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Re: Kaylin's Creations

Postby Kaylin » Tue May 16, 2017 4:24 pm

New personality metric: how does your character react to being in each of the Amentan castes?

Sorted by caste:
Everyone is Blue
  • Arthur's father is on the ruling council of Anitam - chosen because it's patrilineal. Arthur is a perfectly happy blue, and it's actually where I'd place him by personality. Later, of course, he ends up on the ruling council himself. If we're going with everyone-is-blue, he has a voting majority with Merlin and another friend.
  • Cat in this scenario is Arthur's legitimate offspring in a patrilineal country like Anitam. He's a less-extreme version of Afen in terms of his relationship with both the caste system and his parents. However, he stays blue out of duty. This version of Cat is probably a Leo-cluster.
  • Raven is Arthur's daughter in this scenario. She does not like being a blue. She pulls an Afen - dyes her hair and sneaks into university - and tries to persuade Cat to come with her; he refuses out of a sense of duty. Her mother was blue.
  • Merlin is a diplomat and later runs for office alongside Arthur, acting as a counterbalance to his wilder ideas. (I can't see a blue Merlin not having a blue Arthur.) He's not that much older, but feels a lot more mature. This is one of the few ways to get a married Merlin, I think, although I have no idea who he'd marry.
  • Drake objects to being blue.
  • Darcy does not object very strenuously to being blue. He starts as a pawn in the game blues play, and ends up being quite good at it. He dates Cat at some point probably in the everyone-is-blue scenario.
  • Katherine is very stressed because of her pushy parents and basically shrinks into an unhappy Stepford Wife.
  • Z as a blue is involved in government or law, and also owns a significant amount of property. He's male in Anitam or female in Voa or Tapa. Either way, Hawk is one of his sons.
  • Fox is Irresponsible Heiress. She marries young and rich, and is probably happiest in a matrilineal society where she's allowed to marry some rich purple. In the everyone-is-Anitami-blue scenario, she marries Hawk.
  • Hawk is Z's son. May or may not have siblings. Marries or has an ill-advised affair with Fox, depending on her caste and the rules around inheritance.
  • Spider are perfectly happy as blues and run exactly as normal: F doing the diplomacy and A running everything behind the scenes. They're like Aitim if you split the people skills and the It-Will-Be-Done into two people. F is probably the one who runs for public office although A is eyeing Avalor's role speculatively.
  • Wolf is a rebellious blue, probably Arthur's son. Runs away to join the army at least once. Don't ask where he got the grey hair dye. Don't try to take it away from him; he will growl at you. And possibly bite you.

Everyone is Green
  • Arthur Does Not Want to be green. He'll settle for being an actor, with a preference for anything in which he gets to use a sword. He does most of his own stunts, especially swordfighting.
  • Cat is an artist or a singer. He's happy. (His paintings sell quite well, as do his albums. He's not at Makel level but, really, who is?) This is one of the glasses-wearing Cats, although if he goes for acting he switches to colour contacts.
  • Raven is a happy happy scientist. Which science, you ask? All of them. All of them is the answer. (Raven is a born green if anyone is.)
  • Merlin is a contented university lecturer. Green is actually one of the places he fits really well, along with orange.
  • Drake is grumpy about it but is settling for being an actor as long as they can get roles playing both genders.
  • Darcy is a chemist or physicist or computer programmer. This is fine with him. Green is where he fits by personality. (Amentan Darcy is one of the ones who wears glasses.)
  • Katherine goes for doctor if that's green or...somehow ends up as a singer if not?
  • Z is either a biologist working on life extension OR a physicist working on FTL.
  • Fox as a green will settle for acting. She still marries Hawk, who is a green or a blue probably.
  • Hawk as a green has to actually study and get a job. (The horror!) He is the Most Pretentious about whatever it is he studies. Actually, he's probably the eternal student.
  • Spider...A is a researcher or computer programmer of some kind, F is maybe an actor or a professor.
  • Wolf is literally Telkam. Complete with dyeing his hair and running away to join the army unless someone manages to redirect him into martial arts as a hobby.

Everyone is Yellow
  • Arthur as a yellow...probably goes into law? He is quietly dissatisfied but can't quite put his finger on why.
  • Cat as a yellow spends most of his time utterly bored. He gets...a job, I guess, because it's expected of him. This is probably one of the Cats who gets snatched up by Z if the Z in question is green or yellow.
  • Raven is a journalist who is continually annoyed at being denied higher education. She spends all her disposable income on nonfiction books and academic treatises.
  • Merlin...works out the highest-impact career he can have and does that? Probably became a lawyer? If not, he's going for architect.
  • Drake is So. Bored. Of this quiz.
  • Darcy works as a computer programmer because this is yellow for some reason and it's as close to being green as he can get. Yellow!Darcy, like green!Darcy, wears glasses.
  • Katherine is a quiet, dutiful secretary. Probably works for Z.
  • Z is a lawyer, and a damn good one too. Where "good" means "persuasive, and also wealthy".
  • Fox becomes a trophy wife to some rich yellow or purple.
  • Hawk is perfectly happy as a pencil-pusher, to be honest.
  • Spider do their usual tricks; A has a desk job that gets her access to computers; F has a public-interface job of some sort.
  • Wolf is Running. Away. To. Join. The. Army.

Everyone is Grey
  • Arthur rises up the ranks to become a general, or as high as one can get without being blue. He commands armies, but doesn't get to decide where they march. He's happy, mostly.
  • Cat as a grey gravitates towards dance and stunt work. Anything that'll get him on stage or screen. He hits the out-of-caste income cap playing background greys in TV shows.
  • Raven becomes a police officer and wrangles her way into doing detective work.
  • Merlin is a sports coach of some kind. Template attractors say swimming but interpersonal template attractors are saying dance so he can end up tutoring Cat.
  • Drake finally found a caste that doesn't suck. Drake is in the army and does well there.
  • Darcy also joins the army and turns out to be decent at it. He gets recruited by Spider at some point probably.
  • Katherine becomes a dancer.
  • Z absolutely refuses to join the army. He joins the police instead and works his way to the top.
  • Fox is a sex worker in countries where that's a grey job, and a dancer the rest of the time.
  • Hawk joins the police and somehow, by magic (Z), never gets even a reprimand for beating up reds.
  • Spider do their usual tricks, potentially involving the secret service. I can't remember whether that was a grey thing or not.
  • Wolf has found his calling. He joins the army and is a very enthusiastic soldier. He refuses any promotion that would take him away from the front lines.

