A Glowfic IRC Channel

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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Mon May 23, 2016 9:38 am

  • 04:15 RoboticLIN joins. Wants a bedtime story.
  • Gets a story about RPG character building. (Woo!)
  • 04:30: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 05:00: Teceler leaves.
  • 06:45: Andygal leaves.
  • 08:00: sonatagreen joins. DeAnno leaves.
  • 08:15: Throne joins. Andygal joins.
  • 08:30: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 08:45: kappabeta joins.
  • 09:00: kappabeta has found an Asian boy Miles facecast. Haruma Miura. (Has already been mentioned?) Is doing icons.
  • Exalted Miles?
  • RoboticLIN joins.
  • 09:15: Exalted is discussed.
  • 09:30: Moriwen joins.
  • 09:45: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • Moriwen and Throne plot.
  • Names are difficult.
  • Rhunes distracting cats with lumen laser-pointer-dots? (Probably works.)
  • 10:15: blinky joins. Is Faceless.
  • Kidnapping without consent: tautological?
  • 10:45: Summaries are kinda stupid long to do – there were 3000 lines of chat yesterday. (Today is about 2500. This is more than usual.)
  • 11:15: Andygal goes AFK. Faceless goes AFK.
  • 11:30: Faceless returns.
  • Teceler joins.
  • 11:45: The authors of DitO laugh at DitO.
  • Andygal returns.
  • RoboticLIN is playing Throne-chat bingo.
  • 12:15: PDV joins.
  • 12:30: 'I feel like "If you Make the Antichrist a Vampire" would make a good children's book, a la "if you give a mouse a cookie."' -Moriwen
  • 13:00: The two Theos are discussed. Are apparently not alike.
  • Throne goes AFK.
  • 13:45: RoboticLIN leaves. Throne returns.
  • 14:15: ZizInABox joins. People do not open it. Except Faith (lotus). Faith opens it.
  • 14:30: Lots of tags in DitO. Faith's catchphrase is uttered: "Iiiiiiit seemed like a good idea at the time?"
  • Pedro joins on mobile.
  • ZizInABox is RoboticLIN.
  • 14:45: Precog: frustrating.
  • 15:00: Pedro leaves.
  • Matt (carmine) 'just came out of the closet' (janitor's closet).
  • 15:15: Faith (lotus) 'anti-ships' people.
  • 15:30: Name collision: 'Cloudbank'
  • Lots of tags. Moriwen asks if Lin is still playing bingo.
  • 15:45: Throne says something is not his fault. It is not in DitO. It is in Book of the Moon, and was not done at this point.
  • Moriwen and Pedro fight over Throne. LIN joins in with pizza, but unfortunately Throne is not currently hungry.
  • 16:00: Andygal goes AFK.
  • MTC leaves.
  • Anagrams of author names for continuities?
  • 16:30: Accidental spoilers result from excited authors (admittedly not future plot spoilers, just 'thing posted about half an hour ago' spoilers).
  • 16:45: Pedro naps.
  • Throne indeed has a brother. Also a twin. And a sister. Is obviously the evil twin, yes.
  • 17:15: Moriwen gets confused by initial letter clashes. (Throne writes Theo, Faceless writes Felix.) Has to double-check that she's using the right one.
  • 17:30: Alicorn joins. Needs a distraction because elves are chewing on her brain.
  • Faceless says that Alicorn and lintamande are monsters. Moriwen is taking a character away from Alicorn until she treats him better. (It's Maedhros. Who is apparently also known as Maitimo, Nelyafinwë, Nelyo or Russandol.)
  • 17:45: Alicorn's treatment of various characters is discussed. Apparently a holiday omake is planned for some characters.
  • Theo (carmine) does not like Eclipse. The template would like to turn an Eclipse-instance into a Tyler if he can.
  • Faith and Tyler in Eclipse?
  • Diaeresis joins.
  • Ways to help Voice are recapped (giving him blind puppies that hate hugs). It is Moriwen's fault.
  • 18:00: The nick column is pushed by long nicks.
  • Aestrix joins! Throne mentions that the trio is present. Alicorn and Aestrix are both surprised that they have mystical trio status.
  • DeAnno joins. Lots of people are present.
  • 18:15: "give us this day our daily Miles" -Moriwen
  • "A Miles a day" is discussed.
  • Alicorn leaves.
  • Sunnypire Miles.
  • 18:30: Sunnypire blues. Yvette wants to live a mostly normal life, low-profile, saving the world if necessary so she can continue to live her life.
  • Moriwen goes AFK.
  • Sunnypire-Revan is apparently "completely fucking terrifying". They keep their ambition. "Everything would be better if I were in charge."
  • 19:00: Vampire Veron is apparently difficult. Kinda like Yvette, less inclined to save the world.
  • Theos are scary when made into sunnypires. Are described, gives Sunny-Revan an idea.
  • 19:15: Moriwen leaves. People glare at her connection. Aestrix does not glare, is instead disappointed.
  • Is Diaeresis lintamande? No.
  • 19:30: Sunnypires are still discussed.
  • Throne is reminded that Tyler (carmine) is not a good role model. Needs to partition his characters better.
  • 19:45: Moriwen returns.
  • Pedro and Moriwen fight over Throne. Again.
  • Pedro and Moriwen need to write a thread together.
  • LIN lacks context, is ejecting, Aestrix posts a gif
  • 20:00: Throne is being 'all seriously menacing'. Diaeresis says, "if you have to say you're menacing, you're doing it wrong".
  • Pedro links Moriwen a thing (warning: stabbing sounds, psychopathic laughter, that sort of thing), apparently something that LIN sent him to send on.
  • Pedro goes for pizza.
  • Proximal and 'delicious redaction cake'. Good timing.
  • Throne explains Proximal to Aestrix. It gets put on the shelf next to Facet.
  • 20:15: Waffles joins. Is Timepoof.
  • 20:30: Moriwen goes AFK.
  • Faceless and Moriwen want to do a thread in Proximal. Want to name it "Everything is awesome". Throne says "it doesn't really mesh with the theme unless you shove a Faith there".
  • LIN forgets that Aestrix inflicted Throne upon them. (:P)
  • Throne seriously overestimates how well Proximal can stop people from fixing it. Says Aestrix could probably do it with enough magic, yes.
  • Pedro returns.
  • How to explain glowfic in a way that seems appealing to outsiders? It seems to be 'the solution to this is difficult'.
  • 20:45: Timepoof leaves.
  • Glowfic: "collaborative fiction where the objective is to break the world as much as possible" -Diaeresis
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • "Okay, so my 'Proximal is probably not /super/ easy to solve with magic' guess was wrong. Aestrix has found out how to solve it." -Throne
    "It still wishes to tell you to get lost if you try to fix it" -Throne
    "It took me five minutes" -Aestrix
  • 21:15: "Proximal: officially easily broken. It might be patched in the next version. :P" -Throne
    "I might just make it a little more belligerent than it currently is" -Throne
  • flabbergaster joins.
  • Throne leaves.
  • flabbergaster is Timepoof.
  • 21:45: PDV joins. Timepoof leaves. RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 22:15: Andygal returns. linkhyrule5 leaves. Faceless pokes chat.
  • "Things are quiet without throne" -Faceless. "I think Lin helps, too" -Aestrix.
  • "vampire miles just met slayer bella" -kappa
  • 22:30: Apparently Occlus wants to do something.
  • Faceless asks a question about Suranse. Aestrix also helped write the setting, coughs.
  • 23:00: lintamande is back.
  • 23:15: sonatagreen leaves.
  • 23:45: pedro leaves. Faceless leaves.
  • 00:15: Aestrix leaves.
  • 00:30: Adelene wants to throw a Raafi at a Jean.
  • kappabeta leaves.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • 01:15: rockeye joins. Is trying to template a character called Knight, who is an adrenaline junkie.
  • 01:30: rockeye leaves.
  • 02:00: Diaeresis leaves.
  • 02:45: PDV leaves.
  • 03:30: Teceler leaves.

