The Glowfic Constellation

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Re: The Glowfic Constellation

Postby Moriwen » Mon Oct 02, 2017 4:13 pm

Various tiny things on icon-handling (which is ~so much more convenient~ these days with the expandy galleries and the tags and the faster loading and....!!)

- If you click on a gallery tag to view all the galleries with that tag, the resulting page doesn't have any of the manage/expand options that the general Galleries page does; it would be handy if it did.

- It feels odd that deleting icons while you're on the main Galleries page (via the expandy feature!) redirects you to the page of that particular gallery, rather than back to the main page.

- It would be super-bonus-handy if, when you're redirected to the Galleries page (e.g. by deleting a gallery), it put you back to the spot on the page where you started from, so you didn't have to scroll down and try to find your place again.

- Right now, when you're selecting icons to ad to a gallery, half the time you do this by clicking on the icon and having it highlighted (when adding new icons to an existing gallery) and half the time by clicking on a square in the corner of the icon (when adding new icons to a gallery you're just creating (I love that you can do this now!!)) It might make more sense to have those match? In either case, a "select all in this gallery" (and corresponding "select all ungalleried icons") clickbox would be handy for me fairly often.

- It would be cool if galleries had a "show instances using this gallery" list somewhere, corresponding to each instance's list of galleries it uses.

- <3333
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Re: The Glowfic Constellation

Postby Ezra » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:10 pm

Marri wrote:Throne and Aestrix were talking about this in Discord, I think they've fixed it already? Does it look better nowadays?

Yeah, that'll work! Thanks Throne and Aestrix and Marri!
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Re: The Glowfic Constellation

Postby Marri » Sun Nov 12, 2017 7:33 pm

  • Drag and drop ordering (Throne)
  • Confirmation screen on possible-duplicate replies (Marri)
  • Icon uploading refactor
    • Now available for existing icons on edit pages (Marri)
    • Better error handling (Marri)
    • Progress report (Throne)
    • Shows icon previews once upload is complete (Marri)
    • Behind the scenes refactoring to handle URL escaping properly (Marri)
    • Now deletes in a background job, to speed up the delete endpoints (Marri)
  • Recent Contacts now available when writing messages (Throne)
  • Help display on post/reply editor available through the ? button (Throne)
  • Search posts page can search for author intersection (Marri)
  • There is now a separate page for list of "items favorited" as distinct from "all posts that are related to a favorited item" (Marri)
  • Tag refactor (Marri)
    • Characters can now have Settings, and they persist through duplication
    • Settings can now have parent settings or child settings, e.g. Harry Potter is a parent setting of Hazel
    • The main tag page is linked from the top menu, and can be viewed for all tags or per type (setting, content warnings, etc)
    • Tags can be edited or deleted by owners; Settings are semi-public for editing but markable as private ("owned").
    • Settings can have descriptions
  • Indexes part one: Only Marri can make them, but they exist! (Marri)

  • Stats page was renamed Metadata since it has more than just stats (Throne)
  • Author-specific word counts on Metadata page and some display tweaks thereto (Marri)
  • More dropdowns in search should now auto-filter to other settings, e.g. templates dropdown filters by selected author (Marri)
  • Better edge case handling for characters or posts with icons that are no longer attached to the character (Marri)
  • Character split view on character page now persists in session (Throne)
  • UI handles long character names/screennames better (Throne)
  • Lots of CSS cleanup (Throne)
  • More date fields on report page (Throne)
  • Fixed empty string to nil bug (Throne)
  • Fixed bug with the new template code on characters (Throne)
  • Prefetched speed improvements on post lists (Throne)
  • Fixes and additional info on flat posts (Throne)
  • Improvements to the message grouping code (Marri)
  • Post/reply history pages got a UI overhaul, handles deleted attributes better, and works more consistently with read timestamps (Marri)
  • Gallery UI is used in more places, and is more intelligent about returning/auto expanding itself between page loads (Marri)
  • Icon galleries display in breadcrumbs now, either by name if a single gallery or (x galleries) for x > 1 galleries (Marri)

Behind the scenes:
  • Gem upgrades (Throne)
  • We use Rails' more optimized render-collection pattern to render groups of objects now (Marri)
  • Fixed various Javascript linting issues (Throne)
  • TinyMCE works in development environment (Throne)
  • More tests!
  • Read history is now unique at the database level (Throne)
  • Refactored facecasts code (Throne)
  • Improved some SEO things to make crawler bots stop loading search pages (Marri)
  • Database times now standardized in UTC (Throne)
  • Taggable code and tests consolidated and standardized (Throne)
  • All images and icons are now stored in the asset pipeline (Marri)
  • We now use RSpec for all tests including view tests, and have removed Cucumber entirely (Marri)
  • Better seed data for development (Throne)
  • Replaced protected-attributes gem with Rails 5 syntax (Marri)
  • Memory loggers and some memory improvements (Marri)

SHA: 9dc5ded71f86e53047a5abc4e4bd09c38b62f958
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Re: The Glowfic Constellation

Postby DanielH » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:33 pm

Feature request: a way to request a rebuild of a flat page without actually writing an admin and requesting that. I think most sites let anybody ask for a page to be rebuilt with some limits to prevent abuse (I'm not sure what reasonable limits would be).

In the meantime, can you get the flat version of to be rebuilt? Some of the icons are out of sync; one of the icons that shows correctly in the live version is giving a 403 from Cloudflare, and there's at least one other issue with them.
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Re: The Glowfic Constellation

Postby Marri » Sat Apr 28, 2018 9:48 pm

I did a full regenerate of everything on the site, so all the broken images should be fixed now (I think any flat page updated before we moved to the asset pipeline for icons would've been broken). Look okay now? Added an issue for the feature request.
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