very useful descriptions :D :D :D (Why are your element systems always so satisfying, Kappa?)

I'm increasingly confident that Jean is air/fire and Zari is air/water, which incidentally captures nicely the thing where they work super well together and also are total opposites.

Reuben is stone/wood, obviously, with a less obvious moderate connection to fire (things are "important" emotionally, not abstractly; high energy/occasionally intense; the satisfaction is in creation, and in making other people happy with it, and getting out of bed to surprise someone with breakfast; creature comforts, good food, inspiring art).

Emu is high fire, moderate stone/water: she's got the stubborndirectness of stone and the try-everything-once of water, both working to support the intense fire she has going on.

Jay is moderate air/water/wood: he's got both the "let's look at what's really there and do the reasonable thing" of wood, and the "90% of my life is inside my own head" of air, and a watery tendency to wander through new places and experiences he can apply both of those to.

Faith is air-air-air-so-much-air (can't-see-the-trees-for-the-forest big-picture, shoving everything into her Theories whether it fits or not; spherical-cow theories and then squishing cows into spheres to make them work, the perfect is the enemy of literally everything; chronic daydreamer; change-the-world I'll-show-them-all big-idea motivations) supplemented by moderate fire (insistently seeing everything in terms of whatever she has strong feelings about; 'literally nobody else does this BUT IT SHOULD WORK, SO I'M GONNA'; dramatic, sugar-high amounts of energy; things-being-made-from-gold-which-do-not-strictly-need-to-be-made-from-gold).
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Re: Landkeeper

Postby Kappa » Wed May 03, 2017 12:10 pm

<3333333333 ilu mori
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Re: Landkeeper

Postby Kaylin » Wed May 03, 2017 1:38 pm

More character sorting, because I've decided I like this system.

Outlook: stubborn, but if I had to pick an adjective to describe it properly I'd say "conservative".
Problem-solving: intellectual, straightforward. Witness his approach to the problem of immortality: research a dozen different methods one after the other and watch them all fail in turn until he finds one that "works".
Impression: gonna go with "subtle" since none of the others really fit. This aspect is the hardest to get my head around because I'm bad at telling how other people see my characters.
Drive: inspiration is the only one that really seems to fit.
Home: purposeful, in the "actually organised" sense for once, and structured. The best example of the latter is probably Marcella's castle, which is all clean imposing black-and-white marble.

Numbers: Air 4 Fire 1 Stone 4 Water 2 Wood 1
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Re: Landkeeper

Postby Eva » Wed May 03, 2017 8:00 pm

On the character-sorting front:

Outlook: Everything in the world has a proper place (Air), and you shouldn't mess with properly placed things. (Wood) In order to do that, you should listen to your heart (Fire) and to the principles you believe in. (Stone)
Problem-Solving: "Did you try asking?": Listen to your heart (Fire), see things properly (Wood), then do the obvious thing. (Stone)
Impression: Very sincere (Wood) and true to herself (Stone), but somehow keeps managing to surprise people (Water), often with her knowledge. (Air)
Drive: I have a duty (Stone) to understand (Water) and fix the world (Air), especially my part of it. (Wood)
Home: Purposeful (Air) and cozy. (Wood)

Scores: Air 4, Fire 2, Stone 4, Water 2, Wood 5.
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Re: Landkeeper

Postby PlainDealingVillain » Thu May 04, 2017 12:12 am

Maybe you usually wouldn't say someone is "a Fire person" but everyone who knows an Arthur well in this system would say "He's a Stone person. He looks more Wood at first glance but if you look up Stone in the dictionary it will show his face and give you his phone number if you want details."
He's like Air 1 or less, Fire 1 or less, Stone 5 or more, Water 1 or less, Wood about 3.
It's shorter to list the things on the list of Stone traits that aren't him: Intensity, honesty that is brutal rather than careful, austere and standardized aesthetics and space (stable, yes; dependable, yes; but it is a space that is for his comfort and for sharing), forgetting to recalculate your assumptions. Literally everything else listed for Stone is him.
Outlook is concrete over abstract, specific over big-picture, grounded over emotionally-based; sticking to his preferred way until they're clearly not working.
Problem-solving is straightforward, "let's not get crazy, here". Patient, willing to let things sit, will go find expert friends to help if it's looking too big to do personally.
Impression: honest, artless (not quite true but apparently true), unvarnished, unpretentious. Literally makes it his job to let people show up on his doorstep if they lose all their worldly possessions in some kind of horrible disaster (if he finds some other cause that demands his attention early in life, he will be correspondingly less Woody).
Drive: Arthurs pretty much run on "if we're going to be able to live a normal life, somebody has to do this, and no one else will." The we is important there, and gets more important if plot never finds him and he has to build himself his own cause to work for, but one of the reasons it's hard to play Arthur is that he is pretty much a static normie unless life demands a duty from him, at which point he takes it very seriously and finds the plot to the exact extent needed to fix the problem so that it will stay fixed and he can go home with a clear conscience.
Home: Welcoming, but for himself first and others second. Stable, well-kept, but not austere or imposing. Homey, meant to be lived in, wouldn't stand out.

The Wood is from the impression he gives off (he doesn't really do intensity) and that he is a self-appointed builder of thriving people. (Suzies are about A1 F4 S2 Wa4 Wo3; )
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Re: Landkeeper

Postby Kappa » Thu May 04, 2017 5:19 am

There are definitely some strong Wood undertones in many of the parts of the description of him you give even before the parts you explicitly claim are Wood, but yes, Arthur is apparently Stone. <333
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Re: Landkeeper

Postby Kaylin » Wed May 31, 2017 3:06 pm


Outlook: passionate, stubborn. Forms judgements based on emotion and then sticks to them: what could possibly go wrong here?
Problem-solving: mixture of creative, straightforward, and organic. Has the Gryffindor tendency to barrel straight into problems and overlook potential side effects. Being the protagonist of his original setting, tends to run on narrativium a little, and therefore gets away with at least a few "crazy enough to work" plans.
Impression: intense, sincere, blunt. Comes across as fairly charismatic once he's found his feet, and also pretty dangerous. Most fantasy instances are accomplished warriors and have a well-deserved reputation for being lethal.
Drive: emotion, dedication, community? This one was hard to place. There's definitely a little of the "someone's gotta do it" feeling of the Stone drive, and plenty of patriotism. I think the Wood aspect is more about "his people" in the abstract than any particular people he knows personally, though, generally.
Home: "decadent" is probably the best fit, although I'd describe it more as "grand". He tends to be a person of some importance, and, given free reign, likes his surroundings to reflect that.

Scores: Air 1 Fire 5 Stone 3/4 Water 1 Wood 3
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