Everyone is Orange
  • Arthur teaches grey school and eventually gets written up for verbal abuse after he makes one kid cry.
  • Cat is an arts or humanities teacher and enjoys it. He probably teaches greens, and might be at the same school as Darcy, in which case there's a betting pool on when they'll start dating.
  • Raven gets as much education as she can justify and then teaches green school at the highest level she can get. She forces herself to get over her fear of public speaking, but avoids anything that would make her responsible for small children. She's not the best at teaching but her students admire her passion for the subject.
  • Merlin is a primary or middle school teacher and loves it.
  • Drake is Bored. Of. This. Quiz. The only thing that appeals is being a social worker the reds might actually approve of, because Drake just wants to burn the entire caste system to the ground at this point. That or sex worker.
  • Darcy teaches computer science to greens. He might be at the same school as Cat, in which case there's a betting pool on when they'll start dating. In fact, there are two betting pools: one among the staff and one among the students.
  • Katherine is a doctor if that's orange or a nurse if not.
  • Z is a doctor if that's orange or a middle school or high school teacher if not. He somehow manages to avoid getting caught having a relationship with one of his students. Even though it happens multiple times.
  • Fox is a sex worker if that's orange or a daycare worker if not.
  • Hawk objects to being around children or reds or sick people, ew. Radiology tech is about the only orange profession he can stand.
  • Spider object to being orange. Fine, F can be a red liason. A is going "ew no talking to people" and probably does something vaguely tech-y in a hospital.
  • Wolf...you know the drill.

Everyone is Purple
  • Arthur probably runs a horse farm or something.
  • Cat is expected to inherit the farm and is so. Bored. If he gets his choice of purple jobs, he probably goes into retail on the customer service side or something.
  • Raven wants to start her own business.
  • Merlin is an architect if possible or otherwise starts up a building firm and angles for as much creative freedom as possible.
  • Drake works on a farm.
  • Darcy works for Spider as an engineer or an electrician.
  • Katherine is the daughter of someone involved in cloth manufacturing. She probably gets cleaning or housekeeping work, given free choice, or something working in a hospital or nursing home.
  • Z runs a business. What does it do? Who knows. Where does his money come from? Don't ask.
  • Fox marries the heir to a business. (Spoiler alert: it's Hawk.)
  • Hawk is set to inherit his parent's business and therefore does as little as he can get away with.
  • Spider start a business together and end up at the head of a corporate empire.
  • Wolf does manual labour and finds the most physically demanding jobs he can get without being grey.

Everyone is Red
  • Arthur joins riots. He starts riots. He attempts to start a revolution. He's dead before reaching Amentan 7, and his odds of surviving to 6 are low.
  • Cat is a trainee teacher. This is probably one of the Cats who gets snatched up by Z somehow, possibly post-decontamination and possibly through extra-legal shenanigans involving adoption and falsification of paperwork. The Z is probably green but might actually also be red. The touch-starvation is what gets him.
  • Raven is a coroner and does autopsy demonstrations in which she spends all day every day being horribly jealous of the greens on the other side of the glass.
  • Merlin is a teacher at red school who tries to stay out of trouble. He's horribly touch-starved and blames that for the crush he gets on one of his trainees...
  • Drake starts riots and torches blue!Z's place.
  • Darcy is an engineer/tinker/ etc.
  • Katherine is a red doctor and gets over her squeamishness very fast. This is one of the more mature Katherines.
  • Z does not come in red, I don't think. If he does, he freaks the heck out and goes, if possible, even more self-loathing than demon!Z. This does not end well either for him or for anyone around him. The theory goes that, if he's already as disgusting as he can possibly get, it doesn't actually matter if he's immoral in other ways. His self-preservation instinct co-operates with social consensus about pollution to mean he only targets reds.
  • Fox is a prostitute who will also do hugs.
  • Hawk, like Z, doesn't really want to come in red and hates himself if he does. Unlike Z, his self-destructiveness turns inwards instead of outwards. He either commits suicide before he's Amentan-five or finds Fox and falls madly in love with her.
  • Spider are running their neighbourhood under the noses of the social workers, and possibly also coordinating riots. Or, attempting to.
  • Wolf joins every riot ever, and probably doesn't survive to age 5 (Amentan years). Has even odds of dying before he's 4.
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Re: Kaylin's Creations

Postby Kaylin » Wed May 24, 2017 1:35 pm

Updated original post with daemons, plus a list of "other characters".
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Re: Kaylin's Creations

Postby Kaylin » Thu Jun 01, 2017 12:55 pm

I am free!

Free of Exam Hell and Deadline Hell and every other hell. I have free time in which to GLOWFIC! So, if you are a person to whom I have said "ask me in June," or "wait till June" - it is June! I am ready! Come at me!
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Re: Kaylin's Creations

Postby DanielH » Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:34 pm

You are free of any Daevinity threads with demons?
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Re: Kaylin's Creations

Postby Kaylin » Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:19 pm

Yes, actually! Feel like fixing that?
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Re: Kaylin's Creations

Postby Kaylin » Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:37 am

Character rant about Raven that ended up talking about Cat a fair amount as well:

Discord chatlog
[3:10 PM] Kaylin: For context: I am attempting to figure out Nuime instances
[3:10 PM] Kaylin: So, let's start with Raven since Cats are complicated and have clusters
[3:10 PM] Kaylin: The core drive of a Raven is that they want to know everything.
[3:11 PM] Tekeler: I could definitely see her getting informational/sensory powers(edited)
[3:11 PM] Kaylin: If there is magic in a setting, they want to know all about the magic and will prioritise that over most other things.
[3:11 PM] Kaylin: If not, they'll just go for everything, indiscriminately.