Asian Miles, Exalted Miles. DitO. Pedro & Moriwen fight over Throne. Alicorn joins and wants to be distracted (is told she is a monster, that sort of thing). Sunnypires. Proximal is easily broken depending on how belligerent it feels and how magical you are.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Tue May 24, 2016 3:14 pm

  • 04:00: Andygal leaves.
  • 05:00: DeAnno leaves.
  • 07:00: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 08:00: Throne joins.
  • 08:45: Kappa joins. Is enjoy vampire miles's suffering.
  • 09:45: It is discussed why vampire miles does not just act as he would expect non-vamp miles to act. Appears to be mainly that it would be brutal on cognitive and emotional workload.
  • 10:15: pedro joins. RoboticLIN joins. linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • Pedro finds the City of Angles style to be kinda annoying.
  • Punctuation (specifically styles of writing ellipsis, and the various dash-related things: hyphen, en-dash, em-dash).
  • 10:30: Throne uses WinCompose to type certain characters, does not find it particularly difficult to use.
  • Ellipse (circular thing) vs ellipsis (three dots)
  • 10:45: sonatagreen joins.
  • 11:15: linkhyrule5 joins. Andygal joins.
  • Alethics.
  • 11:30: Miles and fate effects.
  • Orcs and oaths.
  • 11:45: Throne has limited knowledge of Middle-earth.
  • 12:00: Faceless joins.
  • 12:15: Importing alethics.
  • 12:30: Tyler (carmine)'s opinions on certain people being in charge.
  • Pedro leaves. Faceless leaves.
  • Tyler does not use murder as a first step, no.
  • RoboticLIN goes AFK.
  • 14:00: Teceler joins, notices the amount of backscroll.
  • Moriwen joins, pokes Throne.
  • Faceless joins.
  • 14:15: Throne has been working out how to use Blender as a video editor. Mainly to crop videos to just the sections he wants.
  • Goes AFK.
  • Promise in Middle-earth: "interesting and/or horrifying".
  • Silvers in Eclipse.
  • 14:30: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • dr_bibble joins, is RoboticLIN on a desktop, fortunately there is significantly less fire than previously.
  • 15:00: Diaresis joins.
  • Plate throwing? Murdering robots for souls? Lin leads an exciting life.
  • 15:15: Throne returns, is surprised that Lin's desktop works.
  • Disputes how adorable Faceless's characters are, points to own characters as proof that silves are not "the most adorable characters".
  • Kel joins.
  • Andygal: "I would not describe Tyler as adorable."
    Andygal: "Interesting, but not adorable."
    Teceler: "Andygal, smol Tyler is def. adorable"
    Throne: "Moriwen totally considers Tyler adorable"
  • It is unknown how 'adorableness' is being counted.
  • Faith (lotus) + Tyler is adorableness overload.
  • The Theo spectrum is poorly defined.
  • Occlus is "like the adorablest" -Moriwen.
  • 15:30: Cuteness vs adorableness. Moriwen does it based on how well they interact with kittens and how badly they need kittens, or something like that.
  • Throne bingo.
  • Throne now knows that Opal's kitchen looks like.
  • Tyler apparently wants a Bonesaw. (No, he is not getting one.)
  • sonatagreen leaves.
  • The chat is moving rather quickly.
  • 15:45: Throne is supreme leader of IRC. Sets Moriwen as supreme leader #2. Maybe as leaderess of a subdomain. Sets Pedro as supreme leader #2. Moriwen tries to argue her case.
  • LIN links the "You stole my senpai" video again.
  • 15:45: sonatagreen joins.
  • Kappa gets permanent god powers over #glowfic.
  • 16:00: MTC leaves.
  • 16:15: Lin joins on a laptop. Has a bad keyboard.
  • 16:30: Moriwen goes AFK.
  • rockeye joins. Has been thinking about a character, "Knight", who he wants to make more complex. And hopefully wake up. She's a adrenaline junkie/speed demon.
  • 16:45: Lin calls Throne a narcissist, because he starts talking about Brant Daugherty while they're talking about Knight.
  • Kel leaves.
  • 17:00: Knight with an adopted Tyler sibling?
  • Teceler leaves.
  • Jean (lotus)'s opinions of things
  • 17:15: Pedro joins.
  • 17:30: Moriwen returns. Rockeye leaves.
  • Silver-lotus Eclipse thread?
  • 17:45: Silver-salmon Eclipse thread?
  • Face-cast collisions.
  • Throne thought Willow in Potterverse was Marri's, not Pedro's.
  • Throne forgets some other characters too.
  • 18:00: Saddes' opinions on Throne: How dare you forget Willow. Sunny-Sadde's opinions: should not be repeated.
  • 18:15: Lin leaves.
  • Oh look, an Evelyn (carmine).
  • Theo in Eclipse: Throne is inclined to Tylerify him.
  • 18:45: Pedro is busy.
  • New Jean pics
  • Even Throne doesn't have four icons containing the word 'nude'. None contain 'nude'. There are three that involve people shirtless, though.
  • Pedro puts a list within a list on his index. Asks Throne if his scraper can handle it. (Raaargh.)
  • 19:00: Throne is accidentally menacing.
  • Throne is then intentionally menacing.
  • Kappa asks what the deal is with Lapis vampires. The deal is explained.
  • 19:15: Pedro does too much PDA. Is shooed.
  • There is a joke about Pedro being shared with Moriwen. By Throne. (Did not actually happen.)
  • 19:30: Pedro wants a thread title for fairyland.
  • 19:45: Would you rather: Pedro or Moriwen. "Hmmm" -Throne.
  • Moriwen suggests a summary for this section of conversation: "debates over Throne's virtue"
  • Lin suggests a topic: "New Housewives of Glowfic"
  • Pedro is "pretty sure [he has] thoroughly corrupted throne by now like completely"
  • Tree-names. As in, like "Willow". Names that are trees but also people names. Not names for trees.
  • Opal (Theo, carmine) wants to be rid of Reubel in DitO.
  • Vampirism: yay or nay?
  • Llamas with hats.
  • 20:00: Moriwen goes AFK. Returns.
  • DitO spoilers are discussed without actually spoiling anything.
  • 20:15: Moriwen leaves. Faceless leaves.
  • 20:30: HATS joins. Is new. Is not Timepoof, nor rockeye, nor Evenstar, nor RoboticLIN, nor Throne.
  • Is offered cookies. Apparently Diaeresis was not offered cookies.
  • 20:45: Rockeye joins. Leaves.
  • Lin leaves.
  • HATS says the summaries are amusing. [Yes, this has been included just because I like compliments, and this counts.]
  • Is thinking about doing a glowfic! Is not sure they have a character.
  • Something related to the works of Tanya Huff. Kappa wants to ship Miles and Torin Kerr.
  • Faceless joins.
  • Milliways might be a good start.
  • HATS is still not Timepoof. He is new.
  • 21:00: Has HATS read any of Throne's stuff? Possibly! Knows that Theo is one of Throne's characters.
  • Other authors and characters are discussed, for HATS is new and does not know everybody totally.
  • TLAs (three-letter acronyms) are discussed.
  • Elodie joins! Is in fact not new, is Timepoof, is not Timepoof, is Rockeye. "BAIT AND SWITCH" -Rockeye. Teceler throws letters at them. Throne has protected his nick such that people get kicked off after a minute if they don't identify as him, ~woo~.
  • Lots of introductory stuff.
  • A bit about MWF.
  • Elodie is one of rockeye's characters and is a 12-year-old queen who is completely out of her depth and being steered around by a regency council. (Tyler, carmine, wants to take over the regency council.)
  • 21:15: Throne is "not sure how Tyler works out later on in life. He's not very passive. Usually he's too busy being oppressed by the [Capitol, fact he doesn't exist, ...] to get stuff done earlier on".
  • rockeye leaves.
  • 21:30: It is recapped that Theos do not do well in Names-Fairyland. Teceler asks if you can get a Tyler that way. "you, I believe, can" says Throne, "but it's more likely you get a super phobic Theo who possibly Theo-dies". Other possibilities are also explored.
  • Also asks whether Tylers can appear with Rachels (carmine), and how Rachels affect things.
  • 21:45: Kappa comes to "brag about this miles facecast's stupidly pretty face"
  • Old Kingdom series! Kappa and Maggie? Astarael is a Steven.
  • Throne in fact does have a dark theme for the forum.
  • HATS leaves.
  • Keys to the Kingdom: also a Garth Nix story.
  • 22:00: Throne leaves.
  • rockeye joins. Makes a joke: "How is abstract mathematics like rapping?" Answer: "Frequent use of the phrase 'for reals'".
  • 22:15: rockeye leaves.
  • 22:30: Diaeresis leaves.
  • 22:45: pedro leaves. Faceless leaves.
  • 23:00: Moriwen joins.
  • 00:00: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 01:00: MTC joins. Kappa leaves. Moriwen leaves.
  • 02:30: sonatagreen leaves.

