A Glowfic IRC Channel

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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby DanielH » Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:08 pm

It probably does not block Mibbit.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Mon Apr 25, 2016 2:51 pm

So. I counted up the number of times individual people have spoken in the IRC, using a bit of Javascript.

Line counters:
Adelenes logs
First copied out the text into a <pre> so it was easier to process (like the other logs), then used this:
Code: Select all
var list = {};
var total = 0;
$("pre").innerHTML.split("\n").forEach(function(element, index, array){
  if (element.indexOf(") ") < 0) return; var bit = element.split(") ")[1]; if (bit.indexOf(":") < 0) return; bit = bit.split(":")[0];
  if (!(bit in list)) list[bit] = 0;
  list[bit] += 1;
  total += 1;
var things = [];
for (var key in list){ if (!list.hasOwnProperty(key)) continue; if (list[key] > 10) things.push([key, list[key]]); }
things.sort(function(a, b){ return b[1] - a[1]; });
var msg = "";
things.forEach(function(element, index, array){ msg += "\n" + element[0] + ": " + element[1]; });
console.log("Total: " + total);

MotherStarlight logs
Code: Select all
var list = {};
var total = 0;
$("pre").innerHTML.replace("[spoiler][code]", "").replace("\n[/code][/spoiler]", "").split("\n").forEach(function(element, index, array){
  if (element.indexOf("&lt;") < 0) return; var bit = element.split("&lt;")[1]; if (bit.indexOf("&gt;") < 0) return; bit = bit.split("&gt;")[0];
  if (!(bit in list)) list[bit] = 0;
  list[bit] += 1;
  total += 1;
var things = [];
for (var key in list){ if (!list.hasOwnProperty(key)) continue; if (list[key] > 10) things.push([key, list[key]]); }
things.sort(function(a, b){ return b[1] - a[1]; });
var msg = "";
things.forEach(function(element, index, array){ msg += "\n" + element[0] + ": " + element[1]; });
console.log("Total: " + total);

Adelenes Log
Throne3d: 679
DanielH: 235
Teceler: 223
pedro: 220
FacelessDude: 205
rockeye: 131
atheistcanuck: 74
Adelene: 64
FacelesZenon: 31
DeAnno: 22
Kappa: 22
FacelessEvil: 21
Alicorn: 17
Faceless: 13
RoboticLIN: 13
Total: 2036

MotherStarlight Log
Throne3d: 4700
RoboticLIN: 927
Teceler: 923
pedro: 911
DeAnno: 493
Moriwen: 484
Faceless: 303
rockeye: 229
Evenstar: 153
Timepoof: 138
Andygal: 117
Adelene: 106
DanielH: 88
FacelessKey: 80
kappabeta: 80
poof: 69
~sonatagreen: 62
atheistcanuck: 62
tecephone: 56
FacelessYear: 48
Adelene1: 24
gomez: 21
Poof: 18
FacelessDude: 14
linkhyrule5: 13
aurelionsol: 13