[3:12 PM] Kaylin: OK, what else do Ravens care about?
[3:12 PM] Kaylin: They object to artificial restrictions on knowledge, particularly magical knowledge.
[3:13 PM] Tekeler: freedom of information, yeah
[3:13 PM] Kaylin: Not just for their own sake, but for everyone else's.
[3:13 PM] Tekeler: I get the impression there's other reasons Everless is with the Resistance in Wonderland too, though?
[3:13 PM] Kaylin: (There's something of a tendency to assume everyone else also wants to know things, and to be confused by anyone who displays a lack of interest in learning.)
[3:14 PM] Kaylin: Everless is with the Resistance because...on the practical level, it's because Hatter asked her.
[3:14 PM] Kaylin: pokes at thing
[3:14 PM] Kaylin: I have a feeling this is important, why do I have that feeling
[3:15 PM] Kaylin: It might just be the secondary template attractor that pulls Raven towards being in a position where she knows about magic but can't get at it.
[3:15 PM] Kaylin: (That one manifests in Quintessence)
[3:15 PM] Kaylin: It might be that I instinctively shy away from putting Ravens in a position where they'll be subject to mind-altering magic, in a way I don't for some other templates.
[3:16 PM] Kaylin: ...now I'm poking at it, I'm pretty sure the Raven template is objecting strenuously to that.
[3:16 PM] Kaylin: (to being mind-controlled, that is)

[3:16 PM] Tekeler: how do they feel about, like -- what was that magic system of Maggie's -- Trinity?
[3:16 PM] Kaylin: ...very dubious
[3:17 PM] Tekeler: with the Sympathy/Effort/Conquest
[3:17 PM] Tekeler: ha
[3:17 PM] Kaylin: I think Ravens have a lot of similarity to Bells in some ways, and this seems to be one of them.
[3:17 PM] Kaylin: They're a lot more relaxed about mindreading by someone they trust
[3:17 PM] Kaylin: but they do have high standards for trusting people.
[3:18 PM] Kaylin: (For Ravens, trust is...not quite a binary, but they certainly have a tendency to either trust or not trust someone.)
[3:18 PM] Kaylin: Cats make it through the trust barrier within a few years at the outside. Very few other people do.
[3:19 PM] Kaylin: And once they're in, that's it, they are trusted. Cats in particular are very good at being trusted by Ravens, because the sort of thing Ravens trust them to do is the sort of thing Cats just do for people they like.
[3:20 PM] Kaylin: Cats and Ravens that come as pairs tend to be more or less reliant on each other to fill the gaps in their respective skillsets
[3:20 PM] Kaylin: and will lean on each other by preference
[3:21 PM] Kaylin: The system falls apart a little bit if you split them up; I think who copes better depends on the circumstances.
[3:21 PM] Kaylin: Ravens tend to be highly skilled in particular areas; Cats tend to be polymaths. If Cat doesn't encounter something he'd need Raven for, he's fine on his own.
[3:22 PM] Kaylin: Raven is also fine on her own, but she flails when dealing with other people without Cat.
[3:22 PM] Kaylin: This comes up in the standard Quintessence storyline because Raven is the deputy of their little team, and takes over when Cat's incapacitated.
[3:23 PM] Kaylin: She's pretty good at planning a mission out ahead of time, but loses control of the situation when something comes up that she didn't plan for.
[3:23 PM] Kaylin: I've mentioned before that Raven doesn't do the "think fast" thing.
[3:24 PM] Kaylin: She's not good at thinking on her feet - but Cat is, so she usually delegates that to him where she can.
[3:24 PM] Kaylin: Ravens like to have plans and know what's going to happen.
[3:25 PM] Kaylin: If they meet something new and unpredictable, among their first responses will be "get Cat", especially if the new and unpredictable thing involves other people.
[3:25 PM] Tekeler: how does this manifest when she doesn't come with one?
[3:25 PM] Kaylin: They develop better coping skills?
[3:25 PM] Kaylin: Um...
[3:25 PM] Kaylin: pokes at Raziel
[3:25 PM] Tekeler: also Everless
[3:26 PM] Kaylin: oh yeah, her too. I forgot her because there is a Cat in that world, they're just not obviously paired.
[3:26 PM] Kaylin: Raziel is over 300 years old and basically just - grew out of her social awkwardness? Mostly?
[3:26 PM] Kaylin: She's had enough interactions to internalise some social rules
[3:27 PM] Kaylin: and it helps that angels don't do social interaction the same way as humans
[3:27 PM] Kaylin: --I don't think it's an accident that both the Cat-less Ravens are nonhuman.
[3:27 PM] Kaylin: Partly it's that a human Raven will have a family and it's easy to slot a Cat in there
[3:28 PM] Kaylin: but it's also partly that nonhuman Ravens are more self-sufficient.
[3:28 PM] Kaylin: They don't need the social skills as much, because they can get by without interacting with people at all if they want to.
[3:28 PM] Kaylin: (They don't, at least not entirely and not for very long, because that restricts their options for learning new stuff. But they could.)
[3:30 PM] Kaylin: One of the few reasons a Raven will voluntarily and of her own accord start a conversation with a stranger is if there's something she wants to know and asking them is significantly easier than most other ways she could find out the information.

