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Postby Alicorn » Sat Oct 07, 2017 5:04 pm

Use this thread to log the categorization of your character templates according to various sorty things. Let me know (not by posting here, please, use another channel to avoid clutter) if I have forgotten some. Skip any you prefer to skip, of course.

Hogwarts house
Amenta caste
Daeva type
Quinn element (no setting page, sorry)
Threefold element
Landkeeper scores
Conquest, Effort, or Sympathy (resistance and affinity)
Arabek domain and terrain
Eclipse role
Mindscape, dreamscape, other personalized 'scapes
Daemon, Nuime soul, other personalized thingamabobs
MTG color
Path to Perfection virtue
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Re: Sorting

Postby Marri » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:36 pm

I got bogged down doing everyone's families so I am just doing main characters, damnit I swear. (With exceptions for those who have already been sorted in glowfics/on the forum.) But if people are interested enough to request relatives*, know that I've probably calculated them already xD

Vivian and Alli are Slytherin. Jenny, Emma, and Emma's aunt are Hufflepuff. Emma's parents are Ravenclaw. If the rest ever appear in a Potterverse thread / attend Hogwarts instead of Texarcana, Erica is Slytherin, Phil is Gryffindor, Tamara is Ravenclaw and Scott is Hufflepuff. Alli's sister Jess has been previously mentioned to be Gryffindor.

Amenta caste
Emma is blue, but would be more suited to yellow or orange. Jenny is orange, Vivian and Tamara are green, Phil is gray, Erica is purple, and Scott is SO VERY VERY YELLOW. Alli is... resisting, and the best I've got so far is gray.

Daeva type
Most of them are fairies. Erica or Vivian I think might end up demon, Tamara maybe angel? I'm bad at these.

Emma is coru with the blessings of flexibility, contentment, and loyalty.
Jenny is elay with the blessings of joy, love, and beauty.
Alli is hunti with the blessings of determination, honesty and courage.
Alli's mother is elay with kindness, hope and serenity
Alli's sister is hunti with courage, vision and persistence. (Alli's mother has not a clue how she produced two hunti daughters with a sweela man.)
Emma's mom is coru with beauty, serenity and luck
Emma's dad is torz with wealth, travel and luck
Jenny's mom is the most torz ever to torz and has fertility, contentment and health
Jenny's dad is torz-but-slightly less, and has spirituality, resilience and love
Working on blessings for Phil (hunti), Erica (coru), Vivian (sweela/hunti?), Tamara (a very even tempered sweela) and Scott (torz)

Jenny and Emma are Light, Alli is Earth, Erica is Water, Vivian is Fire, Phil is making cases for all of them which is annoying but I'm inclined to say Earth, Tamara is Air, Scott is resisting classification but maybe Earth.

Emma and Alli are subs. Jenny is a switch who leans sub, Erica is a switch who leans dom. Vivian, Phil, Scott and Tamara are doms.

'Scape aesthetics
Emma gets somewhere quiet and peaceful not super reminiscent of home, with lots of private nooks; maybe a library or a garden. Jenny gets something cozy and homey and welcoming in the "come sit by my crackling hearth" vein. Alli gets something Dramatic in the goth aesthetic, probably a brooding castle with high walls but surprisingly nice and inviting inside, if slightly in need of attention. Phil gets someplace activity-friendly; probably not actually his gym, but at least someplace with space to run and rocks to climb. Scott's messy but super organized- and I promise this is not contradictory- and has a lot of storage space. Tamara gets wherever she and Kevin first lived after the divorce. Erica gets a labyrinth.

Oh geez. Um. I think Phil has a dog and Emma has a cat and they laugh about stereotypes. Jenny wants a unicorn and gets a robin. Alli is probably a witch which gets her a raven. Tamara has a beaver. Scott has a gerbil. Erica has a swan.

I don't know Landkeeper, CES or Arabek well enough to sort yet; same for Nuime souls.

*Available relatives include: Emma's parents Bill and Eleanor, Jenny's parents John and Theresa, Jenny's siblings Michael, Thomas, Anne and Ptr (Peter/Patrick), Alli's mom Deborah, Alli's sister Jess, Tamara's ex Charlie, Tamara's son Kevin, Tamara's sister Julia, Erica's parents Carol and Trent, Erica's brother Tommy. Tentatively Vivian's parents. Not developed enough are Scott's family, Phil's family, Tamara's parents, Alli's dad, and Emma's infrequently-appearing-as-needed-by-plot aunt or brother.
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Re: Sorting

Postby ChaosMagic » Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:32 am

Just gonna do my three mains for this (Mal, Tess, and Lianne/Rian/Lirhan), otherwise I'd be here all day...