I'm... sorry?
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:35 pm

  • 00:45: Adelene has logs.
  • Faceless quits, rockeye quits, kappa quits.
  • 01:00: DanielH quits, Alicorn quits
  • 02:30: MTC joins
  • 03:00: Kobolds are great.
  • 03:30: D&D and morality rankings? (Chaotic neutral, etc.)
  • 03:45: More kobold things.
  • 04:00: Adelene leaves. Teceler leaves. sonatagreen leaves. atheistcanuck leaves.
  • 07:30: Faceless joins.
  • 08:15: DeAnno leaves.
  • 09:30: Adelene joins.
  • 10:00: Throne joins. sonatagreen joins.
  • 10:15: How will logs work? "IRC Chatlog Discussion"
  • 11:15: Rockeye joins.
  • 11:45: Faceless leaves.
  • 12:30: Faceless returns.
  • 12:45: Pedro joins.
  • Eva (a carmine) is talkative and busy when she gets going.
  • Pedro disappears.
  • "Tags."
  • DanielH joins.
  • 13:15: Procrastination.
  • 14:30: atheistcanuck joins.
  • Locke and Key. Stupid teenagers.
  • RoboticLIN joins. IRC time is a little weird.
  • 15:30: Teceler returns.
  • 15:45: Slime Rancher is "charming and sickeningly cute"
  • 16:00: "To-read" book lists are huge. Procrastination. "Introversion was easier." -Throne3d.
  • "When you misunderstand someone approximately 5 weeks ago and think that juniors are 17–18 years old" -Throne3d.
  • MTC leaves.
  • Carmines are apparently weird in Throne3d's head. Characters in general are weird. Is Ev hiding from Throne3d? We shall never know. Theo (the carmine) is apparently a moody teenager. Throne is new to writing and finds this weird.
  • DeAnno returns.
  • 16:15: Throne is sleep-deprived.
  • Faceless's character is heterosexual and it's making Faceless uncomfortable.
  • Terence (one of Rockeye's characters) is mostly straight but 'when in rome'
  • The dark theme for the Constellation is useful and reduces Teceler's eye-strain. HexChat can also be put into dark-mode.
  • Teceler goes AFK
  • 16:30: Thea (a carmine) is atypical for Theos, possibly typical for female Theos. Rachel (another carmine) is okay appearing in Eclipse. Theo can sorta appear in Eclipse. Carmines in Eclipse are briefly discussed.
  • 16:45: "Brant Daugherty is still hot." -Throne3d. "So is Rick Malambri." -Throne3d.
  • Ev (a carmine)'s "hooks" sound scary.
  • *Mute vs Ev?
  • Throne is chatty.
  • 17:00: Reformed Draconic would be useful. How does its writing system work? Use wishcoins to make it work. Pedro would get Throne's wishcoins.
  • "Wishcoins and world domination"
  • Throne "commits like fifteen cardinal sins in the system or rationality" "or something"
  • Is it necessary to wish to be "not suicidal" if you wish yourself masochistic? DeAnno would not aim wishcoins at their wants. Throne wants a masochism toggle. Pain tolerance instead of masochism?
  • Throne trusts Pedro more than himself? Possibly?
  • "An on-demand fuzzy trace-route of thoughts would be desirable." -Throne3d
  • 17:15: "A humanity switch would be interesting." -Throne3d
  • "Wishcoins, world domination, trust, and identity"
  • "Sleep can go." -The chat
  • "Shapeshifting would be nice." -The chat
  • "I would instantiate my characters and hope they don't hate me." -Throne3d
  • Moral repercussions of stories existing.
  • 17:30: We hate Materia.
  • Character shininess.
  • 17:45: Rule lawyers and munchkins.
  • 18:00: Pedro joins not-on-a-phone.
  • HexChat keyboard input is weird.
  • Carmines and Salmons in Materia?
  • 18:15: Evenstar joins. Name collisions with Eva (the carmine).
  • Timepoof joins. RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 18:30: "Having a common name is ugly." -Pedro & Throne
  • Ev (the carmine) vs Lioncourt? Probably Ev fails. But Lioncourt isn't great, so maybe not.
  • Cookies. "Isabellas" being beaten out by Bells for the name.
  • 18:45: sonatagreen leaves.
  • Rockeye wants a thread with Evenstar.
  • Keyboards and keyboard layouts.
  • Saddepiles and "happypiles"
  • 19:00: Evenstar is going to worldbuild
  • 19:15: IRC coloring, topics, /msg, etc.
  • 19:30: Thea and Theo (the carmines) are rather different. Evelyn (the female Ev, a carmine) apparently gets very chatty and then very silent. Rachel (an uninstantiated carmine) wants to act normally, but is 'if she were made into a trained assassin, she'd hate herself but feel obligated to obey the military system or whatever'. Theos hide their thought process from Throne.
  • RoboticLIN returns.
  • "Cis by default"
  • Timepoof leaves.
  • 19:45: Shapeshifting would be utilized by lots of people frequently.
  • Muffinanon.
  • Throne would rather get wings, not whole-body shapeshift.
  • 20:00: Rockeye returns.
  • Rockeye wants a really sexual character.
  • Muffinanon leaves. Pedro guesses Muffinanon is Timepoof.
  • 20:15: aurelionsol joins.
  • Throne wants to plot out "Zodiac" with Pedro.
  • 20:45: Is Throne secretly Evenstar? (No. Throne is not secretly Evenstar.)
  • Brad and Thea (carmines) threaten RoboticLIN.
  • Throne3d is a new writer! He did not have characters prior to approximately 7 weeks ago.
  • Pedro and Throne have a joke for their tag names. Still. It is the German weekdays. You may have heard.
  • 21:00: Pedro wants to worldbuild Alethia. Dust is ugly.
  • His Dark Materials spoilers.
  • aurelionsol leaves.
  • Throne (finally) leaves.
  • 21:15: Rockeye wants to do plot with a Sadde.
  • Cardcaptor Sakuraverse is vague and underexplored-ish.
  • 21:30: Are souls a taboo in glowfic? (Yes, sorta, if they actually do consciousness. Pedro thinks that is aesthetically unappealing.)
  • Alethia worldbuilding and ideas (for hopefully fixing the handwaviness of dust) continues.
  • The ending of His Dark Materials was terrible.
  • 22:00: Alethiometer metal being limited is also aesthetically displeasing.
  • How about special-artifact-magic-creation being a thing, and alethiometers are some, and somehow witches are this also (maybe?) and so is the knife and various other things? > Doesn't resolve everything but it sounds nice.
  • 22:30: RoboticLIN leaves.
  • Alethia artifacts are Worm tinker-like?
  • invictus has joined.
  • 22:45: Alethia worldbuilding finally finishes?
  • 23:00: pedro leaves.
  • DeAnno builds a world with help from others.
  • 23:30: invictus leaves.
  • 23:45: rockeye leaves. sonatagreen leaves.
  • 00:15: DeAnno's worldbuilding ends.
  • 01:00: MTC joins. Things are quiet.
  • 02:30: Faceless leaves.
  • 05:00: Andygal leaves.

Slime Rancher, I talk a lot, characters are weird, world-building takes place, wishcoin & shapeshifting & gender discussion, various things.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:51 am

