Hiddenlands/Dreamshards Setting

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Hiddenlands/Dreamshards Setting

Postby Bluelantern » Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:42 pm

This is a setting/story with an alternate Earth, the point of difference is the existence of pocket dimensions of varied sizes (ranging from city block to at least two that are continent-sized). They are called “Pocket dimensions” or “Dimensional Folds” (new terms considered more scientific and more used in the Americas) or “Hiddenlands” (older term more used in Europe, I don’t have terms for other continents).

Pocket dimensions are connected to Earth and each other by portals that grant instant gateway and are activated by specific circumstances, but it is possible to leave a pocket dimension by simply walking towards the edge. The edge looks like thick fog and when a person walks beyond it she will experience a temporal anomaly and disappear for a time (it varies depending on the dimension, it can be minutes to decades) and then reappear experiencing only a couple of minutes of objective time.

The generally accepted theory is that the pocket dimensions are natural and *always* existed, when a *new* one shows up, it only because they haven’t been discovered yet.

This isn’t correct, in reality, the dimensions are created by “Dreamshards”, artifacts from another universe hidden here a thousand years ago. Dreamshards look like ordinary gray quartz square cut gems, usually attached to rings, if a dreamshard touches a sleeping person (from now on, called the Dreamer) it will link to they, and theirs dreams will shape a newly created pocket dimension that expands as they sleep. A Dreamer can’t be woke up by external circumstances, they can only awake by becoming lucid during the dream (I will add a link with more later)


Woah, that was bigger than I expected. Sorry for all the spelling mistakes. I wanted to post this before sleep.

So that is the setting basics (there is more, I just don’t want to overload you guys), now the story.

Most of the dreamshards remained lost/inactive for a couple of centuries, until three brothers found them 15 years ago and discovered the magical properties and started using them for profit, until one of the brothers’ kid end up linked with a dreamshard. One of the kids’ uncles felt guilty enough that he used a dreamshard on himself trying to create a cure, instead he accidentally created a copy, that I am calling Kato.

Kato existence seals the brothers fall out, the original kid remains sleeping like in a coma and Kato starts living with his “uncle” and is unaware of his true nature. Fastfoward to the present, Kato meets two siblings from Stormland that sense Kato’s magical aura, that is identical to that of monsters that are constantly attacking stormland and other dimensions which causes Kato to investigate his past.


Other setting features:

There are dozens of sapient races, but only humans are in the billions, a couple others are in millions and the rest is under a 100-1000 members.

There is at least two continent-sized hiddenlands. It is common, but not obligatory, for hiddenlands to be named [feature]land, like "Stormland"

Stormland: its naming feature are magical month-longs caused by monsters. Some people have "Skymagic" that are a group of gifts that include weather control, light or darkness manipulation and wings. It sort of coexists in the area between Europe and Florida and the geography is characterized by island chains.

Twilightland: The sky is a bright purple of perpetual twilight. It highly magical and sort of fairfolk inspired. They are sort of the space goats of everything magical. Time has a variable flow.
Sorry for my bad english

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