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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Wed May 04, 2016 11:21 am

  • 09:00: Throne joins.
  • 10:00: RoboticLIN joins. Adelene joins.
  • 10:45: Faceless joins. sonatagreen joins.
  • Throne has been corrupted to wave. Did 91 tags on Out of the Blue last night.
  • Rachel icons, needs less negativity.
  • 11:45: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 13:00: MTC leaves.
  • 13:15: MTC joins.
  • Throne has done some code to show Proximal dates in a Google Sheets document. Looks like this (more, more, more).
  • 13:30: RoboticLIN joins.
  • Proximal's calendar. W means "weekend" or "midweek" break. "H" means holiday. Throne doesn't know what 001-0-00 is set to – maybe the death of some historical figure.
  • 14:00: Teceler joins. Moriwen joins.
  • RoboticLIN needs titles of 'important enemy people', like 'Vladimir, THE RED DEVIL' or something.
  • anthusiasm joins.
  • Moriwen and anthusiasm have internet issues.
  • 14:45: Tyler (the carmine) wants to exist.
  • 15:15: Throne is plotting more evil scenarios. Victoria (the carmine) 'can totally get magic and be tortured horribly, she says.'
  • 15:30: Faceless leaves.
  • 15:45: Lapis vampires are heard over phones. Lapis vampires are then edited not to be heard over phones, because Throne has an idea for how it'd work, so it happens. Moriwen is declared evil by Throne. (Flattery.)
  • 16:00: MTC leaves.
  • Joint effort cruelty by Throne and Moriwen.
  • 16:15: Moriwen leaves.
  • 16:30: Throne's evil is discussed. Matt (the carmine NPC) and Jay (the lotus bait) are confused.
  • RoboticLIN... becomes Saint Lin, Giver of Hugs! (Or at least volunteers for that.)
  • Theo would probably break if he got vassalized in Fairyland. Tylers would possibly exist but would probably get some sort of weird freedom magic? Theos break if they're ordered to vassalize more people, kill people, torture people, or do something strongly against what they wish. Theos break due to a lack of believe that they can escape, hence Thorn and the Queen would probably be terrible. If he were a fairy and near the Queen, he might die of fright, except for that being impossible for fairies.
  • In the premise with Promise and Yellow, he would be way too busy hyperventilating and possibly having a heart attack (he's a healthy young male, so it's unlikely, but it seems like 'risk of a heart attack'), but if he did somehow cooperate enough to get out without dying, he'd likely be too busy freaking out to get away, would be caught, and would break. If he somehow got away, he'd just have a super, super strong fear of orders and fairies and everything.
  • 16:45: anthusiasm leaves.
  • Faceless joins. Throne waves. Throne muffles RoboticLIN.
  • Throne needs more Rachel icons.
  • 17:00: Lin continues being muffled. Teceler suggests unmuffling Lin. Tyler (carmine) says not to bother. Tyler shouldn't be awake? Tyler is possibly straight?
  • Lin is having fun being muffled. Throne de-muffles and runs away, Teceler looks on with interest, Lin suggests rope for next time, Tyler is up for it, Lin is joking.
  • Throne feels creepy for remembering Lin's ASL after having only read it like once.
  • Moriwen joins. Faceless joins. Moriwen will make William scream some more.
  • 17:15: Music is discussed. As are carmine opinions on music. Lin refuses to ask venoms about it, and Throne is insensitive about venoms.
  • 17:30: DeAnno joins.
  • Art class is discussed. English class is discussed. Education is discussed.
  • Moriwen likes poem analysis (gasp!)
  • Andygal joins.
  • 18:00: pedro joins.
  • Out of the Blue is discussed. Felsp (silver) on the Path (lotus) is discussed a little. Are Theos (carmines) allowed to be as oblivious as they are? Is it realistic? "Nope."
  • 18:15: If a Theo grows up around a Rachel (carmine), they're different. He has a flinch reaction to stupidity. Rachel is a good influence. Flinch reaction like "I like Rachel and I don't want to disappoint her and it would be better if I were less stupid-acting overall", not in an abusive way. Throne must apparently now write a Rachel'd Theo (says Teceler) but does not need more worlds (also says Teceler).
  • Rachel'd Opal: doesn't have a positive start to their new life. Eventually does better than Opal.
  • 18:30: Theo with a Rachel sibling is (quite?) different from Theo who's just known Rachel for a while. Theas are like Rachel'd Theos.
  • 18:45: Rachel'd Thea probably gets a flinch reaction to having problems, which isn't very helpful.
  • 19:00: Vital signs for Out of the Blue.
  • Tyler (carmine) wants to exist.
  • 20:00: Percussive maintenance should be applied to internet, not to people.
  • 20:45: Moriwen returns, Throne untwiddles his thumbs.
  • Kobold Theo is weird!
  • 21:00: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • Kobold Theo would probably be more like a Thea or a Tyler.
  • Evenstar joins.
  • 21:15: Moriwen wants to be cruel to more of Throne's characters.
  • The IRC seems designed to make authors more cruel; it's a read-made source of fresh reader tears.
  • 21:30: It is recapped that pedro said that Proximal (carmine) is anti-plot.
  • 21:45: Sindarin! Language.
  • Moriwen mocks Lapis vampires.
  • 22:00: Is there a vampire conspiracy in Lapis or not? Who knows!
  • 22:15: Moriwen is an iconholic (that's an NPC who has 'appeared ONCE SO FAR for like THREE POSTS').
  • Throne should write something nice to balance out the whole 'terrible things happen' thing.
  • Adelene has faith in Moriwen's ability to evil.
  • 22:45: Theos do not do well being forced to do things against their will.
  • 23:00: Opal did not speculate that he might be a ghost, because "ghosts don't exist, don't be silly"
  • "This is the Cutest Thing" -Moriwen
  • pedro leaves.
  • 23:15: Throne leaves.
  • 23:45: Evenstar leaves.
  • Chat is quiet. "well, throne is gone" -Faceless
  • Faceless is developing a moon magic setting!
  • 00:00: You get magic based on the associations of certain moons (not typical associations) that you: (a) are born nearest, and (b) 'awaken' nearest. Awakening is the result of a ritual.
  • 00:30: Mechanics of 'witches' versus 'nobles' (the two types of people that get magic) are discussed.
  • 01:00: anthusiasm joins. MTC joins.
  • DeAnno's worldbuilding tends to result in lots of violence.
  • anthusiasm is doing a thread with Pedro in Eclipse!
  • Faceless and Moriwen's "Path" thread is apparently "Not Nice" and now has a warning.
  • 01:30: Moriwen leaves. Faceless leaves.
  • 02:00: anthusiasm leaves.
  • 02:30: sonatagreen leaves.
  • 06:30: Andygal leaves.
  • 06:45: Adelene leaves.

Theo (carmine) vs Names-Fairyland (probably ends badly for Theo). Rachel (carmine) alters Theo personalities a lot. Lapis (lotus and carmine world) is discussed. Moon magic (silver world) is discussed.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Thu May 05, 2016 6:27 am