Vampire Miles. Punctuation. Eclipse. Adorable characters. Knight (rockeye's)! Willow Maxwell (salmon) was forgotten by Throne. PDA. Virtue. Trees (literal trees). Vampires. HATS is new. Elodie (rockeye's). Theos and Fairyland. Tylers and Rachels. Old Kingdom.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Wed May 25, 2016 5:56 am

  • 04:45: Teceler leaves.
  • 07:00: Andygal leaves.
  • Throne leaves. Has written 160822 words of glowfic, and 5295 replies.
  • 08:30: Faceless joins.
  • 10:00: Kappa joins.
  • 10:15: leaper joins, is Timepoof.
  • 11:00: Faceless links a cat
  • 11:15: Andygal joins.
  • Tell culture is discussed. Is not widely implemented.
  • 11:30: How to hook a friend on glowfic? Possibly start with Incandescence. Or Miles. Maybe Hazmats?
  • 12:00: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 12:15: mr_boo joins, is RoboticLIN.
  • "how dare you Sebastian Stan" -Faceless
  • 12:30: linkhyrule5 joins. sonatagreen joins.
  • 12:45: HATS joins. Is rereading the Torin Kerr books for kappa.
  • Eclipse psion specialties and how long they take?
  • 13:00: HATS is "o.0" at Eclipse.
  • 13:15: RoboticLIN: "we aren't smut authors"
    Throne: "Speak for yourself xD"
  • Moriwen joins.
  • RoboticLIN: "Note HATS: Throne is our local flamboyant homosexual"
    Throne: "I am not particularly flamboyant"
    Throne: "Brant*"
    Throne: "I do, however, have a link to a flamboyant-ish T-shirt which has a lot of flamboyant banner ads around it :p"
  • Throne links to pictures of his face-casts, again.
  • 13:30: Faceless: "huh, I think this is tyler kissing and not theo kissing?"
    Throne: "possibly but probably not"
  • Throne asks if he is a flamboyant lesbian, on account of being sort-of called both flamboyant and a lesbian by RoboticLIN. [Throne is still male, for the record, and therefore excluded from being a lesbian.]
  • Moriwen and Throne are starting a third thread some time. A third thread for Opalescence, and also a third continuity.
  • 13:45: HATS leaves.
  • 14:00: Faceless leaves.
  • 14:15: It is "unacceptably quiet" -RoboticLIN.
  • Throne still likes his template nicknames.
  • Timepoof leaves!
  • Moriwen: Eclipse!Zari icons.
  • 14:30: hatman joins!
  • hatman clarifies for Throne that they are not Throne.
  • 14:45: Moriwen is doing lotus template nicknames.
  • IRC bingo.
  • hatman leaves.
  • yellowchelseanot joins. Has eaten the hatman. Teceler applies wards. Throne is okay, for Tyler will just make him sociopathic instead of scarily infatuated, which is obviously a good thing. Moriwen is affected.
  • Kappa leaves.
  • yellowchelseanot is in fact timepoof. Is not rockeye.
  • Faceless joins.
  • IRC bingo! For Throne's catch phrases, for he has many.
  • He objects to some of the phrases with "that's not my fault", causes Moriwen to check off a square.
  • Moriwen sounds like Pedro.
  • 15:00: Some of the bingo is for actions that are not his fault but involve him.
  • Andygal suggests "being told to get go sleep", and Throne replies, "and just for that, I'm traumatizing Opal further".
  • Throne forgets if he has trauma planned with Moriwen. He does. Trauma is indeed planned.
  • Andygal would suggest traumatizing Cardcaptor Theo some more, but it's already being done.
  • People are okay with Throne trying to get bingos too. "At least the chat is not dead."
  • Teceler goes mobile!
  • Timepoof is eating (Russian) waffles with mashmallows. (Nom.)
  • Throne needs more Theo-Goalie spectrum template names, for they are varied and many. He also needs a succinct name for the spectrum. (Does he? Does he really?)
  • Baby naming tools are suggested for generating names. Hunter or Connor? Possibly
  • 15:15: MTC leaves.
  • People like the Pokémon world in Effulgence.
  • 15:30: sonatagreen leaves.
  • Throne mixes up ツ and シ, tut tut. Rookie mistake.
  • 15:45: Moriwen and Throne go to plot.
  • Timepoof contemplated rice.
  • Moriwen contemplates food.
  • 16:00: What do people do with squares? People are not totally clear on how much squares can do.
  • 16:15: Everyone obviously wants a hex. A pentagon would have people torn.
  • sonatagreen joins.
  • If pentagons can summon magical things, like vamp venom, that is probably preferable to just wishing for health improvements.
  • 16:30: Timepoof thinks Lapis vampire stuff would be better than Twivamp stuff.
  • Throne and Moriwen are not sure they'd pick Lapis over Twivamp. Throne probably would.
  • Witchiness is tempting if the twivamp thing comes with that.
  • Discussions of why certain preventative measures are not possible with Lapis vamps.
  • Throne wonders if magical people are possible with pentagons. Probably not. Andygal "NOPE NOPE NOPE"s because "it's a terrible idea." (:P)
  • It is discussed how you would guarantee becoming a Lapis vampire. Moriwen: "what on earth is wrong with shooting yourself like a normal person." Throne: "… oh, good point. we don't have [as many] guns in the UK". (They're super restricted. Farmers and some police, if you're looking at getting it legally?)
  • This conversation moves to #glowfica.
  • 16:45: rockeye joins. Throne bingo is discussed.
  • RoboticLIN goes to play with a Shadowrun 5 character creator.
  • 17:00: Throne: "I like how casually Moriwen and I discuss some things"
    Teceler: "is this re: #glowfica, Throne"
    Throne: "yes"
    Teceler: "because that conversation is bizarre out of context, and somewhat even in context"
  • 17:15: NIcole (forest) in Lapis (carmine-lotus)?
  • 17:30: rockeye leaves.
  • "what the downside" -Timepoof.
  • Pen & paper games are discussed.
  • Aestrix joins.
  • Timepoof leaves.
  • Throne is a Brit. "To have/get the hump with someone" means "to be annoyed with", not anything related to "to hump someone". Proximal "has the hump with" Aestrix. This is apparently not a phrase used in North America.
  • 17:45: Aestrix doesn ot like Proximal's methods, would go in and talk sternly to it.
  • People are shoved to #glowficb.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • There was a game involving Teceler and Link. Apparently the "go outside and watch the hurricane" push wasn't strong enough, so they had characters scrying in a building who almost missed some stuff.
  • 18:30: Moriwen returns.
  • There exists a hugpile.
  • Aestrix has explained Facet to Throne in #glowficb.
  • Kappa joins.
  • Aestrix explains Facet. It has a system that allows for immortality but requires three people to be tortured (with crawlies going over your skin and otherwise sensory deprivation) forever for every one person who is immortal.
  • 18:45: Aestrix is "not really stabbity, it's true".
  • linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • Also Facet does bonsai. Otherwise seems super nice.
  • Leaf does arcany (Facet magic)
  • 19:00: Poof joins.
  • Etherpad for the arcany ritual
  • Terminology for glowfic continuities, sub-continuity things, collections and so on is desired.
  • Normal people in Facet are not allowed to do many dangerous things. Also, there is powerful censorship on the internet.
  • linkhyrule5 joins.
  • Jean (lotus) does not like censorship, now wants to fix Facet. Did not much before.
  • The sensory deprivation and crawliness of the immortality thing is not so bad when it's split between four people without the "patch" to allow someone to be free and to sacrifice the other three. Apparently allowed the development of the ritual.
  • 19:15: Throne: "Proximal is practically huggable in comparison"
  • Zari (lotus) apparently wants to marry the person who did the censorship program (in Facet).
  • Throne needs to step up his dystopia game (says Moriwen).
  • Words and terminology are discussed more than before. A template-neutral word for "pealing" would be nice (say Throne and Kappa and others imply they desire as such), but a good word is not found.
  • 19:30: For these words to be used, they should probably be obvious enough that a reference list is not needed, at least not after looking at them a couple of times.
  • 19:45: sonatagreen leaves.
  • Forum thread about terminology.
  • Facet stuff: Inavet & Miles?
  • Celebrity couple name-mashups. Thoriwen? Prone? Kapstrix or Aestricorn?
  • The pronunciation of Aestrix's name: controversial. Throne asks if it's "ee-striks" (ee-strix), Aestrix says she uses "eye-strix", Teceler has been pronouncing it "Ay-strix", RoboticLIN and Kappa "eh-strix" (and they say Aestrix said eh-strix), Aestrix doesn't know.
  • 20:00: sonatagreen joins.
  • Timepoof wants to know how to invite a Miles into her brain. Kappa unfortunately does not know how.
  • Libby/James (purple) is okay with either "Libby" or "James"; does not have a strong preference.
  • Throne likes having Tyler semi-awake in his head. Other people also have awake characters. Some people just seem to treat them as though they have good models of a good friend.
  • PDV joins.
  • 20:15: Emotional bleedover from characters can be frustrating.
  • A box of hugs is offered again. Tyler (carmine) still finds it creepy. Throne is told that Tyler is not a good judge of creepy. Throne says Tyler feels bullied. Moriwen says he should for he is a bad person. Tyler in Panem gets some sort of leeway, because he's in Panem. Teceler does not blame Panem-Tyler for having "assassinate people" as a potential plan.
  • <Moriwen> I love that your reaction to reuben is "so annoying, let's kill him" and your reaction to tyler is "he's a good person really"
    <Throne> like, well, yes, but xD
    <Throne> Reuben is really annoying, okay? xD
    <Moriwen> xDDD
  • 20:30: Opal (Lapis-Theo, carmine) and whether Lapis vampirism alters your ethics (sooort of, but it's more an inhibition alteration).
  • Poof leaves.
  • Em + Mu (lotus) = Emu. The template is now Emu. The reason she is named "Em" is because her parents could only agree on the letter "M".
  • Characters and their parents are discussed. Throne does not know whether his characters' parents even exist, really, except for Theos'. Aestrix knows parents.
  • Apparently Ev (carmine)'s parents may have been deposed. (Yes.)
  • Characters' childhoods and backstories are discussed.
  • Reuben (lotus)'s ethical system mostly works, but is seriously frustrating.
  • 20:45: Yvette asks what "the right thing" is.
  • jelloeye joins. Is rockeye.
  • Yvette allows Reuben to continue, because he's "kind of traditionalist but so far not actively harmful".
  • Tyler wants to force Reuben to be 'better' than this. Yvette asks for the definition of 'better'. People want to throw their characters at Yvette.
  • Hivers (hive-ers, not 'French winters')
  • Yvette and Tyler have an argument.
  • 21:00: Misunderstandings.
  • 21:15: PDV leaves.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • 21:30: Issues relating to definitions of words.
  • pedro joins.
  • Blues and animals (specifically cats and dogs at first).
  • Moriwen returns.
  • Lotuses and animals.
  • 21:45: Faith has bad logic. Results in twenty cats.
  • 22:00: Faceless shares silver reactions to Jean & dad.
  • Kel joins.
  • linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 22:15: Throne leaves.
  • Does not leave people enough time to say goodbye, apparently did not disappear as quickly as was expected, returns and is buried in 'goodnight', leaves.
  • Had joked, "I'm not a butt. I left a whole 6 seconds for something." Kel says it was five, people didn't take it as a joke. [Oops.]
  • 22:30: Apparently the supply of Yvette is not finite.
  • Discretion, being discreet, discrete math.
  • Crowdfunding? ("oooh i would totally glowfic for money" -pedro; "Well who wouldn't" -Lin)
  • Pedro is reading things (like the Vorkosigan Saga), is too busy to catch up on glowfic.
  • 22:45: The pronunciation of dendarii: den-dah-ree, den-dei-ree, den-dah-ree-eye?
  • Pronunciation of Greek letters?
  • Printers and gremlins.
  • 23:00: The pronunciation of Aestrix's name is discussed again. Aestrix: "I think I will sincerely try to stick to eye-strix, because that sounds best to me when I stop and think about it"
  • People and their names are discussed. Pedro's is a real name. Aestrix likes her name. Rockeye's is "shared with an annoying mascot character".
  • Kappa: "hmm time for me to annoyingly go to bed before anyone has time to tell me goodnight", leaves.
  • 23:15: Is Lin Avar or Lin? (Aestrix likes consistency, will go with Lin so people don't get confused).
  • Names of the same length. And same initial. (7, A)
  • Rockeye leaves.
  • 23:45: Lin leaves.
  • 00:00: Pedro leaves. Aestrix leaves. Faceless leaves.
  • 00:30: Diaeresis joins temporarily, leaves.
  • 00:45: Kel leaves.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • 01:15: sonatagreen leaves.
  • 02:30: DeAnno joins.
  • 03:15: Moriwen leaves.
  • 03:30: Teceler leaves.
  • 03:45: Moriwen rejoins temporarily, leaves.

