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Kaylin's Creations

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:02 am
by Kaylin
*jumps on bandwagon*

About Me
  • Discovered glowfic by reading lintamande's Tolkien fic and then investigating Silmaril
  • British undergraduate student, studing History at the University of Nottingham
  • Agender, use they/them pronouns
  • Just finished GMing my 3rd Dungeons & Dragons campaign for some uni friends
Personality Quizzes
  • Sortinghatchats: Gryffindor Primary, Slytherin Secondary. I think.
  • Daeva type: fairy
  • Threefold element: Light?
  • Quinn element: ummm...probably Sweela?
  • Eclipse role: sub

My Characters

A young woman* in pursuit of knowledge.
  • Introvert, possibly un-diagnosed autism
  • Wants to know All The Things. Finds secret or otherwise restricted magic systems personally offensive.
  • Loves reading and is a Shakespeare and Austen fan in worlds with Shakespeare and Austen.
*(tendency to lean agender/NB but will default to matching birth sex)
Miscellaneous Personality Quiz Results
  • Sortinghatchats: Ravenclaw/Ravenclaw
  • Daeva type: angel
  • Threefold element: Air(?)
  • Quinn (Elemental Blessings): sweela but gets read as hunti
  • Eclipse role: dom
  • Daemon: raven or barn owl

  • Quintessence (canon): Isabella Susan Haldane, adopted daughter of Ezekiel Haldane (Z). Raven shapeshifter, 17-18 by default. Threaded: In your philosophy, in which she meets Guilty's character Joss in Milliways.
  • Potterverse: Susan Isabella Parkinson, Ravenclaw student. Not threaded.
  • Wonderland: Everless the raven. Threaded: just dropping in (Sadde in Wonderland, with Pedro).
  • Daevinity: Raziel, naturally-occurring angel born in 1605. Threaded: in heaven and earth, where she's summoned by Throne's character Maya shortly post-Revelation.
  • Animorphs: Rowan Isobel Pender, 16-year-old British transfer student. Threaded: came all this way, with Jarnvidr.
  • Buffyverse: Susan Rowena Phelps, teenager with an allergy to Masquerades. Not threaded.
  • Eos: Isobel Sarah Penny, 15-year-old American girl. Threaded in What can it not do and undo, with Aestrix.

  • Extrovert
  • Trouble magnet aka Eternal Main Character Syndrome
  • Has a tendency to fracture into multiple instances
  • Does Not come in female-gendered. Female-bodied Cats are trans.
  • Gay, under the frequent trauma
Personality Quiz Results
  • Sortinghatchats: Primary is either Slytherin or Hufflepuff depending on cluster; Slytherin Secondary
  • Daeva type: angel or fairy depending on cluster
  • Threefold element: Wood
  • Quinn: coru
  • Eclipse: sub, psion(?)
  • Daemon: some kind of feline. My brain is suggesting jaguar.

  • Quintessence (canon): Michael Christopher Haldane, adopted son of Ezekiel Haldane (Z). Cat shifter, 17 in 1849-50. Threaded: In your philosophy with Guilty.
  • Potterverse: Leo Gabriel Parkinson and Christopher Michael Selwyn, long-lost twins or some such shenanigans. Not threaded.
  • Wonderland: Cheshire Cat and Ace of Hearts (two halves of the same person). Cheshire Cat appears in just dropping in (Sadde in Wonderland, with Pedro). Ace of Hearts appears in Down the garden path, with Throne.
  • Animorphs: Liam Elliot Pender, a 16-year-old British transfer student. Threaded: came all this way, with Jarnvidr.
  • Buffyverse: Leah Michelle Phelps, closeted trans boy, Slayer. Not threaded.
  • Eos: Elliot Michael Penny, 15-year-old American ingot. Threaded in What can it not do and undo, with Aestrix.

  • Religious; damned by his own lights.
  • Defaults male, can be female in matriarchal contexts e.g. Wonderland.
  • Wants true immortality.
Personality Quiz Results
  • Sortinghatchats: Slytherin Primary (with a default circle of 1), Ravenclaw Secondary.
  • Daeva type: demon
  • Threefold: Earth
  • Quinn: hunti with a crown of sweela, I think
  • Eclipse: Dom, psion
  • Daemon: vulture?