Soul Powers and Soulnames
[3:32 PM] Kaylin: - oh, continuing the freedom theme
[3:32 PM] Kaylin: Ravens have a template attractor towards flight
[3:32 PM] Kaylin: I don't really know why.
[3:33 PM] Kaylin: They'll settle for teleportation, but flight is more aesthetic. Both would be ideal, of course.
[3:38 PM] Kaylin: Raven: is making a list of powers she wants
[3:38 PM] Kaylin: pats Raven
[3:41 PM] Kaylin: is badgered into actually writing a list
[3:51 PM] Kaylin: pokes at information-gathering/magic detection powers
[3:52 PM] Kaylin: ...no, she definitely doesn't have the ability to tell what someone's soul would be like before they manifest it, that is completely wrong for a Raven.
[3:52 PM] Kaylin: So what does she have?
[3:53 PM] Kaylin: Stuff on the wishlist includes memory boost, attentional capacity boost, sped-up perception...(edited)
[3:54 PM] Kaylin: Time manipulation?
[3:54 PM] Tekeler: --oo, time-to-think
[3:54 PM] Kaylin: exactly
[3:55 PM] Kaylin: also, do-overs
[3:55 PM] Kaylin: That feels like it would take a lot of oomph to pull off, though.
[3:55 PM] Kaylin: Especially once you get past pausing to actually rewinding time.
[3:56 PM] Tekeler: subjective time dilation probably wouldn't as much?
[3:56 PM] Kaylin: Yeah, perception speedup like the magic song is definitely doable.
[4:05 PM] Kaylin: Tec, remember when I was trying to come up with a Maia name for Raven?
[4:06 PM] Kaylin: I think I'm running into the same problem of "how do I get X sentiment into words that fit Y format?"
[4:06 PM] Kappa✶: well, what is/are the sentiments?
[4:07 PM] Kaylin: ...let me start by saying that the Maia name in question ended up being Pursues-Greater-Understanding
[4:07 PM] Kaylin: wonders how poetic it makes sense to get with this one
[4:08 PM] Kaylin: (I have a feeling it might have been Liavar who named her, or at least helped suggest names...)
[4:08 PM] Kaylin: dumps various random ideas
[4:09 PM] Kaylin: sharp-eyed; high-flying; free-flying...
[4:09 PM] Kaylin: truth-seeking? No, that's not quite right, but something along those lines maybe...
[4:09 PM] Tekeler: watchful-something?
[4:11 PM] Kaylin: Watchful is good.
[4:12 PM] Kaylin: truth-seeking? truth-seeing?
[4:12 PM] Kaylin: No, I think I do like watchful
[4:13 PM] Kaylin: There's something about...
[4:13 PM] Kaylin: OK, Ravens are mildly uncomfortable with the public nature of souls.
[4:13 PM] Kaylin: They're not sure they want to be broadcasting everything about themselves to anyone in sight.
[4:14 PM] Kaylin: Yeah, Ralani is going to have a very quiet soul
[4:14 PM] Kaylin: and may also wear it tucked inside her clothes a lot of the time
[4:14 PM] Kaylin: The soulname is also running into the same thing
[4:14 PM] Kaylin: which is why I'm rejecting the ones that are too on-the-nose and trying to go more poetic.
[4:15 PM] Kappa✶: I mean you can also figure out what it looks like and have the soulname refer to that
[4:15 PM] Kappa✶: like, "bright flame" has personality-related implications but also literally just describes the physical manifestation of her soul
[4:16 PM] Kaylin: I think it's either an eye or a bird in flight?
[4:17 PM] Kaylin: ...no, brain, it's not a magnifying glass no matter how appropriate that would be
[4:17 PM] Kaylin: (the magnifying glass is the symbol I use in my notes for "go look this up when you have internet access")
[4:17 PM] Kappa✶: you could get a soul shaped like a lens, but
[4:18 PM] Kaylin: Hmm, yeah, lens gets tentative consideration
[4:18 PM] Kaylin: --no, I think it would annoy her too much that she doesn't actually need to look through it to use its powers
[4:19 PM] Kaylin: Things that could be functional but are not = not Raven aesthetic
[4:19 PM] Kaylin: (not mine either, tbh)
[4:19 PM] Kaylin: So, it is an eye. Deep green/blue, the colour of the sea.
[4:20 PM] Kaylin: (the colour was one of the first aesthetic details she pinned down)
[4:24 PM] Kaylin: anyway, yeah, soulname is "watchful"
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Re: Kaylin's Creations

Postby Kaylin » Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:30 pm

And the subsequent rambling about Cats. This ended up much longer and more rambling, because Cats are complicated.

Discord chatlog
[4:27 PM] Kaylin: While we wait for the conlang generator to conlang, I think I'll move on to ranting about Cats.
[4:27 PM] Kaylin: Cats are tricky, because they have clusters.
[4:28 PM] Kaylin: And the one I know best is Quintessence Cat, who's a Michael, but the one that develops absent external pressure is the Leo cluster.
[4:36 PM] Kaylin: Cats are, fundamentally, Slytherins.
[4:36 PM] Kaylin: They are strongly loyal to people they identify as "theirs", and their criteria for said adoption varies wildly depending on cluster and individual instance.
[4:36 PM] Kaylin: They are good at, and enjoy, improvisation.
[4:37 PM] Kaylin: Cats are extroverts. They like having people around, they function best with an audience and are miserable alone.
[4:38 PM] Kaylin: Put a Cat in a bad situation on his own and he'll curl up and endure it; put a Cat in a bad situation with someone else and he'll move heaven and earth to get both of them out.

[4:40 PM] Kaylin: One of the reasons they tend to split into clusters is that significant chunks of their personality, specifically a lot of their value system, is influenced by the people who raise them.
[4:40 PM] Kaylin: A Cat raised by an Arthur will end up as a Leo, absent complicating factors, and a Cat raised by a Z ends up as a Michael.
[4:40 PM] Kaylin: That's an oversimplification, but it's broadly accurate.
[4:42 PM] Kaylin: It's a spectrum rather than a binary, though.
[4:43 PM] Kaylin: Leo traits: dominant, protective, Gryffindor-ish, strongly masculine, fighter
[4:44 PM] Kaylin: Michael traits: submissive, sneaky, subtle, more traditionally Slytherin, leans asexual and in some cases agender, rogue
[4:44 PM] Kaylin: They're both actors, both artists, but they have different art styles.
[4:45 PM] Kaylin: Leo is the empath, the one who can look at a person and know them. If I had to pick 2 templates to combine and make a Leo I'd pick Maitimo and Miles.
[4:46 PM] Tekeler: this despite Quintessence having a Micheal? :P
[4:46 PM] Kaylin: Yeah, the Quintessence one is complicated.
[4:46 PM] Kaylin: He's both, in some ways.
[4:46 PM] Kaylin: (the secret is that they're all both)
[4:47 PM] Tekeler: (spectrum?)
[4:47 PM] Kaylin: Not just that, it's - Michael is, in a lot of ways, what Leos become as a survival tactic.
[4:47 PM] Kaylin: In situations where a Leo would just get himself killed, they turn into a Michael, or create one, instead.
[4:48 PM] Kaylin: (older, more experienced, better-adjusted Leos who have deliberately mentally forked themselves to get Michaels look back at this as a mistake and vow never to do it again)
[4:49 PM] Kaylin: So...most Michaels, absent magical shenanigans like the one that resulted in the Ace of Hearts, contain or conceal a Leo.
[4:49 PM] Kaylin: The Leo comes out under certain circumstances - they play different roles depending on who's watching.
[4:50 PM] Kaylin: Around Z, he's Michael. Around his pack, he's Leo.
[4:50 PM] Kaylin: (around both he fudges it)

[6:28 PM] Kaylin: I think I need to talk about the talking thing next, let's talk about talking
[6:28 PM] Kaylin: The problem is, I'm not sure the extent to which this is specific to the Quintessence instance and his particular issues.
[6:29 PM] Kaylin: --OK then, start there.
[6:29 PM] Kaylin: Quintessence Cat is a shapeshifter, which means he's the victim of substantial racism from anyone who knows that.
[6:30 PM] Kaylin: One of the strongest elements of racism against shifters is the idea that they're - sort of a half-way point between humans and animals.
[6:30 PM] Kaylin: They're seen as less than people, because they're animals instead.
[6:30 PM] Kaylin: And this gets wrapped up with language.
[6:31 PM] Kaylin: Shifters have their own language, which I know nothing about except that it's possibly in the Celtic language group with things like Welsh and Gaelic
[6:31 PM] Kaylin: and pretty much no-one learns it unless they are a shifter
[6:31 PM] Kaylin: in which case they'll learn it as a bilingual kid, and it'll be one of their first languages.