Tell culture! HATS. Throne bingo. Icons and nicknames. What do people do with each of: squares, pentagons, hexes. Lapis vampires. Proximal. Pen and paper games. Facet. Awake characters. Pronunciation (of Aestrix and dendarii). Couple name mashups. Terminology. Emu. Yvette vs Tyler (and frustration). Leaving without giving time for "goodbye". Avar/lin.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Wed May 25, 2016 6:34 am

  • 06:00: Moriwen joins temporarily, leaves. Andygal leaves.
  • 08:00: DeAnno leaves.
  • 10:15: Faceless joins.
  • 11:00: Andygal joins. Moriwen joins temporarily, leaves.
  • (Time)poof joins, says "I KNEW IT" about applied theology.
  • Throne joins. Has not read it.
  • 11:15: Throne is 'never gonna catch up' 'ever'. Is told 'yes you wiiiiiiillll' -Andygal, and that 'the computer magic that [he] made helps!' -Faceless
  • 11:45: Lin joins.
  • Throne found a thing on Tumblr, points it at Poof. Apparently Russian waffles are not nearly as sweet as other waffles.
  • 12:00:
  • Some really old WoW meme is discussed ("-50 DKP"?)
  • Kappa joins.
  • 12:15: Moriwen joins, is greeted with "Morimorimori" -RoboticLIN.
  • 12:30: Faceless leaves. linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 12:45: PDV joins.
  • 13:00: Faceless joins.
  • 13:30: Pedro joins.
  • Kirby glowfic. Faceless "knows nothing of kirby except for the cannibalistic mimicry".
  • 13:45: Kirby swallowing another kirby?
  • 14:00: LIN leaves.
  • 14:30: How should warnings work in glowfic, especially on constellation where tags are not yet implemented? Specifically for things such as: "sex, graphic violence, characters self-harming"
  • Throne would rather not put a link in to skip over graphic violence because it would presumably have to spoil that graphic violence is coming up and therefore lessen the impact for those who choose to read it. Has added a thread-wide warning to Opalescence threads about it instead.
  • 14:45: Teceler joins.
  • Moriwen (and Throne) don't really mind what level bothers people (e.g. if for "any mention of injury", that's fine, just so long as the necessity of a warning is known), and it'll just end up being thread-wide on basically all their threads.
  • 15:15: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 15:30: Moriwen's sister acts cute.
  • 16:00: MTC leaves.
  • 17:00: Moriwen leaves.
  • 17:15: "Oh, aww. Coruscation is becoming adorable. I predicted the adorable, just saying." -Throne. (Coruscation is the Pedro-Alicorn thread thing with Glam and Lorica.)
  • Faceless is behind on lots of glowfic.
  • 17:30: Faceless leaves.
  • 17:45: Sigma joins. "So that thing in Coruscation sure is happening, huh? How about that." -sigma
  • 18:15: Throne did a summary for 05-22. Looks at the logs for 05-23. Sees the 4000 lines of chat. "guys, can you not do 4000 lines of chat in a single day, please, like you did yesterday. I mean, it was a Monday. You guys usually do maybe 1000 lines on a Monday." -Throne
  • 18:30: Coruscation conversation moves to #glowfica.
  • Faceless joins.
  • Dorthonion and Darth Onion.
  • 19:00: kermit joins, is RoboticLIN. "Sooooo Throne, I do become amused how you summarize what I say :p" -RoboticLIN
  • linkhyrule5 joins.
  • Teceler is trying to hack together a dark theme for rolz. Apparently it doesn't want to be dark.
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 19:15: Aurum vamps as Worm parahumans?
  • Elspeth's power would probably have to be redesigned slightly? Might be difficult, since "can't lie very well" sounds like a template attractor thing.
  • 19:30: Teceler links the template gdoc. Apparently Elspeth is a template in: Aurum, Frozen, Pacifica.
  • PDV doesn't like some things about Worm.
  • 19:45: Throne leaves.
  • More explanation.
  • Pedro leaves.
  • PDV plugs the "Wild Cards" series.
  • 20:00: PDV leaves.
  • 20:30: hats joins! Is lowercase this time.
  • 20:45: Torin Kerr and Miles. (Tanya Huff's confederation series.)
  • 21:15: Kel joins.
  • krebbit joins, is RoboticLIN.
  • 21:30: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • Pedro joins. Welcomes hats. Is introduced to the confederation series, adds it to a to-read list.
  • 21:45: rockeye joins.
  • 22:00: Moriwen joins. hats leaves.
  • Teceler caught up on DitO!
  • 22:15: TV! Lots of TV. People seem to like "Planet Earth".
  • 22:30: rockeye leaves. pedro leaves.
  • 22:45: Moriwen leaves.
  • 23:00: Faceless leaves. Moriwen returns briefly, leaves.
  • 23:30: kappa joins. DeAnno joins.
  • 23:45: PDV joins.
  • 00:00: hats joins.
  • 00:15: hats leaves.
  • 00:30: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 00:45: sigma leaves.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • 01:15: Moriwen joins. Kel leaves.
  • Moriwen is building a world. Apparently it was kind of an experiment in "How Evil Can I Be"
  • 01:30: Moriwen leaves.
  • 03:30: PDV leaves.

