The Glowfic Classifieds

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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby pedromvilar » Wed Nov 01, 2017 6:07 pm

Author Name: Pedro

Constellation: Pedro -

Discord: pedromvilar#7804 - #salmon

Alicornutopia: pedromvilar - Pedro's Point

[Other Social Media]: tumblr -

Openness to Contact: Extremely open, all the time, by anyone.

Openness to New Threads: I'm a threadslut. At one point I had about 35 threads going on and the only reason that stopped was that my brain stopped cooperating when I saw a list of 30 tags owed so I restricted myself to at most two threads per coauthor. But I'm always open to more thread ideas and if we already have threads that are slow/stalled new thread energy might help with this.

Preferred Contact Method: Prefer Google Hangouts (, then Discord PM, then Constellation PM, then tumblr message, then forum message. Forum might take days to be noticed though.

Expected Availability Time (GMT): I am consistently asleep (or brained out) every day between 12AM and 9:30AM GMT. Other times I'm usually variously busy in only approximately predictable ways but can always be contacted and will eventually answer.

Templates: I have bunches of templates but not all of them are really threadable on their own as opposed to supporting cast. The templates that can thread on their own are:
  • Sadde: my main character. Genderfluid, standard glowfic protagonist (transhumanist rat-like etc etc etc), has a very very great mother (Laura) who often gets grisly fates visited upon her, can only exist in opposition to Tobias who is usually their emotionally (and in one case physically) abusive parent but can be something else (in two instances he was a teacher/mentor).
    Sometimes has Willow as best friend.
  • Hero: my take on the Worm character of the same name. Starts out paraplegic and extremely bitter about it, and also is a huge nerd. Access to magic or technology of one form or another cures him of his disability and he proceeds to be A Huge Nerd about that magic or technology that cured him.
  • Holy: hypercompetent, cynical, jaded, violently normal. Comes originally from a setting where she's a devil's Personal Assistant, has minor magic that forces things around her to be Mundane and Normal. Is extremely interested in making things orderly and organised and understandable, and is very put out by people trying to fuck that up. Is very proud of how competent she is.
  • M*n: rich kid of rich parents, very bored with life, is Looking For An Adventure. Is actually pretty resourceful and capable once she has the chance to be, but she is not often given this chance. Looking perpetually for a reason to keep existing.

Settings: I can be a bunch of settings! Links are in my author thread, I'm too lazy to copy them over here.
  • Cardcaptor Sakura: I'm kind of over this because I've done it so much and I'm not sure how much more can be done in it that hasn't been explored yet or isn't slated to be explored somewhere. If you come up with a cool idea for it though I'm down.
  • City of Angles: I can be-the-world very trivially here. Premise tends to be that your character is copied over to the City. City is Very Weird. In a non-Euclidean way.
  • Eclipse: I can also be-the-world here, and I thoroughly enjoy playing Eclipse Sadde, but it is Hard to plot for it.
  • Galatea: it is an original setting, reading the setting thread might be a good idea. Basically there is another world, and four types of magic, the most interesting of which is metamancy which is basically capable of seeing and understanding any kinds of magic including foreign ones.
  • Genesis: I have never threaded here! I'd love to.
  • Spira: Final Fantasy X setting, I have replaced Yuna with a Sadde but this need not be the case, I can play the setting pretty easily.
  • Unspeakable: another setting I have not threaded yet. I have not written its setting thread either. It is a "post-apocalyptic" world in the sense that an apocalypse happened. It went kinda badly though because the angels never showed and the devils just sort of shuffled around awkwardly and then humanity was all like "um" and the devils were like " torture forever y/n/m" and humanity went all "no." and the devils went "oh. okay then." and not they're an integrated part of society. The original Holy instance is from here.
  • Worm: I can be-the-setting at any point in the timeline from Scion's appearance to Golden Morning.

Potential Thread Ideas: The only one that's been biting me has been having someone play Deadpool while I play the Wormverse. Then Deadpool finds out that Panacea can trivially fix his problem but she's in max security jail. Hijinks ensue.

Thread Limits: The only thread things that have made me uncomfortable so far have been related to children being murdery monsters and it was related to a very specific way to present this. I mostly do not have any.