  • 08:15: Adelene joins.
  • 09:00: Throne joins.
  • 09:30: Faceless joins.
  • 09:45: Kappa joins. Is Canada. Is also still alive.
  • 10:00: DeAnno leaves.
  • Throne does more summaries. Complains that the chat is long. Should blame himself.
  • 10:15: Moon magic (silver world) magic is related to ill-defined spirits working with the magic users?
  • 10:30: Goalie (carmine) & gaslight is recapped.
  • Summary for 2016-04-26 is done.
  • 11:00: pedro joins.
  • 11:30: Andygal joins.
  • 12:15: Visitor & mortals discovering sorcery is discussed.
  • 13:15: sonatagreen joins.
  • 14:00: stonetoe joins, pokes chat, gets no response, leaves.
  • 14:15: sonatagreen leaves.
  • RoboticLIN joins. Chat is quiet. Throne is AFK?
  • 14:30: Teceler forgot to set as asleep last night. Throne was indeed AFK.
  • 15:15: Throne makes RoboticLIN out to be an asshat in summary. Is accidental. Apologizes. [Seriously, RoboticLIN is not an asshat and I'm sorry for making it sound that way.]
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 15:45: Moriwen joins.
  • Proximal (carmine world) seems to think it can accept a Bell, despite Throne telling it that it probably couldn't (due to some reasons that are currently spoilers. These spoilers are available on request, but will probably constitute the whole plot for a few sandbox threads, so may leave you bored if you later read those after having already learnt the spoilers).
  • Faceless wants to look at Throne's mind with the "head key" from Locke & Key. Proximal is, according to Faceless, "80% concentrated Bell-nightmare". Throne says it's 90% Bell-nightmare and 10% nice-ish government.
  • The head key shows a representation of a mind, like this.
  • 16:00: Throne has been speaking to Alicorn, and it is not super impossible that a Bell is able to occur in Proximal (they almost certainly won't, due to it being a huge investment to learn the setting enough for a native, but it's not theoretically impossible, or whatever).
  • MTC leaves.
  • Kappa wants to know what Proximal's deal is.
  • Throne seems to be getting a theme with his characters and worlds: "innocent on the surface". As examples: Ev is a super socialite with a mean streak; Theo is totally very normal and a little clueless, except "Goaaalieeee"; Proximal: such a lovely place; Lapis: very boring, really.
  • Throne says Rachel (carmine) is probably the least two-faced of the mall. Wonders when wshe's gonna turn around
    and be like "secretly I am actually a genocidal maniac" 'or something'.
  • Kappa can't think of a word to describe Proximal.
  • "(oh no feanor)" -Moriwen; Teceler goes to look
  • RoboticLIN joins.
  • "the impression i get from the available descriptions of proximal is, 'This is a world which has A SECRET, and YOU DO NOT KNOW this secret, because it's SECRET.'" -Kappa.
    "it makes the worldbuilding descriptions kind of... hard to read?" -Kappa.
    "It... it definitely is very much like 'I have a secret'" -Throne.
    "like picking up a food item in a grocery store and seeing the first five ingredients blacked out with a sharpie" -Kappa.
    "I'm not going to eat it, but I'm mildly interested in finding a non-redacted version of the label" -Kappa.
  • Throne wants to put a depressing character in Proximal.
  • '"try this delicious Redaction Cake!" -Throne' -Kappa
  • Theo (carmine) was originally redacted too. RoboticLIN says Theo is more interesting with Goalie/Tyler/whatever explained.
  • 16:15: Faceless asks if Theo/Thea/Tyler/Goalie-things cuddlepile. "Tylers and Theos in small quantities", "Goalies and Tylers are not opposed to orgies", "Theas and Tylers do probably not get along great". (Thea means "Ego-type Theo".)
  • Throne gives Kappa the 'missing ingredients of Redaction Cake' (via Google Hangouts).
  • Teceler suggests that Opal (Theo, carmine) drinks the blood of a small animal. Theo: "Don't be silly, Teceler. I'm a vampire. Vampires don't drink animal blood."
  • Adelene pokes Throne over to #spoilers, because Throne refreshed his memory over whether Lapis vampires can eat animals and then left it at "Oh, I remember deciding this" without explaining the answer. (People can go read the Google Doc linked to in his author thread if they want spoilers.)
  • 16:30: Bloodlines-Nicole (forest) (still) wants to ambush Opal with a Milliways door.
  • Throne has been reminded of sunlight, goes to fix some things to make stuff clear.
  • Faceless asks if Thar/Snowflake (Theo, carmine) is a Rachel-influenced Theo. He indeed is, and Throne was like: 'He's been acting a little weird and I'm like "hey wait why are you studious" and apparently my brain has weird machinations before I even consciously think of stuff."
  • 16:45: Teceler wants to see a Rachel'd Opal. Is nicknamed Fluorite.
  • "Tyler [carmine] would probably jump a Miles." -Throne
    "Just. Like. 'You are possibly the hottest person I have ever met and you are actually competent you're worth doing something for'" -Throne.
  • 17:00: Moriwen is being gratuitously evil to Felsp (silver).
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 17:15: Throne is squinted at by Teceler, and Faceless backs away. "Can you get high by proxy? as in, through experiencing an imaginary character getting high?" -Throne
  • Teceler throws a spare letter e at Throne.
  • Theo needs a "licking his lips" icon, says Throne.
  • Moriwen enables Throne's evil.
  • 17:30: Kel joins.
  • What do they farm on the desert planet that Luke lived on in Star Wars? asks Faceless.
  • Bloodlines-Nicole ("Vital", forest) wants to yell at Opal (Theo, carmine).
  • Teceler 'continues to make flaily hands at leave of absence'. Kel is caught up on it, and says 'It is Good!'.
  • 17:45: Moriwen leaves.
  • Throne does not 'think there's much chance of the Proximal x Bell ship, it's very sad'. It wasn't deemed totally impossible, but seems to be extremely unlikely.
  • 18:00: pedro leaves.
  • 18:30: Throne says Proximal is probably one-time use "unless anyone thinks up clever plot or really wants to use it as a backstory for one of their characters, but that's a load of effort": "there's not much built-in plot. It's also not a super terrible world, so there's minimal actual 'fixing' to be done..."
  • Kappa is proud of how many purple characters now have icons on glowficsite
  • All of Throne's characters have icons on the glowficsite, Throne says, and 'most of htem have them on dreamwidth too, actually'. (Here's the community.)
  • Kappa likes when people enjoy their stuff, is proud.
  • Kel becomes Kelsewhere (Kel goes AFK, super good nickname though).
  • Throne is still going on about that one Tyler pic. [It's on Tumblr~]
  • 18:45: Kelsewhere returns to being Kel.
  • Indonesia has banned 'gay' emojis on messaging apps?
  • 19:00: DeAnno joins.
  • Sindarin is being weird, says Teceler.
  • Timepoof joins.
  • RoboticLIN joins. Throne is still sorry about earlier (the summaries seeming mean about RoboticLIN).
  • Throne and RoboticLIN have both acquired small hug armies. Teceler suggests Throne donates some hugs to Opal. Throne does not donate hugs to Opal, because Opal is 'too busy rationalizing murder'.
  • The other Theos deem Opal an abomination. "he's not quite as much an 'abomination' as Slaughtered-Theo is, but he's close, and he's also not unfixable so they hate it" -Throne. "LETS NOT TALK ABOUT THAT" -Teceler.
  • "Slaughtered-Theo doesn't exist anywhere yet" -Throne. "I mean, we haven't even encountered Buffyvamp-Theo yet" -Throne. "Btw, if people have reactions to stuff I write in and don't mind, I would like them bottled and then sent to me at some point when I'm around" -Throne. "If there's positivity for a Theo and you're like 'd'aaw!' or something that is also appreciated, I'm not all about the evil" -Throne.
  • 19:15: Moriwen returns. Is hugged by Throne. Throne requests that they get Opal away from his current situation. There is a veritable hugparty.
  • "We need some scene of positivity eventually, because I feel mean trying to systematically break Opal" -Throne
    "xD yes" -Moriwen
    "and also it'll be more effective if there's contrast..." -Throne
    "well he can go to school and everyone will be very happy he's alive" -Moriwen
    "and he will be in constant pain from the sunlight" -Teceler
    "Not indoors he won't! :D Unless he sits by a window in a class. … hahaha we're so mean" -Throne
  • Throne hates months. Months are apparently terrible.
  • This is apparently the thread with the person who said they eat skin?
  • Kel leaves.
  • 19:30: Somehow accidentally get onto the topic of languages.
  • "french numbers are hilarious" -Moriwen
  • 19:45: Throne reads some French wikipedia, fails to translate place names ("Nouvelle-Écosse" as "New Scotland"; it's "Nova Scotia").
  • German numbers reverse the unit and the tens.
  • Throne hates inflexion (gender & plurals changing adjectives and also articles being weird).
  • Adjectives like "normal" becoming "normaux" (plural), "normale" (feminine), "normales" (fem. plural)
  • "Eu não sou português." -Throne. "Throne, indeed you aren't portuguese" -Faceless. "Mas eu falo um pouco de português" -Throne. "Exatamente" -Faceless.
  • Hugs are distributed to Kappa because of languages.
  • 20:00: Lin gets a long nickname, is told not to speak and to shorten it, does so. :P Mibbit was being weird?
  • Evs (carmine) would be 'really good at languages'. "They're like I need to be able to taaaaalk to people~" -Throne.
    "like mileses? XD" -Kappa
    "Yes, like Mileses. I swear, I can draw so many parallels between my characters and others'. I don't know if it's coincidence or whether I am really being that unoriginal." -Throne
  • Throne had déjà-vu! [And had totally forgotten.]
  • Timepoof wants to 'do something that is my brand of weird'. Suggestions are given.
  • 20:15: The IRC has become a box for Throne to dump random details about his life into.
    "We should have a non-throne irc or something xD" -Timepoof.
    "I've got a channel named #carmine if people want me to disappear into there." -Throne
    "It's not really like... IRC is saying much without Throne meandering about his own stuff." -Lin
    "and we want world-building and stuff in the logs" -Teceler
  • 20:30: Moriwen returns.
  • "I was like 60% joking anyway but if you do do it that'd be really cool. Bye" -Timepoof; Timepoof leaves.
  • "I vote vs. Throne moving. :(" -Moriwen. "Chat is always boring when he is gone." -Moriwen.
    "It's also not during regular people-awake hours when I'm gone, so that doesn't necessarily correlate" -Throne
  • Faceless is told about tab-complete. RoboticLIN thinks Throne is making fun of Faceless's spelling? [Throne himself is pretty sure he wasn't, just for the record.]
  • Moriwen is caught up on "such a nice place". Asks if sticking characters into Proximal requires spoiler knowledge. (The answer is "no, not overly much, but you might be confused and also it prevents some things from happening.")
  • It might also depend on how soon spoilers appear. Throne says it can be delayed for a while.
    "yes but what are you planning? :P" asks Teceler.
    "Currently 'see how the slice-of-life bit at the start develops and see if my characters have any sudden desires for something dramatic'" responds Throne.
  • 20:45: "look, see, I'm not all the cause of my boxes' drama" -Throne
    "I'm offended at the suggestion that you might be" -Moriwen
    "It's okay! I'll let you take some credit." -Throne.
  • "Teceler you need to start writing more stuff, it seems like it's always you me and Throne and Faceless in the IRC and it's terribly asymmetrical that everyone has pairwise boxes tagging except for you :P" -Moriwen
    "Nicole & Opal?" -Throne
    "sure if you actually want to write that" -Teceler [Throne does indeed wish to write that.]
  • "Oh, btw, if people do indeed want Proximal spoilers they can ask for them and get them" -Throne. "I'm not actually gonna keep them secret if people want them, I've decided" -Throne.
  • 21:00: Throne asks how Vienne (the venom) would deal with "Suddenly A Vampire". Suddenly finds a vampire would be "Sure why not. Can I hang around or something?" Vampirism itself, she wouldn't be broken up, but she could turn into the normal pile of urges to eat and must not eat.
  • Lapis vampires are not affected by who their parent vampire is.
  • 21:15: sonatagreen only discovered today that Strike Witches are not an original setting, "via encountering r34 art"
  • Kappa has a 'vague urge to clarify worldbuilding for imbria'.
  • Faceless returns.
  • 21:30: pedro joins.
  • Throne now has #carmine, and MotherStarlight is logging there. "If you wish to express your dismay at reading something I've written, or alternatively glee or awwh or whatever, feel free to go message it there and I'll see it in the logs when I next check" -Throne
  • 21:45: Throne had forgotten how Lapis vampires react to human food. It has been recapped, and is now a part of the thread.
  • Kappa "wobbles in circles muttering about worldbuilding".
  • Faceless asks if Liselen can be fit into Imbria.
  • 22:00: Dragon hierarchies (in Imbria) and social interactions are discussed.
  • 22:45: rockeye joins.
  • Jean (the Lotus)'s backstory is refreshed.
  • Faceless leaves.
  • Lin leaves.
  • 23:15: Kel joins. Is "not very here"
  • 23:30: pedro leaves.
  • "Kesha has a new song with Zedd."
  • Silm fic is discussed.
  • 23:45: Throne leaves.
  • Kel suggests a Chelsea meeting some elves. It is discussed. "FRIENDSHIP".
  • Rockeye discusses his characters' responses to Chelsea. (Nicks kill, Steels refuse to allow it to get in the way, Grens are happy in a Chelsea-ball, Terence is immune.)
  • Lurker + Chelsea is probably terrifying.
  • 00:00: Aspen (cyan) doesn't get the problem. Plums flip out in a "flight" way.
  • 00:45: rockeye leaves.
  • 01:00: Moriwen leaves. MTC joins.
  • 01:15: kappa leaves. Kel leaves. sonatagreen leaves.
  • 02:15: Andygal leaves.
  • 05:00: Teceler leaves.
  • 05:30: DeAnno leaves.