Chat is quiet for once! Elves. Russian waffles. Kirbies. Warnings. Coruscation. Dorthonion/Darth onion. Summaries are amusing? (Woo!) Aurum vamps as Worm parahumans. Elspeth. "Wild Cards". Confederation series. DitO. TV. A (horrible?) lotus world.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Thu May 26, 2016 7:34 am

  • 04:30: Teceler leaves.
  • 06:00: Throne joins.
  • 07:15: Faceless joins.
  • 07:30: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 08:30: DeAnno leaves. Andygal leaves.
  • 09:00: Probability.
  • linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 10:00: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 10:15: RoboticLIN joins.
  • 10:30: Moriwen joins.
  • "Bland" (a new lotus world) is discussed. The magic system involves trading away traits so that you are now "average" in that respect (e.g. you are short-tempered, you trade that away, you're now averagely easy to temper), and putting this trait into an object, though the magic result you get out of it is not necessarily directly related (e.g. anger might make a 'rock of fire' or something). There's also a dystopian underground society and a post-apocalyptic overground not-so-society.
  • 10:45: People attempt to exploit things and develop it and stuff. Is a relatively evil world. (There have been worse worlds. This is pretty bad in a lot of ways, though.)
  • Moriwen: "First try! growth mindset!"
    Moriwen: "it was mostly like 'what magic system would make kappa's character's scream the most'"
  • 11:00: Theo (carmine) and Bland! (Probably not?)
  • 11:15: Continued discussion.
  • 11:30: PDV joins.
  • 12:00: Throne bingo.
  • PDV leaves.
  • Tyler (carmine) and Faith (lotus) should happen. As should carmine-lotus Buffyverse.
  • 12:15: Faceless returns.
  • 12:45: rockeye joins.
  • 13:00: Is HATS. Throne: "aaagh"
  • 13:15: PDV joins.
  • Name shenanigans.
  • 13:30: Andygal joins.
  • rockeye leaves.
  • 13:45: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 14:00: Continued name shenanigans.
  • 14:15: "Unholy sacrilege" with the name shenanigans.
  • linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 14:30: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • pedro joins, notices name shenanigans.
  • 14:45: Teceler joins.
  • PDV leaves.
  • Throne is blamed for long logs. Moriwen: "hey excuse me, a decent amount of it was MY fault"
  • 15:00: Moriwen is surrounded by non-Americans. American regional names are discussed (and are weird).
  • 15:15: Throne gets more icons for Theo. Moriwen prepares her bingo card. Throne is too busy to comment.
  • MTC leaves.
  • Apparently Brant Daugherty's hair is good, so says Throne.
  • 15:30: kappabeta joins. Goes to scream with people in #quendi.
  • Moriwen leaves, has her connection glared at.
  • 15:45: Throne continues to be a failure as a geek; does not know who Sauron is.
  • linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 16:00: Throne should read stuff, apparently.
  • Faceless leaves.
  • linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 16:15: timepoof joins. Is not okay, because of Corsucation.
  • Goes AFK.
  • 16:30: Returns.
  • Teceler goes mobile.
  • Throne asks which elf thread to read first. No consensus.
  • Throne is unfortunately not good at plot, so he says.
  • 16:45: Aestrix joins.
  • panitaliemom joins, is RoboticLIN.
  • Faceless joins.
  • Aestrix is attempting to make Arcany 2.0! (Also secretly despises the words 'arcany' and 'crafts'.)
  • 17:00: Throne decides he should possibly catch up with other things first, such as Trials. Goes AFK.
  • More Matilda and Fëanáro?
  • Faceless leaves.
  • Moriwen joins.
  • 17:15: Moriwen leaves.
  • 17:30: Ars Magica.
  • 17:45: timepoof leaves.
  • Link's pen & paper game thing!
  • Faceless joins.
  • Throne returns! Glares at Moriwen's connection about 40 minutes late, notices that other people failed to glare.
  • 18:00: EPUBs are being funny! Throne investigates.
  • 18:15: Teceler returns to a keyboard.
  • Faceless leaves.
  • Faceless joins.
  • 18:30: Throne has not found much in the course of his investigations. Possibly something, nothing concrete.
  • linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • Aestrix leaves.
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • sigma joins.
  • People are screaming in #quendi, apparently.
  • 18:45: DeAnno joins.
  • 19:00: Faceless leaves.
  • 19:15: Faceless joins.
  • linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 19:45: pedro leaves.
  • 20:00: Faceless leaves.
  • 20:30: PDV joins.
  • Alethics.
  • Apparently "Sousei no Onmyouji" should not be watched? The MC is loathsome. The plot is terrible.
  • 21:00: Faceless joins. Lots of activity is apparently in #quendi, mostly talking about "don't touch me".
  • 21:15: Throne leaves.
  • 21:30: PDV leaves.
  • 22:00: pedro joins.
  • 22:15: PDV joins.
  • 23:15: kappa leaves.
  • 23:30: Rockeye joins, hates printers.
  • 23:45: Kel joins.
  • 00:00: rockeye leaves. pedro leaves.
  • 00:30: Apparently Loki is officially a better printer than Rockeye's? Can handle more than 8GB?
  • Kel leaves.
  • Faceless leaves.
  • Apparently the InCryptid series would be good for glowfic, says sigma.
  • 01:15: MTC joins.
  • 02:15: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 03:15: PDV leaves.
  • 03:30: sigma leaves.

Bland (a lotus world). Throne bingo. Rockeye is HATS. American regional names. Screaming in #quendi. Aestrix wants to do Arcany (not titled 'Arcany') 2.0! Pen and paper games. EPUBs being weird. Sousei no Onmyouji: apparently not good. Printers. InCryptid.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Fri May 27, 2016 7:24 am

  • 06:00: DeAnno leaves.
  • 06:30: Andygal leaves.
  • 08:30: Throne joins.
  • 09:00: slimer joins, is RoboticLIN.
  • 10:30: Pedro joins.
  • printer joins, renicks to shenanigans, has presumably read the summary. Is timepoof.
  • 10:45: Throne suggests that he try name shenanigans some time. (Or has he already? Perhaps he's secretly Moriwen.)
  • 11:00: Juliet and Miles.
  • 11:15: Kappa joins! The alternate names thing is discussed. Discouraging to actual new people? Suggests an exclusive community?
  • Pedro leaves.
  • 11:30: "Long cons" are disliked. Kappa mainly dislikes the short-term getting-your-hopes-up thing. Solutions are discussed.
  • 11:45: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 12:00: Pidgin does not, unfortunately, support the "/notice" command.
  • rockeye joins, is told about the overall consensus so far, approximately as such:
    If people are going to join with confusing nicknames, please make it clearly obvious to Kappa via PM or in the chat itself.
    Also, if you're PMed requesting who you actually are when you join with a random nick, please respond truthfully, because it's effort to have to work out who people are and some people dislike this, and other people dislike (even more) trying to get a straight answer out of people and being directly lied to, so we think that a good solution to this is not to lie via PM if you're asked directly there.
    Presumably this will not be abused by people to get the identity and then return to chat and say "ha, [X] is [Y]" because that would be frustrating for the person doing the name shenanigans themselves.
  • Indeed, while "nobody knows who you are on the internet", people would (probably? possibly?) prefer this system, at least in principle.
  • 12:15: RoboticLIN gets HexChat.
  • Andygal joins. Avarlin (LIN on HexChat) joins.
  • RoboticLIN (LIN on Mibbit) leaves.
  • 12:45: Timepoof is reading Promise & Minus. (It is good.)
  • PDV joins.
  • HexChat sounds, how to change, where to find new sounds, are discussed.
  • 13:00: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 14:15: linkhyrule5 leaves. RoboticLIN joins.
  • 14:45: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 15:00: NotPanama joins temporarily, is Ecuador? Leaves.
  • Kickstarts a discussion of countries people have been to!
  • 15:30: "Bird eggs" in Cataclysm DDA.
  • 16:00: Kappa leaves. MTC leaves.
  • 16:30: Kappa joins.
  • Faceless joins. Timepoof leaves.
  • 16:45: Storms! They can knock out power. Laptop batteries: so wonderful.
  • 17:00: poof joins. 'greetings. "Of course. Theo has always wanted to be a magical compass." xD'
  • 17:45: Teceler does in fact owe Throne a tag! (But Tyler's pretty happy not to be in the Games.)
  • 18:00: Some of the Hunger Games is explained.
  • Poof leaves.
  • Pedro joins on mobile, is here to scream in #quendi, not to 'scandalize' people. Leaves.
  • Teceler didn't realize it was screaming. Apparently it was, however, in capital letters.
  • 19:00: RoboticLIN: "... Who wants to talk about MURDERS?!"
    Throne: "Ooh, depends on the context"
    RoboticLIN: "I dunno. Murders?"
    Throne: "Murders will be upcoming in one of my threads. (Can you guess which one? I bet you can!)"
    RoboticLIN: "All of them?"
    Throne: "Uh, well yes, probably. But I meant a specific one xD"
  • 19:15: RoboticLIN is exposed to the Hunger Games!
  • Pedro joins.
  • 19:30: Lin vs. Hunger Games
  • 19:45: Throne is reading Promise & Elves.
  • 20:15: PDV leaves.
  • Throne is invited to #quendi to talk about it.
  • 20:30: What does Faceless do with the L that is thrown at him? Who knows. LIN puts them in their username, Teceler uses them as projectiles, Throne apparently steals them.
  • The Bear did not maul off Lin's (character's) arms, just broke them horribly, so the world was thrown. (How? Very Carefully™.)
  • 20:45: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 20:15: Kappa has been sent here to cackle (quietly), because apparently Throne is the only one who cackles publicly?
  • Faceless has come up with a way to combine at least three of his settings into one. Maybe five.
  • 21:30: Throne: Why are there no non-Fairy animals in Fairyland?
  • 21:45: Throne: Can fairies vassalize and order animals?
  • Teceler: Can animals vassalize fairies by being eaten?
  • Throne: Do they get vassalized to people if they eat people?
  • Throne has questions! Asks them.
  • Faceless likes how Loki gets along with the dwarves.
  • 22:30: It is quiet.
  • 22:45: umbridge joins, is just observing, is told to use a different nick, returns as undertown.
  • 23:00: Apparently Throne is still a failure as a geek! So says Andygal. For the logs.
  • "Throne had to be told who Sauron is. Twice." Throne did not realize it was twice. Apparently was told who Sauron was yesterday. Apparently it was also in the chat summary. Does not remember this.
  • Checks, and apparently he just asked if Sauron was a bad guy, and then got "YES" in response; wasn't actually told who Sauron was.
  • Voldemort? (Yes.) Darth Vader? (Through diffusion.) Dr. Eggman? (Sorta / through diffusion.) Ganondorf? (Who?) The Master? (Yes, obviously, is British.) Q? (?) The Borg? (Nnno?) Hegemonizing Swaaarms? (Uh?) Klingon? (The language?) Zerg? (From 'Amelia'? :P)
  • Kel joins.
  • Andygal: '"We Are Borg, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile" Ring a bell?'
    Throne: '"resistance is futile" rings a bell, the rest of it not so much'
  • 23:15: Pedro chimes in: "oh my god throne. sauron is the guy with the ring. with the big volcano."
    Throne: "I thought that was gollum xD"
  • Throne: "I literally only know this about LOTR: evil guys, hobbits, Dragons! Middle-earth, magic, rings, volcano! other races"
    Throne: "oh, also Gandalf"
  • Has a copy of LOTR thrown at him by Teceler. Is bludgeoned by Andygal with a copy of LOTR.
  • "LoTR and Throne's lack of nerdity"
  • Throne thinks Sauron is "creepy".
  • 23:30: Undertown thinks fairies are scary. So do Kel, Faceless, Teceler, Pedro and Sadde.
  • 23:45: Response to Coruscation: "this would be adorable except". "except, indeed"
  • undertown leaves.
  • Kappa leaves. "with irritating abruptness".
  • 00:00: Throne: "oh my god flux is turning off. I should, like, disappear. on account of it being 5am"
    Teceler: "omg Throne"
    Teceler: "sleep well Throne. dream of horrifying things :P"
    Throne: "I will. <3 Sauron (:P)"
    Teceler: "(don't actually dream of horrifying things please XD)"
    Teceler: "Throne no"
    Throne leaves.
  • Faceless leaves.
  • pedro: "i should probably good to bed as well, 1AM may not be 5AM but it's still, well, 1AM"
  • Pedro leaves.
  • 00:15: PDV joins. Elcenia dragons and bees?
  • 00:30: DeAnno joins.
  • 01:00: MTC joins. Kel leaves.
  • 03:00: PDV leaves.
  • 03:30: linkhyrule5 leaves.