[6:34 PM] Kaylin: Cat and his pack are among the very few exceptions to the language thing.
[6:35 PM] Kaylin: Cat spend his first 3 years or so among shifters and learned some of that language, but has forgotten basically all of it in the decade and a half since. Hawk and Raven never learned at all since they were raised by Z from babies, Fox probably knows a bastardised pidgin version.
[6:35 PM] Kaylin: But. Cat was raised bilingual in [shifter language] and Welsh, and learned English as his third language.
[6:36 PM] Kaylin: At time of threading it's the only one he speaks fluently, but it's still his third language and he still didn't start learning it until he was 3-4.
[6:36 PM] Kaylin: This has had a few effects, combined with the way he learned it. Most obnoxiously, he goes nonverbal when he's under certain types of stress.
[6:37 PM] Kaylin: This has only been exacerbated by Z's linguistic colonialism
[6:37 PM] Kaylin: --I'm trying to think of a better way to word it but I think that gets the point across
[6:38 PM] Kaylin: basically, he buys into this thing about shifters being animals, and doesn't think their language is a real language
[6:39 PM] Kaylin: and he holds this tendency to forget how to speak English over Cat's head as - evidence that he's not good enough

[6:40 PM] Kaylin: I mentioned, earlier, that Cats are very extroverted, do better with an audience, etc.
[6:40 PM] Kaylin: Well, one of the main ways they connect with people is...verbally.
[6:41 PM] Kaylin: They object strongly to being unable to talk to people. It's usually not worse than being unable to touch anyone, unless there are preexisting issues like Quintessence Cat's, but it's competitive.
[6:42 PM] Kaylin: (given the choice between going deaf-mute and going insubstantial I think QCat at certain points in the timeline would choose the latter)

[6:43 PM] Kaylin: Circling back around to something resembling the point for which I originally embarked on this topic...
[6:43 PM] Kaylin: One of the directions in which I could take a Cat powerset would be to focus on the voice thing.
[6:44 PM] Kaylin: They tend to be singers, as well as actors, and a couple of versions end up as teachers as well - all places where they can use their voice to best effect.
[6:45 PM] RoboticLIN: Politicians? For oratory skills.
[6:45 PM] Kaylin: Cats tend not to go politician unless they see it as their duty for some reason.
[6:45 PM] Kaylin: The only one I can think of is the blue Amentan instance.
[6:46 PM] Kaylin: Who, yes, does go into politics like his father.
[6:46 PM] Kaylin: But given the choice, they go for...oh, I can just summarise it as "green jobs" and you'll get it. I love high-context communities.
[6:46 PM] Kaylin: Actor, singer, university lecturer.
[6:47 PM] Kaylin: Places where they can directly help people, or be someone else, or both.
[6:48 PM] Kaylin: (the acting also hits another attractor, which is the ability to deeply model another person, or a fictional character)
[6:48 PM] Kaylin: One instance has persistent problems where if he plays certain sorts of characters for too long they come to life in his head.
[6:49 PM] Kaylin: (he has a blacklist of characters he Will Not Play, including the Phantom of the Opera and Prospero)

[6:52 PM] Kaylin: oh, right, people-modelling
[6:52 PM] Kaylin: This is obviously strongest with empath Cats
[6:52 PM] Kaylin: but even non-empaths can do it, especially with people they know well.
[6:53 PM] Kaylin: It's not, generally, a skill they're born with, it's something they have to work at, especially to acquire the general case of the ability to read and predict strangers.
[6:53 PM] Kaylin: But a Cat who gets to about 9 or 10 already has a decent model of, say, his parents and siblings.
[6:54 PM] Kaylin: (and can do impressions of them by a couple years later)

[6:55 PM] Kaylin: I am being informed that a lot of the way Leos present is based on imitation of their Arthurs.
[6:55 PM] Kaylin: Which explains the difference between the Leo template and the core Cat template.
[6:55 PM] Tekeler: what happens if you get one raised by someone else, then?
[6:56 PM] Kaylin: You get a Cat.
[6:56 PM] Kaylin: Not a Leo or a Michael, just a Cat.
[6:56 PM] Kaylin: The Maia instance, for example...
[6:56 PM] Kaylin: it's hard to tell, because there's overlap between the three categories and the boundaries are fuzzy
[6:57 PM] Kaylin: but the reason he reads as a Leo is just that he's not a Michael
[6:57 PM] Kaylin: and is also a Cat with power
[6:57 PM] Kaylin: Ones who are at the top of the metaphorical food chain tend to skew Leo, ones at the bottom skew Michael. --Wait, no, that's not right, that's not the thing, what is the thing?
[6:58 PM] Kaylin: oh, right, Raven is a confounding factor.
[6:58 PM] Kaylin: If you give a Cat a Raven it pushes them towards the nicer sort of Leo.
[6:58 PM] Kaylin: Protective, social, extroverted, confident because she's not
[6:59 PM] Kaylin: A Cat without a Raven is closer to the Michael end of the spectrum, but note that this doesn't override parental influence in either case.
[7:00 PM] Kaylin: So a Michael with a Raven is still a Michael, just a more Leo-ish one than standard.
[7:00 PM] Kaylin: (e.g. Mikala)
[7:01 PM] Kaylin: And then sometimes what you get is something entirely different and orthogonal to those clusters
[7:01 PM] Kaylin: which is what I think might be happening with Mikal (Elcenia instance).