Miscellaneous: I am going through a hopefully temporary intermittent lack of tagbrain. In practice this means that I will sometimes spend a few days without tagging or tagging only very sporadically before spending a few days tagging at a more reasonable rate. When I am very tagbrain I tag very quickly and can consistently keep on top of dozens of threads at the same time for several hours, though.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Unbitwise » Thu Nov 02, 2017 9:50 am

Author Name: Unbitwise

Constellation: Unbitwise —
Discord: Unbitwise#6483 — #unbits
Alicornutopia: Unbitwise — viewtopic.php?f=12&t=446

Openness to Contact: I do not feel that you have an obligation to meet specified criteria before interacting with me, but if I know who you are and what you write already when you start a conversation, that's nice.

Openness to New Threads: Always interested to hear of possible threads but my free time and writing-enthusiam varies wildly.

Preferred Contact Method: Least-bothersome is currently through Discord but I don't mind others.

Expected Availability Time (GMT): I have a day job. So around 01:00 (00:00 DST) to 06:00 (05:00 DST) consistently and depending on how much brain writing requires I may do mid-day replies as well. Weekends sometimes have Other Plans and sometimes do not. P.S. giving GMT times as AM/PM is silly.

Templates: I have two and a third who has not shown up and may or may not exist; both original. I am bad at coming up with names so they both are named after their first instances who also might get renamed when I finish the conlang their names came out of.
  • Thanjen (Jonathan) is a seeker of interesting experiences, an Outdoors Enthusiast, a person who won't actually run away from a Problem if he's stuck with it but definitely isn't going to look for them.
  • Teytis (Kaitlyn) is an organizer and communicator. She wants to lurk in the background satisfied that everyone has the information they need to live their lives better. Her claimverse instance works as a node in the cyborgish global communications network: "Internet router/librarian".

  • Generally: I am familiar with lots of glowfic-original-or-modified settings. I am in the awkward position of reading mostly glowfic lately so I don't have other existing settings fresh in my mind.
  • Original setting PLACEHOLDER NAME 'claimverse' (how the special stuff works; summary version is 'very high power target-limited telekinesis which can also make artifacts') which Still Needs Some Things Invented so I am willing to export characters from it but not currently to run detailed tours unless you wanna help me worldbuild and conlang.
  • Original setting tentatively named 'Metaspace' where the thing is going through portals where the rules are different on the other side. Also you can carry portals through portals. And make new ones. Have not threaded it yet, new threads should be ones conducive to making things up.
  • Young Wizards differently-flavored than Effulgence's interpretation — very early stages making-it-up-as-I-go.
  • If for some insane reason you want to drop a character on the soon-to-be-industrial wasteland of Factorio, I'm game. Originally I thought it would be fun to inflict on Sable-previously-in-Terraria for extra exasperation, but that hasn't happened yet. Likely won't go anywhere too interesting because there isn't really that much there there (in the actual game there are no NPCs and most of the complexity is in your own work, which would not actually be interesting to narrate).

Potential Thread Ideas:
  • See my list of settings as there is overlap.
  • Metaspace needs fleshing out, and one way to try to do that is to write the story of a subworld joining it. Take your choice of setting; just about anything could work. “World in the process of getting destroyed needs evacuation even if the destination isn't much of an improvement” might be interesting.

Thread Limits: I am not actually here for the Suffering (which isn't to say that no bad things happen, just, if that is the point of the thread that is not my thing). I have no experience writing romance-or-sex but that is Awkwardness, not No.

  • I like to get science and technology facts right when they are not explicitly fictional ones. If your thing violates thermodynamics, we can talk about that, but I will definitely notice.
  • I am bad at characters. If the idea requires me to invent and run lots, even of background people, then it probably won't work. Though I have not yet really tried to reuse characters from canons.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby RoboticLIN » Thu Nov 02, 2017 11:05 am

Author Name*: RoboticLIN / Avarlin

Constellation*: RoboticLIN -

Discord: Avarlin#0575 - #LINdustries

Alicornutopia: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=180
(I seem to have lost the link to my authorthread which tells you how often I have used it)

Openness to Contact*: Say hi anytime. I'm friendly! I can listen to rambles. I'm useful! Just be aware I might be playing games and take some time to notice if I haven't been talking in the past little while, I'm not ignoring you.