Name shenanigans and discussion thereof. Tea. HexChat. Ecuador! Storms. Magical compasses. Hunger Games! Elves. Spare letters. Cackling. Squishing settings. Fairyland. Failure to geek. Leaving with irritating abruptness. Dawn. Elcenia dragons & bees.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Sat May 28, 2016 6:19 pm

  • 05:00: Andygal leaves. Teceler leaves.
  • 07:00: DeAnno leaves.
  • 07:30: RoboticLIN joins.
  • 08:30: Throne joins.
  • 08:45: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 09:15: schnozzle joins, likes the auto nick, is poof.
  • 09:30: RoboticLIN joins.
  • 10:00: Andygal joins.
  • 10:15: Faceless joins.
  • 10:30: Arbitrary nothing. (Nothing is happening.)
  • Summaries are discussed. A little.
  • 11:00: Apricum (carmine-salmon) makes Faceless raise an eyebrow.
  • 11:15: pedro joins.
  • 11:30: Faceless leaves.
  • 12:00: RoboticLIN leaves. Faceless joins.
  • 12:30: Kappa joins. Links a story! Amandla Stenberg will be the facecast for Crys.
  • Moriwen joins.
  • Moriwen screams about Promise and Elves, redactedly.
  • The productive way Moriwen spends her time.
  • 12:45: Timepoof leaves.
  • Throne leaves. Returns. Glares at his computer. "Didn't even kick the button this time and it crashed." (:P)
  • Another Moriwen thing (that Throne found funny).
  • VirtualBoxes being weird! "Nuke and pave", suggests Kappa (reinstall the OS).
  • 13:00: Cats!
  • Faceless leaves.
  • 13:15: RoboticLIN joins.
  • 13:30: Moriwen leaves.
  • 13:45: Faceless joins.
  • 14:00: Teceler joins. Moriwen returns.
  • 14:15: Faceless leaves.
  • Throne's VM-Boxing is still being weird. Oh well.
  • Has reinstalled the OS, is now being confused about various things.
  • 15:00: Faceless joins.
  • 15:15: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • Throne complains about Moriwen's prompting for a huge tag in "Living on a dream".
  • Moriwen: WWII!Jean thinks "drop nukes on everything" is a good solution to hitler
  • Proximal Jean is peered at suspiciously. Or, at least, Moriwen is. Because apparently Proximal Jean is less traumatized.
  • Moriwen: Fun facts: Proximal, whatever its faults, in fact less awful than Nazi-occupied France
  • 15:30: Pancakes. Pancakes pancakes pancakes. Lots of discussion. Are they crêpe-like? Are they these weird "scotch pancakes" (British term? Dollar-sized pancakes)? Are they galettes (bretonne)? What are galettes? Are they disgusting, tasty, does Pancake Day exist outside the UK? So many questions! How are the crêpe-like ones eaten? Folded like tacos or rolled up, with a knife and fork like a 'civilized person' or by hand like a typical Brit on Pancake Day? Gasp! ~Controversy~ and stuff that I'll skip over 'cause it was a huge conversation.
  • Faceless is tired.
  • Apparently the "scotch pancake" ones are called "silver dollar pancakes" in the US?
  • People have not heard of golden syrup. Throne links a picture. Kappa thinks golden and "fake-le" syrup are similar. Apparently strongly resembles it.
  • 15:45: Chat is happening quickly.
  • Blueberry pancakes how? (Throne doesn't know; presumably by doing "scotch pancakes" with blueberries?)
  • Throne: "crepe-pancakes are pudding, scotch pancakes are a not-super-common breakfast thing."
  • Moriwen: also calling dessert "pudding" is so hilarious
  • Throne: "oh my god wait I totally forgot to ask you guys this, what the hell is pudding? is it mousse?" (Is shown pictures, is not totally sure on what it is, still.)
  • 16:00: Characters and babysitting!
  • MTC leaves.
  • 16:15: Sigma joins.
  • Moriwen and Throne decide on "FIRE" for "Incendium" (their new buffyverse thread-chain or whatever).
  • It is recapped that Faceless is silver.
  • Milliways and zombies?
  • Chelsea and Young Wizards?
  • 16:30: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • Teceler goes mobile.
  • Throne thinks "Inflammo" (Theo Knight, Buffyverse with Moriwen) is 'adorbs'. Bingo, anybody?
  • Scandalization.
  • Apparently pedro heard Throne's voice. Says: "it's very hot". Is scandalizing.
  • Moriwen: Throne, clearly you need to give the IRC a recording so we can make a definitive ruling
  • Throne: hrrrm, okay but what do I say.
  • 16:45: sigma leaves.
  • Throne hates his voice.
  • sonatagreen joins.
  • Has sent a recording to pedro, flees and allows pedro it post it.
  • 17:00: Moriwen has some weird non-working icons in her gallery on the Constellation, but for some reason both Throne and Moriwen see (all but two of) them fine.
  • Throne (again) "is fled", Pedro links Throne's voice (see the voices thread)
  • Is told he has an "EXCELLENT voice" by Moriwen (Thanks Moriwen). "Yep that sure is a cute British accent" -Andygal. "such a good voice" -Moriwen. "pedro you are VERY RIGHT" -Moriwen. (Throne not-quite-blushes.)
  • Moriwen: "throne if you are not leveraging that voice for nefarious purposes you are making grievous mistakes in your life decisions"
    Throne: I can't leverage it for nefarious purposes xD
    Throne: I have no nefarious purposes to put it towards and also I hate it xD
    Moriwen: pedro, throne needs some guidance here
    pedro: oh my gooooood, yes audiobooks
  • PDV joins.
  • Pedro is apparently totally up to co-voicing the salmon-carmine threads with Throne. ("if you know what i mean" -pedro xD)
  • rockeye joins.
  • More voice stuff.
  • Pronunciation of Fëanor, IPA.
  • Torin Kerr
  • Pedro is gonna sing some time!
  • LIN is gonna track Throne down based off background noise!
  • Not necessary! Moriwen already has a map of near where Throne lives "so"!
  • 17:15: Dramatic readings of things!
  • 17:30: Aestrix joins!
  • Throne says his accent is "like a weirdly camp pseudo-RP thouggghh euuuugh"
  • Aestrix reads that as "pseudo-Roleplay". Was meant to be "pseudo-Received-Pronunciation"
  • Moriwen checks off a bingo square.
  • Aestrix is shown the bingo
  • 17:45: ornery joins.
  • More reading and voices!
  • ornery is Various Miscellaneous Emotions.
  • ornery leaves.
  • Many voices.
  • rockeye leaves.
  • 18:00: Throne: confused by PostgreSQL.
  • Pedro: has recorded, see thread.
  • sonatagreen leaves.
  • Log Horizon!
  • Faceless leaves.
  • Painkillers and their names are mentioned.
  • Aestrix: sings Barbie Girl.
  • Teceler is back from mobile!
  • 18:15: Moriwen does a Latin chant?
  • Glowficcers: everyone's cute and adorable and has great voices
  • Coppelia?
  • Aestrix's maniacal laugh: currently rusty, needs to get in the mood.
  • 18:30: LIN goes AFK.
  • Teceler has good rhythm/cadence!
  • 18:45: LIN returns. Teceler did the thing from memory.
  • Kappa and bloopers!
  • 19:00: Throne is poked to do tags.
  • Miles is trying to get Kappa to invent what his Barrayaran accent sounds like.
  • 19:15: Bribing Miles: a good way to stop him doing something?
  • 19:30: Whose fault is it that Throne has to plot out Proximal's nice government? Well, it's Rachel and Jean's fault, really, so he'll just blame Moriwen for it.
  • 19:45: Entelechy: shortsighted mages. (Alethics?)
  • Exploitation of Entelechy is discussed.
  • 20:00: Faceless joins. Is feeling better!
  • Aestrix: "The -ly was just so enthusiastic"
  • A discussion of "FIRE" and "WATER" (the tag names).
  • Theo: stereotyping.
  • 20:15: Desks and common etiquette.
  • linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • sonatagreen joins.
  • LIN goes AFK.
  • Kappa is doing the Richard III speech.
  • Faith (lotus)'s template nicknames.
  • 20:30: LIN returns. sonatagreen leaves.
  • PDV leaves.
  • Constellation hiccup?
  • Richard III!
  • Faceless kills his double.
  • 20:45: sonatagreen joins. eclipse_fan joins.
  • 21:00: sonatagreen leaves. PDV joins.
  • 21:15: eclipse_fan leaves.
  • Discussion of the nickname shenanigans thing again.
  • sonatagreen joins.
  • PDV leaves. returns.
  • The nickname shenanigans thing is now in the main post of the IRC topic on the forum.
  • linkhyrule5 joins. Leaves. Returns.
  • 21:30: PDV leaves.
  • Anonymity should be allowed in the channel if people so desire, but people would prefer it was clear "I wish to remain anonymous" or "I am new" or "I am playing a game with a funny nick, please guess who I am, I am not new" or whatever.
  • 21:45: Computers being weird. Bad connectivity.
  • PDV joins.
  • The Martian!
  • Japanese!
  • linkhyrule5 leaves. Returns. 's connection is poked.
  • 22:15: Throne waits politely, then leaves.
  • Heavy topic, says DeAnno. No! Hugpile time!
  • 22:30: Pedro says post-pubescent Sadde will greatly disappoint them. (:P)
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 22:45: Teceler leaves.
  • Cats!
  • 23:00: Kappa leaves.
  • 23:30: Aestrix leaves. sonatagreen leaves. pedro leaves.
  • Kel joins! Teceler returns!
  • 00:00: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 00:30: Kel leaves. Faceless leaves. Moriwen leaves.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • 03:30: Teceler leaves.
  • 04:00: PDV has connectivity issues? Leaves.