  • Quintessence (canon): Ezekiel Haldane, Fire mage. Unthreaded.
  • Potterverse: Zechariah Selwyn, pure-blood wizard trying to recreate the Philosopher's Stone. Unthreaded.
  • Wonderland: Marcella, the Queen of Hearts. Threaded in Down the garden path, with Throne's character Dante.
  • Daevinity: Jeremiah Howard, former summoner from the 1600s, current resident of Hell. Threaded as a summoner in what desperate enterprise with Diaeresis.
  • Animorphs: Visser Three. Appears in came all this way with Jarnvidr, starting here.
  • Eos: Elias Hallwood, descendant of Elias Frobisher. Unthreaded.

  • Strong template attractor for magic, especially telepathy and divination.
  • Tends to end up in a mentor role at some point.
  • Defaults to male but can be female if plot/shenanigans demand. Sapiosexual.
Personality Quiz Results
  • Sortinghatchats: Hufflepuff Primary, Ravenclaw Secondary
  • Daeva type: demon
  • Threefold: Light
  • Quinn: elay???
  • Eclipse: dom, psion
  • Daemon: elf owl, merlin, golden retriever, or golden labrador

  • Quintessence (canon): Lucian Attwater, Fire/Air mage in the employ of Her Majesty's Secret Service. Unthreaded.
  • Wonderland: The Wandering Seer, former Red Bishop who has been deprived of his heart and therefore come unstuck in time and can see into the past and the future. Unfortunately, good luck trying to get him to focus on the present for the length of a conversation. Mentioned, not yet appeared, in Sadde in Wonderland.
  • Potterverse: Lucius Avery, the new Divination professor. Unthreaded.
  • Buffyverse: Lucas Armitage, young Watcher on his first job. Unthreaded.
  • Arabek: Merilakian, a god. Doesn't even have a gallery yet.

  • Refuses to engage with the human concept of gender (nonbinary, pansexual). Default pronouns: they/them.
  • Non-human except in worlds with no other sentient species.
  • Likes shapeshifting, ambivalent or distrustful regarding other magic.
Personality Quiz Results
  • Sortinghatchats: Slytherin Primary, Gryffindor Secondary
  • Daeva type: fairy, I think.
  • Threefold: Earth
  • Quinn: hunti
  • Eclipse: switch, nonmage
  • Amenta: grey (actual instance if any may end up being red)
  • Daemon: Something avian or reptilian. Whiptail lizard or bat or some weird obscure bird of prey. Or possibly just a mini dragon.

  • Quintessence (canon): Killian Ross, army captain. Dragon shifter seeking revenge on Ezekiel Haldane for the death of their parents. Pronouns: he/him, she/her or they/them, depending on context. Not threaded.
  • Wonderland: Jabberwock. Pronouns: it/its or they/them. Appears in Her Silver Laughter with Evenstar.
  • Animorphs: Drakan-Semitur-Ksilihal, child of War-Prince Alloran. Pronouns: they haven't told me yet. Not threaded.
  • Warrior Cats: Smoke, a loner.
  • Matter of Britain: Puck/Robin, one of the fair folk. Pronouns: variable.

  • Scared of her own shadow (often literally, for mage Katherines)
  • Female, probably always
  • Likely to be cisgender and heterosexual
  • Ineffectual Nice: wants to help people, but doesn't have a massive drive to do it effectively.
Personality Quiz Results
  • Sortinghatchats: Hufflepuff Primary, Gryffindor Secondary
  • Daeva type: fairy
  • Threefold: Light?
  • Quinn: torz with a crown of elay
  • Eclipse: sub, mage
  • Daemon: white rabbit, because I can.

  • Quintessence (canon): Katherine Emily Dyer, Fire mage in training apprenticed to Ezekiel Haldane. Threaded: noble in reason, with CuriousDiscoverer.
  • Potterverse: Katie Davenport, muggle-born Hufflepuff. Not threaded.
  • Wonderland: White Rabbit. Appears in just dropping in (Sadde in Wonderland, with Pedro).

  • I don't even know
  • The ancestor of this character started as a villain-ish NPC about 15 stories ago in a world I am never ever attempting to rescue because it was terrible
  • I'm basically making up his personality as I go along but he's cool
  • Seems to like wearing suits. And hats?
Quiz Results
  • Sortinghatchats: Slytherin Primary, Slytherin Secondary? I think?
  • Eclipse: dom, mage
  • Amenta caste: green
  • Daemon: tuxedo cat or black labrador

  • Quintessence (canon): Nicholas Darcy, Metal mage. Can appear as an apprentice or journeyman. Working for the Secret Service because they sponsored his tuition. Unthreaded.
  • Wonderland: The Mad Hatter, aka Hatter Dodgson, agent of the Resistance. Likes hats and three-piece suits. Appears in most Wonderland threads.