Openness to New Threads: I'm up for new threads like ALL THE TIME but apparently I suck at idea creating. I have been around here for quite awhile and I've only had about 9~ threads, 2 of which being acceptable. Gimmegimmegimme.

Preferred Contact Method: Preferably my discord channel, but otherwise (besides this forum) I check my things often enough that it doesn't matter. If it isn't in a Glowfic-related spot (as you used a private discord message/googlechat/steam/etc) please say that you found me from Glowfic in the first message so I know (for context and incase of spambots or anything).

Expected Availability Time (GMT): Am in EST timezone (GMT-5). Am around from about 5pm->4am GMT everyday, though my brain drops off around 2am GMT so I can only really follow a conversation and not much of constructively reply. This goes for everyday, not being on this way is quite infrequent.

Templates: I can make new ones. I have a few written up around and about but none too pressing really. Lemme know what you want in a foil.

Settings: None fleshed out enough to say "yes I have it" but seat-of-pants-ing settings is quite fine with me.

Potential Thread Ideas: UNHANDLED EXCEPTION ERROR (Attempted to find "Lin'sThreadIdeas.txt", could not find specified file.) . . .

Thread Limits: Besides "nothing [smutty/kinky/romance-based] until I write more and am not as bad", I have no idea. Never had more than one thread at a time.

Miscellaneous: I just... Don't want to have to read 8 books, watch 3 movies and 2 documentaries, then write a thesis paper on a setting to start doing things with it. I'm fine with low-knowledge-stumbling through settings or whatnot. . . Less reason to check to less effort to work to less effort to find to cyclical everything.
EDIT: Daylight Savings Time just ended so now it's edit time for the time area.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby diagrapher » Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:27 pm

Constellation*: Diagrapher -

Discord: diagrapher#2122

Alicornutopia: Diagrapher - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=626

Tumblr: diagrapher -

Openness to Contact*: Contact me!

Openness to New Threads: Currently very open.

Preferred Contact Method: However you find convenient

Expected Availability Time (GMT): 6PM to 7AM

My templates aren't very fleshed out yet, but I'm interested in writing:
  • A conflict averse, ambitious character looking for win-win solutions
  • A character who really, really wants self-sufficiency
  • An artist who values the honesty of their work highly and has just discovered important secrets which it ought to reflect
  • Someone who sees their task in life as "helping people have fun together and helping to keep/make the world a place where people can have fun together"
  • Versions of Rth Stuart's versions Pevensies from Chronicles of Narnia
  • Versions of the Crystal Gems from Steven Universe, the Doctor from Doctor Who or many different characters from Homestuck
  • Versions of the Sailor Senshi from Sailor Moon based mostly off The Elephant in the Pride Parade's versions but also partly off other fanfic versions
  • A character based off of the My Little Pony fanfic trope of "changeling Twilight Sparkle"
  • Any other character you want me to run

I'd be interested in running
  • A world where magic is pretty freeform but has constraints including "it won't do anything it doesn't 'want to' as based on a set of 'desires' which are only partly understood but have been summarized as 'it likes complicating things, dislikes simplifying things, likes making things possible, and dislikes making things easy'". Magicians lose both the ability to lie and the ability to speak non-cryptically.
  • An Earth with magic places called "Warps" which cause unpredictable magic changes to the minds and bodies of people who enter them and sometimes also give them superpowers. A variable length of time after someone gets Warped, their original, unaltered mind reappears in their body with no memories from after they got Warped and that mind and the Warped one have to share the body.
  • Versions of the settings of The Magic School Bus, Steven Universe, Chronicles of Narnia, Sailor Moon, Dungeon Keeper Ami, the Dark Lord of Derkholm, the Circle of Magic, and more I haven't thought of
  • The setting of Homestuck and various fanfictions thereof such as Herding Cats and One of our Submarines.
  • An idiosyncratically interpreted version of the setting of Magic the Gathering
  • "Cartoon Caveman Sandbox World", where craft is implausibly easy, technology progresses implausibly fast and evolution happens faster than natural selection alone could achieve (but in the direction of selective pressures).

I'd be able to but am less actively looking to run versions of lots of other settings including but not limited to:
  • Doctor Who, Greek mythology and more I haven't thought of.