Lianne is Gryffindor all the way. Mal is Ravenclaw. Tess is hard to sort, but probably ends up in Hufflepuff

Lianne has a template attractor that points at 'blue', but is a very malcontent blue who'd much rather be orange or grey depending on Stuff. Mal is green. So green. Tess is probably grey.

Lianne is an angel, Mal is a demon, and Tess... Tess is probably a fairy.

Lianne is Light, Tess is Wood, Mal is Air

Mal is Air, Lianne is Fire, Tess is Wood

Tess has a very strong affinity for effort, and a resistance for conquest. Lianne has an affinity for conquest, and no particular resistances, but ends up going for effort. Mal has an affinity for Sympathy, and a resistance for effort.

Tess is a dom, but a queer one who keeps finding themselves being attracted to other doms. Lianne is a switch. Mal is a dom through and through

Tess has a forest. Mal has a library, though an escher-esque one. Lianne's is softly glowing light everywhere

Tess has a wolf, Mal has a lynx, and Lianne has a lion or other big cat, depending on Circumstances

Tess has template attractors for Druidic magic/aesthetics, so is going to very frequently end up with nature-themed abilities. Mal will tend to have fairly limited but powerful if you lever it right powers. Lianne goes for healing and physical fights. Tess has template attractors for shapeshifting, wolves, and silver/grey/white hair. Lianne has a very strong template attractor for a light theme, and a weak one for big cats.

Standard Superpower
(Figured this falls nicely under 'other')
Tess will almost always get shapeshifting, and if possible turning into animals, talking to animals, and/or plant control
Lianne gets light manipulation and/or healing
Mal gets improved intelligence and/or Tinker-type powers

(this is fun!)
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Re: Sorting

Postby Kaylin » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:33 am

Hogwarts house
Slytherin: Cat, Spider, Z, Hawk, Nate, me depending on the test
Ravenclaw: Darcy, Raven, me depending on the test
Hufflepuff: Merlin, Katherine, Mac(?)
Gryffindor: Arthur, Wolf, Drake, Cole, Lancelot

Amenta caste
Blue: Arthur, Spider(?)
Green: Cat, Darcy, Raven, me
Yellow: Spider(?)
Grey: Cole, Drake, Wolf, Lancelot
Orange: Merlin, Katherine(?)
Purple: Katherine(?)
Red: (Drake)

Daeva type
Angels: Raven, Merlin(?), Cat(?)
Fairies: Cat (Michael cluster), Drake, Katherine, me
Demons: Darcy, Cat(?), Merlin(?)

Quinn element

Eclipse role
Doms: Z, Merlin, Darcy, Arthur
Subs: Cat, Katherine, Lancelot(?)
Switches: Drake, Spider F
Adynamics: Raven?

Cat has some sort of feline, probably a lynx or a jaguar. Raven gets a raven or an owl. Merlin has a teeny owl, a merlin (smol falcon) or a golden retriever. Drake: smol dragon or eagle. Arthur has an eagle, bear, or lion. Darcy has a cat or labrador.
Cole: golden retriever?
Mac: sheepdog?
Nate: ferret, monkey, or human

(will edit later with more)
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Re: Sorting

Postby Anya » Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:23 am

Brain only let me pick a few of these.


Juliet: Hufflepuff
Cass: Hufflepuff
Cal: Gryffindor
June: Ravenclaw
Klara: Slytherin
Seo: Slytherin
Skye: Ravenclaw


Juliet: Green
Cass: Purple, though she'd have to be Blue coz Cal is blue.
Cal: Blue
June: Blue
Klara: Blue
Seo: Grey
Skye: Yellow


Juliet: Dom
Cass: Dom
Cal: Sub
June: Dom
Klara: Sub. Is Ace, but sex positive.
Seo: Switch
Skye: No. Is very ace.


Juliet: Wolf
Cass: Moth
Cal: No. Cals don't come with souls.
June: Lion
Klara: Raven
Seo: Hawk
Skye: Cat


Juliet: Sweela
Cass: Hunti
Cal: Coru
June: Hunti
Klara: Hunti
Seo: Coru
Skye: Torz
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