Lighthouse - Magecraft

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Lighthouse - Magecraft

Postby Bluelantern » Thu Dec 11, 2014 8:09 pm

This is a summary for my setting, starting with the magic that I want to use for a sandbox.

Mages and Magic

I don’t have a more specific name to distinguish it, I am willing to use “Magecraft” to differentiate from other magic systems when necessary.

Mages always have the ability to sense magic and at least one other magic power, there is no defined number of magic powers one can have albeit anything above 5 is very rare, 2-3 is about the norm. Power levels and effects vary, so far my only restriction is no powers that allow time travel and dimensional travel (exception to “hammerspace”-like dimensions) and powers rarely affect more than a 10 feet radius.

The type of powers one get depend on skills, knowledge, personality and “heredity”, the last one means that you might get power similar or equal to your relatives. Heredity gets stronger with more mage relatives (dead or alive), to the point of a “bloodline” forming, a family of mages with similar or identical powers. Werewolves are an example of this.

Powers cost “mana” to fuel, I haven’t figure out the frequency Mages need rest. Being low on mana is not physically dangerous, but leaves the mind in a state of painful exhaustion and inability to act. Mana can be recovered with mental rest and meditation.

You can be born a mage, or you can become one by being “infused” with magic. Infusion happens by exposure to magic, the most reliable/fast method involves 2-3 mages directing “pure” mana at another person for about 12 hours, the process is magically tiring.

It is possible to grow one’s own powers and train them, you can purposefully develop a entire new power, but that usually takes years and enough effort that people rarely bother.

it is possible to infuse objects with powers creating magical items. I am not sure if I will allow stuff like magical potions. Most magical objects need to be powered by mana and can only be used by mages.

There are interdimensional beings simply called “Traders” that make trades of magic, their prices tend to be high, “one year of half of your magic in exchange of a few uses of a healing magic”. They do like to make trades to give immortality so they can “milk” the magic the longest, they are also interested in seeding other worlds with magic but interdimensional travel is difficult.
Sorry for my bad english

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