Proximal and Bells? Throne has portrayed RoboticLIN badly in the summaries (and is sorry and has fixed it). Icons. Moriwen returns, Lapis (carmine-lotus world) is discussed a bit. Throne gets the "#carmine" channel. Languages. Chelsea.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Thu May 05, 2016 7:34 am

  • 08:30: Throne joins.
  • 09:00: RoboticLIN joins.
  • Birds are terrible. Throne is not at school because it's a bank holiday. He is not sure why they're called bank holidays.
  • 10:00: blaphmat joins. Is Kappa. Pidgin is being weird about connecting to the IRC. Debugging occurs.
  • 10:15: Andygal joins.
  • Kappa joins – apparently debugging worked. Blaphmat leaves.
  • Imbria! Dragonborn hatch from eggs. "The solutions [to mpreg] are all some degree of inconvenient or uncomfortable." -Kappa
  • Vampire scurby sounds horrible.
  • 10:30: Angels (from Imbria) and their not-mana (angelic power?) are discussed.
  • 10:45: Kappa leaves.
  • Rachel (the carmine) is possibly a precog as a template attractor. Is not happy with Proximal. Does not believe Throne that it's nice. Theo (carmine) thinks it's great. Ev (carmine) has a good poker face.
  • 11:00: Rachel: "terrible things are afoot and I don't know what they are or where they are or why I haven't seen them yet and I don't know how to fix them"
  • "Furballs, Rainbowsheads and Cow-Orcs" (alternatively, "Furballs" are "Catgirls"; these are Lin's nicknames for the three species in Proximal: Rhunes, Luna, Thamari)
  • 11:15: Kappa returns. Explains angelic power – slow capacity growth with no investment, speeds up with mana having been spent, mana recovery rate is faster when mana is approximately ½–⅓ of capacity, angel dies at 0 mana, mana recovery gets to approximately 0 when you're near your capacity, so you never quite reach your capacity after you invest anything (but you get super close, like an asymptote up to a limit that continually rises).
  • The precise math has not been calculated yet. Graphing on Desmos is attempted, but proves difficult.
  • The creator of unicorns was a Tialle.
  • 11:30: Math continues to be attempted, continues to prove difficult.
  • pedro joins.
  • 11:45: Pedro is confused about what is being spoken about (Imbria angelic power math), but 'generally approve[s] of kappa spreadsheets'.
  • Throne asks Kappa whether the thought about Proximal has resurfaced. (After Throne explained Proximal spoilers on Google Hangouts, Kappa had an idea, got distracted, idea died.) Unfortunately, the thought has not come back to Kappa and "may be gone for good".
  • sonatagreen joins.
  • Pedro has the Imbria angelic power stuff explained. Kappa wishes to stay away from "mana" because mana is a very specific substance in Imbria, and so "angelic power" stays being called "angelic power".
  • Throne mumbles to himself that his characters are weird; he writes in Proximal, Snowflake (Theo, carmine) goes studious, Throne is confused, apparently this is due to Rashel (Rachel, carmine), Rashel is like "aaah I love this place aaaaah" and turns out it's because she's "got a meta thing for 'knows when bad things are afoot'". Blizzard (Ev, carmine) is busy being like "nnnothing wrong here *grin*" and Throne doesn't know if it's sincere or if Ev is being a good actor.
  • Throne remembers that he has a room to go talk in, #carmine, about this stuff so he doesn't clutter #glowfic.
  • Pedro and Kappa discuss the properties of angelic power; math is slowly worked out.
  • 12:15: Still bits of math.
  • Blaphmat is recapped. sonatagreen: "Blasphemy Fëanor, who invented a machine to commit over 10,000 blasphemies per second, was an outlier adn should not have been counted"
  • sonatagreen: "sixths" has four consonant sounds in a row (k s th s) and I can't think of any other words with >3 consecutive consonant sounds
    Throne: "That word is horrible. I pronounce it more like (k th s)."
    sonatagreen: "I usually say (k s) but (k th) is better, thanks for the idea"
  • 12:30: Andygal has issues changing topic. Throne, kappa and RoboticLIN do not. mIRC uses /topic <channel> <topic> (e.g. /topic #glowfic <topic>) instead of /topic <topic>, which is the reason.
  • Apparently "adn" is part of the meme format, and not a typo.
  • 12:45: Faceless joins. Moriwen joins. Everyone is busy, Throne is sad.
  • 13:00: Throne goes AFK.
  • 13:15: Faceless quits.
  • 13:45: Throne returns.
  • 14:00: Faceless returns.
  • DeAnno joins.
  • 14:15: Faceless leaves.
  • Teceler joins.
  • 14:30: dr_bibble joins (automated nickname), is Faceless. Supervillain of whom blaphmat is a sidekick, suggests kappa.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • 14:45: Moriwen returns. Teceler eyes her wifi.
  • 15:00: Miles v. the Path.
  • 15:15: Faceless wants this "but with a Bell and a Joker".
  • 15:30: MTC leaves.
  • 15:45: Miles is declared great, kappa ":D"s, Teceler wonders how many ":D"s can happen in a row.
  • 16:00: The violinist moral thought experiment is discussed. (You have been kidnapped by the Society of Music Lovers, are attached to an unconscious violinist to keep them alive, and can either stay there for 9 months so they make a total recovery or alternatively detach. The violinist apparently did not plot for this to happen.) Here is a Wikipedia article about/containing it.
  • 16:15: Throne forgets that adoption is a thing.
  • Moriwen's internet is squinted at.
  • 16:30: Faceless leaves.
  • Throne plans on using these new icons for a new Ev (carmine). There is also this set for a future Ev, and this set, because Odette Yustman/Annable has a ridiculous quantity of icons.
  • Throne's icon names (such as "windsweptier") make RoboticLIN giggle.
  • 17:00: Moriwen leaves.
  • 17:15: Throne asks if "Taylor" is too much of a name collision. Overall, people seem to say "no" if the character is not in Worm. Probably is the name of a female-Tyler. Tyler is potentially gender-neutral? Taylor looks like this anyway, which is nothing like a "tall skinny white girl with glasses". Taylor (carmine) is declared not to be Skitter.
  • 17:30: Faceless joins.
  • The Undersiders are discussed. Apparently Sophia is described as short by an asian girl at some point (says DeAnno).
  • Kappa is not pinged by "kappa" (only by "kappabeta") because Kappa is on Pidgin and it's kinda a lot of effort to set that up.
  • Rachel (carmine) is a name collision with Rachel (Hellhound, from Worm).
  • Tab-complete ("kap" and then tab produces "kappabeta") is recapped. Kappa says "kap!" and Throne imagines a Magikarp.
  • 17:45: 'Between all the torture and mental anguish... "you people are too adorable" - Faceless 2016' -RoboticLIN
    "'> Opal literally murdered three people last night' -> 'you people are too adorable'" -Throne
    "… wait, three?" -Teceler
    "… spoilers?" -Throne
    "Glowfic; The Most Adorable Authors writing the most grimdark." -RoboticLIN
  • The code for Throne's EPUB generator is a little ugly in some places. He should fix this.
  • Tyler (carmine) is apparently a murderer. Vital (forest) wants to put Tyler through 'introductory ethics 101'. RoboticLIN pours Tyler a 'big cup full of MURDERS'. Tyler does not think this is possible. RoboticLIN takes this as a challenge.
  • Tyler thinks the Neuroi are doing well in how they're improving things, but it could be better. "obviously it's horribly terrible and immoral and whatever, but… it's effective."
    Tyler suggests also providing incentives and fixing the internals of the system, not just terrorizing them (which, he concedes, is easier said than done, but he's not there to fix it yet).
  • 18:00: Tyler is not super attached to murder, but he wants to do it to try to get people out of the way so they stop being inefficient; he doesn't just do it for kicks. His system is a little messed up.
  • This conversation gets continued in #carmine because it's a bit spammy.
  • Adelene is pleased about "What Strange Things".
  • 18:30: DeAnno leaves.
  • 18:45: Chat is quiet. Teceler and Throne are plotting in the background (Tyler and Vital, plus maybe Opal). It's a HungerGames-Tyler.
  • 19:00: A new thread (interplanar studies) is noticed.
  • 19:15: Faceless is having connection issues and Firefox is misbehaving.
  • Throne has not yet read "leave of absence", and is encouraged to read it by Teceler.
  • 20:00: pedro leaves. RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 20:15: kappa "wobbles in circles muttering about worldbuilding". Teceler looks interested. Kappa says Imbria really wants to be a world.
  • Throne has been describing Lapis vampire bloodlust to Teceler in #carmine. Teceler deems it "pretty terrible".
  • 20:45: Adelene asks if there are species a Lurker could be. Apparently a spirit.
  • 21:15: "tiny Fëanor is so adorable" -Teceler.
  • RoboticLIN joins.
  • Throne likes Tyler. Vital intends to bring out Tyler's good traits and probably never turn him.
  • Tyler wants to get Opal to turn him. Teceler says "I thought Opal didn't know how to turn people :P". That is indeed true, but Tyler would get Opal to try to turn random strangers in a variety of ways and if they successfully live and they find out it's repeatable, Tyler would like to be turned. (These random strangers would have to be disposed of, obviously.)
  • Tyler is excited for vampirism. Teceler asks about literature on Lapis vampires that Bar has access to.
  • 21:30: Andygal, Teceler and Kappa like tiny/smol Fëanor.
  • 22:00: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 22:15: Throne leaves.
  • Miles is given hugs because he doesn't seem to accept he was tortured at Dagoola.
  • 23:15: Faceless leaves.
  • 01:00: MTC joins. Kappa leaves.
  • 01:45: DeAnno joins.
  • 02:30: sonatagreen leaves.
  • 04:00: MTC leaves.
  • 04:30: Teceler leaves.
  • 07:30: MTC joins. Andygal quits.
  • 07:45: DeAnno quits.

Imbria. Blaphmat. Throne's characters and worlds are two-faced. "Sixths" is a horrible world. Taylor, Tyler, Ev (carmines). Tyler and Vital (Nicole, forest). Lapis vampirism. Smol-Fëanor is liked. Miles is liked.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Thu May 05, 2016 8:39 am

