Kethed and Voha and Ertn, oh my

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Kethed and Voha and Ertn, oh my

Postby Armada » Mon Mar 20, 2017 3:18 pm

This is a masterpost for Thero worldbuilding and links to same, since I keep bugging the IRC with my nonsense and it may as well be in one place (so I can bug everyone with my nonsense).

The short version is "a magic radioactive rock crashed into an alien planet, took out a huge chunk of the landscape, and made weird evolutionary shit happen so now there are monkey-cat people, floating octopus people, rock-lizard people, and the-monkey-cat-people-but-they-live-in-the-desert. There are pirates, airships, the proto-Mafia, and things that want to eat you. Also, magic, but that part's new."

For the long version, go here: gDrive folder link

I recommend starting with this doc (the longest one at about 9k) and then skipping around as you're interested. Please note that almost everything has been revised several times and that is probably the source of any minor inconsistency.

(Please also note that cannibalism is briefly mentioned in non-graphic detail in "On Death.")

I am also very happy to answer questions and would like nothing more than for people to poke holes in this setting and/or otherwise want to interact with it. It has not yet experienced a collision with an actual plot but I am very much looking forward to actually doing so.
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