  • 08:45: Throne3d joins. DeAnno leaves.
  • 10:00: Throne complains about timezones.
  • 10:30: Faceless joins. The chat is slow.
  • 11:15: Pedro joins.
  • 11:45: criticalhit joins. Is a lurker. ("curious what the shiny authors talk about")
  • 12:00: Theo (the carmine) is mean about his author's 'inventive' names. Throne wants to develop Rachel (the carmine) who seems 'potentially very interesting even though [he] doesn't know how'.
  • 12:15: Kerbal Space Program
  • 12:30: criticalhit is rockeye. RoboticLIN joins.
  • 13:15: Throne is developing a world named "Proximal". It has weird glowing magic, there are multiple sentient species, and the 'rest of it is horribly spoilerish for when [he] get[s] a storyline there'. The 'madness disease has, fortunately, been eradicated, so that's not the horribleness'.
  • 13:30: RoboticLIN quits.
  • 14:00: Rockeye 'stirs' the IRC. Pedro joins. Throne goes AFK.
  • 14:15: Rockeye 'still wants to do a thing with a sadde'
  • Moriwen joins. Teceler joins.
  • 14:45: Throne returns. Pedro reports that Alicorn didn't like the artifacts thing for Alethia.
  • 15:00: Some more Alethia worldbuilding / un-handwave-ifying.
  • 15:15: Pedro leaves. RoboticLIN returns. "An unexpected arrival" (Throne & Rockeye) has finished. "*Mute icons are annoying." -Rockeye.
  • 15:30: Throne's brain has opinions on what sort of cat eye is acceptable to be found on a humanoid. One of the species in Proximal (the new carmine world), named "Rhune(s)", have yellow-amber cat eyes. Also comes in purple [and vibrant blue].
  • 15:45: Rockeye leaves.
  • RoboticLIN calls "Rhune(s)" 'cat-girls'.
  • Throne wants words for Proximal things, but doesn't want to have to con-lang and wants a low barrier to entry when reading the story.
  • sonatagreen joins.
  • 16:00: Moriwen suggests 'tenebrae' as a root.
  • MTC leaves.
  • "Illuminati? :P" → "No."
  • Glowing stuff is not considered 'magic' in Proximal.
  • 16:30: Theo (the carmine) will be a Rhune (the cat-eye species in Proximal) with purple eyes.
  • Proximal's government is nice. Proximal is not nice to the protagonists. Further information would be spoilers. "Lume" is now the term for the glowy magic stuff.
  • Moriwen's Jean wants to be an actor in this world, who lumes his own special effects.
  • Andygal (atheistcanuck) joins.
  • "Lumen" is now the term for the glowy magic stuff, and "lume" or "luming" ("loom" and "looming") are the verb things meaning to make it.
  • 16:45: "Phoss" means to cover someone in lumen and it's rude without permission.
  • "Luna" (plural and singular), who are good at lumen things in general, have vibrant hair colors.
  • 17:00: RoboticLIN is "attracted to orange".
  • DeAnno joins.
  • 17:30: Other Rhune eye colors are discussed, vibrant blue is added to the list. Throne does some 'shopping (in GIMP) to do pictures of the eye colors. Luna have vibrant hair colors, like purple or electric blue. Also are typically bisexual and appear androgynous (Faceless's idea).
  • Throne requests that people PM him with ideas if they later read the logs and have an idea.
  • 17:45: Another species is discussed. The yellow-ish Rhune eye color is now established to be "amber". "Vena" is suggested as a species name for the third species. Moriwen considers "Vena" too similar to the others.
  • 18:00: Adelene leaves.
  • "Kynes" is suggested.
  • Pedro returns. Is slightly drunk.
  • Teceler tries to do phonology on the language.
  • 18:15: Pedro suggests jackals. Teeth (a Theo, a carmine) is declared to have been too young to know the argument prior to his mom leaving. A date (27th June 2005) is established.
  • "Tamrins" is suggested as a species name. "Tamars" is suggested.
  • 18:30: "Thamar" is better than "Tamar". Plural is "Thamari". (Third species in Proximal, physically-oriented)
  • They have stripes on their arms and upper body. Declared to be worse at lumen (glow magic), not stupid.
  • RoboticLIN nicknames the species "Catgirls, Rainbowheads, Cow-Orcs" (Rhune(s), Luna, Thamar(i))
  • Proximal is established to 'not have hate speech' because they are 'assimilated and nice' (exaggeration). Shouting "cow-orc" in the streets would get a warning to stop, and then would get you arrested for a night to cool down, and then would escalate from there. It would be considered a breach of the peace.
  • "I do understand that they sound totalitarian. That's because they sorta are, but they're elected and rather transparent and people seem to like them overall" -Throne.
  • "this universe is suspiciously nice" -Teceler.
  • "suspiciously? I'm sorry, I have no idea what you mean. Literally nobody is two-faced in this universe. Absolutely nobody. Not even Theo, and he's template-attracted to being two-faced!" -Throne.
  • 18:45: RoboticLIN continues to be slightly racist against Thamari ("COW-ORCS"). Moriwen thinks Rhunes with purple eyes ("purple cat girls") are literally purple. Moriwen holds bodypaint to color Theo, and it's decided that Proximal-Theo will meet one of Moriwen's characters from Lapis (the lotus-carmine world) and get painted purple.
  • "Cow-Orc", "Kitten", "Furball".
  • Moriwen's Jean is not sure whether to overthrow this government. Spoilers again prevent extra discussion of the government's niceness versus the world's semi-terribleness.
  • Throne is curious why nobody has asked about the world's name. Moriwen almost bites, and Throne reveals that it is a spoiler, because Throne is evil.
  • Jean might rebel by doing a play about Cow-Orcs instead of shouting it in the streets, because that is therefore less illegal and he will not be arrested for it.
  • Cow-Orcs are "Holstein-Patterned" suggests RoboticLIN. (They are not.) Moriwen declares "DEATH OF THE AUTHOR".
  • 19:00: Moriwen writes Lesbian (capital-L) poetry about Cow-Orcs.