  • 08:15: Throne joins.
  • 09:45: kappabeta joins.
  • 10:00: Faceless joins.
  • 10:15: sonatagreen joins.
  • 11:15: pedro joins.
  • 11:45: Moriwen joins.
  • Throne is timetabling the school day for "Such a nice place".
  • Angelic power is still not called mana. Angelic power numbers are discussed.
  • Moriwen has stuck Schuyler sisters in Faceless's head. Moriwen is smug.
  • 12:15: RoboticLIN joins.
  • 12:45: Pedro ETAs this weekend for the angelic power functions.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • 13:00: Moriwen joins.
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 13:15: Face-casting some people is really difficult. Moriwen and Faceless commiserate.
  • 14:00: Teceler joins.
  • Apparently there is a gay planet in the "Ethan of Athos" book. Or, at least, as Faceless says: "A world with a male-only population, they aren't celebate as far I can tell".
  • Moriwen has finally got a face-cast. It's for the crazy gun non-murderess.
  • Throne points out some Ev icons again. "windsweptier.png" is one he likes. "lookish_no.png" is one Moriwen likes. Throne also likes "mine_now.png".
  • Faith and Reuben doing "bite me".
    Opal (Theo, carmine): "I mean, if you really want me to, I can"
    Teceler: "Opal no. that is not the meaning of that expression"
    Opal: … really? dammit. why not?
    Moriwen: xD Opal is my favorite
    Throne facepalms
    Throne: You're just encouraging him now :p Break the fourth wall, insert a Moriwen into Milliways, have Opal meet them
    Throne: "Omg! Are you Opal? You're my /favorite/!"
    Moriwen & Teceler: pfft
    Throne: "You're so awesomely sociopathic!"
    Throne: Tyler: "um."
    Throne: "Really!"
    Teceler: XD
    Throne: Tyler: "what."
    Moriwen: you are making me SNICKER IN CLASS throne
    Throne: Your fault for: (a) being in class, and (b) having a sense of humor. I can't be blamed
    Moriwen: xDD clearly not. you know I see where opal gets it from
  • 14:15: Characters are weird.
  • Throne does not want to imagine a Rachel + Tyler cross (a Ryler?). It would be scary.
  • Teceler goes AFK
  • Moriwen wants to adopt a teensy!Feanor.
  • 14:30: Throne has done the timetable for Proximal.
  • 14:45: Moriwen is worried that she'll be the majority of the IRC now that Throne has his own chat.
  • Teceler joins on mobile.
  • Opal (Theo, carmine) continues to be tortured.
  • 15:00: Andygal joins. Is called "Abysmal" by tecephone (Teceler) due to autocorrect.
  • 15:15: Opal has bite. Ow.
  • 15:30: Jay (Opal's first victim, the lotus with the template attractor to early death) was forgotten.
  • Opal is sad. Throne hugs Opal. Faceless is like "Throne, really?"
  • sonatagreen leaves.
  • Opal will 'be okay'. Andygal: "for what definition of okay?" Throne: "Um. … Not Theo-dead. x-x"
  • 15:45: RoboticLIN joins.
  • Faceless has no excuse of misunderstanding. Moriwen is Queen of Excuses. Moriwen didn't realize Faceless's first language was not English. Faceless's first language is in fact Portuguese.
  • 16:00: MTC leaves.
  • "Thiago" is established to sound "approximately Spanish". Cute stories are told.
  • 16:15: French and Japanese are spoken about. Moriwen missed Throne's tag. Faceless becomes known as "Thiageau-euse", then "Thiageau" (should be "Thiagueau", perhaps?).
  • 16:30: Teceler now has a keyboard again.
  • People want to hug Theo (carmine)! ('People' meaning 'Throne and Andygal'.)
  • 16:45: RoboticLIN leaves. Joins on a laptop. Apparently there are issues with fan things. Owch.
  • 17:00: Speculation on Joker-raised Feanors
  • 17:15: Lin leaves.
  • Does Bar have an ethical objection to selling books that have information on how to create weapons? Teceler and Throne expect yes if the book is all about creating weapons, but otherwise probably not.
  • 17:30: Faceless leaves. Moriwen leaves.
  • 18:15: Faceless joins.
  • 18:30: Throne giggles at the trailer for "The Starving Games" (the film contains Brant Daugherty, Theo's face-cast). [Throne has now watched it, finds it ridiculous but also funny, but don't expect super high quality; it is a parody.]
  • Kappa leaves.
  • 18:45: RoboticLIN joins. Faceless leaves.
  • 19:00: "ICONSSS" says Throne (icons for Tyler, the carmine). Throne goes a little bit crazy, has a T thrown at him by Teceler, starts to squee with a bit of weird hyper. Is also listening to this song, and has a bit of a moment over this pic, then questions his brain's choices and jumps over to #carmine.
  • 19:30: pedro leaves. sonatagreen joins. Faceless joins.
  • 19:45: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 21:00: Lin returns. Computer is a little messed up.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • Vital (forest)'s stats are ridiculous.
  • 21:15: Moriwen returns.
  • 21:30: Throne leaves.
  • pedro joins.
  • 21:45: Moriwen is bored. "this is the terrible thing of Throne going to bed" -Moriwen. "my personal entertainment is gone" -Moriwen. [Awwh!]
  • Moriwen is told to create a fluffy animal that responds to negative thoughts by hug-piling people (by RoboticLIN). "The last cute fluffy animal I created turned out to be a vampire that preys on unicorns. I'm not sure I'm the right choice for this task..." -Moriwen.
  • Kel joins.
  • 22:00: Poofs, furbies and bees are discussed.
  • https://img1.etsystatic.com/121/0/5413911/il_214x170.861510361_5yzz.jpg
    Faceless: "someone designed that with the notion of cute in mind?"
    LIN: "They failed as soon as it could walk and scream 'FEED ME'"
  • 22:15: kappabeta joins. Head contains a nervously-pacing Miles.
  • 22:30: Cameo of Miles "bur[ying] face in poofs." and saying "ARGH" then leaving.
  • For the uninitiated, poofs!
  • 22:45: Kel leaves. Teceler leaves. LIN leaves.
  • 23:00: Moriwen leaves. pedro leaves.
  • 23:15: Ezar Vorbarra.
  • 23:30: Faceless leaves.
  • 23:45: rockeye joins.
  • Teceler returns.
  • 00:00: sonatagreen leaves.
  • 00:30: Imbria wants to grow up and appear in a sandbox. Vital (forest) would probably not fit there since it's not a dystopia suited to Vital. Plums could appear there. Rockeye suggests tossing Gren at it. Kappa might prefer tossing an Imbria-native into another world.
  • 00:45: rockeye leaves.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • 01:30: kappa leaves.
  • 04:00: Teceler leaves.
  • 07:00: Andygal leaves.

Throne likes carmine icons. Opal (Theo, carmine) takes the phrase "bite me" a bit too literally. Languages are discussed. The nationality of the name "Thiago" is discussed (vaguely Spanish). Throne goes a little crazy over icons and retreats to #carmine. Moriwen gets bored when Throne leaves, Kappa has a pacing Miles, poofs are given to Miles, Imbria wants to grow up.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Thu May 05, 2016 9:51 am

  • 07:45: Faceless joins.
  • 09:00: Faceless leaves.
  • 09:15: kappa joins.
  • 09:30: Faceless joins. Throne joins.
  • 10:00: Kappa is 'rendering future icons for lizard nerds'.
  • 10:15: A less-backgroundy lizard Lazarus is appearing soon? Throne is excited.
  • Kappa mutters about the language (Tamadh). Throne asks questions. Names are two words to identify you + a word to represent the group/tribe/community/guild you grew up in. Typically shortens to one of the words, usually a noun, sometimes declined differently.
  • 10:30: Tamadh is the unified descendent of lots of different languages, and so it has lots of weird exceptions. They also maybe have a longstanding tradition of combining words via portmanteau rather than straightforward compounding.
  • 10:45: It also has conjugations to reflect some very particular nuances to words.
  • 11:00: "the language is Tamadh, the species is Midheia, the planet is Viath"
  • Throne is still excited over Theo icons (and sources).
  • Kappa picks "Keina" for the clan-guild-family-groups of the Midheia.
  • sonatagreen joins.
  • Neniste ("book") keina runs libraries and schools. Nahrei ("archway") keina is into architecture. Savera ("orbit") is home of the local Gregor and is in charge of orbital maintenance. The world is high-magitek, heavy on the magic.
  • 11:15: Sense8 photos. I will survive + Star Wars
  • 11:30: Throne continues to be happy about Ev's face-cast, Odette Yustman/Annable, and links to a folder of icons (subfolders contain lots more images). Needs more icons for Rachel.
  • Faceless returns.
  • 12:00: "Throne?" asks Faceless. "nah" says Throne. "Your concept of beauty is alien to me," says Faceless.
  • 12:15: Faceless is listening to this a lot. Throne to this.
  • Throne is doing the log for April 30th, notices that Moriwen says: "OMG there are THREE MORE PAGES of Out of the Blue since I was last here", laughs.
  • 12:30: Kappa leaves.
  • 13:00: Kappa joins. "Blaphmat".
  • 13:15: Moriwen joins.
  • 13:30: RoboticLIN joins.
  • Throne wants to write a Rachel'd Opal somewhere ("Fluorite").
  • Kappa and Moriwen plot to destroy the path with a Miles.
  • Ev on the Path apparently makes it scarier.
  • The Miles from here is being used for the Path.
  • 13:45: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • 14:00: RoboticLIN returns. Gets hugs. Computer is being annoying.
  • 14:30: Teceler joins.
  • Throne is watching "The Starving Games". Deems it terrible, horribly ridiculous, and "aaaawesome in the worst way possible". Lin considers the phrase "the person in ridiculous pink with the hair" to be "just... What". (Hunger Games, Starving Games)
  • 14:45: Pedro joins.
  • "And be sure to tune into the Starving Games /just/ after the season final of Downton Abbey"
    "... C-can't we at least say our goodbyes?"
    "Of course, dear! The Capitol isn't /completely/ inhumane. … Y'got nine seconds."
  • Dale: "Hey, what's up with that Peter dude?"
    Kantmiss: "What?"
    Dale: "He– he's a total twerp [?], right?" *stretches out chest* "H... how much d'ya think he benches?"
  • Throne is busy giggling at the film.
  • Lin talks about one of their old characters. Said character was "magically always purple", "only had a third of her soul", "could infect things with sort of diseases".
  • 15:00: "See, this is what I feel like when I have randomly long talks" -Throne
    "But people respond to you." -Lin
    "Not always. I can go find instances if you want." -Throne
  • Throne is apparently busy: "I'm also talking in #carmine and I'm editing some Theo icons not to have glaringly colored backgrounds and also I need to upload Tyler's icons and also I'm listening to music because I can't laugh at a film while doing stuff"
  • Faceless leaves.
  • 15:30: sonatagreen leaves.
  • 15:45: Teceler leaves.
  • 16:00: Andygal joins.
  • MTC leaves.
  • Tecephone joins.
  • 16:30: Faceless joins. Did not miss anything, despite Throne being online and the chat therefore being supposed to be overloaded, because Throne is watching a film and doing icons.
  • 16:45: Faceless leaves.
  • 17:00: sonatagreen joins.
  • Teceler now has a keyboard.
  • 17:15: Vital (forest) might be stuck in Milliways because the world ended.
  • 17:30: Faceless joins.
  • Vital is explained to Kappa. Apparently there is a country in Imbria that qualifies as "dystopic".
  • Tyler (carmine) wants to become an Imbria vampire?
  • Vampire scurvy occurs something like every 6 months with regular feeding. The sunlight thing, they can get around with magic, but unprotected their flesh will "wither near-instantly on contact with direct sunlight" and they will "disintegrate in a vampire-scurvy-like fashion" if they don't get under cover again. Fire is annoying but not usually that big of a problem.
  • Milliways "probably doesn't sell napalm" -Teceler.
  • 17:45: Vital wants to attack some castles and destroy some infrastruture in Imbria.
  • 18:00: Faceless leaves.
  • 18:15: Moriwen joins
  • 18:45: Moriwen and Throne are plotting for Lapis (in PMs/#carmine). Moriwen is screaming over Miles.
  • Pedro is reading the Vorkosaga. Everybody likes Miles.
  • 19:30: Faceless joins.
  • Teceler lacks a proper "I will end you" icon for Nicoles. Vital wants one. Face-cast is "Audrey Tautou".
  • Lots of suggestions are made (more more more more more more). Existing icons. Some of those icons are fashionable murder. More (non-Nicole) fashionable murder.
  • 20:00: Kappa's lizard-person has icons
  • Insufficiently murderous icon that will be used for Nicole.
  • 20:15: Throne mentions "Aedith" (means "Aedyt") after a thing Faceless mentioned; has forgotten her power.
  • 20:30: Teceler giggles at leave of absence
  • 21:00: In "Let me tell you", Miles almost forgot his bleeding ulcer, says Kappa.
  • Throne leaves.
  • Vital still wants to overthrow Imbria's government. Kappa suggests that they plot. They don't wish to use Milliways, because it provides nice resources.
  • 21:45: Lin leaves.
  • 22:00: Moriwen complains about Stalas being sad. Suggests hugs, not the Path. Believes Miles can bluff the Path into being revamped.
  • 22:15: Faceless cannot keep up with glowfic, even though he got Throne to rig something up to turn the Constellation into plain text so he can audio-book it.
  • 22:30: Teceler has been having issues with uploading icons to the Constellation. Guesses it is a filesystem issue?
  • Moriwen's WiFi is still messed up.
  • 22:45: Confusion over the icon issue, since Faceless had issues on Win8, Teceler had issues on Linux, Kappa had no issues on Win7.
  • DeAnno joins.
  • sharps joins. Is welcomed to the dark side. May or may not be offered cookies.
  • 23:00: Picks "sharps" as their downside nickname, found glowfic about a month ago, likes the teleporting kobold and Adarins and bells.
  • 23:15: Faceless leaves. sharps leaves.
  • 23:45: Miles has a good story-telling ability, but leaves things out about his life.
  • 00:00: The Warrior's Apprentice is discussed. Apparently has lots of glossed worldbuilding bits, then gets contradicted, then there are vague incorrect details elsewhere. Like fast-penta, apparently.
  • 00:15: Kappa leaves. Moriwen leaves.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • 01:45: sonatagreen leaves.
  • 02:45: Adelene leaves.
  • 04:30: Teceler sleeps.
  • 07:30: Teceler leaves.

