Alicorn's Hub Site

I'm Alicorn. You can e-mail me at I write fiction, blog posts, and webcomics. This is my link hub and repository for miscellaneous content.

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If you're new to my work, my current recommendation on where to start is with Muse and Double, Double to see if you like my style, followed by Water and Luminosity if you do.

Stuff That Is Here

A forum for fans of my work. Come hang out and post things!

The stories that aren't connected to another fiction project. Various ages, varying quality, variable length. There's variance.

Artwork that isn't connected to another project. Includes ponies, D&D characters, and fan art.

Current Projects

Fanfiction freeform roleplaying campaign on Dreamwidth. Luminosity is canon for Effulgence, but Effulgence is optional for Luminosity. Also available mirrored here if you cannot access Dreamwidth.

Fantasy fiction. Originally published as a serial, it's currently in progress as a relaunched series of novels, novellas, and shorts. The first novel was completed October 11, 2011, and there are three more finished and two more partway done as of February 2014. Stalled due to writer's block and timeline issues.

Complete Projects

Fantasy fiction standalone novel.

An AU fanfiction of Twilight. Better than it sounds, honest. Consists of two finished novels and seventeen short stories in the same continuity. Continues to update with metafanfiction submissions by fans whenever they arrive. Also available at Archive Of Our Own.

Formerly my webcomic, it came back from hiatus in the form of illustrated prose. It's about a trio of magical girls who defend the Earth from interdimensional invaders. Ended September 1, 2011.

Offsite Content

My food blog. To a first approximation, no longer updates, although I occasionally entertain thoughts of resurrecting it.

My contributions to Less Wrong. Some of my articles there include the luminosity sequence which inspired Luminosity. Also worth reading are Ureshiku Naritai, Babies and Bunnies: A Caution About Evo-Psych, Epistemic Luck, A Suite of Pragmatic Considerations In Favor of Niceness, Experiential Pica, and Procedural Knowledge Gaps. There is also a discussion thread for the Luminosity fanfic on the site.

Defunct Projects

Similar in concept to Effulgence but with a different coauthor and no direct canonicity interaction with Luminosity. Less (but not zero) fanfictiony. No mirror yet. Ended due to coauthor loss of interest.

I used to do micronationalism at Archipelago. My micronation was Mevwan. The project petered out in 2011-2012, but is still readable.

A collaboration webcomic (I did the writing), about a part-elf thief in a spellpunk setting. Set in the same universe as my short story "Charm". Sputtered and died early in.

My first webcomic. It was about a shapeshifter who traveled from world to world in search of her lost lifemate. One and a half storylines are up.