  • RoboticLIN wants a Thea who is a Cow-Orc.
  • "Spoilers" declares Throne, again, "feel[ing] like river song".
  • "This has the right amount of manic glee" (link) -Throne.
  • "I swear I'm not drunk" -Throne.
  • Moriwen posts some poetry. It's part of a (the?) 'Lesbian Cow-Orc Opera'.
  • 19:15: Everett (the carmine) is Not Okay™ in Lapis. Evelyn (the female equivalent) would apparently be better at holding in her emotions than he would.
  • Thea (the carmine) vs Cynthia (the venom): Cynthia wins because of Libby's self-heal. Brad (the carmine) will sprout wings and cry, because apparently he declares wings necessary for crying. (Characters from RoboticLIN & Throne's Persona-verse box.)
  • Pedro leaves.
  • 19:30: Proximal people-names are discussed.
  • Proximal religion and mythology and folklore is discussed. (Religion doesn't really exist [except for a weird old-timey belief in the divinity of the Greek 'elements' like fire])
  • Semi-jokingly, there might be stories of people disobeying leaders and dying out. Probably not government-propagated, possibly in children's books, "JEAN IS SO INSPIRED".
  • The government was not evil, but has perhaps been made evil by this conversation. [Somewhat.]
  • 19:45: The term 'bonsai' has been discovered: "minimize the potential of and bend into an unnatural shape". It is determined that Proximal's government does not do this intentionally.
  • Evelyn (the carmine) is perhaps brainwashed and at the top of the evil pyramid? [No, she isn't.]
  • Throne's moral system was broken by Pedro at some point (not in IRC chat), and 'this [government being warped by the IRC chat] is worse than that'
  • Utopias are dystopias?
  • Proximal has a history of witch hunts [that stopped probably >200 years ago].
  • Faceless quits.
  • Throne is talky but Teceler does not 'feel like [he's] been talking over people'. RoboticLIN agrees.
  • 20:00: Throne's characters are 'recalcitrant', suggests Teceler? Evelyn is 'logical', Throne says.
  • Throne has been talking but 'not holding the chat hostage' for 4½ hours (he guessed 2½, it was 4½).
  • Teceler talks Silm, Moriwen is suffering from Insufficient Silm, Throne fails to be a nerd due to not having read LOTR, watched Star Wars, Trek, or Firefly.
  • 20:15: RoboticLIN finds out that his stuff is 'Venom' stuff because Throne's is carmine. Apparently this was previously unknown.
  • Moriwen remembers a Lapis (the carmine-lotus world) fact that Throne didn't. The precise fact is left unmentioned.
  • 20:30: How to do PMs? (It's /msg <name> <msg> or for inline: /notice <name> <msg>)
  • Teceler is scared to update her Linux installation.
  • Cow-Orcs are discussed. As are Rainbowheads.
  • RoboticLIN quits.
  • 'raisin' joins, renames to Timepoof.
  • IRC lines can start with forward-slashes by doing a double slash ("//msg" shows as "/msg" in a regular bit of text).
  • 20:45: Timepoof reveals that the muffin-anon confession was posted on Tumblr. (Timepoof is muffin-anon.)
  • Throne is madly gleeful over things.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • 21:00: Faceless joins.
  • Timepoof does GNOMES for a bit. Teceler and Moriwen are out of the loop.
  • GNOMES hear about Theo (the carmine) being prodded by Throne, racism, the new carmine world Proximal.
  • 21:30: Pedro joins and unwittingly says people don't agree on racism being bad. Admittedly, not everyone does.
  • Moriwen joins.
  • Timezones are frustrating. Pedro goes AFK.
  • 21:45: Throne explains Rhunes to GNOMES, and some other Proximal stuff, in a roleplay thing.
  • GNOMES (and Timepoof) leave.
  • 22:00: Pedro returns. Throne explains Proximal and tries to make it sound terrible, since apparently the government is evil, but can only remember the nice bits. Remembers the joke about the dissenters in the children's books, Teceler mentions that it's shiny and suspicious.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • Pedro starts to get a bit worried. Saddes are unfortunately incompatible with the nice-ness of this world.
  • Proximal hugging a plot results in annihilation. -Pedro
  • 22:15: Moriwen returns.
  • Faceless finds out about the "rubber duck" method (for running through a scenario and thinking about it in more detail).
  • Throne explains the Proximal spoilers to Pedro, not in IRC chat, and Pedro says "it could be worse" (Pact) but hates the setting and thinks it's terrible (in a good way).
  • 22:30: Musing over whether a Bell could fit into the world. Throne decides that he shall ask once he has composed a suitable summary and the worldbuilding is more solid.
  • 22:45: The guess: "Probably no but possibly" in reference to something spoilerish, and otherwise "probably would be fine".
  • 23:00: Pedro leaves to go sleep
  • Throne posts a spoiler-less summary of Proximal on the forums, and also has a more spoilery summary done but not publicized.
  • 23:15: Faceless & co do world-building of some small pod-cities.
  • Throne leaves.
  • 23:30: Faceless decides to mesh together Crystalsky and this tube aesthetic.
  • 00:15: Moriwen leaves. Faceless leaves.
  • 00:45: Rockeye joins. Mentions that glowfic is good.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • 01:15: Rockeye mentions that the chat is quiet.
  • DeAnno has not glowficced anything, might wish to, has characters that 'do not glow all that much' 'but it seems like that isnt a huge requirement'
  • One character is named "Jake" ("Chain lightning") and has high energy potential.
  • 01:45: Roommates, tech support, and ID10T errors are annoying.
  • 02:00: sonatagreen leaves.
  • 03:45: Timepoof joins. Unsong has a new chapter. Teceler is 'still studying Quenya'.
  • 04:00: Timepoof leaves. DeAnno mentions shock at people being awake.
  • 05:00: Teceler leaves.
  • 07:45: Andygal leaves.
  • 08:15: DeAnno leaves.