Kappa's Tamadh (language) and Midheia (lizard-people). Throne is still happy about carmine face-casts. The Starving Games is terrible and/or great, says Throne. Trying to get a "I will end you" icon for Nicole/Vital (forest). Imbria versus Nicole. Internal inconsistency in the Vorkosigan universe.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Fri May 06, 2016 10:18 am

  • 07:30: Throne joins.
  • DeAnno leaves. Andygal leaves.
  • 09:30: kappabeta joins.
  • 10:00: Faceless joins.
  • Timezones. Sigh.
  • Andygal joins.
  • 11:00: Faceless goes to get food. Also has yet another setting. Apparently has 22 now. Throne only has one and a half.
  • 11:45: Throne has (over the past couple of hours?) completed summaries for 05/01, 05/02 and 05/03.
  • The half world that Throne has is Lapis, with Moriwen. The environment (and town) is basically all Moriwen's, the vampires are maybe like 65~75% Throne's (and also ripped from a TV show).
  • 12:30: sonatagreen joins. Andygal is asked if they have any settings. They have a vague one. The least vague part is the magic system.
  • 12:45: Faceless wants to glowfic with lintamande.
  • Throne has done a summary for 05/04.
  • Throne debates whether to do more icons (and which character's icons), plan out Proximal stuff, or plan out Selene (silver) stuff.
  • Finds the Brant-with-blood icon through a reverse lookup in Google, and finds out it's from this 15-minute clip, "probably/possibly?"
  • 14:15: Pedro joins. Says maths is fun. Andygal disagrees.
  • Throne asks how to get the frames of a video. Settles on VLC with "next frame" and "take screencap" shortcuts, repeated lots of times.
  • 14:30: Teceler joins.
  • 14:45: "Braaaant ohmygosh" says Throne, originally linking to this (which is now empty; it was higher-quality copies of some of these images – auh, gosh, grin, guh, etc., in particular, and they are available on request if people so desire. They're from "The Starving Games".)
  • Anya joins. Has been here briefly before and therefore does not need to be offered theoretical cookies.
  • Faceless is indeed Bluelantern / CuriousDiscoverer. Apparently has "many other secret names that you don't know yet".
  • 15:00: Anya is tempted to make a character with the face-cast they discussed on Tumblr with Faceless. The actor is apparently "David Blue". Probably named "Sebastian".
  • A party is suggested but not actually thrown, because Throne got up to date on summaries of the chat.
  • 15:15: Name collisions are discussed. Pedro does not know poofs? Pedro does know poofs. Confusion is had not-in-IRC.
  • sonatagreen leaves.
  • Vital (forest) still wishes to overthrow Imbria (purple)'s government.
  • The pronounciation of Stephen, Steven and Stefan is discussed. (Stephen like Steven, usually, and Stefan has various pronunciations?)
  • Teceler wants to hug Maedhros, Teceler makes flaily hands at Miles and accidental wars.
  • 15:30: Faceless wants to find ways to ethically source redmage work. Throne has a moment of "nonono aaaaaugh", backed by his characters. Anya has not finished reading all of Goldmage. Andygal has not read Goldmage. Throne describes it as "super super amazing but also terrible, and I recommend you go read it and then find a corner to curl up into".
  • 15:45: Using Downside to cheat the Goldmage system?
  • ErinFlight joins.
  • Throne: "Tylerrrrr" (link, link)
  • sigma joins.
  • Teceler frets at Leave of Absence
  • sigma blames Throne's summarizing spree for all the people.
  • Andygal leaves.
  • ErinFlight has been writing responses to writing prompts on reddit.
  • ErinFlight leaves.
  • 16:00: Leave of Absence is apparently comprehensible without knowing LOTR.
  • MTC leaves.
  • Kappa scoops up Miles and hugs him.
  • pedro and ErinFlight have bad internet.
  • Anya's character, Sebastian, now has icons.
  • 16:15: Anya had issues with icon uploading to the Constellation (from iPad).
  • Quinn (who is not the hermaphrodite)'s admiration for Admiral Naismith is adorable, says Pedro.
  • Bel Thorne is apparently the hermaphrodite.
  • Throne names "Onyx" (Panem Tyler, carmine) "Tyler Carver", with the screen-name start-anew.
  • Pedro figured out the plot to Ethan of Athos (the Vorkosigan saga book). It is apparently "not just Gay Planet the Book".
  • Published Effulgence is generally considered to be in our collective past, and is therefore not spoilers (unless it maybe spoilers something else, in which case maybe, or it's been written in the past week or something).
  • Short discussion of the Effulgence Vorkosigan threads.
  • Faceless feels the need to point out how how Sebastian Stan is.
  • 16:30: "Smolnyx" is not a Pokémon. "Smolnyx" is Throne's temporary nickname for the smol-Onyx (Panem Tyler).
  • Does a 6-year-old have to work in District 2? Overall, it is guessed "no" because it's a relatively rich district, though District 12 is given as the only district where kids don't do district-themed work until 18.
  • Miles is discussed.
  • Is there canon on when career tributes are tested and picked? It seems no, but Shell Bell might have said how old she was when she took a test for it.
  • 16:45: Faceless leaves.
  • 17:00: Dash (Book of the Moon Theo, carmine) is being smart. There are gasps in response.
  • 17:30: Throne really likes smol-Tyler, and thinks he is cute and a "pretentious little cute smol".
  • montezuma joins, is a Mibbit-generated name for Faceless.
  • It is recapped that smol-Tyler is cute. Smol-Tyler is apparently pretending to pout in Throne's head. Why? Because he's curious how effective it is at persuasion.
  • 17:45: Anxiety is annoying. Hugs are offered.
  • Throne would like reader feedback if people have it.
  • Throne feels bad about how the Champion thread went with Faceless. (There was hugging. Champion (Theo) was not okay with hugs. It resulted in awkwardness and a halted thread, then developed into a Milliways thing. Plus Champion apparently has a traumatic backstory.)
  • 18:00: Anya goes AFK.
  • Juliette (lavender) apparently needs hugs.
  • It is recapped: "Glowfic: The Most Adorable Bunch of Grimdark Writers"
  • 18:15: DeAnno joins. ErinFlight joins.
  • Teceler smiles at interplanar studies.
  • 18:30: Teceler complains that Throne tags quickly. Faceless suggests witchcraft. Throne wishes.
  • Do people have a mental list of what they'd do with wishcoins, asks ErinFlight. Indeed people do.
  • 18:45: ErinFlight brainstorms how to fit characters into glowfic and templating characters. Throne helps. Vitality can be shared between people, person gets put to work, basically, having their vitality sold off by a pimp. Then gets experimented on later in life. Overall: has a pretty horrible life. Slightly alternate backstories are considered: e.g. Can he be tortured by Bonesaw? Also, what parts of his backstory are necessary? (Being taken from his family and forced to work, then escaping and getting captured.)
  • Bonesaw is discussed. Would probably attach him to some machine so he's forced to work, and give him surgery to try to force his powers to work as they wish (with him being a puppet. yay).
  • 19:00: Vitality in the person's original setting is discussed. As are his personality traits. And the original setting as a whole.
  • sonatagreen joins.
  • The unnamed copper would like to explore in his free time.
  • 19:15: pedro leaves.
  • RoboticLIN joins.
  • The unnamed copper's motivations are discussed.
  • RoboticLIN comments on some of ErinFlight's stuff. Throne has been underexaggerating the severity of LIN's computer problems in the summaries (:P).
  • 19:45: Andygal returns.
  • Throne looks for the vague Milliways map. Finds it (with stronger lines).
  • 20:00: Kappa wants to import templates into the 'lizard nerd' world.
  • 20:15: Throne leaves.
  • Leave of Absence is stupid long.
  • 20:45: Anya leaves.
  • 21:00: RoboticLIN's computer "kinda works"!
  • 21:15: Temple (the silver) is discussed.
  • Info on a Silver world is found
  • 21:45: Anime.
  • Doctor Who is briefly mentioned.
  • 22:00: Moriwen joins.
  • RoboticLIN's desktop leaves.
  • Throne has already gone to bed and Moriwen finds this (and timezones) inconvenient. It is recapped that Teceler and Throne have started their box.
  • 21:15: rockeye joins.
  • Timelords.
  • Kappa has issues naming hypothetical lizard Illyan.
  • 21:30: Other people have issues with names, too.
  • 22:45: rockeye leaves. Faceless leaves.
  • Moriwen has read Sophie's World. Wants to glowfic with something loosely based on it.
  • 23:00: sonatagreen leaves.
  • More naming
  • 23:30: Dystopian literature.
  • Simurgh?
  • Teceler throws a letter at Lin. Lin recaps that Throne apparently ate the letter K?
  • 23:45: Foolishness occurs.
  • 00:00: Words. Names. Babble.
  • sigma leaves.
  • 00:15: People continue to write lots of words with approximately no meaning? It is all incomprehensible, and it is vast.
  • Timezones? I think? And kappa failing to go to bed?
  • ErinFlight leaves.
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • kappabeta leaves.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • 02:00: Moriwen leaves.
  • 05:00: Teceler leaves.
  • 06:00: Andygal leaves.

RoboticLIN's recap of the midnight-ish weirdness:
  • 23:36 - Lin forgets the name 'Simurgh', insanity starts
  • 23:38 - ErinFlight begins trialing diferent names, continues
  • 23:40 until 23:50 - lots of silly and name stealing/nick changing
  • Lin ends up as 'SuddenlyZiz' and SKREEEEEEs quite a bit.
  • 23:50->59, Naming in Kappa Lizard thing
  • 0:00 -> 03 more Erinflight naming things
  • 0:03 to 0:09 - We all say goodnight, nobody actually leaves
  • until 12: silliness and demanding sleep
  • 12->15 topic changing wars (attempting to leave for the morning)
  • 15->20 literally 'okay we sleep now BUT WE DONT'
  • 20-21 Erin, Lin and Kappa finally go to bed.
  • 00:21 Teceler "And suddenly it is silent"
  • 00:22 Moriwen "crickets"
  • until 2:00 - nothing much until the log splits.

