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PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 2:42 pm
by Kaylin
Cat clusters chatlog
[10:26 PM] Kaylin: Leos believe whoever said that people start out good and evil is a result of their circumstances. Michaels believe most people are bastards and when someone does something nice it's (a) because they want something, (b) because they like you personally, or (c) because it'll make them look good
[10:34 PM] Kaylin: bear in mind Michaels also tend to have low standards for "nice"
[10:36 PM] Kaylin: as in, they believe the basic fabric of civilization is built on (a) mutual gains, (b) biology making it harder to stab someone if they're your friend, and (c) social inertia
[10:36 PM] Kaylin: and that secretly no-one gives a fuck
[10:37 PM] Kaylin: Cats have a template attractor for coming up against "no-one would know" scenarios, the "who are you when nobody's watching" question
[10:38 PM] Kaylin: and Michaels expect other people in that scenario to be selfish bastards
[10:38 PM] Kaylin: Leos expect better of themselves and carry themselves as though they expect better of those around them, and can usually pull it off with enough charisma that they convince people to go along with their plan
[10:39 PM] Kaylin: A Leo's answer to the question "Who would know?" is "You would."

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:03 am
by Kaylin
I was thinking about the variance within templates, for no particular reason, so here are some rankings of the Raven template on various scales.

Worst Liar: Calimante (Forest Arda), then Rowan (Steerswoman) followed by Ralani (Nuime). Rowan literally never lies, so has had zero practice with it, and even avoids misleading truths. Ralani has a soul which disapproves of her giving people false information, but is fine with her being evasive and refusing to answer questions, and concealing information about her private life. Calimante, on the other hand, is gonna take a few millennia to even comprehend the concept of lying.

Best Liar: Iskra (Envision), followed by Artemis (Young Justice), then Raven (Quintessence). Iskra is lying to everyone she knows, including dodging irregular mental checks by her oppressive government, which means she has to be able to lie even in her own head. Quintessence Raven is a spy, but doesn't often do the kind of work that would require her to lie to people. She makes it onto this list because she's been explicitly trained in how to lie. Artemis has a secret identity, which means she has to conceal part of her life from almost everyone she knows - either her civilian identity or her superhero one. The one person she can talk to about both is her mom.

Worst Social Skills: Raza (Elcenia) followed by...probably Iolana (Corth), then the undifferentiated middle. Raza was raised in a shren house and is Bad at interacting with non-shrens. She leans heavily on her brother for social stuff. Iolana makes the list mostly because she's younger-equivalent than the average Raven with a Cat for a sibling, and has therefore had less practice.

Best Social Skills: Ranata (Arabek). Next is...probably Raziel (Daevinity)? Ranata has been explicitly taught How To Social by a god of teaching, which is one of the only ways, other than literal decades of practice, that Ravens can learn how to be good at social. Raziel has had literal centuries of practice.

Any suggestions for more ways I could rank characters, or other templates I should do this for?

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:21 pm
by Alicorn

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 7:45 am
by Kaylin
A selection of Raven rankings based on suggestions in that thread:

Hair Length
Longest: Isabella (Quintessence), Ranata, Raza
Shortest: Isana (Badlands), Roshan (Space Albion), Susan (Potterverse)
Variable: Raziel
Disqualified for not having hair: Everless, Calimantë, Talurtanon (Kelovea)

Reactions to finding out they're fictional
Worst reaction: Iskra, no question
Rowan (Animorphs)
Rowena (Buffyverse)
(middle of the pack)
Best reaction: Calimantë

Promiscuity: I'm getting "error does not compute" from...most of them. Possible exception: Suka (9-genders-setting).

Amount of provocation necessary to kill someone
Most trigger-happy to least:
Steerswoman Rowan
(middle of the pack)
Calimantë what we have learned is that Ravens start off at a baseline of pretty unlikely to kill people (the middle of the pack is mostly modern-Earth Ravens) but if they grow up in a more dangerous society can be pretty easily swung towards a greater willingness to kill.

Rankings for Cats on various scales are available upon request.

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:24 am
by Kaylin
This was going to be a list of "things for which I will not get interesting results" but then I noticed Ravens actually do have different levels of introversion/extroversion. Somewhat.