Potential Thread Ideas:
  • Character gets lost in a Warp
  • Character encounters the Pevensies on Earth
  • Character is summoned in the setting of Magic the Gathering
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Dicehoarder » Wed Nov 08, 2017 1:04 am

Author Name*: Dicehoarder

Constellation*: Dicehoarder -

Discord: Dicehoarder#4262
Alicornutopia: Dicehoarder

Openness to Contact*: Very open, I'm new here, so any contact is good.

Openness to New Threads: Fairly open, I want to get writing.

Preferred Contact Method: Ping me on discord, message me here or message me on the Constellation.

Expected Availability Time (GMT): 02:00 (9:00 PM EST) - 07:00 (2:00 AM EST)

Templates: Harmonizer, Rai (Many, many more to come)

  • Badlands (Gritty, post-apocalyptic fantasy world with seven magical keystones that like to hide.)
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse (Card game set in an original universe based on Marvel and DC)
  • Mindjammer (Transhumanist Sci-Fi setting for the FATE RPG)
  • Teen Titans (preferably the original cartoon, but the comics are also ok)
  • DC Animated Universe (Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Batman: The Animated Series, etc...)
  • Runaways (Marvel Comic)
  • Mega Man/ Mega Man X/ Mega Man Battle Network
  • D&D or Pathfinder inspired settings.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • I am pretty good at world building, and I've got a bunch of settings that I need to transfer over here.

Potential Thread Ideas:
  • A Harmonizer finds a way to leave her universe to go exploring, but doesn't know how to get home.
  • Vys (Rai's angel companion) tells Rai that he's needed on another world, he doesn't like being abandoned by her again, but begrudgingly decides to help.
  • An evil!Harmonizer is on the loose in a world, a heroic Harmonizer stumbles in and decides to try and help anyone trying to stop her evil incarnation.

Thread Limits: Nothing too gory or graphic. Somewhat awkward around writing romance and/or sex, but I'm also trying to expand my horizons. Suffering is OK, but I also like my characters to grow and get stronger not just keep suffering trauma after trauma. I'm willing to try just about anything, but I need to be working with someone I've built up trust with.

Miscellaneous: I'm new here, really want to write glowfic. I have some RP experience both online and tabletop. I think I'm a decent writer, but I'm always looking to improve; if you have constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it. I also tend to go through characters like candy, so don't feel restricted to my current selection.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Neva » Mon Nov 13, 2017 11:36 pm

Author Name*: Neva

Constellation*: Neva -

Discord: Neva#7337 - nevastuary

Alicornutopia: Neva - viewtopic.php?f=12&t=624



Openness to Contact*: If you're interested in something I said, wrote, etc, want to ask me something, etc, feel totally free to contact me! For like, more 'would like to talk to some person', open discord is better.

Openness to New Threads: Right now I am very interested in more threads! However I am new so I don't have a good idea of my limits and stuff and am probably going to have to learn as I go. Please note that while I really do want to be contacted, I may turn people down, including with no explanation, and if that's too much of a problem I'd prefer not to be contacted in that case.

Preferred Contact Method: Discord message is probably best right now. Tumblr pm is also fine. I have gchat I can give out once I know someone better.

Expected Availability Time (GMT): I have a very non-consistent schedule. I am usually *not* available between 11am and 6pm GMT.

Potential Thread Ideas: At the moment I would really love to do some kink things threads (as in kinks of the authors, not as in the characters do kink). I have an in-progress special author page here. However, please be warned that my brain is a shit/minefield.

Some thread ideas:
- Someone shows up in River Sparks. They are appalled and want to help Genea and Aye make stuff better (have one of these in progress!)
- Someone shows up and/or makes alien contact with Enslaved Mages world. They are appalled and want to make stuff better.
->People who shows up want more info on this whole enslaved mages thing and kidnap Elvira.
- Some enslaved mages are transported elsewhere. Oh dear. (Some flavors of potential mages include Slytherin, Generic, and Thinks He is Terrible and Needs to be Tortured Or Bad Things Will Happen).
- L, from her prison cell, is transported elsewhere. She tries to be helpful so as to combine her interests in 'do interesting things' and 'not get executed by the people holding her' until said people show up. (Interworld transit possibilities can be adjusted for desired subsequent Reyna involvement).
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Marri » Wed Nov 15, 2017 11:08 pm