I talk a lot, about Proximal and my characters and various things. World-building is done.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Bluelantern » Tue Apr 26, 2016 4:35 pm

Various face-casts of Faceless's characters are hot... ish.

Hot... ish? I am deeply offended!
Sorry for my bad english

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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Tue Apr 26, 2016 4:55 pm

Bluelantern wrote:Hot... ish? I am deeply offended!

That was the general consensus of the channel at the time. :P
Admittedly, it was you saying "they're hot!", me saying "some of them are hot, the others are meh", and Pedro saying, "I agree they're hot", but overall that's "hot-ish", so...

I don't remember anyone saying my face-casts were 'meh'. (Admittedly, I think maybe two people said "yeah" or something, but still!)
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Timepoof » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:15 am

Throne, can you go into more detail on what happened 17:00 to 17;45 on the 22/04?
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Wed Apr 27, 2016 7:47 am

Timepoof wrote:Throne, can you go into more detail on what happened 17:00 to 17;45 on the 22/04?

There's really quite a lot of discussion – it starts here (in the logs):
Code: Select all
16:55 < Throne3d> I can't think of a word that fits and I really wish I had reformed draconic

and ends about here (where it starts talking about munchkinry and rule lawyers):
Code: Select all
17:41 < DeAnno> No candle of invocation BS in materia.

(which continues until about 17:57)

Basically, it started off because I was explaining some of my characters' motivations and personalities in a bit more depth, then couldn't think of the right word I wanted (it was something like "paragraphs" or "phrases" or "sentences" but it had a different nuance and I can't remember it right now, nor think of the applicable word). I said I wanted reformed draconic so I could convey things properly.

More in-depth summary
DeAnno asked if draconic (& co) had sensible alphabets, rockeye suggested it was infinite characters, and I said "presumably if I got reformed draconic I have wishcoins or something already so I can make a better system". I'd do a brainphone text interface in my head to connect to the IRC and chat from wherever, fix it to accept draconic input, and then I mentioned that Pedro would want my wishcoins. :P

We then all discussed how good we'd be at world dictator-ing (and whether we want to be), and I said I'd probably summon an Ev (the carmine template) to run the world for me, hoping that she doesn't care that I made her exist. People mentioned wishcoins being bad at informationy things so they might not work with getting the characters to display draconic, but I said they're usually good at fetching information so they should be able to just poll the language itself for how to represent it.

DeAnno suggested it might be important that it has an infinity of characters, I said "doesn't matter so long as you know how to draw it, you don't need a code-point for each character", and then I said "if only we stumbled upon some magic. we, the glowfic community, is what I mean. I'm not saying we'd be perfect, but presumably we'd do okay. ... okay, I think I have just committed like fifteen cardinal sins in the system of rationality or something."

I spoke about the steps I'd take to get from "one hex" to "mass magic" (wish to be a mint, get a square, wish for temporary masochism, and then I'd get other things and wish myself "a masochist but not suicidal", then we discussed if the "not suicidal" part is necessary and I said I'd do it just to be safe because I don't totally trust myself.

We discuss paranoia about identity and how much you're okay with wishcoins altering yourself, suggested that pain tolerance might be better than masochism, I mentioned I'd probably want to hand control of "fixing the world" over to someone else that I trust more than me to get it done morally and 'right', mentioned that Pedro is an example ("Throne trusts Pedro more than himself? Possibly?"). I mention I'd prefer superspeed to teleportation due to weird opinions, and then said I'm curious about a humanity switch and the other various things in the bullet-point summary...

We all agree we'd like to not need to sleep. We mention how potentially horrible it is that our characters might exist. DeAnno volunteers to poke the Admin. "Stranger Than Fiction" is mentioned.

We talk about Materia and how it decides what is acceptable and not (hubris, being too powerful too quickly, exploiting repeatability, etc.) and then we talk about why it hasn't killed Callahan (I suggest because she's shiny and it likes her, they say "but why did that start", then we find out that shininess is importance not how much it likes you), and then we talk about "rule lawyers" and "munchkins" being some of the things it dislikes, and then this segues into other miscellaneous DnD stuff.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Wed Apr 27, 2016 11:39 am