From most to least introverted, bearing in mind that this is a fairly narrow distribution and even the ones at the bottom of the list are still introverts:
(middle of the pack)

...I think this turned into something of a measure of "how much do they like people" in some parts. Ranata and Ralani definitely score as high on extroversion as they do because their experience of people in general is unusually good, and one of the things pushing Raza more introverted than average for a Raven-with-a-Cat is bad experiences and low expectations.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 4:54 am
by Kaylin
Cats by hair length, longest to shortest:
Miro (Envision)
M'kel (Young Justice) pre-timeskip
Leah (Slayer Cat)
(hypothetical green!Amentan Cat)
Muranu (Space Albion)
Liqan (9-genders-setting)
new unnamed Cat (Kelovea)
Leodegrance (Albion)
Leander (Young Justice AU)
M'kel post-timeskip
unnamed [reject-your-reality] (Amenta)
(everyone else, mostly amab Cats from various Earths)

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 5:59 am
by Kaylin
Cats by social skills, best to worst
(at time of first appearance)

Niazni-tikara Liavar
Michael (Quintessence) − not shown at his best in threads so far, mostly because in the dreamshaper thread he's recently bereaved and is mostly running on autopilot. However, his autopilot is still better than I can manage on an average day.
Elin Amali
Leopold (Potterverse)
Alanna as of The First Adventure
Llewelyn (Quintessence Cat but 3 years old)
Christopher (Potterverse)

Groupings, in order, are:
- Cats with a reason to be unusually good at social (lots of practice, training, magical advantage, etc). Leodegrance, Muranu and Lionel are royalty and received the appropriate training in public relations and diplomacy, etc. Michael is a spy and also an empath. Liavar has magic.
- Cats working with a handicap in the form of 'is a member of a group some people think of as disgusting'. Elin and reject-your-reality are reds, Mikal is a shren. They're used to working around other people's neuroses. Elin has had the opportunity to interact with people as a superhero and observe how this changes their reactions; Mikal has less practice.
- Relatively young Cats without any particular advantage or handicap other than their youth. Elliot has low-level empathy that gives him a bit of a boost, but otherwise they're in approximately age order.
- Cats who are artificially created, from outside the context in which they are trying to social, or both. Miro was created by someone benevolent and with great attention to detail, one of the goals was that he would be better at social than she was, and he has telepathy. Leander beats out M'kel because of his training. Chess is suffering from an executive function handicap, and Rávo is...a Maia.
- Young Cats with a handicap. Llewelyn is very smol, and also likely to be working in his second language. Christopher and Littlepaw are Michaels raised in a way that impedes their ability to interact with people from outside that context, and Littlepaw is also very smol.
- The Ace of Hearts, who had his emotional processing and most of his capacity to form meaningful connections with people ripped out of him by magic.

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:45 am
by Kaylin
Chatlog from a while ago, on "aspecting and the way my templates are all different parts of me"

[11:42 AM] Kaylin: Something else I do is live inside my head a lot, and for the last decade or more I've been constructing an ever-growing epic saga in my head, with Cat as the main character. Cat is so much me, and so present in my life, that I feel like any aesthetic magic system worth its salt would at least nod in the direction of bringing him to life or something.
[11:42 AM] Kaylin: (ideal scenario: I end up with an actual Cat as a headmate with actual social skills that I can lean on/borrow)
[11:43 AM] Kaylin: ...OK, I'm gonna diverge briefly into "ways I am like Cat, in various sorting systems"
[11:44 AM] Kaylin: We both have Slytherin Secondary in the sortinghatchats system
[11:45 AM] Kaylin: we are improvisers, comfortable making stuff up on the spot. I'm terrible at lying in real life, but as a GM or a writer or a worldbuilder I will happily throw out something that just popped into my head as an answer to a question.
[11:46 AM] Kaylin: We have different Primaries, though. Cat is either Hufflepuff or Slytherin depending on cluster, focused on people in a very protective way. I don't actually know what my Primary is - which brings me back to the point about uncertainty. I haven't found my moral centre yet, but I have a lot of discarded moral systems lying in my wake that I can point to and say "not that".
[11:48 AM] Kaylin: I think if I was pressed to pick one, I'd identify myself as a Gryffindor Primary. Whenever I run into a new system of morality, a new way of looking at the world, I evaluate it logically - but the final decision comes down to whether it produces results that feel moral to me.
[11:49 AM] Kaylin: (the torture vs dust specks example is one case where this happened - I reject the premise, but I can't articulate why, and any reasoning I make up is an excuse rather than a reason.)
[11:51 AM] Kaylin: I'd actually love to be a soulbearer for this reason: my soul, if I managed to manifest it, would know me better than I did, would be able to help me figure out these things.
[11:53 AM] Kaylin: pokes at the ambiguity/uncertainty thing
[11:53 AM] Kaylin: What sort of powers would that give me?
[11:53 AM] Kaylin: Ideally, I'd like to have a flexible powerset, a little like Taliar's do-anything-in-three-days thing but obviously way less powerful.
[11:54 AM] Kaylin: (Nuime is one of the systems where you're disproportionately likely to get the powers you want)