Stories. Elves. VMs. Pancakes! Pudding. Tag names. Chelsea. VOICES! More voices! Singing and things. Name shenanigans (again). Sadde.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Sun May 29, 2016 3:28 pm

Summaries take a long while. I'm trying to do them a different way to save time because it's usually >30 minutes and sometimes >70 minutes.

  • 06:30: Voices thread is good (Timepoof).
  • 10:00: Wrists: frustrating (Kappa; Andygal, Throne)
  • 10:15: Origin: annoying (Andygal; Throne)
  • 10:45: Things: are okay and are things (Andygal, Throne, Faceless)
  • 11:00: World names? Vorkosiganverse: Nexus. Stalas Aeducan-verse: Thedas. Also moieties. (Throne; Faceless, Andygal)
  • 11:15: Moriwen has busted icons. Sort of. Most work fine for Throne. Also for Moriwen. Weird. (Moriwen; Throne, RoboticLIN, Andygal, Faceless)
  • 11:30: NSFW/discretion advised warning: annoying. (Throne)
  • Subjects and timetabling for worlds (Throne, Moriwen; Andygal)
  • 12:00: Faceless leaves for lunch (Faceless, RoboticLIN, Moriwen, Andygal)
  • 12:15: Inflammo (Theo, carmine) is a nerd. Throne likes him. (Throne)
  • LIN has computer issues? (RoboticLIN)
  • 13:00: Lotus icons (Moriwen, Andygal, Throne)
  • 13:15: Teceler is amused by #glowfictags: FIRE, WATER, ~drama are the carmine-lotus tag names (Teceler, Throne, Moriwen; RoboticLIN)
  • 13:30: Summaries and moral(not e) support (Teceler, RoboticLIN, Throne)
  • 28 threads updated yesterday. Nope, 29. Wow. (Throne, Teceler)
  • Name complete: Throne and Teceler. Perhaps Toceler or Tuceler for alphabetical reasons? (Moriwen, Throne, Teceler)
  • Scraper and cookies: not friends. (Throne, Teceler)
  • 14:15: Throne was probably under a rock re: not knowing Sauron (Teceler, Andygal, Throne, Moriwen)
  • Sauron: "adorable" (Throne, Moriwen) no! (Teceler)
  • 14:45: Pedro is reading DitO, has good reactions, shares in #carmine (Throne; Andygal, Moriwen, Teceler)
  • 15:30: Internet issues are annoying (Faceless; Andygal, RoboticLIN)
  • 15:45: More voices! (Teceler)
  • Throne did the daily report! Fwahaha! Also likes his scraper, gets claps, is being narcissistic doing the summaries right now, yes. (Throne; Lin, Teceler, Andygal)
  • Scraper and cookies: still not friends.
  • Salmon, carmine, firetruck and green: looots.
  • 16:15: Portalbold and the Old Republic! (Teceler)
  • 16:30: Throne rambles
  • Pedro cackles.
  • Picking up Id again? Eh. (Throne, Lin)
  • 16:45: Internet: bad. Gay marriage: when in England and France? About March 2014 and May 2013. (Faceless, Throne)
  • 17:30: Moriwen is Moridorable (LIN; Moriwen, Diaeresis, Throne)
  • 17:45: Tag names.
  • Daily report code is online, how wonderful (Throne; Teceler, Faceless, LIN)
  • 18:15: Summaries: ongoing (Throne).
  • 18:30: Chav: means what? (Wikipedia'd and quote to Moriwen) (Throne, Moriwen, LIN)
  • Smut (Faceless, Throne, pedro; Moriwen, Lin, Teceler)
  • Throne still likes Inflammo.
  • Pastafarianism (Throne, Moriwen, Diaeresis)
  • 18:45: Glowfic and proportions thereof (Diaeresis, Throne, Kel, Faceless, Moriwen)
  • Daily report: yay
  • P-zombies! The word was needed by Throne, so indeed.
  • Letters and boxes of letters (single-character letters, not long-wordy letters)
  • Aspen. Hunger Games. WATER you doing. Various stuff.
  • 19:00: Carmine-lotus threads: fun (Moriwen, Throne, Kel, Faceless) also Steel babysitting and not being logged in for unread links.
  • 19:15: Kobolds and elves.
  • Voices
  • Theo (carmine) and being good in a hierarchy: momentum sorcery, maybe, with a miles, more probably. (Throne, Teceler, Kel, LIN)
  • 19:30: Throne has discussed an idea with Moriwen, yay (Throne, Moriwen)
  • Fire
  • Tag names.
  • Pluralization of things.
  • 19:45: Elements! (Kel; Teceler, Moriwen)
  • Stacks of boxes.
  • Imbria! (Kappa; Teceler, Kel, LIN)
  • 20:00: Milkshakes, yards. (Diaeresis, RoboticLIN, Kel)
  • Weather (Moriwen, Diaeresis, Throne, kappabeta, Lin)
  • Texas and Alaska and Quebec. (Moriwen, Kappa; Kel, Teceler, Throne)
  • 20:15: Fish out of Water: funny.
  • Constellation: wonderful. It would be helpful to have characters for a thread at the top of the character list, though. Throne gets to it. (Throne, kappabeta, Moriwen; Kel)
  • 20:30: Oceans are frustrating. (Pedro, Throne; Kel, Moriwen)
  • Twelve is a nice number.
  • Elves.
  • 20:45: Glowfic faces & face-casts are wonderful. (Kel, Throne, Moriwen)
  • Kel has a voice. It is a good/great/cute voice. (Kel; Throne, Moriwen, RoboticLIN)
  • Whispering backgrounds? (RoboticLIN; Kel)
  • 21:00: Omnipotence generators! Yards! (Kel, RoboticLIN; Throne, Diaeresis) Garden paths.
  • Mindscape things!
  • Spirally things!
  • 21:15: Registering AFK nicks.
  • 22:30: Glaring at Moriwen's internet. (Faceless, RoboticLIN, Teceler)
  • 22:45: Detect evil and Occlus (Diaeresis; kappabeta, Teceler, Faceless)
  • 00:00: Everyone disappears.
  • 02:45: DeAnno has a victory over a ghost.