  • 08:30: Pedro joins.
  • 08:45: Throne joins.
  • Proximal (the carmine world) needs names. Pedro also suggests: "societies, cultures, taboos, customs, languages, currencies, the economic scenario, natural resources, history". Throne already has some taboos. [Don't light people up with lumen without permission, don't make lumen on public transport such as the metro unless you have it on low brightness and under control, things like that.]
  • Pedro leaves, Throne curses.
  • 09:00: MTC leaves. Throne talks to himself.
  • 09:15: About suns and solar classifications.
  • 09:30: About "absolute magnitudes" (to do with suns) and the Goldilocks zone.
  • 09:45: About semi-major axes and distances from suns.
  • 10:00: About words, currencies, and names.
  • 10:15: About calendars.
  • Faceless joins.
  • 10:30: Throne determines that some of the stuff he 'calculated' was utter bullshit and is kinda sad.
  • About map projections.
  • Faceless finds ways to generate maps, Throne goes and does map stuff.
  • 10:45: Pedro joins.
  • 11:00: Throne and Pedro tag each other (for Apricum), talk about the story a bit.
  • 11:15: Throne has done more map stuff.
  • sonatagreen joins.
  • Throne 'must' also do fashion and other things for Proximal (the new carmine world). Pedro suggests more things.
  • 11:30: Throne says "I swear I didn't used to be creative"
  • Childhood game in Proximal: Creating lumen and having people run at you to try to extinguish it.
  • Return of the "cow-orc" joke.
  • More discussion of species in Proximal.
  • 11:45: Evenstar joins. Throne summarizes Proximal.
  • sonatagreen has a new character, a Chaotic Neutral female ex-summoner apsel.
  • Evenstar wants to throw Jinx into Pact.
  • Throne is still drawing a map.
  • Faceless leaves.
  • 12:00: rockeye is awake. Wants a box with large-scale evacuation/colonization for Earth → fantasy place or vice versa.
  • Faceless returns.
  • 12:15: rockeye "still has vague sadde-wards feelings about [their] characters".
  • Saddes would not destroy the Proximal government just because it seems nefarious.
  • MTC joins.
  • 12:30: Evenstar leaves.
  • 13:00: Rockeye leaves.
  • 13:15: Throne goes AFK, Faceless leaves.
  • 13:30: Andygal joins, Throne returns, Moriwen joins. Proximal worldbuilding progress is delivered ('ongoing').
  • gomez joins. People do not guess the reference.
  • 13:45: Rockeye joins, complaining about bees, then disappears.
  • Pedro thinks bees are 'cute and fuzzy and harmless'.
  • Short talk about Apricum storylines and NPCs.
  • Pedro should be doing 'actual stuff', has a plot for alethia, waits for alicorn to return to see if it works.
  • Pedro gets confused by Throne's description of the "west" of Proximal as "south-ish"
  • 14:00: Throne decides areas that get earthquakes. Adelene suggests 'badlands' for a biome.
  • Teceler returns.
  • Pedro suggests mapping tectonic plates (Throne refuses, claiming it 'doesn't matter' and 'is evident').
  • Timepoof joins.
  • RoboticLIN joins.
  • Pedro complains about Throne's simplistic description of science and how Proximal scientists can go do science without Throne needing to.
  • 14:15: linkhyrule5 joins. Says they are 'nobody'.
  • Throne is hyper and is told to go to bed by RoboticLIN (despite it being 'like 7pm there')
  • Throne complains about the effort that goes into world-building, pedro is reading worm 'for the third time'.
  • People agree that Throne needs to chill and not look into map projections.
  • 'Adelene wonders if Throne ought to have his own channel.'
  • Teceler gets out their copy of the Planet Construction Kit
  • It is recapped to Timepoof that Moriwen had GNOMES explained to them.
  • Pedro leaves.
  • 14:30: World kit stuff.
  • If poofs appeared in Proximal for some reason, they would apparently be crispified by lava.
  • More biome discussion.
  • 14:45: The proximal map is ugly but probably done-ish.
  • Languages, currencies, calendars, etc. are developed.
  • Names, too. Teceler talks phonology.
  • 15:00: Faceless joins.
  • Moriwen is "icon'ing Terrifying Angels for Path".
  • Is Ev a Luna in Proximal? Maybe! [No.]
  • RoboticLIN is doing a Pseudonyms Reference Guide.
  • 15:15: Throne needs a name for the Proximal language.
  • Moriwen has completed the Terrifying Angels iconset
  • Adelene has a shrieking kobold in response to Path?
  • There is confusion between Theo (the carmine) and Golem (the wormverse cape).
  • 15:30: MTC quits.
  • RoboticLIN encounters a weird bug with the Constellation (preview shows the wrong thing, tabbing made preview stick on 'loading'...)
  • 15:45: People still don't guess gomez's name reference. Apparently it's the main character in "Fez". RoboticLIN is accused of not separating the creator's opinions from the creator's work, and gomez says that is 'short sighted' and that RoboticLIN will 'miss things [they] might have enjoyed?'.
  • gomez quits.
  • MabelPines joins, is a friend of gomez, wants a recap, leaves to hug them.
  • More alias-list building.
  • 16:00: rockeye joins. Throne suspects him of being gomez and MabelPines, on account of Timepoof being muffinanon, and Adelene thinks rockeye is smarter about timing than that.
  • (Time)poof joins. More suspicion. Recap that Throne is secretly [not.] Evenstar the author.
  • Recap of how to PM people (/msg <name> <msg> or /notice <name> <msg>)
  • 16:15: DeAnno joins. RoboticLIN leaves.
  • Timepoof is bees. Timepoof is snakes.
  • Thario (the carmine)'s character-page is created.
  • Eivar (the carmine)'s character-page is created.
  • 16:30: Throne is starting a thread in proximal. Teceler is concerned.
  • Recap that Sadde cannot appear in Proximal, at least not in the nice country with the nice government, due to Tobias being prevented from Tobias-ing.
  • The name for the Proximal thread is established: "Such a nice place"