[7:30 PM] Kaylin: anyway, I was having a thought what was it
[7:31 PM] Kaylin: aha, other potential directions for Cat's soul powers to go in (and why they will not be going in those directions)
[7:32 PM] Kaylin: The only innate magical ability threaded Cats have displayed so far is empathy.
[7:32 PM] Kaylin: Quintessence Cat just discovered it, but has been using that plus his innate telepathy affinity to boost the pack bond for years
[7:32 PM] Kaylin: Eos Cat has a minor version as an ingot power possibly?
[7:33 PM] Kaylin: but that's a template attractor and not actually what they'd pick if they could pick
[7:33 PM] Tekeler: they don't want, like, communicative telepathy?
[7:33 PM] Kaylin: Communicative telepathy YES, SO MUCH YES
[7:33 PM] Kaylin: but not empathy or mindreading

[7:35 PM] Kaylin: but the communicative telepathy is...emphasis on the "communicate"
[7:35 PM] Kaylin: it's tying into the voice thing not the people-reading thing
[7:35 PM] Tekeler: so some kind of communicative power in general
[7:35 PM] Kaylin: Yeah.
[7:36 PM] Kaylin: It seems aesthetic for a Cat to wind up with some kind of language-related power/translation effect
[7:36 PM] Kaylin: but it seems more aesthetic for them to just get a power that makes them really good at learning languages
[7:36 PM] Kaylin: (from a well above average baseline)
[7:37 PM] Kaylin: and that's low on the priority list - it feels like cheating, a little bit?
[7:38 PM] Kaylin: I think a Cat with that sort of power would probably get anxiety about how he shouldn't need it, or something

[7:40 PM] Kaylin: Other directions: Aurum Cat has a witch power for mimicry
[7:40 PM] Kaylin: which after he turns becomes full-blown illusion/shapeshifting (still humanoids only, probably) for disguise purposes
[7:52 PM] Kaylin: But the thing with that is - it's a Michael power? Aesthetically?
[7:52 PM] Kaylin: Even though the mimicry, in nonmagical Cats, relies on Leo-empathy.
[7:53 PM] Kaylin: If you're confused, don't worry, so am I.
[7:53 PM] Kaylin: I think the distinction is something like:
[7:53 PM] Kaylin: Leos get powers that will let them help people
[7:53 PM] Kaylin: Michaels get powers that will let them protect themselves.
[7:54 PM] Kaylin: (Leos are either already capable of protecting themselves, or don't need to.)
[8:05 PM] Kaylin: --or, no, it's more subtle than that.
[8:05 PM] Kaylin: Leo powers are ones that interact with other people (they always interact with other people) in ways which are not automatically negative or antisocial.
[8:06 PM] Kaylin: Leo powers have the baseline assumption that people are there to be worked with, Michael powers have the baseline assumption that most people are there to be worked around.
[8:07 PM] Kaylin: Hence, communicative telepathy is very Leo, and the disguise/mimicry power is very Michael.
[8:07 PM] Kaylin: Liavar is a Leo, so he needs Leo powers.
[8:08 PM] Kaylin: Which means he doesn't get illusions, and probably doesn't get shapeshifting.
[8:08 PM] Kaylin: (shapeshifting for Cats is a thing that is nice to have but they don't miss it if not)
[8:09 PM] Kaylin: (trans Cats are the exception but even then I think they might not shapeshift under certain circumstances)
[8:09 PM] Kaylin: waves vaguely in the direction of plans for a thread which is currently known only as "what's the plural of shren alyemi" as if that explains anything
[8:15 PM] Kaylin: - yeah, Cats are a lot like Mileses in some ways.
[8:16 PM] Kaylin: ponders whether Liavar could manage the same sort of limit-breaking thing as Taliar
[8:16 PM] Kaylin: ...if he could, I think it would work very differently and not at nearly such a massive scale.
[8:17 PM] Kaylin: I'm being prodded back in the direction of Quintessence Cat's pack bond, which is basically a permanent telepathic link with a low-bandwidth empathy channel.
[8:18 PM] Kaylin: That's the sort of thing Cat might get as a soul power, and it might - only might - let him somehow borrow power from the people he's connected with.
[8:19 PM] Kaylin: But he can't just link with anyone he meets, the way Taliar makes friends left and right, because it's a higher level of commitment.

[8:20 PM] Kaylin: So, where are we with powers.
[8:20 PM] Kaylin: Communicative telepathy - I think maybe just with Raven, to start with.
[8:21 PM] Kaylin: Something else voice-related?
[8:22 PM] Kaylin: pokes at Leos to see what sort of offensive powers they might get
[8:23 PM] Kaylin: Kaylin's Brain Theatre: currently showing Liavar standing there as a glowing lion avatar attacks his enemies
[8:23 PM] Kaylin: hmm, no, I don't think so
[8:24 PM] Kaylin: They object, aesthetically, to being ranged fighters, which includes long-distance magical effects.
[8:25 PM] Kaylin: So, something that means he has to get up close and physically fight, but with a magical boost of some kind.

Soul Powers and Soulnames
[9:29 PM] Kaylin: ...it is seriously bugging me that Liavar doesn't have a soulname.
[9:29 PM] Tekeler: do you know what his soul looks like?
[9:29 PM] Kaylin: thinks
[9:30 PM] Kaylin: wonders if it actually changes
[9:31 PM] Kaylin: Can souls do that, change what they look like?
[9:31 PM] Kaylin: Other than, like, glowing more or less to reflect level of exaltation.
[9:32 PM] Kappa✶: Yes, under some circumstances.
[9:32 PM] Kappa✶: It's like, hmm...
[9:32 PM] Kappa✶: There is a way your soul looks, and that might involve being - 'animated'? Like, having changes in its appearance be a thing it does
[9:33 PM] Kappa✶: And also it can change its appearance to reflect level of exaltation - not necessarily glowing more or less, other things too
[9:33 PM] Kappa✶: And also it can change what the way that it looks is, over time, as you change as a person
[9:34 PM] Kaylin: ponders the idea of it being a mirror that reflects other people's souls, ultimately discards
[9:34 PM] Kappa✶: In general, the physical shape of the soul can only change slowly, like on a scale measured in days, but everything else about it is potentially mutable
[9:35 PM] Kaylin: ponders the theme of connections
[9:37 PM] Kaylin: ...no, I think I need to go more abstract.

(Liavar's soul looks like half a yin-yang symbol, and also coincidentally resembles a speech mark.)