  • Dual template: this is two characters sharing a template because their original instances shared the pseudonym "Spider" and template groups are not a functional thing. Any mods who are aesthetically offended by this misuse of the constellation may feel free to make template groups a thing.
  • Character A: female, usually older than F, thin, functionally if not actually asexual, In Charge.
  • Character F: male, usually younger than A, fat, got all the social skills when they underwent mitosis, The Face of the duo.
  • The exact nature of their relationship varies between instances. The Wonderland lot are married, the Quintessence ones are...unspecified but either siblings or aunt and nephew, and future instances may be any of the above.
  • Quintessence: Arabella and Fabian Percy, the vampiric heads of Her Majesty's Secret Service.
  • Wonderland: Araminta and Faramund, King and Queen of Diamonds. Leaders of the Resistance.
  • Buffyverse: Aretha and F___ ____, members of the Watchers' Council.

Other Characters
  • Wolf
  • Fox/Eliza
  • Arthur Pendragon
  • Swan/Aria
  • Various characters originating from Corth, known collectively as the Corthbox. This includes Ash, Bogdan, Caitlin, Cole, Eteri, Mak, Mathilde, Nadia, Nate, and Rand.

My Original Worlds
  • Quintessence: see the setting thread for details. Victorian Earth with common-knowledge elemental magic, hereditary shapeshifters, and vampires.
  • Wonderland: Based on the book series by Lewis Carroll. The Queen of Hearts rules her confusing kingdom with an iron fist in a velvet glove. Setting document on GDocs. Many details are spoilers.
  • Corth: D&D-compatible medieval fantasy world with 3 different time periods. Setting document on GDocs. Now has native motu alts of Cat, Raven and Z, plus a bunch of characters original to the setting.
  • Matter of Britain: My version of the King Arthur legends. Has a Merlin, an Arthur and a Katherine, so far.

Other worlds I want to glowfic
Daevinity (available: summoner Z, demon Z or Merlin, angel Raven, Revelation!Raven)
Buffyverse (Cat as Slayer; someone else will have to be the setting)
Candy Arda

Where to find me
  • On the constellation as Kaylin
  • On tumblr as Kaylin881 (mostly fandom stuff, mostly Tolkien, Hamilton and Marvel in approximately that order)
  • On AO3 as Kaylin881 (fandoms: Hamilton, Tolkien)
  • On the #glowfic IRC channel between 10am and midnight GMT

Re: Kaylin's Creations

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:34 am
by Kappa
Wonderland looks super nifty!

What are you interested in doing with Threefold?

Re: Kaylin's Creations

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:30 am
by Kaylin
Kappa wrote:Wonderland looks super nifty!

Thanks! I'm having fun with the thread. If you (or anyone else) feel like dropping a character in Wonderland, please let me know. The more the merrier!

What are you interested in doing with Threefold?

Uh...I'm not sure exactly. I know what approximately what my characters are doing in that setting (Z is trying to achieve godhood, Cat is caught up in it, etc) but I'm not sure how other people's characters would fit in. I feel like Raven would get on well with Korovai, though.

Some potential options:
  • The same group of characters leading the resistance in Wonderland (Spider, Darcy, Raven, potentially Merlin and Cat) are involved in a resistance movement in Threefold, which brings them to the attention of Korva/Siurek/Nirue/all of the above.
  • Z is trying to achieve godhood. (Character X) is a mage of the type they need. Kidnapping/coercion ensues.
  • Drake is on a quest for revenge against Siurek/Nirue/both. (Optionally: someone else's characters get dragged in to help?)
  • Nirue has a new toy. It's a Cat, because Cat is a trouble magnet of the highest order. (Becoming Korovai's present: optional.)

Re: Kaylin's Creations

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:17 pm
by MaggieoftheOwls
Wonderland looks intriguing, I might be interested in sending someone down the rabbit hole. What did you want to do in Eclipse?

Re: Kaylin's Creations

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 12:47 pm
by Kaylin
MaggieoftheOwls wrote:Wonderland looks intriguing, I might be interested in sending someone down the rabbit hole.

Oooh, excellent. Edie? Emily? Both? Someone else? (PM me or catch me on IRC?)

What did you want to do in Eclipse?