Author Name: Marri
Constellation: Marri
Discord: Marri#6815 - marriposa
Alicornutopia: Marri

Openness to Contact: To paraphrase another post: always happy to receive messages, may not always respond successfully
Openness to New Threads: Pretty much zero at the moment, I do like writing but my brain has room for one of "code" or "write" nowadays and I prefer to prioritize code
Preferred Contact Method: I guess Discord for now? DM is fine, #marriposa is fine, #constellation if it's about the site, if you wish me to chat anywhere else you need to @ me since I mute very aggressively.

Expected Availability Time (GMT): Random. I work roughly 3-11PM GMT (10-6 Eastern) M-F, but frequently have less predictable things like husband/social life and also travel for work a lot. I make terrible decisions and am often up late, though I think Throne still wins that one.

Templates: Emma, Jenny, Alli, Vivian, Erica, Tamara, Scott. I dislike templates in a vacuum, so these all have relatives around at varying levels of awakeness.
Settings: Not much in the way of original settings, probably just Magipaths (magic exists, it's treated a lot like electrical engineering) and Lyric (you can sing things true if you feel strongly about them).
Potential Thread Ideas: You could check my author thread I suppose, but see: wish I had time, do not have time, not really relevant.
Thread Limits: Still not relevant, but: suffering is always fine (hi, Sunday) but generally round to PG-13. Swearing is fine, romance is fine, explicit sex is out, violence and gore default to canon-appropriate.

Miscellaneous: I am the creator of the Constellation. Admire my baby for I love it dearly.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Laethri » Tue Mar 06, 2018 7:00 pm

Author Name*: Laethri


Discord: Laethri#6685

Openness to Contact*: Very open - feel free to say hi anytime!

Openness to New Threads: Open. I haven't had enough muse yet to write up anyone but Miroki yet though, so selection of templates is limited :)

Preferred Contact Method: Discord is best; feel free to ping me or DM. It's pretty likely that any contact method other than Discord will get lost in the void.

Expected Availability Time (GMT): 12 AM to 4 AM, but this will vary depending on work and spoons and such. By default I'll reply at my whimsy; if you want to sit down for a time and glowfic concertedly. might be best to check that I'm free for the relevant time window.

Templates: Miroki - more to come.

Settings: I'm pretty new to glowfic and have much remaining to devour, and am not super familiar with most settings. If you have an idea we can probably use it? I can say this with a bit more confidence once I make a couple more templates.

Potential Thread Ideas: Uhm, working on this one :)

Thread Limits: I think I would be fairly unskilled in writing sexual things, but no limits that I've discovered previously.

Miscellaneous: I shall edit with miscellany once I have miscellany to include.
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Re: The Glowfic Classifieds

Postby Arete/Stars » Wed Apr 18, 2018 7:05 am

Author Name*: Arete/Stars

Constellation*: Arete/Stars -

Discord: Arete/Stars#7872

Openness to Contact*: Fairly open to contact; may not be good at replying promptly.

Openness to New Threads: I am very open to new threads right now.

Preferred Contact Method: Discord

Templates: I currently have Simons (alts of an original-to-Amenta-Tumblr character, tend to be weird theologians), Elianas (alts of Eliana from Fires of the Faithful/Turning the Storm, are ... resourceful violinists? I'm not really sure how to describe them. They also usually come with Miras, who I am even less sure how to describe), Camellias (I am not sure how well Camellias will glowfic), Briannas (can be described as "conversion therapists for [trait]," where the trait can be "sexual orientation" or "being magic" or "being an Amentan hyposensitive" or "religious beliefs" or any of a wide variety of things; come with a Jeremiah who is Doing the Thing she wants to convert people away from), and *mons (not the same template as Simon; their main trait is not killing people, basically ever).

Settings: I'm pretty open to settings if my coauthor is "being the setting." I might be able to run canon!Eliana's as-yet-unnamed origin settings I also have Credence, featuring magical belief alteration.

Thread Limits: I'd prefer not anything too explicit.

Miscellaneous: I have done basically no glowfic and will probably mess things up.
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