[9:41 PM] Kaylin: Liavar's soul
[9:41 PM] Kaylin: it looks like that, but I don't know which one
[9:42 PM] Kaylin: --oh, right, it's the white one, because he's a Leo.
[9:44 PM] Kaylin: nope, black one, that's a much better shape and also I like the symbolism a little more. Come on, brain, make a decision.
[9:44 PM] Kaylin: oh, and the thing it does isn't glowing, it's singing.
[9:45 PM] Kaylin: (also glowing, a little bit, but mostly singing)
[9:45 PM] Kaylin: the glow is the permanent "this is a soul" and the singing is the aura he can put out or pull in
[9:45 PM] Kaylin: I think?
[9:47 PM] Kappa✶: hm what do you mean by "aura he can put out or pull in"
[9:48 PM] Kaylin: like, the thing Taliar has that can cover entire cities?
[9:48 PM] Kappa✶: that is a thing Taliar has, yes
[9:48 PM] Kaylin: Liavar has one of those, it does a different thing and I don't know what, and it doesn't cover a city but it covers some area
[9:48 PM] Kappa✶: aha
[9:48 PM] Kappa✶: what does it do?
[9:48 PM] Kaylin: I literally just said I don't know
[9:48 PM] Kaylin: other than singing
[9:49 PM] Kaylin: but that's a thing it does the way Taliar's aura does the glowy light
[9:49 PM] Kaylin: it's not the point
[9:50 PM] Kaylin: Hmm, I think maybe the thing it does varies depending on what Liavar needs it to do. It's the big power he only breaks out when he really needs it, because getting it to do very much means pulling on the people he's linked.
[9:51 PM] Kaylin: Hmm, I think Liavar+Ralani is approximately equal to some kind of Elspeth-like thing
[9:51 PM] Kaylin: and in that case the song is like "listen, there's something you need to know, here it is"
[9:52 PM] Kaylin: (not in actual words, but just pure meaning, carried on the music)
[9:52 PM] Kaylin: (shh it's magic built on pure aesthetics it doesn't have to make sense)
[9:53 PM] Kaylin: words are hard but here are some words: "voice for the voiceless"
[9:54 PM] Kaylin: here are some more words: "a singer is one who tries to do good"
[9:55 PM] Kaylin: so basically I think Liavar's soulname is "singer"
[9:55 PM] Kaylin: or something like that

[9:59 PM] Kaylin: "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player, who struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and is seen no more. It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

[10:04 PM] Kaylin: would like Liavar to have a proper soulname please
[10:05 PM] Kaylin: I think "singer" is the best version of it I'm going to get.
[10:06 PM] Kappa✶: 'singer' seems a little - simple, aesthetically, for a soulname, but within variation
[10:11 PM] Kaylin: Any ideas how to make it less simple, Kappa?
[10:11 PM] Kappa✶: I'm thinking about that.
[10:11 PM] Kappa✶: hmmm.
[10:16 PM] Kappa✶: I could go for 'clear voice', would that be in the right ballpark?
[10:16 PM] Kaylin: roughly, yeah
[10:17 PM] Kaylin: brain wants to turn it into an adjective rather than a noun phrase, though
[10:17 PM] Kappa✶: clear-voiced?
[10:17 PM] Kaylin: yeah
[10:18 PM] Kappa✶: hmm. how does he feel about being Niazni-tikara Peryne Liavar?
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Re: Kaylin's Creations

Postby Kaylin » Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:27 am

Drakerambles, which ended up being a little bit Z-rambles:
[11:48 AM] Kaylin: feels like poking at Nuime Pendragons some more
[11:48 AM] Kaylin: or possibly other royals?
[11:57 AM] Kaylin: Let's talk about Drake, actually.
[11:57 AM] Kaylin: Drakes like being able to fly and shapeshift
[11:57 AM] Kaylin: but they also like having some kind of tracking power
[12:47 PM] Kappa✶: shapeshifting is mildly implausible
[12:47 PM] Kaylin: aw
[12:48 PM] Guilty: Would illusion work?
[12:48 PM] Kaylin: Illusion is...not the thing Drakes use shapeshifting for
[12:49 PM] Kaylin: although I guess it would help a bit?
[12:50 PM] Kaylin: See, the thing Drakes use shapeshifting for
[12:50 PM] Kaylin: is that they have a gender of No
[12:50 PM] Kaylin: so, illusions would deal with gender presentation
[12:51 PM] Kaylin: but they'll still be annoyed/inconvenienced by being physically one sex and not the other
[12:52 PM] Kaylin: I don't think Drakes get dysphoric, at least not by default, because they don't really care enough for that
[12:52 PM] Kaylin: it's just...annoying.

[12:54 PM] Kaylin: The thing with the tracking power is that it's path-dependent. Drakes will come out with a tracking power if and only if they are orphaned and therefore on a quest for revenge.
[12:54 PM] Kaylin: (this happens surprisingly often)
[12:55 PM] Kaylin: (Animorphs Drake is a technical exception because Alloran is still alive)
[12:55 PM] Kappa✶: animorphs drake is alloran's kid?
[12:55 PM] Kaylin: yes!
[12:56 PM] Kaylin: I looked at Z and Drake and their usual dynamic
[12:56 PM] Kaylin: and was just like "ok then so this is happening"
[12:56 PM] Kaylin: (Z is Visser Three)
[12:56 PM] Kaylin: The person a Drake is looking for revenge upon is usually, but not exclusively, a Z.
[12:59 PM] Kaylin: Worlds where this is a thing:
[12:59 PM] Kaylin: Quintessence, Animorphs, uhhhh
[12:59 PM] Kaylin: Wonderland maybe
[1:00 PM] Kaylin: Badlands (the one who's dying and going to Thereafter) but it's not a Z
[1:00 PM] Kaylin: plausibly Threefold, plausibly Hogwarts
[1:01 PM] Kaylin: ...plausibly Warrior Cats, actually
[1:02 PM] Kaylin: Worlds where this is definitely not a thing: Forest Arda (no Z), Albion probably?, Corth (no Drake yet), Eos (ditto), Daevinity?
[1:05 PM] Kaylin: Nuime does not need a Z because it has enough disasters already
[1:05 PM] Kaylin: ...Threefold also does not technically need one but whatever