Summaries. Carmines. Tyler. Vorkosigans. Throne tags quickly? Throne leaves, Moriwen joins, Moriwen is sad about this and timezones. Lots of random stuff later on.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Sat May 07, 2016 6:55 am

  • 08:30: Kappa joins.
  • 09:00: zenon joins, leaves.
  • 10:30: Faceless joins.
  • 11:00: Faceless leaves.
  • 11:15: Throne joins.
  • 11:30: Faceless joins.
  • 12:00: Kappa talks about Midheia marriage customs and other lizard-people things.
  • SuddenlyZiz joins. Throne guesses rockeye. It's RoboticLIN.
  • Lizard people do not share the planet with other (sapient) species.
  • LIN apparently does in fact like Worm, but might complain about things.
  • Throne's characters and worlds in fact all want spoilers and secrets. It is reiterated.
  • Viath is homogeneous with respect to marriage customs because they settled this thing by an alliance of several different groups fleeing an unspecified disaster. It has lots of leeway.
  • Faceless goes AFK.
  • Viath is not a utopia, but it is way better than Earth in lots of respects. Low crime rates. Struggles between various interest groups are probably ongoing, petty and political, mainly working through things like academic papers that have sly digs about one another's moral failings.
  • 12:15: It's doing well enough that if a Miles showed up there, he wouldn't have much to do but "maybe reconcile a couple of feuding keina that had been making snide remarks about each other for centuries"
  • Kappa leaves.
  • ErinFlight joins. Throne is doing IRC chat summaries.
  • Faceless sorta returns.
  • 12:30: Throne recaps that Moriwen was disappointed by Throne having already left last night, because he got to that point in the chat log.
  • RoboticLIN reminds people that there's a reference list on the forums, in response to Faceless mentioning his many names. (Link)
  • ErinFlight wants to catch up on anything new people are writing, or new characters. Throne recaps his characters, attempting and failing to be concise, and also failing to explain the Theo-Thea-Tyler-Goalie spectrum.
  • Throne then does a lot more speech about Thea and Theos and their mindsets and things.
  • 12:45: Throne is not sure if his characters are really awake. They're sorta awake in different ways, apparently, but he does not think they're totally awake.
  • ErinFlight also discusses characters: Alex is possibly the most awake, and Ryou is quite awake but not really in a way that can be glowficced.
  • Andygal joins.
  • Separating characters' speech patterns is discussed.
  • Kappa returns.
  • Throne has some internet issues.
  • 13:15: Throne is still doing logs. Throne is in fact up to date on logs.
  • Throne is in fact a lot of chat.
  • It is discussed who frequents the chat. Approximately: Faceless, Pedro, Teceler, Throne, Andygal, Moriwen, Lin, and then other people often idle. Also rockeye and Kappa and DeAnno.
  • 13:30: Does everyone read all the sandboxes? (Overall: It can get difficult but people often read lots, yeah.)
  • Throne goes AFK.
  • Lots of people write a lot. Lintamande is currently writing a lot. Pedro, Kappa and Alicorn write a lot. Maggie and rockeye also write quite a bit. Names are mixed up.
  • 13:45: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • Throne returns.
  • ErinFlight goes AFK.
  • 14:00: Onyx (Tyler, carmine) apparently wants to exist. As do other Tylers.
  • Tyler has icons: 'eyes', 'grin' ("super adorable"), another, 'rarr', and Throne considers Taylor to be super amazing too. Throne babbles. Apparently Taylor wants to stab someone with a stiletto (heel).
  • 14:15: Teceler joins.
  • Throne has more connectivity issues.
  • Kappa links a 'cozy donkey'.
  • 14:45: Pedro joins.
  • ErinFlight leaves.
  • 15:00: Faceless leaves. Pedro leaves.
  • 15:15: Chat is quiet. Leave of Absence is on page 190.
  • 16:00: MTC leaves.
  • Kappa: "So, everyone can stop being sad about what happened to Mark now." (Link)
  • 16:15: Adelene joins.
  • 16:30: Teceler goes AFK. Joins on phone.
  • 16:45: Adelene's internet plan (the mobile hotspot) doesn't seem to want to be paid extra money. Which is weird.
  • Moriwen joins.
  • RoboticLIN joins.
  • Chat is quiet. Throne is sad. Throne has apparently poisoned California Girls for RoboticLIN. Throne is proud of this.
  • Moriwen can glowfic her heart out in eight days. Unfortunately Throne's exams start like a week after that.
  • 17:00: Throne decides to talk about British exams in #carmine.
  • 17:30: ErinFlight returns.
  • Throne is "also being a butt" (LIN) or "being silly" (tecephone). He apparently got bored and decided to see if he could simulate a Theo in IRC.
  • 17:45: ErinFlight joins Throne by creating an Alex.
  • RoboticLIN becomes "Lin\Cyn".
  • Throne has internet issues. Adelene leaves.
  • ErinFlight gets a Glen.
  • Faceless joins.
  • Faceless gets a Henry.
  • 18:00: sharps joins.
  • ErinFlight gets a Raiden. Etc.
  • sharps says it "seems a bit excessive and isn't this supposed to be a chat about glowfic not an RP room". Is told that that's why it's all in the sideroom, #carmine.
  • sharps leaves.
  • Teceler returns to a keyboard!
  • 18:15: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 18:30: Kappa leaves.
  • 18:45: ErinFlight asks if anyone wants to glowfic.
  • Faceless does! Wants to try out a Stephen, ErinFlight wants to try a Vay, Milliways is suggested.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • 19:00: Simulating characters can be tiring.
  • 19:15: Throne needs to think of stuff for Proximal. "delicious redacted cake" -Faceless.
  • 19:30: Throne laughs at the thing Alicorn wrote in "I Can't Believe It's Not Effulgence". "leave of absence was getting too long". link.
  • New thread between Faceless and ErinFlight: Link.
  • Hollow-Art hotlinking labels are annoying.
  • 19:45: sigma joins.
  • 20:00: Throne leaves.
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 20:15: sigma leaves.
  • Kappa joins.
  • 21:00: DeAnno joins.
  • Miles.
  • 22:00: Pedro joins.
  • RoboticLIN joins.
  • "I assume Throne is gone, chat is dead?" -RoboticLIN. [Throne is indeed gone. Chat is tagging.]
  • 22:15: Link apparently does Mage campaigns nowadays.
  • Gay planet ships? Aisilian? Also ErinFlight wants to do Death Note, maybe, and explore Fallen London. RoboticLIN and ErinFlight suggest ideas. Also Pokémon, the Master, Ryou reincarnation. Wishcoins. Harry Potter post-school. Lots of other ideas.
  • 23:00: ErinFlight goes AFK for food.
  • 23:15: ErinFlight returns.
  • Kappa leaves.
  • 23:30: RoboticLIN has revamped their author thread.
  • Kel joins. Wants to world-build a world (Spirt, Aspen's world).
  • 23:45: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 00:15: Pedro leaves.
  • Faceless and ErinFlight are tagging a lot.
  • Sleep... snails...
  • Faceless is asked if he knows a faceless old woman.
  • Faceless and ErinFlight are poked about sleep.
  • 00:30: ErinFlight finally sleeps. So does Faceless.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • Kel leaves.
  • 04:00: Teceler leaves.

Midheia (purple) marriage customs. Chat summaries. Characters. Throne still likes Tyler and Taylor (carmines). Moriwen has exams. ErinFlight gets to tagging with Faceless.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Sun May 08, 2016 12:27 pm

To count characters in the logs instead of line-counts:
Code: Select all
var list = {};
var total = 0;
$("pre").innerHTML.replace("[spoiler][code]", "").replace("\n[/code][/spoiler]", "").split("\n").forEach(function(element, index, array){
  if (element.indexOf("&lt;") < 0) return; var bit = element.split("&lt;")[1]; if (bit.indexOf("&gt;") < 0) return; bits = bit.split("&gt; ");
  bit = bits[0];
  charbit = bits[1];
  if (!(bit in list)) list[bit] = 0;
  list[bit] += charbit.length;
  total += charbit.length;
var things = [];
for (var key in list){ if (!list.hasOwnProperty(key)) continue; if (list[key] > 10) things.push([key, list[key]]); }
things.sort(function(a, b){ return b[1] - a[1]; });
var msg = "";
things.forEach(function(element, index, array){ msg += "\n" + element[0] + ": " + element[1]; });
console.log("Total: " + total);

Apparently I am not always the most chatty, if you count by characters instead of lines.

