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Re: Dissonance

Postby pedromvilar » Mon Nov 13, 2017 3:46 pm

The Principles of Amentan Dissonance (a.k.a. Discord) are:
  • Cleanliness (vs. Pollution): Being clean in thought and in action. Not spreading pollution and keeping it minimised and contained, making sure your environment is clean and orderly, being prompt and proactive about making everyone feel clean and comfortable.
  • Diligence (vs. Idleness): Thorough, consistent, persistent effort. Always having work and always being complete in what you do; not do anything by half-measures and not waste time you could be spending usefully.
  • Excellence (vs. Mediocrity): Always striving to improve. However you did today, do better tomorrow. Always seek to grow and become better at what you do.
  • Nurturing (vs. Neglect): Caring for other people, for their emotions and development and growth. Ensuring others live up to their full potential, giving them resources to succeed and unconditional support.
  • Conscientiousness (vs. Carelessness): Detail-orientedness, carefulness, doing everything you do well. Caring for how details affect the big picture, for how your work fits in the whole and impacts others, making sure what you do is exact.
  • Ingenuity (vs. Unoriginality): Outside-the-box thinking, creativity, originality, inspiration, innovation, artistic merit, intellectual pursuit.
  • Wisdom (vs. Folly): Long-term thinking, even-handedness, fair-mindedness, conservatism, mindfulness of consequences.
  • Neighbourliness (vs. Selfishness): Not eating up the commons, making sure the community has enough, not taking more than you need, making sure others are being given their fair share (not having too many babies).

  • The caste with the highest proportion of magic users is blue.
  • The second caste with the highest proportion of magic users, however, is red, because of their strong caste unity and internal trust.
  • Reds are thought by magic-users to be too polluted to use magic. Magic reds coordinate not to use magic in public and hide the presence of their magic and keep this illusion going.
  • Few magic users are aware that anyone can do magic of any Principle, and most just think that being good at magic is a consequence of being good at your caste plus being a good Amentan in general. Since reds "can't do magic" and the thing their caste is good for is "being polluted," most people think pollution itself precludes magic ability, and the observed lack of magic amongst reds is taken as evidence for pollution being a real thing.
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Re: Dissonance

Postby pedromvilar » Tue Feb 06, 2018 4:30 pm

We never did detail the original principles, so here they are:
  • Lust (vs. Chastity): Lust is about temptation, it's about looking at something that you really want to do and just doing it, and you get bonus points if it's inadvisable or other considerations would make you normally reconsider or think twice before making this choice. Chastity is then about resisting this, about heeding your conscience and your better nature.
  • Gluttony (vs. Temperance): Gluttony is about excess, it's about having more than you need and getting even more, it's about hedonism and limitlessness and your own pleasure regardless of consequences. Temperance is, appropriately enough, about not doing that, about having what's wise and reasonable, even though you could get more, one more slice of cake, one more hour playing video games, one more, it's about having just enough, just what you need, not anything more.
  • Greed (vs. Charity): Greed is about not sharing, it's about having more than other people and not giving what you have extra, it's about hoarding and accumulating and keeping, it's about having more money, more status, more fame, even though you're not gonna use that, just because you can have more and other people can't. Charity is then about sharing what you do have, donating your money, your time, your attention, it's giving others that which, to you, is superfluous.
  • Sloth (vs. Diligence): Sloth is about doing the bare minimum, it's about something that has to be done and doing the least amount of work needed, cutting corners, genuinely risking not getting the thing done because you didn't put in as much effort as you could (higher the risk, higher the reward). Diligence is about putting the effort and work in, about figuring out how to do what you want to do correctly and completely. Note that efficiency is not laziness - if you put in the work to figure out what the most efficient way to get the thing you want done is, and do that, that's not lazy; it would be lazy to not care and do whatever seems easiest.
  • Pride (vs. Humility): Pride is about status and image and self-trust, it's about doing things that will make people think better of you and it's about trusting yourself more than other people, it's about hubris and listening to your own wisdom above that of others. Humility is about deferring to the majority, about being meek and unassuming, about not standing out and not doing things that will bring attention to you, about trusting other people's judgment above your own.
  • Wrath (vs. Patience): Wrath is about lack of self-control, it's about not dealing with other people's bullshit and about righteous fury, it's about doing things in the passion of the moment with the blood still hot. Patience is about being cool, about not letting your emotions control you, about restraint and calculation and being understanding and, well, patient.
  • Envy (vs. Kindness) : Envy is about seeking out what others have because they have it, it's about tearing other people down for your own gain, stealing their glory, using other people's work as your own, winning at the expense of others, copying them and refusing to help them. Kindness is about selflessness, it's about realising the importance of everyone else and acting on it, about making sure others shine as much as they deserve to and seeking to prop them up rather than tear them down.
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