[1:11 PM] Kaylin: hmm, air and fire theme maybe?
[1:11 PM] Kaylin: That covers flight, and also an offensive power, and the tracking can be glossed as air too
[1:11 PM] Kaylin: and also illusions are air/fire in my mental categorization
[1:12 PM] Kappa✶: that seems plausible!
[1:12 PM] Kappa✶: And, like, if the drake really wants shapeshifting, well
[1:12 PM] Kappa✶: I can just adjust Seofar's height
[1:13 PM] Kaylin: Nah, they can live without it. They care slightly more than Cats do, but won't refuse to be instantiated without it.
[1:13 PM] Kaylin: (they'll just be mildly annoyed at me)
[1:13 PM] Kaylin: But then, the meta instance is already complaining about having to be human, so
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Re: Kaylin's Creations

Postby Kaylin » Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:38 pm

Discworld Alts:

[9:14 PM] Kaylin: Time to alt my characters into Discworld, because that's a thing now!
[9:17 PM] Kaylin: Merlin is--I was about to say "a wizard, because of course he is", but actually he's informing me that he doesn't like Discworld wizards, he wants to be a witch instead.
[9:18 PM] Kaylin: (Merlin has Opinions about what Proper Wizards should be like and the UU lot don't qualify)
[9:18 PM] Kaylin: (witches are much more Proper)
[9:19 PM] Kaylin: So, this is one of the genderswapped Merlins - who needs a FC at some point - and she's a witch.
[9:19 PM] Kaylin: This means the other characters are plausibly also from the Ramtops...
[9:20 PM] Kaylin: Raven wants to be a wizard, but could do without the rest of the faculty.
[9:24 PM] Kaylin: (she possibly just sneaks into the library at night and reads All The Books)
[9:25 PM] Kaylin: (the Librarian brings her bananas and, when she's gone too long without sleep, blankets)
[9:28 PM] Kaylin: Cat is...essentially a male version of Angua.
[9:28 PM] Kaylin: possibly?
[9:31 PM] Kaylin: Katherine...what shall I do with Katherine...
[9:32 PM] Kaylin: Oh, right, she's either a princess caught up in a fairytale, or an apprentice witch.
[9:32 PM] Kaylin: (Katherines do not, by default, have the sort of personality that makes a good witch. They can probably be trained up to it.)
[9:32 PM] Kaylin: Either way, Z is a witch as well.
[9:33 PM] Kaylin: (I seem to have a tendency to give Z and Merlin the same type of magic, when there's a choice between multiple options?)
[9:33 PM] Kaylin: Which means this is...oh, probably the Rena Owen FC, rather than the Tilda Swinton one?
[9:33 PM] Kaylin: Or, no, if we're going for the fairy godmother aesthetic then Tilda Swinton is perfect.
[9:33 PM] Kaylin: tables that for if/when they decide to actually thread this
[9:52 PM] Guilty: ...Z as...gah, what's Granny Weatherwax's sister called?
[9:54 PM] Kaylin: Lily
[9:55 PM] Guilty: but yeah, that's where my brain goes if you're leveraging the fairy godmother aesthetic of Discworld witches
[9:57 PM] Kaylin: Yeah, it's also what I was thinking of.
[9:57 PM] Guilty: also, I can totally see Raven doing that
[9:58 PM] Guilty: ...huh. Raven as...and damnit, can't remember her name either - the girl who becomes a wizard briefly? Esk?
[9:58 PM] Kaylin: Considered it, yeah.
[9:58 PM] Guilty: nods
[9:58 PM] Kaylin: (and yes, it's Esk. Eskarina.)
[10:00 PM] Kaylin: pokes at other characters
[10:01 PM] Kaylin: Arthur is, obviously, Uberwaldian nobility along the lines of Angua's father.
[10:01 PM] Kaylin: Drake...hmm.
[10:01 PM] Kaylin: Dragons exist but are rarely human-level sapient...
[10:02 PM] Kaylin: Elf, dwarf, troll?
[10:02 PM] Kaylin: Oh, right, dwarf.
[10:02 PM] Kaylin: (Drake somewhat approves of the Discworld dwarves' approach to gender.)
[10:16 PM] Kaylin: Who am I missing? Spider are...plausibly running either the Thieves' Guild or the Assassins' Guild. Or both.(edited)
[10:17 PM] Guilty: hm- oh, Spider can be 2 people?
[10:17 PM] Guilty: I was gonna say that I don't think the other guild leaders would like that?
[10:24 PM] Kaylin: Spider are two people, but they tend to work together.
[10:24 PM] Guilty: nods
[10:24 PM] Kaylin: I guess they can live with working together secretly.
[10:25 PM] Guilty: I mean, I don't expect anyone's gonna want to argue with the assassins and thieves guilds...
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Re: Kaylin's Creations

Postby Kaylin » Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:05 pm

Putting a copy of this here as well as on the Sandbox Prompts thread: list of easy ready-to-go starters I can do with my characters/settings.

  • Your (probably standard-Earth-version) character encounters a white rabbit and follows them down their hole, finds a strange mirror and goes through it, or arrives in Wonderland by some other means. Examples: https://glowfic.com/characters/2081?view=posts (various).
  • (Insert portable character here) lands in or near the Lost City of Kadar and encounters the D&D party who are exploring it. Example: https://glowfic.com/posts/977 (with Aestrix's necromancer Veron). Alternatively or additionally, your native character(s) are part of said group.
  • Your native character(s) go(es) to mage school in Quintessence. Example: https://glowfic.com/posts/687 (with Faceless' Grayson sisters).
  • Someone arrives, either as an Arabek native travelling by conventional means or through interdimensional travel, in Littenvale, the domain of Merilakian.

  • Milliways threads are easy.
  • Puna, the motu goddess of travel, is the first volunteer to investigate the strange portal that appeared near a motu village. On the other side is (insert your setting here). She proceeds to attempt to solve its problems. Example: https://glowfic.com/posts/999 (in Alicorn's Amenta)
  • Robin, a bored faery, wanders between the worlds and notices something interesting happening over there...
  • Ranata, acolyte of Merilakian, is on a tour of nearby godly domains. Example: https://glowfic.com/posts/915 (with diaeresis' Ellayania).
  • Your character summons angel Raven or demon Z. Alternatively, your character is summoned by soon-to-be-Revelation Raven (and possibly also Cat), but that one needs a bit more work. Example: https://glowfic.com/posts/678 (Raven is summoned by Throne's character Maya).
  • Cole lands on you after a magical accident. Example: https://glowfic.com/posts/909 (in Wizard-of-Woah's Miracle)
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