The Aina Cycle

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The Aina Cycle

Postby Transreal Clouden » Thu Apr 27, 2017 6:34 pm

So, from the same original source as Partyland I present a somewhat simplified version of another of that author's settings.
This setting is a timeloop and a fairly complicated one.
The cliff notes version is that The timeloop centers around two things a neigh-magical technological artifact that allows FTL travel and a plague.
The plague is studied by each loop and passed onto the next and it serves as the main plot point of the story. It is ultimately responsible for the rise of the totalitarian "Women's Freedom Movement" whose existence prompts a brave band of rebels to steal a spaceship and flee for another universe, travelling back in time in the process. A detailed timeline is below.

Far Future Earth: Flight of the Blue Spirit ship to the black hole.
The ship is piloted by rebels against the WFM who hope to found a new society beyond the WFM’s reach.

Loop Year 0 Aina: The Blue Spirit arrives on Aina deep in the distant past.
The rebels do not have sufficient population to maintain their technology and so they begin again with a primitive society. They seed bioengineered plants to ensure their descendants will have enough food to eat and leave their ship in orbit to be discovered when the time comes.

Loop year ~2000 Aina: Civilization has reemerged on Aina
There are two dominant superpowers the Taursars and the Lita
The Tausar invent rockets and send a rocket up to the Blue Spirit ship.
They discover the genetics and biowarfare databases within the ship and use them to craft a bioweapon that will punish the Lita for eating six legged animals. They infect the Lita’s farm animals, the white antelope, with a bioweapon that will turn their meat into an addictive drug that increases aggression and dulls intelligence in men.

The Tausar also find the plans for a completed bioweapon, a terrible plague that will lie latent in the ecosystem as a harmless weed. Once it is widespread they announce what they’ve done and the trigger condition: Nuclear weapons. If any nuclear weapons are detonated they’ll set off the plague.

The Tausar inoculate their population using a vaccine that is also in the plans but due to the nature of the weapon they are unable to test that the vaccine works.

The Lito fearful of yet more bioweapons take a gamble and nuke the Blue Spirit ship. Hoping that a high-altitude nuke won’t set off the plague.

The Lite gamble wrong and the plague is triggered. The Tausar try in vein to fix their cure but ultimately the entire population of the world. In desperation they incorporate the vaccine into a common plant and try to make sure the plant spreads widely hoping desperately that someone will manage to survive to rebuild civilization.

The Blue Spirit core falls to the surface of the planet and connects Aina to Earth.

8000 BCE Aina:
A Paleo Indian tribe travels to Aina. They are exposed to the cure to the plague and encounter the White Antelope, they become addicted.

1000 CE Aina:
A Hopewell Indian tribe travels to Aina. They are exposed to the cure for the plague but do not encounter the Paleo who have travelled far to the north in search of more white antelope.

2000 CE Aina:
The Paleo Indians hunt the White Antelope to extinction and travel back to the south hoping to find more. They encounter the Hopewell tribe and the two being fighting a war.

2005 CE Aina: A group of teenagers on a camping trip find the passageway and travel from Earth to Aina.
Using their knowledge of tactics and some modern weaponry they manage to settle the conflict in favor of the Hopewell tribe.

2006 CE Earth: The teenagers find their way back to Earth and using the inheritance of one of the children begin a plan to bring Aina up to modern technological levels without damaging the planet. In the process, they accidentally introduce the plague grass to Earth.

2009 CE Earth: A massive solar flare triggers the Plague on Earth
The plague effects pregnant women, any woman pregnant beyond the twelfth week of pregnancy is guaranteed to die.

2012 CE Earth: The world is panicking and virtually no progress has been made at curing the plague.
Some male dominated countries are refusing to accept facts and allow women to use contraceptives and pursue abortion.
There is a nuclear exchange on the Korean Peninsula leading to the rise of the Women’s Freedom Movement. They preach a violently anti-male agenda.

2044 CE Earth: The WFM have by various means taken over most of the Earth, the last hold outs are in Hawaii.
The people of Aina who have come to understand the Blue Spirit to some degree begin helping the Hawaiians construct Blue Spirit based spaceships.

Despite their best efforts, the Ships are completed but not in time to evacuate the Hawaiians. The ships fall into the hands of the WFM and the people of Aina withdraw.
(In some timelines instead the people of Aina are instead hunted down and killed)

2050 CE Earth: The WFM cures the plague and using it’s hints at advanced genetics begins to rebuild the world.

Eventually a small band of rebels hatch a plan to steal a Blue Spirit ship and escape their regime.
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