Tag names. Scraper and cookies. Rocks. DitO. More voices. Internet issues. Inflammo. Daily report, Throne is Proud™. Theo and hierarchy. Mirrors. Constellation. Yards.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Mon May 30, 2016 8:44 am

  • 08:45: Voices, reports, freedom and Hannibal (ErinFlight, Throne)
  • Sleep! 15 lives of Harry August! Glowficcable!
  • 10:30: Apparently 'pudding' is 'custard' and apparently you guys don't have 'custard' but this is chocolate custard so that's weird (Throne is confused, also British) (Throne, LIN)
  • 10:45: Throne is wowed by MIME types.
  • 12:00: Topics are delayed in changing.
  • Undertale! (Kel, Andygal)
  • Patient mossies (/ys?) (PDV, Kel, Throne; Andygal)
  • 12:15: cute post about vampires and symptoms (Kel; Throne)
  • 13:00: Throne is quiet. Is coding some Constellation stuff. IE8 is terrible! Event consumption: useful! Throne: could be better at this!
  • 13:15: That previously-linked post is awesome. (Throne, Kel)
  • 13:30: Moieties! Some of the codes are easy to type. Woo. (Kel; Throne, Andygal) Rainbows.
  • Weird things stuck in ports (Faceless)
  • 14:30: Real IRC clients. ~Woo~. (ErinFlight, RoboticLIN)
  • Liselens (kappa)
  • 15:15: Pen and paper games. Tabletop games. (Kel, LIN; Andygal)
  • 15:30: Hugpiles.
  • ponoton: new and somehow found their way here
  • 15:45: Throne is encouraged to do more summaries. Maybe of the threads he writes. How about that. (No.) (Kel, Throne, Andygal, RoboticLIN) also bingo.
  • 16:15: A Moriwen! Also path photos.
  • Timepoof: likes the daily reports, thanks throne. Throne is apparently a good. Throne likes being called a good.
  • X for the X throne? Throne does not know this phrasing. (Kel, Throne; Teceler, Andygal)
  • Throne as supreme leader, Moriwen as deputy, pedro as something approximately thereabouts, already discussed (Moriwen, Throne, pedro; Faceless)
  • 16:30: Sharing magic! Magic! Magic discussion! Coins! Things! (Throne, Moriwen, Kel, Andygal; LIN, pedro)
  • Timepoof has done some ground rule things!
  • Full vamp v. half vamps? (Moriwen, Throne)
  • 16:45: Moriwen: wants to be one of the blue Avatar species (I forget the name)
  • Cuteness: Throne's opinions are potentially controversial (Throne, Kel, Moriwen; poof, RoboticLIN, Andygal, pedro)
  • 17:00: Chat summaries: take way too long. Ways to reduce it are suggested. (Throne; Kel, RoboticLIN, poof, erinflight)
  • Timezones.
  • Kel prefers "she", logs are in Eastern time.
  • Water (Kel)
  • 17:15: Tumblr posts?
  • Pronunciation of elf names. (Teceler, timepoof, Throne, Kel)
  • Swearing at threads!
  • 18:00: Glaring at internets. (Throne, LIN, Faceless, Teceler, Kel)
  • 18:15: Meme things? Letter stealing.
  • BRACKETS! (Parentheses, whatever.) Gah! (kappa, Throne, Teceler; LIN)
  • 18:30: Accusatory!
  • French! (Throne, LIN, …)
  • Kelsewhere: still an awesome name. (Throne)
  • 18:45: Letter stealing is discussed. (Kel, Timepoof, Throne)
  • Theo and pink fluffy unicorn hat with a pom pom? Ha. (Timepoof, Throne; Teceler, LIN)
  • 19:00: Erinflight: has lots of boxes. Eight, nine, ten...ish.
  • Tyler and Nightvale: would be cool. (Throne, Kel)
  • Owls and thunks.
  • Counterfeit monkey! (Throne, Kel, LIN; Teceler)
  • 19:45: Hugs (Timepoof; Kel, Throne, LIN)
  • 20:00: Duck vs duct tape.
  • 20:15: Moieties, colors, responsibilities and ease (rockeye, Throne)
  • 20:30: Topics!
  • Internet glaring, Candlejack.
  • 20:45: Counterfeit monkey, duct/k tape again. (Aestrix, Throne, Diaeresis, LIN) Rescinding righteous indignation.
  • 21:00: Throne and the law. Murder and explosions. (Throne, Aestrix, LIN; pedro)
  • Aestrix's moridorability? (Moriwen + adorable + -ability) Facet might do it. Or maybe the laugh. Not to do with Mordor.
  • Hiding of bodies, plausible deniability.
  • Trees. Proximal. Digging up bodies. Facet. (LIN, Throne, Aestrix)
  • 21:15: Authors' responsibilities and characters?
  • Three days: a long time.
  • Throne: sentenced to death by tree.
  • Self inserts into Proximal and Facet?
  • It's discussed how to kill Throne with a Facet tree. This is Very Important™ (and that he die by fall damage, hence cannot be Lapis vamp, hence might die of altitude sickness, indeed).
  • The tree might work to kill a Lapis vampire based on "the dumpster stake principle" -Teceler. Wonderful. Made Throne's day at 2.30am.
  • 21:30: Nightvale, elves.
  • The community: is high. Also wonderful. Birds and bees. Yes.
  • Torture + authors = children? Printed. Encryption stops this. ?. (Kel is wonderful.)
  • Throne is a double criminal. Is actually triple illegal because Tyler is murder. Is sentenced to the tree. Has until the count of 'tree'.
  • Aestrix writes the scene of Throne being catapulted at a tree, being Rather Obliterated, and then turning to jelly. Is not made into an immortality victim. Just killed. Fortunately.
  • Throne talks. Is told to be quiet: is solemn occasion, for someone is dying. (Throne, Kel, Aestrix, LIN, Teceler)
  • 21:45: Mafia is discussed.
  • Pedro returns, sees the chat is crazy.
  • Throne got Rather Obliterated, pedro scoops up remnants, is pudding? Not sure. People go to #glowficc.
  • Kappa is designing the tamadh alphabet!
  • 22:30: Maybe with practice, Throne will learn to stick the tree landing, and will not splat on the ground.
  • New continuity between Diaeresis and Aestrix, leaving open possibilities of more shenanigans.
  • 22:45: Aestrix: wonderful.
  • Is Aestrix acceptable collateral for getting rid of her inner critic? Who knows. (Throne has jokingly skewed priorities.)
  • Lin's reputation: shredded. Sent a weird video to Throne. Was of some Japanese girls.
  • Diaeresis agrees with Throne: Ee-strix not Eye-strix or Eh-strix.
  • 23:30: People go to bed.

Pudding! MIME! Moieties! Constellation. New person. Summaries. Reports. Magic! Cuteness. Brackets and letters. Candlejack. Counterfeit monkey. Plausible deniability. Trees, Facet and Proximal and Throne and catapults and jelly and Rather Obliterated. Mafia. Chat is high. Puns. Critics. Pronunciation.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Tue May 31, 2016 10:58 am

The 'new method' or whatever was still taking ages, so I think I'll just copy down the chat "topic"s and the times and note down anything else if I remember it. This summary took me like five minutes and is horribly vague and short and not comprehensive, so I guess I'll just try to be better about topics when I'm around in chat and hope this makes it easier on myself.

  • 08:30: the valar are kidding timepoof
  • 10:15: timepoof's ground rules, install a Jane to take care of child abuse, transness and fixing things wrong with your body, instant babies and fortunately no mind control
  • delicious redaction cake
  • 11:15: exams and sleep and shade-sight and silver and tag counts
  • 12:45: facet vs proximal
  • 13:00: theo and 'wonderful systems'; daevinity and characters
  • 16:00: Carmine-lotus thread direction, dashboard, facet and mountain, murdershakes
  • 16:15: Arborist Alliance Adjoining
  • 18:45: Mafia is Over now, time to be loud
  • 19:15: Hugpile GOGOGO
  • 19:30: Not actually redaction cake. delicious redaction pastry.
  • 20:00: English Semantics
  • 20:15: Venom Worldthing
  • 21:15: Remember Kids: TAG TAG TAG TAG TAG TAG
  • 22:15: fallen london
  • 22:30: fallen london, Liselens
  • 22:45: Fallen London
  • 23:45: lots of people go to sleep

Ground rules, Facet, Proximal, Theos, Mountain, 'Murdershakes', Arborist, Mafia, "Redaction pastry" ('MO', a carmine world), English, new venom world, Fallen London.
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