[1:32 PM] Kaylin: Cat, as I mentioned, shares my Slytherin Secondary. We both like improvising and thinking on our feet in situations where we feel confident.
[1:33 PM] Kaylin: The difference is in where we feel confident. Cat is good in social situations, and I am not. Cat is better than me at lying, at convincing people, at things that require responding on the spot to subtle cues from other people.
[1:34 PM] Kaylin: In social situations, I'm a lot more like Raven or Katherine. Raven is smart and introspective, but she thinks slowly. She's very much a Ravenclaw Secondary.
[1:35 PM] Kaylin: Raven and I both do better at social stuff, and at things like essays, when we have time to think about our responses rather than being asked to provide them immediately. This is also true of introspection itself, actually, and of thinking about my characters.
[1:35 PM] Kaylin: I tried a quiz on a writing site that was supposed to help you develop your characters, or test how developed they are, or something, and each question was timed. It was horrible.
[1:37 PM] Kaylin: Even in the areas where I can improvise, things like worldbuilding and GMing, I'll come back to those later with an out-of-the-blue thought that makes it all better - or sometimes with one that mucks it all up.
[1:38 PM] Kaylin: Raven is me when I need time-to-think, or when my first instinct is to look something up rather than try to find an explanation in my own head. She's my love of books and my need to record things and file things. She's the way I go back and re-read my favourite series each time a new book comes out, because I need to remember what happened last time before I can appreciate how it all fits together.
[1:39 PM] Kaylin: Raven is the way I use quotes from Shakespeare and Kipling and all over the place as screennames and titles, because I am a repository of other people's words and use them to fill the gaps in my own.
[1:40 PM] Kaylin: Cat is the part of me that wants to draw, to write, to create. Cat is the one who comes up with new words, original turns of phrase, beautiful imagery. Raven is the one who looks up from her copy of Hamlet and points out that Shakespeare already invented a phrase for the thing we need, look.
[1:42 PM] Kaylin: I think the part of me that wants to help other people, the part that hates the sound of babies crying because it means someone is in dis.tress and I can't help, is Cat
[1:42 PM] Kaylin: This is the part that considers being a teacher until I remember how terrifying it would be to have to deal with 30 kids all at once, when I can barely handle a group of ten.
[1:43 PM] Kaylin: This is the part that inspired me to create a group on roll20 specifically to help new D&D players create characters.
[1:44 PM] Kaylin: This, the part of me that is Cat, is the part that signed up for my university's peer mentoring program and got increasingly frustrated when people kept failing to turn up to meetings, and failing to reply to my emails.
[1:45 PM] Kaylin: Katherine is the part that didn't sign up again this year.
[1:45 PM] Kaylin: Katherine is me at my worst, which is one of the reasons I both love and hate her as a character.
[1:46 PM] Kaylin: She's shy, and scared, and wants desperately to be able to do the things she can't, and doesn't see the things she can do.
[1:46 PM] Kaylin: She's also, in a lot of ways, the parts of me that I have rejected.
[1:47 PM] Kaylin: She's feminine, in a delicate, childish way that I've mostly grown out of. (But she's also the part of me that still likes wearing dresses with skirts that billow when you twirl.)
[1:48 PM] Kaylin: She's religious, raised by devout parents, and has a naive faith in her belief system that I both reject for its blinkeredness and envy for its certainty.
[1:49 PM] Kaylin: She's the part of me that insists I can't write POC characters, or disabled characters, because I don't know those people's struggles well enough to do them justice.
[1:50 PM] Kaylin: She's the part that's scared I'm just a straight cis white girl trying desperately to be unique.
[1:51 PM] Kaylin: ...but I think the part of me that's staring at that sentence and going "why the heck did we put that on the internet" has got to be Raven.
[1:51 PM] Kaylin: pokes that feeling
[1:51 PM] Kaylin: I think it's actually a mixture of Katherine and Raven.
[1:52 PM] Kaylin: Katherine is saying "but we are that, and this proves it", and also "we shouldn't be moaning about our insecurities in someone else's channel when that someone else probably has worse problems"
[1:53 PM] Kaylin: Raven is saying "I can't believe you said so much about us to someone we've never met, on a channel visible to dozens more"
[1:54 PM] Kaylin: --Katherine is now complaining that I shouldn't be appropriating the language of people with DID by acting as though I'm multiple
[1:54 PM] Kaylin: sighs at brain