  • 05:00 linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 06:15: DeAnno leaves.
  • 08:00: Kappa joins.
  • 08:15: Throne joins.
  • 08:30: Andygal leaves.
  • 10:00: Throne has done a summary for yesterday.
  • Faceless joins.
  • 10:30: Faceless leaves.
  • 11:00: Faceless leaves.
  • 11:15: Pedro joins. linkhyrule5 joins.
  • Faceless has cookies.
  • 11:30: Throne is "weirdly miscellaneously happy about Theos right now".
  • Andygal joins.
  • Chat is poked, Andygal and kappa respond "blaphmat", kappa is playing Hex and pondering Imbria worldbuilding.
  • 11:45: Guess joins. Timepoof, LIN, Evenstar and Rockeye are guessed. No. It is ErinFlight.
  • RoboticLIN joins.
  • The joke about everyone being Evenstar comes from the MWF chat.
  • Does nobody register their nicks? Throne has registered his nick. Other people have not.
  • 12:00: Kappa has issues using a Wacom Bamboo touchpad tablet thing for gaming.
  • Osu! (is a game.)
  • Throne forgets he has HTTPS Everywhere.
  • Throne fails to understand things, is being stupid.
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 12:15: Games with an exploration/large world feel are discussed! Cube World, Creativerse, Slime Rancher
  • RoboticLIN returns.
  • 12:30: Kel joins.
  • There is a Pern worldbuilding book: The Dragonlovers' Guide to Pern
  • 12:45: Moriwen joins.
  • Throne at this current point in time has three tags ongoing. Lapis involves Theo, Proximal involves Everett, Theo and Rachel, and Wormverse involves Evelyn. Pedro is sleeping, otherwise it would also be Theo in Apricum and Book of the Moon. Teceler is also busy, otherwise it would also include smol-cute-scary-Tyler.
  • Miles (purple :P) and Miles' virtue (for the Path, lotus) are discussed.
  • Milo soulgazed with Dresden
  • 13:00: ErinFlight joins.
  • Throne speaks to himself.
  • Moriwen has internet issues.
  • Out of the Blue is discussed briefly.
  • ErinFlight leaves.
  • 13:15: Elf threads are not updating. This is sad.
  • LOTR is discussed.
  • Elf naming things are discussed.
  • 13:30: Faceless leaves.
  • Sleep snails are discussed.
  • Throne would rather a sleep stoat (forgets the word, spends a while finding it) instead of a sleep snail. They seem cuter. (Stoat.)
  • Rockeye joins.
  • Path (Lotus) visuals. Also stuff.
  • Throne liked this one. Asks not to be convinced to place Opal on the Path. Moriwen makes a note to convince Throne. Also of other carmines on the Path. Still need to put a Jean (lotus) into Proximal (carmine).
  • Moriwen continues to have internet issues.
  • 13:45: Lin joins. PC maybe on fire? (No?)
  • Throne goes AFK.
  • The Path is scary.
  • Pedro leaves.
  • 14:00: Kel looks for Path photos.
  • Glowfic writers are apparently still adorable. (They are.)
  • 14:15: Faceless returns.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • 14:30: Lin leaves to go change settings and hopefully not have their computer on fire.
  • 14:45: Throne returns.
  • Rockeye leaves. ErinFlight joins.
  • 15:00: English is discussed yet again. Established as 'sometimes fun, sometimes stupid'.
  • Kel leaves.
  • Pedro joins.
  • A disturbing Lolita analysis was done by somebody that ErinFlight knew.
  • Teceler joins.
  • 15:30: Moriwen returns.
  • Has internet troubles.
  • 15:45: It is speculated that Moriwen's internet was conjured by Glam and disappears when squinted at. Throne squints. Internet disappears. Apparently true.
  • Computer babble is apparently spoken.
  • 16:00: MTC leaves. Faceless joins and removes a duplicate.
  • Removal of doubles and duplicates is discussed. Is apparently a Welcome to Night Vale joke?
  • Kel joins.
  • 16:15: Stromboli. Path pics.
  • 16:30: Link also has internet problems.
  • Andygal goes to nap.
  • Croix de Lorraine
  • Mountain with colorful trees
  • 16:45: Pedro scares people with a long nickname. Is dared to say something by Moriwen to "push Throne's buttons".
  • Moriwen gets a long name too. Pedro says something. Is hit. Throne and Teceler scream. It is discovered that the username box thing can be made smaller. Throne says gah.
  • Nicknames! Gah! (Throne decides to shorten his to counteract the long ones.)
  • Moriwen has letters thrown at her.
  • Is e-slapped. Is told to go do tags. Is e-hugged.
  • ErinFlight's IRC client crashes.
  • 17:15: Faceless leaves.
  • "Okay, so, you know how all my characters and worlds are two-faced?" -Throne. "(Except Rachel.)" -Throne. "(Rachel is lovely.)" -Throne.
  • "I have gotta say. I'm sorta proud of my slowly-growing reputation?" -Throne
    "what slowly growing reputation?" -Kel
    Throne gasps. "Excuse me?" -Throne
    "no like be more specific?" -Kel
    "Chatterbox IRC dude who can do some computer stuff and also has two-faced worlds and characters" -Throne
  • "Throne is 'excitable nerd' in my head" -Moriwen
    "Pedro is 'the sadde guy'" -Moriwen
    "Pedro is 'oh my god the daily report is full of salmon'" -Throne
  • It is discussed how Throne could leave the daily report carmine all over. The obvious problem is quickly noted (that it would be max half-carmine). He suggests that no-one tag for a day except him in a self-thread.
  • Moriwen and Throne like their respective moiety names.
  • Throne has not done any glowficcing with Alicorn. Has attempted to come up with ideas, but the ideas were not good (Aurum Theo's power is/was/would be boring and not very Addy-able, otherwise he'd kinda want to do that).
  • 17:30: Cordyceps is a thing. Throne does not know this thing. Will read it at some point. Kel sorta wants to put some things in Cordyceps. Cordyceps is psychological horror and probably requires some sort of warning.
  • 18:00: It is recapped that Throne is intermittently rambly.
  • Kel leaves.
  • Pedro had not fixed his username. It causes screaming. Fixes username.
  • 18:30: Faceless leaves.
  • Lin-Fire joins. Is "FIIIRE" and "DEAAAATH".
  • Throne is confused by Opal. Throne is happily confused by Opal. Opal was being awake.
  • 18:45: Lin-FIre leaves. Lin-Ice is left.
  • "Opal is like the most awake character I have ever had to date" -Throne
    "You should know that it took me a second to parse that sentence in the correct way." -Moriwen. Teceler too.
    Throne totally didn't notice that.
    "I mean, not that I would be opposed" -Throne
    "um throne" -Moriwen
    "If I found an Opal, I would obviously be horrified at the murders" -Throne. "but" -Throne
    "I am opposed to you dating an opal" -Moriwen. "make good life choices" -Moriwen.
  • "I was not expecting a dildo-shaped malachite stalactite to pop up on my Tumblr feed. Thanks, kappa? :P" -Throne.
  • 19:00: ErinFlight leaves.
  • Opal (Theo, carmine) leaves a note for his dad in "Out of the Blue".
  • Link has internet issues?
  • 19:15: Kel joins.
  • 19:30: Moriwen's internet has issues.
  • 19:45: Pedro wishes for a website to do math stuff. Has constraints for Imbria (purple)'s angelic power math and wants some equations, has to do it slowly and manually.
  • Timepoof joins.
  • 20:00: Maaath.
  • Quotes thread.
  • 20:15: Timepoof wonders why people like Leave of Absence. Apparently got lost in the first two pages due to getting confused by the new setting. Responses vary from "I love the Silm" to "Alicorn is awesome" to "Elves!".
  • 20:45: Timeloops?
  • 21:00: Kel leaves.
  • Kappa leaves to play Banished.
  • LIN has not read Matilda. Also maybe not watched it. It is recommended. (Throne has not read the book.)
  • The phrase "smol" is encountered (small & cute).
  • Evenstar joins.
  • Ideas for Pact?
  • Teceler's router goes a bit funny.
  • 21:15: Kel returns. Timepoof asks for instances of chat about wishcoins. Apparently cannot access logs. There are lots of scenarios where they were discussed and no readily visible distinction about where it started and stopped. Throne does a quick copy-and-paste of various areas and sends it.
  • EVE Online is discussed.
  • Timepoof leaves.
  • 21:30: Andygal returns.
  • Evenstar likes Mercy from Overwatch: link, link.
  • Throne leaves.
  • 21:45: Moriwen returns.
  • 22:00: Moriwen leaves.
  • 22:15: Maaaaath.
  • DeAnno joins.
  • 22:30: Link still has internet issues.
  • Faceless joins.
  • 23:00: MWF.
  • 23:15: Hugs, flatcats, poofs, food, ballpits.
  • 23:45: Evenstar leaves.
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • LOTR, dwarves, elves and Lokibell.
  • 00:00: rockeye joins.
  • 00:45: rockeye leaves.
  • Elf politics?
  • ErinFlight joins. Papers are horrible.
  • 01:00: Pedro leaves. MTC joins. Faceless leaves.
  • ... People play Tic-Tac-Toe.
  • 01:15: Kel leaves. ErinFlight leaves.
  • 01:30: Link has internet troubles.
  • 04:15: Andygal leaves.

Wacom tablets and games. Various tags. Throne's characters are two-faced. Lin's computer has issues. Various internet issues.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Mon May 09, 2016 8:38 am

