[RP] Refuge

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[RP] Refuge

Postby Alicorn » Tue Sep 16, 2014 8:43 am

Please do not post in this thread if you are not me or Armok. Make a discussion thread if you want to talk about this RP.


In the northerly sea sits an island large enough for its sea-edges to be forgotten, if one lives in the middle and doesn't range too far on hunts. There are deer and birds and hares and seals and fish, and those who eat them. There are those who feed on the lesser hunters. There are lush plants that interest only the lowest level of the prey.

Its people make boats, but only of the sort intended to go short distances for better fishing grounds. If there is other land, they've never been there. If there are other people, they've never met them.

It's broad daylight and the bloodsuckers are hiding, so Nira and Rani feel quite safe wandering the coastline looking for crabs and clams.
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