  • Potential future thread title: "Friendly people, too" (and then a murder occurs, or something; example that probably won't happen)
  • Top-level post is discussed; decided that it starts in a Physics lesson, so Throne's earlier research doesn't go to waste.
  • 17:00: New post: Such a nice place
  • Carmines on the Path are discussed: Theo would die. Path doesn't let him die. Theo would Theo-die. Theo would then have to keep continuing due to Path. To achieve a truly broken psychopathic Theo: shove him on the path.
  • Ev would… perfect a skill, be kinda warped, and would be kinda terrifying.
  • 17:15: Moriwen's characters on the path are discussed: "Faith and Reuben come out of the Path essentially OK. Jean ends up looking intact but no longer in any real sense the same person. Zari I think ends up nearly an Elder God."
  • Teceler: 'how does Zari manage to an Elder God?'
  • Moriwen: 'Her virtue is "communications, specifically communications that are perfectly lucid under some circumstances and completely incomprehensible under others"'
  • 17:30: Template non-standard names are difficult to remember.
  • 17:45: RoboticLIN joins. Carmines on a path are summarized: "Theo breaks and then goes mass-murderer, and Ev decides to fix everyone's flaws … that is not a good thing"
  • Andygal has characters that are broken by the path. rockeye is not sure how his characters take to the Path.
  • Moriwen attempts to describe how the Path picks a trait to improve: "it looks really deep into your psyche and determines the skill/virtue/personality trait that is most essential for you to perfect. it's not necessarily what you think it would be or even something that sounds appealing but if you were shown yourself with that virtue perfected you would want to be that person. yeah, I know, it's vague"
  • Adelene contributes: "The /problem/ with the Path is that you don't just end up you plus that one thing, you end up you plus that thing plus whatever else."
  • 18:00: Timepoof leaves.
  • Goalies (a carmine, see "'soccer' spoilers" in Throne's author thread for more details) would be weird on the path. The virtue would be difficult to narrow down to something more precise than "ability to achieve goals".
  • Goalies go crazy from lack of goals.
  • Nick (Rockeye's) refuses to speculate about the path.
  • Teceler wonders about people with a virtue of freedom or something. (Probably not picked up by the path?)
  • Old *Mute is very dom and traditional, Traditional *Mute is very sub, neither is 'actually interested in sex romance in ANY setting.' -Rockeye
  • Timepoof returns. rockeye quits.
  • 18:15: RoboticLIN puts his alias reference on the forums.
  • Timepoof leaves, sonatagreen leaves, Moriwen leaves.
  • 18:30: Ev and Thar (the carmines)'s friendship is weird in Proximal. Suggestions: "The government ships them" -Faceless; "It would be a crime to be less than friends" -RoboticLIN.
  • "Harem" says RoboticLIN. Evs do not usually get harems. They could but probably wouldn't because: "It seems 'unbecoming' and they don't like doing unbecoming things unless the reason the things are unbecoming is really stupid" (and in settings where harems are okay: 'it's still not something Ev'd be likely to do')
  • 18:45: Tags.
  • 19:00: Moriwen returns. Faceless, Moriwen and RoboticLIN all tag Throne.
  • kappabeta joins.
  • Kappa wants a new name for Asperia.
  • Moriwen pokes Throne so he'll tag quicker.
  • Kappa dumps the poof basket over Throne's head?
  • Cold Theo gets priority over Thea (carmine instances).
  • 19:15: ", says erotic lin" is apparently a thing that Kappa says about RoboticLIN.
  • Kappa offers Throne tea and blankets for psychological comfort, what with everybody pestering him.
  • Moriwen and RoboticLIN tag Throne in the same second.
  • 19:30: Theo is being weird in Lapis.
  • 19:45: Throne is tagged three times in a single minute, again.
  • Then Pedro tags Throne too.
  • Regex and names for some of Kappa's characters in Quenya are discussed.
  • 20:00: Moriwen leaves.
  • Pedro joins. Kappa has like 50 templates.
  • Throne gets a list of Kappa's template names from the constellation page.
  • Rockeye joins.
  • 20:15: Throne leaves.
  • 20:30: Kappa updates their characters page on the Constellation
  • Moriwen joins.
  • 21:00: Moriwen leaves. Rockeye leaves. RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 21:15: Faceless leaves. Pedro leaves.
  • Teceler sends Kappa the list of Quenya words.
  • 21:45: Moriwen briefly joins and leaves again. Evenstar joins.
  • 22:00: Evenstar wants to put a Jinx into Pact, and Jinx's 'whole thing is things going HORRIBLY WRONG and/or HORRIBLY RIGHT'.
  • 22:30: Jinx's personality is discussed. Big Thread with Jinx. Is about 'Freedom and Fun, and if you happen to get in the way, well, too bad so sad, sorries~'.
  • DeAnno is 'sort of new'. Is an IRC person and doesn't post much and has not done fics.
  • Jinx is also into 'generally absurdly-high-risk stuff.'
  • 22:45: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 23:15: Jinx in Pact is still being discussed, Adelene mentions some rules of Pact (beating people up when you have them compelled is bad, but is kinda subjective).
  • 23:30: Moriwen joins. "Let Me Tell You What I Wish I'd Known" is threading, says Teceler.
  • 00:00: Miles is discussed. Evenstar apparently needs to read the Vorkosigan books.
  • 01:00: MTC joins.
  • 01:15: rockeye joins.
  • Chat is quiet. Rockeye has written a thing that involves lewdness, with Evenstar.
  • 01:30: rockeye leaves.
  • Evenstar leaves.
  • 02:15: Moriwen leaves.
  • 02:30: DeAnno mentions that Loki and the Feanor clan are tagging.
  • 03:45: Kappa leaves.
  • Magical oaths are discussed.
  • Do elves have souls? Unknown.
  • 04:00: Memory wipes are established to be annoying.
  • 05:00: Teceler leaves.
  • 06:30: Andygal quits.
  • 08:30: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 09:30: DeAnno quits.