Not a clue! A bunch of my characters are all around the same age, so it might be fun to have them eclipse, or start mage school, along with someone else's set? It would be Raven, Cat, Katherine, and...maybe Darcy, maybe not.

Re: Kaylin's Creations

PostPosted: Tue Mar 07, 2017 4:34 pm
by Kaylin
Wonderland now has a setting document! The first section is non-spoilery. The beginning of the spoilers section (when it exists) will be clearly marked; read beyond at your own risk.

Re: Kaylin's Creations

PostPosted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 5:02 am
by Kaylin
Raven has made an appearance in Wonderland!

Setting document has been updated and now contains actual spoilers, grouped in 2 levels of classification.

Re: Kaylin's Creations

PostPosted: Sun Mar 12, 2017 5:48 am
by Kaylin
Quintessence makes an appearance! noble in reason will follow my character Katherine and CuriousDiscoverer's characters Temperance and Meghan as they start magic school.

Re: Kaylin's Creations

PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:25 pm
by Kaylin
I've been struggling to explain Z, and I finally managed a halfway-decent rendition, so I'm putting it here mostly so I don't lose it.

Standard Z is raised by highly religious parents (default is Protestant) (or possibly Catholic but then encounters Protestantism? idk). Anyway, point is he's heavily invested in the Christian concepts of morality, sin, punishment after death, etc.

At some unspecified point before he hits 30, he comes to the conclusion that he is A Sinner. The exact reason varies from world to world. (Canon version: he's a mage, which at the time he lived was still heresy.) This, because Protestantism is heavy on the concept of predestination, and de-emphasises the Catholic practices of confession and penance, leads him to the conclusion that now, no matter what he does, he's going to Hell when he dies.

Because he's a glowfic character, his solution to this (aside from sometimes-depending-on-the-instance abandoning conventional morality) is to attempt immortality. This leads to the Z we all know and (don't) love, who commonly appears in my various universes midway through an attempt to find/perfect a personal mortality cure.

Re: Kaylin's Creations

PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:04 am
by Kaylin
More about Z! This time, "What Z Would Do With Wishcoins", inspired by Discord/IRC.

[4:49 PM] Kaylin: Step 1: discover wishcoins, mint self, decide wishcoins are evil
[4:50 PM] Kaylin: (in that order)
[4:50 PM] BOTStarbridge★: <timepoof> ...
[4:50 PM] Guilty: omg, Z
[4:50 PM] Kaylin: this is his entire thing, is acquiring magic which he believes to be sinful/evil
[4:50 PM] Kaylin: Step 2: self-assign mission of preventing abuse of magic
[4:51 PM] Kaylin: Step 3: collect all the wishcoins in the world
[4:51 PM] Kaylin: Step 4: find out ingots are a thing, probably by wishing on a magic detection power of some kind, and hatch a plan to kill all of them/remove their magic
[4:52 PM] Kaylin: Step 5: once ingots are defeated, collect all the wishcoins again and make it so no more can be produced
[4:53 PM] Kaylin: Step 6: use remaining wishcoins to fix other miscellaneous Things That Are Wrong With The World
[4:53 PM] dilnu: but ingots are born...
[4:53 PM] Guilty: that is a potential flaw in his plan
[4:53 PM] Kaylin: Step 4.5: wish for no more ingots to be born
[4:53 PM] Kaylin: (probably an evil?)
[4:53 PM] dilnu: are we sure Z doesn't get killed by wishing on a Star the first time?
[4:54 PM] Kaylin: this is the other flaw in his plan
[4:54 PM] BOTStarbridge★: <timepoof> I don't think you can mess with ingotry via wishcoins
[4:54 PM] Kaylin: Probably not, no, but that won't stop him trying
[4:54 PM] Kaylin: Step 7: wish for wishing on wishcoins to never work again.
[4:55 PM] dilnu: I was never quite clear on that
[4:55 PM] BOTStarbridge★: <timepoof> what, according to Z, is wrong with the world?
[4:55 PM] Guilty: everything probably?
[4:55 PM] Guilty: wishcoins?
[4:55 PM] dilnu: like we never see them trying to contest ingot powers after they get evils
[4:55 PM] BOTStarbridge★: <timepoof> yeah
[4:55 PM] Kaylin: hmmm, I'm not actually sure exactly what would be on his list
[4:56 PM] Kaylin: He'd probably wish himself immortal, he does that.
[4:56 PM] Kaylin: (maybe this is the first thing he uses a star for, and it goes wrong in some entertaining/"beautiful" fashion)