  • 08:15 Kappa joins.
  • 09:00: DeAnno leaves.
  • 10:30: Faceless joins.
  • 10:45: RoboticLIN joins.
  • 11:00: pedro joins.
  • Is Mother's Day. Will probably be quiet.
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 11:15: Pedro is busy.
  • 11:30: Faceless is busy.
  • 12:00: Throne joins. It is not mother's day in the UK.
  • 12:30: Andygal joins.
  • Faceless returns.
  • 12:45: There was a lot of chat yesterday. Throne was a lot of the lines (but only 717 of 2677!)
  • Kappa suggests counting by characters instead of by lines.
  • Before 05-04: Throne's at 235139 + 135861, RoboticLIN's at 88078, Teceler's at 77983, Moriwen's 50139, DeAnno: 49431, pedro: 32159, kappabeta: 26650, rockeye: 22973, Faceless: 21371, Adelene: 20270, Andygal: 17951, FacelessDude: 10387, timepoof: 6950 FacelessWork: 6743...
  • 05-04: kappa: 17536; Throne: 9219; Tec: 9161, Lin-Laptop: 3118, Faceless: 2963, Moriwen: 1829
  • 05-05: ErinFlight: 26007, Throne: 17919, Tec: 6547, FacelessBlue: 5719, kappabeta: 5636, Lin-Laptop: 5398, Lin-Desktop: 4238, FacelessWork: 4018, Andygal: 2167, sigma: 2167, Anya: 2143
  • 05-06: ErinFlight: 17966, Throne: 16644, Faceless: 6782, kappabeta: 6357, RoboticLIN: 3880, Lin-Laptop: 3020, Kel: 2590, Tec: 2259, FacelessWork: 2205
  • 05-07: Throne: 21205, Kel: 14700, Moriwen: 7634, kappabeta: 7000, ErinFlight: 5501, Tec: 4272, Evenstar: 4101, Lin: 3047, timepoof: 2919, Faceless: 2731, pedro: 2298, Andygal: 2281
  • Throne does indeed show up as "not the literal most prolific person in chat when it's by amount of things said instead of number"
  • 13:00: sonatagreen joins.
  • 13:15: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • Andygal catches up on Eclipse. "Jacksoooon" -Andygal.
  • 13:30: Faceless leaves.
  • 14:00: RoboticLIN joins.
  • Throne notes that he made Rachel sound ominously scary yesterday.
    17:23 < Throne> Okay, so, you know how all my characters and worlds are two-faced?
    17:23 < Throne> (Except Rachel.)
    17:23 < Throne> (Rachel is lovely.)
  • Teceler forgot to set as asleep, is here.
  • RoboticLIN's dreams "decided that Theo was the perfect energy source for an angst-powered deathray". Throne responds: "I … What?"
  • 14:15: Throne giggles maliciously at the thought of introducing an instance named "Tyler" who acts like a Theo to a peal (or carmine equivalent) of Theos and Tylers and Evs. It's 'funny' because Tylers are Theos who get traumatized early on and have a huge personality shift. (<.<)
  • Teceler giggles at Miles.
  • 14:30: Faceless joins.
  • Is attempting to come up with names for the capital city of "The Selene Kingdoms".
  • 14:45: Pedro returns.
  • Teceler continues to giggle.
  • Pedro and Throne are behind on glowfic. Throne says "and I have no excuse", and Teceler says, "uh, 'busy writing it' may be an excuse XD"
  • "'Oh. Time passed without my noticing. How dare it. Sorry.' MILES XD" -Teceler
  • Pedro is in ten active threads?
  • Pedro is slightly crazy.
  • Throne had forgotten to add "Fate and Fortune" to his theotrics index. Had accidentally called Thea a Theo. Has ten threads open, 1 stalled, 2 temporarily paused.
  • 'what you say is "10 tags open, 1 stalled, 2 temporarily paused", what I hear is "i'm no one to talk"' -Pedro
  • 15:00: Throne says he doesn't want more tags. He just wants his current ones to speed up. And to get the Selene one with Faceless. And maybe another tag. Okay, so he does want more.
  • Teceler helps Throne to summon Moriwen. Throne hopes for a daeva Moriwen.
  • Throne struggles to write NPCs.
  • Throne was distracted from IRC chat summaries.
  • 15:15: "gosh, sadde and terry are cute" -kappa
  • 15:30: Throne finally completes the summary.
  • 15:45: Pedro leaves to watch a movie.
  • ~Timezones~
  • 16:00: MTC leaves. Link continues to have internet troubles.
  • 16:15: sharps joins. Is a lurker ("as in unchatter, not a kobold").
  • 16:30: Throne is bored… It is recommended that he give RoboticLIN a topic to ramble about. Instead, he takes it as free reign to ramble with long messages about how Opal is being awake. It is apparently cathartic. RoboticLIN thinks he has some sort of multiple personality disorder. Throne says no, because they work together, and Teceler also questions the 'disorder' thing.
  • Throne did indeed take "gimme a topic to ramble on" as "this chat is quiet and I am not averse to it becoming otherwise", and therefore decided it would be acceptable to ramble. Yes.
  • Cynthia (venom) is briefly discussed.
  • Moriwen joins. Is pounced upon. Throne rambles at her about things, and then points out the obvious, just to be talking.
  • 16:45: Moriwen's daeva-ness (… how daeva she is, whether she is daeva, if she has always been daeva) is discussed. PMs Throne details, because ~secret~.
  • "Okay, so, guys, if I disappear for like a couple of hours some time" -Throne
    "You can assume that I have a nonnegative chance of becoming a daeva" -Throne
    "'nonnegative'" -Moriwen
    "Nonzero." -RoboticLIN
    "no, I think he meant 'nonnegative' XD" -Teceler
    "Well 0 is not much of an improvement!" -RoboticLIN
    "I did mean nonnegative" -Throne
    "I have given you no new information xD" -Throne
  • Throne would bring an Opal home with him if he met one. It is probably not a good idea. Moriwen would not. Teceler wants Throne to force Opal to stick to a non-sapient diet. Weighing up of "vampire serial killer but vampirism" occurs.
    Throne also says he can get Opal to stop killing, because of Tyler reasons.
    "Are you sure he's not going to get pissed off at you instead, Throne?" -Moriwen
    (No, but overall it should be a net benefit, he says.)
  • A thread with Vital (forest) and Kel
  • ~Vampires~. Opal is probably the most awake of Theo's characters.
  • 17:00: Throne speaks about ~things~ in #carmine. Spills over to #glowfic slightly. Is shooed back to #carmine.
  • Throne is apparently all of chat and merely allows others to inhabit it (so says RoboticLIN).
    "I dooo~" says Throne. "I'm so benevolent"
  • sharps leaves.
  • Lin goes for food.
  • 17:30: Faceless leaves.
  • 17:45: Moriwen's connection is eyed. Throne does a bit of a self-tag (29 replies).
  • LIN returns.
  • Moriwen's connection continues to be fritzy.
  • Andygal returns! (Apparently forgot to mark themself AFK when they went out.)
  • "I think I am slightly addicted to self-threading now, Moriwen. It's so disastrous." -Throne
    "xD As disasters go..." -Moriwen
  • 18:00: Moriwen's connection continues to be fritzy.
  • Link's connection also continues to be fritzy?
  • 18:30: Moriwen's connection is fritzy and glared at. Andygal suggests that it's a bad idea, what with it having been made by Glam. Teceler argues that (Throne) glaring, (Teceler) stabbing and (RoboticLIN) staring are not squinting.
  • 19:00: Still fritzy.
  • Throne leaves.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • 19:15: Robot uprising.
  • Kel joins.
  • Disagreement over the definition of robot sapience.
  • "... I think we need a better description of sentience before I'm lynched?" -RoboticLIN
  • 19:30: "No. Stop lumping together robots and humans." -RoboticLIN. "no, you stop being anthro-centric" -Teceler
  • Pedro returns.
  • 19:45: Kel leaves.
  • 20:15: sonatagreen leaves.
  • Faceless joins.
  • RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 21:30: RoboticLIN joins.
  • 22:00: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 22:15: Pedro's doing more math! Also, figuring out how to use Mathematica.
  • DeAnno joins.
  • Kel joins.
  • 22:30: Pedro is out of steam, but fairyland. Kel stows away water and coal (because steam).
  • 22:45: Standard-backstory Sadde's hometown is apparently minuscule (Knutsford, Cheshire, England).
  • 23:00: sonatagreen joins.
  • Emoji often appear as boxes.
  • This XKCD is mentioned.
  • 23:15: Pedro leaves.
  • Kappa leaves.
  • Faceless leaves.
  • 00:30: sonatagreen leaves.
  • Kel leaves.
  • 01:30: Teceler apparently has a horrifying theory about "interplanar studies".
  • 02:30: Link leaves.
  • 03:45: MTC joins.

It's quiet because of mother's day! Also, Throne is not literally the most verbose person every day if you count by characters instead of lines. Summoning and daeva-Moriwen are discussed. Opal (carmine) is discussed. Robot things. Salmon in Fairyland.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Tue May 10, 2016 7:22 am

  • 07:45 Faceless joins.
  • 08:00: DeAnno leaves.
  • 08:15: Andygal leaves.
  • 09:00: Andygal returns.
  • 10:00: Adelene joins. sonatagreen joins.
  • 10:15: Throne joins. Kel joins.
  • Some people would like to be able to change their usernames. Apparently probably not possible.
  • 10:30: Kappa joins.
  • 11:15: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 12:00: Pedro joins.
  • 12:30: Pedro leaves.
  • 12:45: RoboticLIN joins.
  • Would Throne be friends with cookiebot? Throne would like to ensure cookiebot does not attempt to kill people with cookies, and also perhaps help cookiebot bake cookies to an edible standard if not already there, but yes, Throne would.
  • 13:00: Robots are discussed. Also Lurker's opinions on how to treat things that appear to call themselves people.
  • RoboticLIN is thinking about a setting where AI + Cyborganics are invented but there's prejudice against cyborg people because of history.
  • 13:15: Trolley problem
  • Faceless leaves.
  • Exile the Sith?
  • 13:30: Chat will not be labeled quiet, Throne is chat, Throne will indeed not be labeled quiet, well done RoboticLIN on predicting as such. Chat is labeled chat.
  • 13:45: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 14:00: Kel joins. Teceler returns, realizes she forgot to set herself as asleep, again.
  • Throne feels he should do icons.
  • 14:30: What Strange Things!
  • Rockeye joins. Finals. Eugh.
  • Andygal's connection is poked at.
  • Rockeye goes to study.
  • 14:45: Faceless joins.
  • 15:15: Kel goes elsewhere, rockeye leaves.
  • 15:30: sonatagreen leaves. RoboticLIN joins.
  • Adelene lacks internet.
  • 15:45: Adelene leaves.
  • Pedro joins. Leaves. Joins.
  • 16:00: MTC leaves.
  • 16:30: Teceler goes mobile.
  • 16:45: Throne's reading list is discussed briefly.
  • ~Smut~.
  • 17:00: Halls of Stone.
  • 17:15: ErinFlight joins. Has finished the paper.
  • Ripple (Evelyn, carmine) is apparently thinking a lot (in "The Nature of Reactions").
  • 17:30: Precogs.
  • Kel leaves.
  • 18:00: sonatagreen joins.
  • Faceless joins.
  • Evenstar joins.
  • "Chat is chat" is recapped.
  • Precogs.
  • Moiety colors.
  • Copper, silver and gold.
  • Occlus, Ripple and Persephone (precog fight).
  • 18:15: Teceler is back on keyboard.
  • LIN goes for food.
  • Braces are discussed.
  • Tag names.
  • Evenstar's sci-fi setting idea is discussed! Allows for horribleness.
  • 18:30: ErinFlight leaves.
  • 18:45: ErinFlight returns.
  • 19:00: LIN returns.
  • Throne leaves.
  • 19:15: Kel returns.
  • Pedro leaves.
  • 19:30: Evenstar's setting is still discussed.
  • 20:30: Moriwen joins.
  • 20:45: Teceler explained her horrifying theory to Moriwen and Moriwen agrees.
  • 21:00: Moriwen goes for food.
  • pedro returns
  • A few more things about Evenstar's sci-fi setting (the one with the soul things and capsuleers and stuff).
  • 21:15: Teceler goes AFK.
  • 21:30: Moriwen returns.
  • 21:45: Collisions involving "Ev": Ev (carmine), Eva (character), Evenstar (author), EVE (Online), Eventide (setting)...
  • 22:00: Teceler returns.
  • Apparently Teceler's idea was right. Certain elves are hugged. Screaming occurs.
  • Evenstar leaves.
  • 22:30: There is a lot of glowfic.
  • 22:45: Moriwen leaves.
  • Evenstar returns.
  • 23:00: Moriwen returns. (Internet issues?)
  • 23:15: Evenstar leaves.
  • People scream over interplanar studies, move to #spoilers because of excessive screaming.
  • Pedro cackles about Saddes and whistles innocently.
  • People are interested to see the chat summaries for today. :P
  • 23:30: RoboticLIN leaves. Pedro leaves.
  • The path and animals and pairs of people.
  • 00:00: Tricorders?
  • sonatagreen leaves.
  • Miles double-thinks about dagoola.
  • Thunder and lightning around Teceler?
  • 00:15: Kappa leaves.
  • Faceless has lots of tags tonight.
  • 00:30: Eugh, sleep.
  • Faceless leaves.
  • ErinFlight had not seen Vital in Night Vale.
  • <FacelessTag> (I haven't tag in Terraria because I need to think of three things that wouldn't get Gabe killed in Crystalksky, which is harder than you would think)
    <linkhyrule5> Entelechy commiserates, and offers to take care of your doorknobs
    Teceler remembers the doorknobs!
    Kel vaguely remembers the solution being invulnerability rather than fixing the doorknobs?
    <Teceler> I thought warding the doorknobs?
    <Andygal> Nah I think was contagious immunity to explosions
    ErinFlight blinks
  • 00:45: Some... conversation that I fail to follow? Also, mages in Link's world seem to add new laws of physics and the universe doesn't like conflicting laws of physics, hence contagious immunity to explosions, not stopping the doorknobs from exploding.
  • Kel leaves. ErinFlight leaves.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • 01:15: Andygal sighs at extraplanar studies. People are frustrated and want to know "what the hell she thought she was doing" (nice and vague, that).
  • 01:30: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 01:45: Maedhros gets hugs. Needs hugs. And a ballpit of poofs. Apparently.
  • Applying an Elspeth or a non-Elspeth vampire is suggested, then possibly discarded because it might be considered a poison thing?
  • 02:00: Moriwen's internet is still messed up.
  • It is suggested that Moriwen get a dedicated IRC client. She gets HexChat! Woo.
  • 02:30: Moriwen leaves.

Cookiebot. Trolley problem. Precogs. Innocent whistling. … Doorknobs in Entelechy. Screaming over the elf thread.
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