More Proximal (the carmine world) world-building, discussion of the Path (Moriwen's world) and Lapis (Moriwen & my world), discussion of Jinx in Pact, Kappa getting names for characters and worlds and stuff.
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Re: A Glowfic IRC Channel

Postby Throne3d » Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:44 pm

  • 11:00: sonatagreen joins. Throne joins.
  • 11:45: Moriwen joins. Everyone but Moriwen and Throne is asleep?
  • Is anyone doing an IRC summary? Yes, Throne is.
  • 12:00: Youknowwho joins. Throne bets Timepoof. It's Timepoof.
  • Throne recaps his fun time learning about stars yesterday, for his world Proximal, and how pointless it all was. Oh well.
  • Moriwen leaves.
  • Why don't more people use IRC color? Because it's awkward to do and doesn't show up in logs.
  • Timepoof likes what she's heard of Throne's world, Proximal.
  • 12:15: Timepoof leaves.
  • 12:30: rockeye joins.
  • Pedro joins. Rockeye gets a duplicate. Rockeye loses a duplicate. Pedro is sleepy.
  • 12:45: RoboticLIN joins.
  • Throne has indeed apparently volunteered for summaries. -_-
  • 13:00: Throne finishes the summary of 2016-04-21. Throne goes AFK.
  • 13:15: Pedro is at work. Moriwen joins.
  • 13:30: Throne returns. Moriwen starts tagging Throne.
  • 13:45: YouTube suggestions.
  • Rockeye leaves.
  • Moriwen wants to torture Felix (Faceless's character) some more.
  • 14:00: Faceless joins.
  • Throne "totally need[s] a Rachel". Rachel is "just sad that she can't be awake"
  • Adelene joins. Asks whether to worldbuild Green & Blue's world some more.
  • Discussion about the world. It is AI-dominated. Humans are considered bad at coordinating but not stupid. Humans aren't allowed some tech (specifically aren't allowed to program AIs, aren't allowed unsupervised space travel).
  • 14:15: Teceler joins.
  • Throne discusses storyline with Moriwen.
  • 14:30: RoboticLIN would like to be caled "Lin" or "Avar", not "Robo".
  • Opal's thought process is very weird.
  • Throne apparently can't do NPCs. Wants to improve. Also ran out of commas.
  • Proximal's government still sounds slightly nefarious. Throne is proud of Proximal. Proximal needs a currency.
  • 14:45: Teceler goes to build a phonetics list for Proximal's language.
  • Rockeye joins.
  • 15:00: Google's search is weird. Throne looks for "sunset times north carolina 19th may 2015" and it says "8:23 PM Monday, May 18, 2015 (EDT)" (day disparity)
  • 15:15: Moriwen pokes Throne to go tag.
  • 15:30: Throne encounters the weird character-change bug on the Constellation.
  • 15:45: Kappa joins. Tries to build Imbria some more.
  • Throne gets poked by Moriwen again.
  • Pedro leaves.
  • "Id: The Demands" (Venom & Carmine box in Persona) stalls.
  • 16:00: Throne gets confused about positions of cars on a road.
  • MTC leaves.
  • Theo (the carmine) is somewhat cooperative to Throne's wishes?
  • Rockeye leaves.
  • 16:15: Adelene suggests portalsnaking Theo to Carp, so he interacts with Lurker in a situation where they are both (or at least he is) off-balance and freaked out. Maybe a clueless Champion Theo.
  • Americanisms and Britishisms. And nuances. (Such as "garden" and "sick" and "manual" vs "stick shift" and "tan" and "chinos" and "khakis" and "camo" and "pants" and "hatchet")
  • anthusiasm joins.
  • Teceler goes AFK.
  • 16:30: Opal (a Theo, the carmine) likes that he exists but not the scenario he's in. He is also good at rambling to himself.
  • Andygal joins.
  • 16:45: Throne feels obligated to go summarize more IRC chat. Does so.
  • anthusiasm leaves.
  • "… 10714 lines of chat."
    'Number of occurrences of "Throne3d": 4894 oh wow sorry guys'
    '4665 of "< Throne3d>" loool' -Throne3d
    "...remember when I suggested maybe you should get your own room? Was not kidding." -Adelene
  • 17:15: Adelene wants to do a box involving Sith Dusk. Maybe paired with a Chainsaw?
  • 17:45: anthusiasm returns. Moriwen leaves.
  • Chat activity is discussed.
  • 18:00: Faceless joins. Kappa leaves.
  • Teceler is back.
  • 18:45: anthusiasm leaves.
  • 19:15: anthusiasm returns.
  • 19:30: Throne completes a summary of chat on 2016-04-22. Throne leaves.
  • 19:45: DanielH leaves.
  • 20:00: linkhyrule5 joins.
  • 20:30: Moriwen joins.
  • 20:45: anthusiasm is watching Phineas and Ferb. Faceless is reading the Sparkles and Cam sandbox, because it is apparently Cam's facecast's birthday.
  • Miscellaneous stuff?
  • 21:45: Elspeth's power could be really evil with a few tweaks. People should probably not trust her as easily as they do, because the fact that they trust her is suspicious.
  • 22:15: Moriwen leaves. RoboticLIN leaves.
  • 23:00: Moriwen joins.
  • 23:15: Faceless leaves.
  • 23:30: rockeye joins. Chat is dead.
  • 00:00: rockeye leaves. Kappa joins.
  • 01:00: Kappa leaves. MTC joins.
  • Logs cut out at some point?
  • 01:34: MotherStarlight returns.
  • 02:00: linkhyrule5 leaves.
  • 02:15: Moriwen leaves.
  • "Leave of Absense" is horrible because the characters are in a trainwreck? Or something?
  • 02:45: DeAnno joins.
  • 03:00: Portalbold traded with OTC at some point?
  • 03:45: sonatagreen leaves.
  • 04:15: MTC leaves.

Proximal (the carmine world)'s language gets worked out a bit more, so names and things can be done more easily. Characters are weird, British/American differences are noted, I have spoken a lot, I volunteer to do (at least some) summaries. Elspeth's power could be really evil with just a couple of tweaks.
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